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Rule of business: don't blame your shortcomings on anyone else, especially not your competitor. Your failings are your own. It's called business. If Drake didn't have the right to live stream, then he shouldn't have gone forward with the deal. Period. Sounds like Tidal or Future didn't read the contracts they signed and are now blaming "the man". Reminds me of people that complain about banks and how they are forced to pay outrageous interest on mortgages because of "the...
I hope that SCOTUS makes an example out of Samsung on this. Reward the triple damages and make them pay for all legal fees. I'm sorry, but I've watched this play out since the first iPhone was announced and then watched Android steal Apple's concepts and ideas. It's pathetic and needs to be stopped. Otherwise, why would anyone take the time to come up with a novel idea and patent something?
Fossil. The name is apropos.
Put up, or shut up
So you're saying that it's a "major our in our tax system" but then you blame and shame someone else? Fix your damn tax code if you don't like it. My guess is these governments set up these loopholes for corporate or self-serving interest and are butthurt that multinationals are using it.
There's no Magic Trackpad in the FCC because they are coming out with a Force Touch Trackpad and requested the FCCto withhold disclosure.
Been using Apple keyboards for years and never had an issue. Why not contact Apple and get a replacement if you need? Did you change the batteries?
Suck it up, Buttercup.
Seriously? Force Touch would freaking rock and give me some phone envy as new apps come out that add physical texture to the UI.
Fail. That's one thing that irritates me with Android.  But I tell you what... I use the double tap on the home button for Reachability... let's see... never.  I have the iPhone 6 Plus, but I find the feature annoying and I sometimes accidentally trigger it.   BUT... if there was a way to change that function to go back to the calling app, I think that would be more intuitive.  For instance, Safari opens a link in maps... double tap on the home button to return to where...
New Posts  All Forums: