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Hahaha! Exynos is "up there" with A9? Really? Show some benchmarks please.
That's because you need a stylus to use the "not really optimized for touch, my finger is just like a mouse" UI of Windows. The Apple Pencil is not a stylus, it's a drawing tool. You don't need it to operate the device. You can completely use the iPad Pro perfectly well with just your fingers.
Just preordered mine from MacMall and their site was having trouble processing the order! I got a notification that It wouldn't be delivered until December 4th or so! Good news regarding demand.
We haven't had any trouble with our various personal or test devices.
What exactly is so wrong with the new Apple TV that it was "not ready for release"?  Aside from the remote app not working, it seems to work perfectly.  The App Store works great, they now have released Top Charts... it's a completely new market segment that seems to be going off with nary a hitch and some how they've failed?  The issues you have stated can be easily added to tvOS at any time (and Apple does that, gasp!)
tvOS *is* iOS but instead of UIKit, it's using TVKit. It's pretty easy to understand.  The UI is just one component of iOS which can be easily separated out and a different high-level user interface framework replacing it.  WatchOS is fundamentally different and runs on different hardware completely.
I think the new remote works great. Couldn't be happier with it.
I may be in the minority here, but I think the new remote and keyboard work great. Here's why... To switch between caps, upper and lower case, it's one swipe down and pick. Then when picking alphabetic characters, you just swipe left or right and once you get the velocity down, it's fast. Instead of multiple taps, you swipe once and maybe adjust. So less taps and almost all on one axis. It would be nice to be able to send text to in via an app, but otherwise the new...
The reason sales aren't going up is simple... These devices work and continue to work. We still have about 2% of our app user base on iPad 1 and nearly two thirds on iPad 2. Apple continues to support iOS 9 on the latter which means people are a) satisfied with their purchase b) use it in their daily lives c) don't have a need to upgrade. I'd rather have that because it's a long term customer.
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