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This is great! The new Apple Car should be available about the time I pay off my other car.  So I can just start making more payments for new technology like I do with my iPhone. Yay!
I have to say that Apple should at least have opened an alert that WiFi signal is diminished and if you would like to turn on WiFi assist.  Add a "Learn more" option or turn it on/off.  Once on, leave it on.  At least you notified the user of the new change and if they blindly agreed, that's on the user.   The trouble is that I use alerts like this and users are so conditioned to just pressing the button on the right that you could have a user agree to give you their...
It's the same Computers app that's in the current Apple TV.  You can play audio and video from computers running iTunes.
I'd like to provide some insight as a developer.   In an ideal world, the advice is correct. In fact, iOS 9 has made a change that basically will find background apps that are using the most memory and shut them down for you. So is iOS is running out of memory, it will handle freeing up memory.  The key word here is memory. iOS 9 is much better and has finer grained control over battery usage on a per app basis. I'm not sure if it shuts down based on battery usage.  It's...
Am I the only one who sees strong encryption as an extension of the second amendment? If you are under threat of a domestic or international threat to yourself or personal property, you should have the right to defend yourself. In this case, strong encryption is your defense against cyber terrorism, identity theft, what have you. These bills are coming from the same republican congress that will do anything for our right to own guns and carry them. Why would you remove...
These Macs are super easy to upgrade! I do it all the time. I will share my secret with you for free! 1. Make sure you have a time machine backup 2. Buy a new Mac in the configuration you need 3. Restore from time machine 4. Sell your previous Mac on eBay for a few hundred less than you bought it for since they retain their value. There. I can do that in an afternoon and don't even need a Torx screwdriver or pry bar. Plus I get a new warranty and the latest hardware.
They didn't even bother to change the color! What s rip off. What did they have to wait to get a new rose gold iPhone so they could color match it?
I'd expect to see that color on a curling iron.
Boy this is going to piss off the circle jerk at iFixIt.
I just took the time to read Steve Job's "Thoughts on Flash".  Still as relevant today as in 2010. I think Adobe should just fix Flash and then stop supporting it. http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/
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