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It's not the same image. Aside from being reversed, it's not the same width strokes, different break locations, different curves, etc.
I still think this whole lawsuit is utter bullshit. I can't see how it was collusion and how bringing another strong competitor into a monopolistic market (Amazon) is a bad thing for the market. Intellectual property needs to be valued and Amazon was whoring it out to gain market share.
Then we need to also outlaw billboards.  If we are supposed to keep our eyes on the road, then why the hell are their giant signs not on the road that require your attention to read? Or what about trying to change the freaking radio in newer cars? Or screaming children? Maybe women in short skirts should not be permitted to walk near roadways.  Seriously... learn to drive. If you can't drive, then you shouldn't.   I think this law is just overstepping because some people...
They could burn diesel, e-diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, natural gas, good clean propane...
Probably a smart move for a new product to control quality and variability in a new OS with required integration.
I find it so pathetic that these countries have to resort to extortion to try to make money. I'm willing to bet that what Apple is doing is 100% legal, but these countries are poopooed that Apple has more cash on hand than their entire economy.  If I were Apple I'd leave and shut down any retail there and let the consumer inform their own democracies.
Dearest Ireland, Thank you for the incentives. Look at what we can do together. Stick up for us with those incentives you offered and we will be good to you. If not, we will take our manufacturing elsewhere. Love, Apple
I agree that's their MO, but considering the price and materials, this may be different. For instance, they could swap out the original internals for a small SoC and a larger battery since people would be unlikely to upgrade every few years.
And I suppose that you're just going to tape this to your arm with silly putty then? What about the casing? There's no mention of the cost to mill casings out of aluminum, the band costs, design, R&D, tooling, management, marketing, software development, assembly, documentation, support staff, training, channel, shipping, or any other costs associated with a successful launch. Assuming Apple enjoys a 40% margin, you can assume that the cost (including paying off...
Yes, because giving your shit away for free doesn't mean you're a market leader and it certainly isn't a sustainable business model.
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