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If you are getting approval on a new app, especially one that deals with third party content and copyrights, you're going to see a longer approval process. 10-15 days is normal. You're going to have to deal with that if you want to be on iOS.
I've run into this road block before. You buy a camera and stick the SD card into it and then you have to get a card reader to get the pictures off of it. Ridiculous! Look, get an adapter and move on with your life. In a few months Belkin will have a USB 3.0 hub that powers your laptop and gives you all the ports you would need. In the mean time have some forethought to get an adapter.
Last time I checked, I don't live in Libya, Cuba, Iran or North Korea. I should be allowed to use whatever encryption method I like.   If he doesn't like it, then halt the export of iPhones to any country known to harbor or create terrorists. Should be pretty easy to do there buddy boy.
I wonder if this is related to the kernel panic complete iOS reboot we are experiencing in iOS 8.  Basically if we try to use the external monitor mode over a lighting video adapter, it completely reboots the iPad in seconds.  Since the lightning video adapters are basically encoding and decoding MPEG streams, it could be related.  It's also starting to do this in AirPlay now as well.   iOS 8 and Digital AV Adapter Blue Screen of Death
Is it just me or do those things look like neo-medieval torture devices?
As much as I despise Google...   "concerned that users do not necessarily see the most relevant results in response to queries - this is to the detriment of consumers, and stifles innovation." because "showing Google Shopping more prominently on the screen"...   ​Two words... SCROLL DOWN.  Holy crap, these government agencies must believe that citizens are complete, bumbling idiots who may accidentally confuse an ad from actual results... and then accidentally make...
Interest waned when the teens realized that they couldn't afford it and their parents didn't see any reason to buy it when they can get an iPhone subsidized through a wireless carrier. That reality thing is a bitch.
 0. If you have to nitpick over the price of individual details, you're not the target market.1. Most likely, but since it just came out it may be some time before they are available. I believe Apple has made the hardware specs known.2. Many reviewers have stated that the watch continues to operate generally normally when out of range or disconnected from the iPhone.3. I'm sure they thought of this and many of the watches faces include "complications" that can be...
1) Then buy a Macbook Air 11". It has all the ports, battery life and processing power. Just missing the Retina display.  I'm still not seeing the problem. No one is forcing you to buy this. It is what it is. If you don't like the offering, then either adjust your expectations, communicate this to Apple, and/or move on to a different device.2) I have a MacBook Pro Retina with a ton of ports. Guess what I do? I plug in a power cord and a Thunderbolt cord to run my entire...
Well maybe this will finally convince camera manufacturers that SD is dumb. Instead of having to open a hatch, remove a card and plug it in... how about I just select the dumb camera and import right in my computer? Heck I wouldn't even have to take it out the camera bag. Why do I need to get all physical when the slowest 802.11ac is twice as fast as the fastest SD cards? An SD card is only necessary for antiquated hardware workflows. It's time to make another step into...
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