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That's great. So what this is doing is merely transferring your credit card information (number, name, etc) using RFID instead of the magnetic strip. This still requires a card (which can be stolen) and transfers your information, most likely in plain text, or easily decrypted form to the terminal.  What people are not "getting" is the new security in ApplePay.  This uses tokens so no personal information is transmitted to the POS system and it requires your fingerprint....
Hey, if you want Google to have access to everything about you including all your purchase history... have at it!  Just know that you are the sheep and Google has the shears and making a killing off your private information.  As for me, I'd rather my information not be kept ANYWHERE. This includes a retail location's servers or by Google in the cloud. I'm sorry, but my credit card information has been hacked too many times by POS magnetic readers (in a taxi in NYC),...
When Samsung thanks Apple for paving their way (to rip off the iPhone)...
Bummer. I tried to enter each of my credit cards into Apple Pay and none of them work, including one that should work (Chase Visa).  I'm hoping that gets sorted out soon.
Just get the $69 drive and plug it in. Problem Solved. Nobody else wants or uses them anymore.
If you are looking for the fastest single thread performance then you want less cores and a higher clock rate. More cores only helps if you are doing more concurrent things (or if the process you are running can split execution across more threads). Dual core will be fine as long as you get a nice and high clock rate.
No we don't. That's because our iPhone 4S still outperforms anything on Android and does it's job. You don't need to lust after bigger numbers if you're happy with what you have.
I'd like to impale that green robot POS with a stick up it's arse.   I can almost guarantee you that 64 bit Android running on this processor with that screen resolution will suck. But hey, they can stick "Now with extra 64-bit power!" on the spec sheet and moronic consumers will buy it just because.
With all due respect, the facts stated in this article (assuming they are correct) state that an executive of the company sold shares AFTER Apple withheld a payment and before shareholders knew of this damning information. What that means is these executives traded with insider knowledge of the state of the company which makes it illegal.  Thus, they are crooks and frauds.  They were maintaining a shield of success up until declaring bankruptcy.  The only reason they would...
Ugh!  I kind of thought so which is why I wasn't too pissy ;)
New Posts  All Forums: