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OK, so let's do some quick math Mr. Analyst. How many corporations are there in the world. Answer... BIG NUMBER that is greater than 500. OK.  Next, Apple says they are used in 98% of Fortune 500 and 92% in Global 500 right? Yes. But, they don't say that there is anywhere near 100% penetration of mobile devices used by employees in those corporations, just that they are being used there.  Now, let's look at IBM who may or may not be used in those large corporations, but IS...
Apple and IBM to Google and Samsung, "Hey, shut up kids, the grownups are talking over here".
Facebook, CNN, Hulu and others... take note. It's 2014. It's time to drop Flash like a bad habit.
Meanwhile in Googleland – KitKat can't even hit 11% penetration...   While Android fans may think it's funny that Apple fans mock them on this number, it's not a superiority complex... it's a very real problem for developers. Why would I build the next best, cutting edge app if only 5-10% of the population can run it? Economically that doesn't make sense. Developers are then forced to code for the lowest common denominator which means less elegant code, more time testing...
And now we know why the Chinese State Media was coming down on Apple...
IDC statistics. Ignored.
That's why I don't install Flash in Safari and just have to switch over to Chrome for websites stuck in the last century (ahem, CNN and Facebook)
Hey Corning... tell me again how fragile Sapphire Crystal is...
As an app developer, this pretty much sucks because it would allow people to download the app and then get a refund. Currently Apple allows you to keep the app but not update. This would need to be changed to force removal of the app and all your data as well. Otherwise developers get short-changed.
That's probably not completely fair to developers since complex apps that allow documents to be imported can cause the crash, not the fault of the app per se. Any amount of testing cannot rule out every possible scenario that users through at something without exponential amounts of testing.  Apple would need to lift the limits on beta devices to allow more testers and the cost of apps would go up to pay for perfection.
New Posts  All Forums: