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Cowardly PC Manufacturers: "What is going on!?!? Apple's stock keeps rocketing and their products are eating all the profits out of the industry! IDC???" IDC: "Yes, my liege?" Cowardly PC Manufacturers: "We need a propaganda to distribute to all clueless analysts and consumers of the world.  We don't pay you millions for nothing!" IDC: "Yes my liege!" (Five minutes later) IDC: "My liege?" Cowardly PC Manufacturers: "Yes, are you done yet?" IDC: "Oh yes my liege....
I started buying Apple in 2006 when they were at $74/share.  Now they are equivalent to what, $763/share? Yeah this guy has no idea what he's talking about.  First, bending is not a widespread problem. Second, Apple takes care of their users and this is well within the warranty period. Third, this memory "issue" is rumored and I haven't heard of any widespread issue (please see the second comment if it is).  Fourth, Apple Pay rollout is not "bumpy"... it became the single...
My 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus is working great. No issues at all and using a good bit of the size.
So it's not a problem with OS X or iOS, just a problem with stupid users trying to rip off hard working developers by skirting around standard secure features of the OS.
Tim probably figured it was a good time to make an announcement since the stock was up at record highs and Apple is looking to buy back shares soon.  Good time to cool off the stock a bit.
If this is news to anyone, you seriously should get your gaydar checked.
What? You signed the contract and you took the money! Welcome to the "business world"... you must be new here.  You got a crapload of money and *gasp* were required to make good on your commitments. Talk about a bunch of entitled, whiny crybabies!  I tell you what... why don't you go lobby the government to raise minimum wage and you can go work at McDonalds.  There... we've taken your risk away for you.  Jeez!
That didn't seem to work for Apple in their iBooks case. The DOJ could find collusion anywhere there's two corporations talking if they want.
Just yanked the power cord out of my 2014 MBP and my Magic Mouse worked great with no delays.  I usually run with it plugged into power however but have not seen any Bluetooth issues so far.   I do find it annoying that Siri doesn't use my car's sound system to speak to me when I use "Hey Siri".  It hard to hear. There are also some issues that require me to use the phone while driving which is not a good idea.
I have to say that when I read that your family history causes an iPad to choke, I figured (as a developer) that could be caused by an infinite loop. Now I have the song, "I'm my own grandpa" stuck in my head!
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