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When two companies merge, there will be overlap in functions, typically on the administration side (finance, office management, etc).  It's quite feasible that 40% of the company are these types of people that have duplicate positions at Apple. It would stand to reason that you need to let them go at some point, but there's nothing saying that they couldn't apply to Apple HQ.  The report does say global, so there's a good chance a lot of this is retail presence overseas...
Just because the weapons are US made, doesn't make it our responsibility. When you purchase something, it's yours.  What you do with it is your responsibility.  In the case of Israel, they have US-made F16 fighters. So what? They had the money to purchase them. What they use them for is up to them.  Gaza has Russian made equipment. So what? I'm not blaming Russia for the rockets being launched at Israel anymore than I'm blaming the US for rockets being fired into...
Buawhahaha! That's funny Russia. I think Apple would sooner remove all their products from your country first.
Don't care.
Oh please let it be true, only so I can stop hearing all the complaining.
Well, someone call in the four horsemen of the apocalypse and throw a large millstone in the sea. Apple is doomed... /s
Or, you know... maybe you should just remember your freaking Anniversary like a real man. Who needs to be reminded? Polygamists?
I just had Siri set a reminder to tell my wife Happy Anniversary tomorrow. Worked perfectly. Not sure what Microsoft is smoking. Must have Balmer trying to speak into it... Siri only understands human, not monkey.
Sad, sad Microsoft.
That sounds like a great business! Clay shooting but with moving and intelligent targets :)
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