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What the ____ did you just say?
At least from Apple's standpoint, yes... you could start a call on WiFi and then walk out the door and once WiFi is dropped, the call is seamlessly transferred to cellular. This is useful for homes or buildings with poor cellular reception.  You would probably still be docked minutes for using T-Mobile's network for the call.  You are just transferring the first connection to WiFi which you already pay for, presumably.
It's a rumor site. Simmer down.
Shall they mail you a form letter with postage paid for a response then?
I think Apple should include a battery, but also use other forms of energy acquisition such as motion and heck, put a winder on the side with a mini generator.
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By "define the market" they actually mean "give us all something to copy since we couldn't figure out what people actually need or desire on our own"...
Or simply use iBeacon to determine if it's in proximity to your phone. As soon as it's not, it would require reauthentication, or not be used for purchases.
I don't think they would ever preload an album. Makes no sense. But what could make sense is U2 as a featured artist with a new hi-definition format in iTunes. That would actually make a LOT of sense moving forward to differentiate purchased iTunes content from lower bandwidth streaming content.  Then the Beats deal starts to make more sense. Yes, a Lightning cable could send a whole lot more information to a headset than 3.5mm stereo and be processed on the headset for...
Also, sounds like a solution in search of a problem.
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