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Just the smug look on his face... you can tell he's the biggest douche there is. Just makes me cringe every time.
One word... APPLECARE+.  Here's what you do.  You stick your bent-ass phone in the front pocket of your tight-ass, nut-crunching, 10-ton hydraulic press jeans, and you drive to the nearest Apple Store and you give them the phone, and then give you a new one and say "don't sit on your phone, dumb-ass". Then you pay the $100 to get APPLECARE+ so you can get it replaced up to three times or whatever for free when you substitute your brain for a bloody brick.   And as it's...
The Note 3 is also 1.2 mm THICKER than the iPhone 6+ and duh, it's made out of plastic so (gasp) it returns to it's original shape.  So thicker and made out of flexible material seems to be why it didn't retain the bend.   That being said, it takes a load of pressure to get this to bend. I would suspect that other devices made out of aluminum that size will also bend.  I still don't think this is really news other than it's a big, thin device that under strain and...
I called Apple on Saturday because after I preordered two iPhone 6's, AT&T sent a text basically saying that my monthly fee would be increased and that we would need to switch to AT&T Next, or buy the phone outright. After being on hold for about 20 minutes, they basically said I would have to deal with AT&T. So then after calling AT&T and waiting, they said to come into the store. So she did and avoided waiting in the long line. They were ready when she arrived with a...
You mean your post?
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Makes sense. I think the biggest competitive advantage that Apple has over Android (among many other attributes) is security and identity protection. They should keep this as secure as possible. Even if developer access was granted and was beyond secure, it could be perceived as being otherwise.
What's funny about these desperation ads is that the general population may not even have known that Apple has a product in the category with the brand placing the ad. For instance, I'm an Apple fan and use PayPal for payments.... But I had never thought that Apple was significant encroaching on PayPal's territory... Until now. Now I think "huh, I wonder what Apple is doing better than PayPal... Maybe I should look into that. Oh, PayPal was trying to process payments...
I like the album, but I do agree they shouldn't have pushed it on everyone. That was a little... irritating? I think the biggest issues was force-downloading to everyone.  Maybe if I could get an email saying "hey, here it is... come get it".  But now they are doing it in reverse. "Hey here's a link so you can unget it".  Would have been better to make the offer and then even remind me in a week or two.
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