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Thermonuclear Baby!
Sorry, I work for a living. I don't have time to play pointless games with obscenely disproportionate boobs.
First of all, there is an upgrade fee associated with upgrading from Windows 7 to 8. It's a big update, and one that has been collectively panned by many as a disaster. Most of my friends and family refuse to update to the latest version and those that do are completely lost on how to use it. Luckily, the iPad is easy to use and does everything a Windows machine can do anyway.   I think you are referring to an upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1, which shouldn't even be an...
With that new step sensor, Fandroids will be assured of when they arrive safely at home, in their parent's basement.
Yes, they are busy working to afford the next great Apple product to be more productive and influential to their peers. The haters are drinking Red Bull and eating Doritos while listening to Cher in their parent's basement...
MacBook Pros have two thunderbolt ports. FYI.
I think the test is flawed. Apple isn't designing for machines, but humans. The way you tap a certain area of the screen changes based on angle. For instance, try using an iPad upside down (where the screen hasn't rotated). You'll notice all of your hits are off. (We do this at trade shows a lot) This is because where your eye thinks your tapping and where you actually tap are different places due to distance for the source. Apple accounts for this where other operating...
Um, they just did. Remember that whole iOS 7, brand new iWork and iLife apps on both OS X and iOS. Are you paying attention?
I'm on with Apple support right now. I had asked for a refund because I owned the box set.  I received that refund and was able to update from the Mac Store. Until Mavericks.  Now it's shows that I have an update but won't let me update. I'm having trouble with this from hundreds of my app users who did the same thing. Serious issue and oversight on Apple's side.
Specs really are the only thing that matters to you huh?
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