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I've just informed our purchasing department that we are not doing anymore orders through Amazon. This needs to stop. I thought the whole lawsuit against Apple was ridiculous and still do. Amazon and Walmart need to be stopped.
I think the person who asked is saying that... like a lot of other people, Skype, like e-mail, has become irrelevant. Google Hangouts and FaceTime has replaced a lot of the communication that I usually need to do.  I usually have people trying to contact me to chat all day on Skype (complete strangers) so I don't turn it on unless the people on the other end schedule a call.  But like I said... Hangouts is much better.
Sounds like a paid endorsement/ad. Not news or rumor. Apps are updated all the time. Big whoop-dee-doo.
God, they are annoying. They are like the little dorky kid in school who always wants to be picked first but all the cool kids just whip the dodgeball at in gym class.
You can already get DOOM for the iPad...  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doom-classic/id336347946?mt=8   ...and it's a great educational tool too!
Do you know the terms of the contract with these users? If it's like my grandfathered ATT contract, it's quite reasonable for unlimited data.  I wouldn't call it huge. ($40/month for unlimited text and data).  Do you know how much they are charging? Is it comparable to current rates that are capped at a certain amount?The fact is that under these proposed changes, they never take away unlimited data, they are just reducing the bandwidth at sites that are getting crunched....
I think what you are forgetting here is that this customer is eating up all of the food and other customers are being turned away or told that certain dishes are not available because of the fat lard that sits in the corner eating ribs all day.  If that happened, you can bet that the restaurant would change the policy to allow them to kick the user out for bothering other customers and effecting the service of the restaurant. Unfortunately, cellular companies can't point...
Exactly. The issue here is one of economics. These companies can't put in more antennas because of government regulation and the public don't want ugly antennas. Then you someone who has an unlimited data plan who watches Netflix all day, effectively slowing that cell for everyone else. The solution is to reduce that user's bandwidth to provide a level of service that everyone else is also paying for. I think this is a fair tradeoff for those who are abusing a cell site at...
The only issue Apple has right now is competing with itself. We have an app that we keep running on iOS 5.1 and higher.  15% of our users are still using an iPad 1 and about 35% are running iPad 2.  These are current stats.  What that means is that half of our users are running 3 year old devices perfectly well!  The "issue" is that Apple has created a near perfect device the first time around so the cycle time is about 3-4 years.
a) This is a RUMOR site. Expect this. b) You act like other stories made up by analysts are researched. Um... no. c) Because, click bait.   That being said, I think it's something that governments should look into (or do we not trust them either now?). Are we putting technology into the hands of enemies of the state because of an unfettered believe in "open and cheap"? Should we allow commercial entities (Apple, Google, Microsoft) to permit technology like encryption...
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