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Specs really are the only thing that matters to you huh?
No, it would be much higher. Same number of pixels as the 9.7" version crammed into 7.9"
I have users who need the screen size, but not the horsepower or Retina since my app is used on a stage for musicians. Saves them $100 to get started.
Well, he's using his iPhone to send the tweet, do I guess he can at least send a tweet without his Note 3...
a) how is this a rumor? b) how is this news? c) how is this NOT a paid advertisement that is undermining legitimate journalism?
The difference here is that Microsoft had to sell a keyboard with their product to make it even close to usable. This is because of the form factor of Windows (typically landscape orientation) coupled with the aspect ratio of the screen. The keyboard would take up 2/3 of the screen. That and traditional Windows programs still require a mouse. Sure you could touch the screen, but using a keyboard and mouse would make the tablet a computer, which Windows was designed...
Apple has done this successfully in the past. They transitioned almost seamlessly from PowerPC chips to Intel and even more often from 32 to 64 bit. Recently they unveiled a brand new, 64 bit processor and I compiled my app to it in about 2 hours and submitted. What I'm saying is that Apple has the ability to jump chips, if they determined it was in their best interests. All the same software would still work with a little heads up for the developers.The Surface RT failed...
I'm talking about running OS X on an ARM chip, not running iOS on a laptop. Apple could update Xcode and require a recompile with some tweaking to allow programs to run on it. Not saying they would do this, but a power sipping entry-level, lower poweed device would fit a niche.
I should note that this provides something at every price point (not including contracts). iPhone 4S at $0, 5c for $99, 5s for $199, iPad mini $299, Retina mini for $399, full size iPad for $499-$799. Now the real question is what will Apple squeeze between the high end iPad and the low end 11" MacBook Air? My guess is an eventual A7 or A8 powered MacBook Air...
I still believe Apple will keep the non-Retina mini and reduce the price slightly to $299+, add the Retina mini model for $399+, and the full size for $499+. iPad 2 is no longer filling the $399 slot so it follows Apple's model of shrinking size but increasing resolution. Mini's will feature A6 and A6X accordingly. 9.7" iPad can expect an A7X processor.
New Posts  All Forums: