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I had an exchange student from South Africa who attended a private, religious school in the US. Out of all the international students, the Korean students were in the majority. Unfortunately the school would constantly have issues with the Korean students disrespecting teachers and students and cheating on tests. As I dug into this I discovered that the pressure for these students to achieve is incredibly high. In fact, they had to come to the US to pass high school so...
I've never had any trouble with the bezels on the iPad Air or mini devices. I just took our company's iPad Air to a tradeshow where is was on and running our app for 12 hours without the screen turning off. I'm really not sure why you'd need more battery life than that. It's a really good mix of battery life and weight in my opinion.   Maybe instead of complaining about this, why not invent a case that gives you the original form factor with wider bezels, and sticks some...
If by marketing you meaning bribing the unsuspecting public into using your devices by giving them away in ludicrous POGO offers and then poorly fabricating "cool" by paying celebrities to tweet about your product using those iPhones... Sure? Sounds like that "popular" girl I knew in high school who used "marketing" to get the boys to "love" her...
0. Great use of zero-baed indexes. 1. Yes, Kindle is DEFINITELY better than Android. 2. No, I probably would. I have Google Glass, and that's groundbreaking, although I don't use it much in practice. 3. The reason I think Apple games are going to do better is this... they are going to announce AppleTV at WWDC and probably already have a number of games work with it. In addition, they will prepare developers to build apps specifically for the device. It will also have an...
Did anybody really think that Amazon's TV entry would have been groundbreaking and awe-inspiring? Nope.   I'm waiting for what Apple has coming up in the next few months. I rather wait for something game-changing than to settle for an also-ran. Basically this is an AppleTV for Android that runs games that are half-baked. I don't see the point.
How about you just stick to what you're thinking because no one else here thinks like you. Sorry but I do not and will not purchase anything from a company that does not run I it's own merit. Samsung has proven they are unethical and only do things for the money. This trial is important to me because it underscores the very essentials of capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit.
Just because it's something you need doesn't mean it's not patentable. It's because of inventions like these that you have a modern world and that deserves to be rewarded. Sorry Charlie.
It is a method, but depends on your context of the actor. If you are a computer programmer, then yes you are looking for the code that does the work. However from the context of the user, this is a method to get real work done. The method is that the computer reads the text and provides you links so that you can perform a task fast. That is a user interface method independent of how it is structured in code (which is also important).
It's awesome how hyperlinks weren't even a "thing" when this was invented in the early 90's. Use some historical context.  Also, the notion of intelligently detecting certain types of data and automatically creating a link is, and still is a very novel concept worthy of a patent.
I think Apple could delve into the sub $1000 category more with an 11" MB powered by an A8. $799.  64 GB. Done.  Reserve Retina for iPad and higher end Macbook Airs.
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