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Using more white does not affect battery life on standard LCD displays. It technically takes more energy to make black since the LCD must block out the backlight which is always on. AMOLED does use less energy with black screens.
By remote control is the only way I'd touch that train wreck.
I think we will see this price structure:   iPad: $499 iPad mini w Retina: $399 iPad mini without Retina: $299.   I wouldn't be surprised if the standard iPad mini also came in one finish (black) or even follow the iPhone's lead with colored cases for kids.  I do think they will DROP the price of the standard mini heading into the holiday season, but maintain their brand with a higher-end iPad mini.
A few hundred thousands people would beg to differ with you.
It's in the top ten iPad music apps. OnSong.
Hey my app has been updated to fix incompatibility issues too. How is this news? Every app is dealing with the fallout of iOS 7.
It's not a 7" tablet, it's 8". Big difference especially given the 4:3 aspect ratio
What's up is that you're not the target market. The target is specifically millennial (aka youth) who are eating this up. For everyone else, there's the flagship 5s.
II think this is Apple's strategy. It's actually priced "just right". It's not cannibalizing it's flagship, while providing a less expensive option with great margins. What they will do is lower the price or allow retailers to discount more. Overall this puts huge pressure on Android while not tarnishing the Apple brand.
What a bunch of cry babies.
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