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I still believe this whole DOJ lawsuit is/was a farce. As a consumer, I should pay what I want for the quality of product I want. If I want to pay less for Amazon's version. Good. If I want to pay more for Apple's iBook version. Great!   Publishers should also be free to sell their product for what they think its worth. The whole idea that Amazon is undervaluing the product is hurting the entire industry for the benefit of one company. This has proven time and again to...
Depends on your color system: additive or subtractive. In CMYK, white is the absence of color. In RGB, white is the presence of all colors.
One of my fears as a smaller developer earning my living from an app, is that Apple would do something that would mess up that income stream. Now I say that from the standpoint that we don't and won't solicit fake reviews, but we do ask our users to review us of course.  I'm glad to hear that Apple is doing something to help the honest app developers out.   Maybe what Apple should consider instead is a rating/review SDK that is enabled in an app by default.  Something...
Let's see.. that Octacore processor has 8, what... 32-bit cores? Laughable. Android can make use of what, maybe two of those cores?  The camera may have megapixels, but probably has terrible quality, slow focus and more. We already know the terrible quality of that fingerprint scanner.   But, alas... some people will be fooled into thinking this is some how better than the iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina, go get one and then sit it on a shelf when they find the 300...
It's purdy. Yes, love that staircase!
Chirp. chirp. chirp. Does it automatically turn the lights out when the birds chirp?
Your comments are looking a bit dated.
If you've used Windows 8 and the split screen.. you'll realize that Apple isn't playing catchup. The solution is less than ideal and I often find myself accidentally docking an app and then trying to find out the magical swipe combination to undo it. I think this unintuitive nature of Windows 8 is really not helping the product. Just because something is possible doesn't mean it's easy to do, or immediately obvious. To be fair, I don't use the Surface often and am an iOS...
Apple can update that on the backend.  It doesn't need to be launched with iOS 8, and certainly not mentioned at a developers conference. 
This probably uses the user's default search settings. What Apple is saying is "Google, you better watch your back" with a smile on their face and playing nice and fair.
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