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I don't know about anyone else, but MS user interfaces are already invisible to me. I simply don't use them! It's been the best thing I've ever done.
They really don't understand the notion of freedom of the press huh? Seems like a pretty North Korean tactic. Maybe Samsung should move.
No WWDC for this year. Again.   I guess I'm neither fast enough, nor lucky enough now.
Microsoft bringing up the tail with the "me too" implementation. Seriously, Apple announced this what, two years ago? Forstall introduced it. How are these companies so unoriginal?
Here we go again. Yawn. Go ahead Google, just add to the confusion for consumers who buy crappy Netflix boxes. I'll wait for something truly innovative. We're ready Apple.
I don't think Apple will sell the panel for one major reason... you can't sell it in an Apple store. Imagine trying to sell 60" panels and walk out of the mall.  It's all sorts of logistical issues. But an AppleTV you can throw in a small bag and go home. This makes TV panels "dumb" so the price drops out the bottom which doesn't really affect Apple at all.   However, another argument is that technology is basically to a point where you're not going to see a ton of...
In the context of accurate history... Apple DID leapfrog Android since Google Now didn't come until later. Also regarding Maps (aside from initial launch woes and inaccurate data from third-party sources) they also leapfrogged what Google had in terms of 3D on the phone. Google caught up pretty well, although Siri is still pretty great.
Their strategies are not complementary. T-Mobile likes to sell phones, and Blackberry doesn't... that's my take away.
If you think Apple hasn't already started on something great, you'd be... well an analyst. I think Apple is waiting for everyone else puts their cards on the table so they can make them all look dumb.
I have to agree with this. I was just at a large music convention over the weekend for an app I sell. On multiple occasions, I had users come up and ask if the app will run on "their iPad". When I ask what model they say "Tab something?" or "Aries"... they have Android tablets but *think* they have an iPad. We underestimate how clueless some users can be when it comes to technology. Sadly, this is commonplace. I've had to tell a number of potential users that they don't...
New Posts  All Forums: