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So I guess we are now at the "rumors of the demise of Apple caused by rumors of new products that were rumored to be announced at WWDC to be rumored to not be announced" stage. Ugh. Tuesday can't get here soon enough!
By the "best pipeline" what he actually means is the cleanest, most minimalistic pipeline design you've ever seen!  They've removed all those products that get in the way to help the consumer enjoy Apple for being Apple. Nice, stark, clean pipeline.   Just kidding!   No I'm really excited for this year. I believe the relative calm is because they are gearing up for a transformative year that we have never seen come out of Apple. There's a reason they are building that...
Be cause weren't not communists. You own a share of the company. Corporations exist to increase shareholder wealth. You own a piece of that money. If the value of the money goes up, you make money. Pretty simple.We could share a car, or an apartment and you'd pay half...
I think what we are going to witness is a transformation of Apple from a tech company into a lifestyle company. The connection of the stock split with WWDC with major acquisitions and hires are no coincidence. This means something big is coming that will transform Apple into another thing entirely.
Duh? The fact is what others are pushing out the market doesn't differentiate anyway. The bar is pretty low.
Once again we see that Apple has the balls and intellect to do something new. Once they prove it can be done, the unimaginative cowards at Samsung and the like act like "oh, but phone manufacturers have always used sapphire."  I hope they (the Korean copyists) blow their money on this and find out they don't have the IP to pull it off well.
I could have told you that. I had to try to port a gyroscope oriented app to Android a number of years ago (search for TechoBloc) and it's not fun. GPS and other sensors are drastically different between various Android devices, making testing a bloody nightmare.
Looks like a nice device. Like a said on another post, I like the Surface Pro, but it's a heavy beast. However, comparing a tablet to a laptop... yes of course the tablet should be lighter. But compare that to an iPad Air. The Surface Pro is too heavy to be a true tablet. That's why they keep moving it towards the laptop category. However, it can't replace a laptop if you can't use it on your lap with a floppy keyboard. Have you tried to use a Surface on your lap?...
You simply uncheck that from your Apple ID.  It's not a security issue since you had all those numbers and emails associated with a single Apple ID.  Set up another one if you have a problem with that arrangement.
Remove your phone number from iMessage. Dumb arse.
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