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What game is over? That game of profit margin that corporations are supposed to win? I hate to tell you but, Apple is taking the lion share of profit in mobile phones, computers and app store sales. Android only has marketshare with people who don't have the money to buy an Apple product yet.
Again, you are going to want to work on your English skills to pass as believable and not a paid Samsung troll.
You English sound Korean!
Lame. That's ok, Apple will have the last laugh soon.
Get one of these. Works great! They have foot pedals too... http://airturn.com/digit-ii/products/airturn/bluetooth-airturn/digit-ii
It's not an accessory for an iPad, although AirPlay is f'n awesome. We use one everyday to stream Netflix Amanda iTunes at home. Works great. Roku is super clunky and ugly. Sorry little CEO dude. It will be sad to watch Apple bury you with the next iteration of the product.
Oh geez, I'm sure he's going to be a model employee and contribute to the staggering morale of a dying company.
II could be wrong but building glass is normally not recyclable because of what is in the glass (tinting, UV protection, lamination, tempering, etc. I could be wrong. Here's a URL to an article that backs up that assumption:http://1800recycling.com/2011/09/window-glass-recycling-difficult-not-impossible/
No issues at all with the iPhone 4s. Been rock solid and performing better.
I'm thinking that Apple will design the phone to allow one handed operation while also delivering near edge to edge screen at full HD resolution. I like my 4s form factor as well.
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