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If you want to stop racism, then stop pulling the race card. You are just pointing to color and criticizing it. You are perpetuating the stereotypes.
I'd love to hear what country you hail from and what constitutes the standard smart configurations for homes in your area. The reason I ask is I think it's an issue of culture, affluence and a lackadaisical attitude towards environmental issues/energy consumption.  I'll give you a for instance.   We are building a new house and we wanted it to be, you know, sort of smart.  We have a Nest thermostat, LED bulbs (some are Phillips Hue), we want a Bluetooth lock.... Really I...
Also... what's with all these companies just copying Apple? Apple announced iOS in the car like two years ago when Forstall gave the iOS 6 keynote. Typical of this show... take what Apple invented and try to pass it off as your latest and greatest idea and then claim that it was "obvious". Well, if it was so obvious, why didn't you do it first? Same crap with all these shows.
I wouldn't trust an Android device connected to my car. Sorry. Too much malware on that platform.
You weren't being forced to pay to upgrade anything.  iTunes Music Match makes your entire song library available in the cloud. The upgraded bit rate was just a perk so if you've ripped your friends's CD at 128kbsp, you would get it in 256 AAC just like it was on iTunes. It's a perk.  The real advantage is getting to listen to your music on any device without needing to copy it to every device.  I suspect they would be more apt to throw this in for free in the next year or...
Now why didn't Blackberry think to do this? Idiots. They could have made a mint.
Unlike other companies, the executives at Apple actually work and do meaningful things that impact our world. Lawyers like this guy is just a leach. Yes, they should be angry. I wish Steve Jobs were still there to curse him out and make him cry like a little girl... EVERY. DAY.
That watch is uglier than Samesung's.
It's not ubiquitous. Try turning on a microwave. WiFi shuts off because it runs in the same narrow spectrum (2.4Ghz) unless you are using 5 Ghz range. Here's another one... try using WiFi or cellular data at a concert. Guess what? Too much RF and overloaded cell towers can take it down in  a hurry.  I'm traveling to NAMM (National Association of Music Manufacturers) in Anaheim, CA at the end of January. They NEVER have any Internet that works. Why? 500,000 people and twice...
Yes, but in many of those cases I need to remember to save music to my computer and consciously manage that. iCloud allows my content to be everywhere, but does not require an internet connection once the content is there and it all happens without me having to think about it.  That's just one for instance.  Question: If I have a spreadsheet online and get somewhere with no Internet connection, can I view and edit that spreadsheet if I did not save a copy locally?  In...
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