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What a bunch of cry babies.
He, 512ke was commenting on the author who said that Apple was wrong and missed expectations. He then commented on the story by introducing the notion that it's very likely that Apple is very happy with the results and that analysts are full of malarky. The "might" was the notion that we do not know what Apple is thinking or what their expectations are.  So, according to us, the sales of the 5c and %s may be perfectly in line with Apple's expectations. Who cares what the...
Oh yes Google, your problem is definitely branding. It's definitely not the fact that your product is terrible, overpriced and has no value for consumers. You know what, everyone knows what crap is... You might as well name it SteamyTurdTV.
I love how they say the ecosystem is already heading to 64-bit... now that Apple has lead the way. What a bunch of losers.
JJust because the technology is "there" doesn't make it appropriate.
You obviously don't understand design.
Android devices are very secure.... when they are powered off, battery dead, and lying in a drawer.
The door is bulletproof... we just left it wide open.
Five words, but they are at least true.
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