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So I think the first thought that people have is how sad it is that these people need to spend two months of their salary to afford an iPhone for image. Many have the tendency to discount luxury items in societies that have a lower per capita.   However, there is a principle at work. When members of society aspire to something greater, there tends to be an upward trend in per capita income over time. For instance, these same people who have put their necks out to afford...
I'm the creator of an app called OnSong which is in the top ten paid music apps for iPad.
No, I think you're right on the money with that one, at least with my hands.  My hope is they can do this and somehow keep the same for factor by removing the bezel and possibly using it just for full screen apps, etc.
I'm a developer of a popular music app. We want to NAMM where all the major music manufacturers demonstrate their products every year. Every booth you went to that had an app ran on iOS. Nothing was available for Android. Why? It's simple. There's no way to do MIDI or real-time audio processing on Android. That's the blunt truth.   I was talking with the president of the MIDI group and he had a representative from Google and Microsoft come to the show and walk the floor....
This is what it sounds is happening... Apple bought a really nice car, like a Porsche. Drove it for a year and the Samsung steals the car and disassembles it for parts. Samsung was caught stealing the car (although the judge only allows certain pieces if the car to be evaluated) and now the theif is trying not to pay for the whole car. So there defense is to belittle the price of the part. "Oh see, most people you ask don't see why this shifter knob is all that important...
Or maybe they took a step forward, to turn the nano back into a non-wearable to make way for the real iWatch?
It's perfectly normal for Apple to wait 6 months. When Steve Jobs was at the helm, the only really big announcements were at the Macworld Expo and an event in the fall with WWDC reserved mostly for software announcements. This year they did change things up by announcing at WWDC the MacPro, and have two special events in the fall. For those who want a brief history, you can watch all the videos since 2010 here: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/   So typically they...
Good point, although I think that number should be higher but I agree they are looking a little ahead.
I guess I have a different level of acceptable risk and expectation of future returns than "big investment houses". Then again, that's why I made a mint on Apple by investing pre-iPhone and why I'm a serial entrepreneur and not a boring banker.
I didn't say anything about it being complicated to understand. Apple has a history of creating new product categories and succeeding where other companies have failed. I have no idea why wall street hasn't figured that out by now. Their silence is the calm before the storm when they release the next thing in the beginning of June. Sadly, every analyst and other tech company has yet to figure this out.
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