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Shall they mail you a form letter with postage paid for a response then?
I think Apple should include a battery, but also use other forms of energy acquisition such as motion and heck, put a winder on the side with a mini generator.
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By "define the market" they actually mean "give us all something to copy since we couldn't figure out what people actually need or desire on our own"...
Or simply use iBeacon to determine if it's in proximity to your phone. As soon as it's not, it would require reauthentication, or not be used for purchases.
I don't think they would ever preload an album. Makes no sense. But what could make sense is U2 as a featured artist with a new hi-definition format in iTunes. That would actually make a LOT of sense moving forward to differentiate purchased iTunes content from lower bandwidth streaming content.  Then the Beats deal starts to make more sense. Yes, a Lightning cable could send a whole lot more information to a headset than 3.5mm stereo and be processed on the headset for...
Also, sounds like a solution in search of a problem.
I sold off most of my Apple stock about a week ago at about $102. So part of me is happy when it goes down now, but part of me is sad. Very strange.  I only sold because I needed some cash.   That being said, while I'm sure the market is down because of announcements from Samsung and Sony trying to "one-up" Apple, I doubt this will last very long.  This typically happens.  People are trying to short the stock because there's a bit of turmoil right now due to...
That's because only naked women were hacked ;)
The rumors are fine because, duh... it's a rumor site. That's why I read it.  There is nothing journalistically wrong with writing about rumors as long as you are reporting the facts as a journalist and not editorializing. It you do editorialize, then announce that is what you are doing. If you write about rumors... then yes, declare your intention, which this site does.But I don't see how "breaking" can be attributed to "just another analyst" trying to shift the market....
New Posts  All Forums: