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Pretty straightforward. You break the law, the app comes down. It's in the developer agreement. Just be glad you're not getting sued morons.
It would be and will be a gimmick on Android... because it can't figure out how to make use of the extra horsepower. But since this is Apple, and since they deeply integrated arm64 into Xcode and the Objective-C runtime, the gains are real. Ask any game developer who has taken advantage of that. Faster plus better battery life? Good luck Qualcomm.
Get an OlloClip or other zoom lenses which use the built in camera. Why don't they just use the lightning port or Bluetooth LE? Seems like the WiFi route isn't working for them.
I say all that knowing that there are a few really good Android tablets like the Amazon Kindle. I'd recommend that to anyone. But most devices are terribly hard to use for the average consumer and are relegated either to computer geeks, or the trash bin.
Very well done.   On my informal research, people do buy Android tablets. However they are usually for gifts or purchased by people who don't know any better. They try to use them, get frustrated and stick them in a drawer somewhere where they are forgotten and alone. Maybe they will be given to some poor unsuspecting child who then finds the phablet size to be perfect for skipping across the local body of water.   In otherwords... they are either a) on shelves...
I didn't like Delta before and now I really don't. Not flying with them again. American Airways is the best domestic airline!
Dear analysts... I hear McDonald's is raising the wage to $15/hour. Sounds like a good career move for you.
Amazon has the price a features right in this one! I make a popular iPad app and Amazon Kindle is the only Android device if recommend. Easy to use and great hardware. Good job Amazon!
If it's bricked, you just need a microUSB cable and iTunes on a computer. You then click "Restore" and wait for the software to be downloaded and installed. By the way, loving the new update!
So no one is going to buy this. You announced it and then told everyone they are working on an even better one. Thanks Einstein, you just called your new product antiquated and irrelevant.
New Posts  All Forums: