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Unfortunately it's true. The first versions of iOS 7 were terrible. The first release and the pulled release of iOS 8 was equally so. I'm running iOS 8.1 beta and it's much more solid, but still has issues.I write an iOS app for a living so I'm not here to "pander bullshit". But I do need to speak the truth to my users and we are urging caution with updates at this time: http://onsongapp.com/ios8/
We are still urging caution to users of our app due to bugs in iOS 8. The truth is that there are issues, particularly with external video crashing the operating system with a blue screen of death and displaying RTF or Word files. We also have seen some other issues with networking and general performance issues. iOS 8.1 beta fixes some but not all of these issues. The trouble is that users think that iOS is always flawless and just upgrade before they run our software...
With 160+ billion in the bank, I'm sure they'll be just fine. They can probably afford some better consultants than you too. Also just because someone rips you off doesn't make you a bad leader. It would make more sense to keep those who struck the deal accountable for any decisions that may have contributed.Also, I sick of everyone just blaming leaders for the worlds issues. Get over yourselves.
I'm not sure where you get off saying the S5 has twice the resolution of the iPhone 6... the iPhone 6 Plus is also 1080x1920 at 5.5".  So while the S5 may have a slightly higher pixel density, there's a point where it's moot especially if the hardware can't support that resolution.
What's dumb about this is that DRM is/was required by the music industry and if Apple circumvented that, allowing users to play tracks anywhere, they could not link the track to the purchaser. That would have allowed tracks to be distributed and would have created an issue with copyright. So while it may suck for these users who got "locked in", the alternative would be piracy and the continued ripping of CDs.
I just got the iPhone 6 Plus and my wife has the iPhone 6. I have to say that I like the form factor of the iPhone 6 better. It's damn near perfect. The 6+ is too big for my little hands and is taking so getting used to.I know somebody is going to say I'm wrong, but I think Apple should come out with an iPhone 6C for Compact. Shrink the iPhone 6 screen to 4". I think that would be the most perfect device ergonomically speaking.
While they may not "harvest your data", I think there is a big difference between privacy and using the consumer as the product. Let's face it, Google makes money by selling ads. That's about it. The only reason they make money with that is the ability to monetize what they know about you. What Tim Cook highlighted is that is where the money is coming from so follow the money. Apple's money comes from their products.
I think with hundreds of billions in the bank, they just might be able to swing it.
You're not too bright huh? So you're saying that temperature approaching a "whopping" 100 degrees Fahrenheit is altering the aluminum structure enough to ease bending? Are you serious? Do you honestly believe that a material that is used in aircrafts for both hot and extreme cold applications is even remotely effected by your ass temperature?  I can almost guarantee you that repeated impact from test equipment is creating more heat than is generated from the body. Apple's...
I think this is a flanking maneuver by Apple if you think in terms of military strategy.  Let me explain... • I think almost everyone would agree that a 3.5" - 4" device works best for most hands. Sure there are people with giant hands, and there are many smaller framed people with smaller hands.  So I think this is a great size. But...• Android has increased marketshare for two reasons. Price and size.  Speed and quality and software are not the winning factors. It's just...
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