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Exactly. These devices just came onto the market. Most Android devices that are still counted as "marketshare" are old devices that don't do much. Those are the ones that I've come into contact with. I have a Nexus 7 (not a phone I know), but the thing can't hold a charge and is getting progressively slower. My employee's Android phone (Motorola) freezes up when you pick up the phone and sometimes crashes. My friend's Android phone (another Motorola), can't keep a charge...
There's no indication that either of those are going to fall "flat" anytime soon and I'm pretty certain Apple has some pretty smart people innovating and taking a look at future market trends. They also have the iTunes store (apps, music, video) which makes more money by itself than most tech companies.
You sound like Baghdad Bob. Seriously, while you cling to your precious "marketshare", did it ever occur to you that people just throw out old electronic devices they don't like? Maybe take them over to the salvation army to be re-activated over and over again? Desperately trying to find someone who will love the device before it's battery stops working? Almost all of my friends that have Android phones have dumped them for another one that was just as cheap. Where are all...
This is simply because iOS devices are the only ones worth using for anything meaningful. Most Android devices on the market are pathetically cheap, antiquated and can hardly make a phone call. Mind you, not all... But most of the "market share". Go to an airport or a Panera Bread and look around. What tablet or phone are people actually using for work and play? How many people are using their phablets to take any decent pictures or video? They are toys at best and...
There it is... The expected analyst pissing on the fire. The truth is that Apple is eating up Android market in the US right now. Android is the appetizer.
I predict that weakening demand for horse sh... manure is triggering a renegotiation of anyone giving two flips about what these analysts have to say.
He's like a cockroach... you just can't get rid of him. Ugh.
You can use any wall or light switch as a standard bulb.  When you turn it on, it uses a default warm white light and fades on.  You can also turn it off that way.  You don't even need to use a remote at all unless you want to do fancier things.
Icahnn, is that you? If so. Go away.
You can also set different colors for lights and also run complete light shows from your iPhone using the Ambify app.  Much more than a candle.
New Posts  All Forums: