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IDC statistics. Ignored.
That's why I don't install Flash in Safari and just have to switch over to Chrome for websites stuck in the last century (ahem, CNN and Facebook)
Hey Corning... tell me again how fragile Sapphire Crystal is...
As an app developer, this pretty much sucks because it would allow people to download the app and then get a refund. Currently Apple allows you to keep the app but not update. This would need to be changed to force removal of the app and all your data as well. Otherwise developers get short-changed.
That's probably not completely fair to developers since complex apps that allow documents to be imported can cause the crash, not the fault of the app per se. Any amount of testing cannot rule out every possible scenario that users through at something without exponential amounts of testing.  Apple would need to lift the limits on beta devices to allow more testers and the cost of apps would go up to pay for perfection.
You see, there's this thing with phones. If you don't use them, they actually last a long time. It's called standby time. The thing is... iPhone users actually use their devices for much more than a phone and actually enjoy them. There's actual apps and really good games that allow your device to basically supplant a laptop. So if you see an iPhone user charging their phone, it's because it's actually being used instead of sitting in a drawer or pocket waiting for a phone...
Gee. I wonder what the families will choose... probably the same thing the market has chosen for how many years now?
This doesn't surprise me and I think they even mentioned something during the keynote, or someone did.  The fact that the new Photos app is going to have some great image editing capabilities that were highlighted on the phone, and yet be easy to use, leads me to believe that's the way things are heading.  iPhoto's biggest issue was performance, and Craig stated that the new Photos app will be high performance.   They also said in the keynote that this was replacing...
I'd rather have a great 8 megapixel photo than a terrible 20 megapixel one. Unless you're printing bloody billboards with that image, it's a complete waste of space and processing power.
The pricing does not make it cheaper. All Macbook Airs have at least a Core i5 and more baseline storage. You would need to move up to the $999 Surface 3 to compare... then you'd also need a keyboard making it more expensive. And that there's Windows.......   Yeah, you can pry my Macbook Air/Pro out of my cold, dead hands Microsoft.
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