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While I don't like this news because of the Apple stock I owe, it's not because I don't think it's a good idea... in fact, I think it's a GREAT idea. The reason I don't like it is now the stock is going to take a huge dip because of the idiot analysts and tech pundits that don't have a brain that investors evidently think know everything. This just gave them fuel for the "Apple is doomed" monologue in their talking head video spots. Of course Tim Cook sneezing the wrong...
No, but the fact that they choose that naming convention speaks volumes to their desire to copy the iPhone at every turn.
Wow. Samsung being disingenuous ripoffs. Surprised.
Started buying AAPL at $74/share pre-iPhone. Glad to see it's value heading back where it should! Long on AAPL!
Just give up and get an Apple iPad. Seriously.
You probably tapped on a ad at the bottom unknowingly.
Personally I think this is great news. Why? Because it will give Tim Cook and others something to poke fun at when the new Apple product totally rocks Samsung's world. Remember 2010 with Steve Ballmer prancing around on stage with an HP Slate tablet to be "first" before the iPad blew up the tech world? How'd that work out for Microsoft?  Apple just laughed at them in the face and came out with the right product... not one rushed to market to try to beat Apple.   As far...
And it's not 100% Apple's fault since they had purchased this information from multiple leaders in the industry. It just so happens that Google is better and keeping this information up-to-date in comparison to other solutions. It's a data problem, not something that defines of how well those features work when the data is there.
IDC: We exist to make everyone except Apple feel like they are somehow winning.
I actually liked the commercial... but it's a bunch of bull crap (as most commercials are). Sure you can be different (wasn't that Apple's advertising idea with the Think Different campaign?) but there's a reason everyone else is using an iPhone or iPad.   I don't think the driving force behind the commercial was that "hey we have colored phones", but more to make iPhones seem boring and average, and the Nokia is something new and exciting you should try... like dating a...
New Posts  All Forums: