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Because Apple handles purchases in batches. You wouldn't want a separate charge for each $0.99 track you purchase.
You know why schools are buying iPads for education? Because they work. They give kids great software and allow them to focus on one, easy to use app at a time. I can attest first hand that my son (now 3-1/2) has learned a lot from playing with a few great and free apps available on the app store.
I think these "hackers" are full of it. They should really get some acne cream and find a girlfriend. Seriously, they mommy issues.
I think someone should make a real paper clip with Voice Recognition. AI and Bluetooth that you can ask for help while writing term papers. Clippy 2.0!!!
August 2014? Someone has been practice writing the new year a bit too much, or has a time machine.
This. Smart.
They put out more than one product a year. Let's see, so far we've had brand new laptops (one of which was redesigned and made thinner) all with better battery life than the competition for the size. The new MacPro, redesigned iMac (that was about a year ago now), iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina, iPhone 5c and 5s. The thing with Apple is they take their shot and they hit the mark nearly every time. It takes how many products for Samsung to try to reach Apple's level of...
Very nice. Great price. Great Product. Sounds like a winner to me.
Could have some pretty cool music applications as it's intended, sort of making it a new type of instrument.
Yes. Because they are higher quality and offered a better experience than Amazon. You are not overcharged if you've agreed to pay and have a choice to shop elsewhere.
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