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Point is you need to use the thing with a floppy little keyboard so if you've going to attach two monitors, you might as well get a Mac Mini.
Now we know why so many people are upgrading. This is genius and well designed marketing! /sarcasm
You know, you could also cut off the person's finger and consider it a "hack". Really? Everything is crackable if you put enough thought and time into it. Serious, what is on someone's phone that would require going through that kind of process and... if I noticed my phone was missing, I'd put it on lock down requiring a passcode anyway.   Once thing they didn't cover is... TouchID can be programmed with up to five codes. So whose to say that the CSI staff that are doing...
I see they are trying to copy this now too. Losers.
The preorder for China is to avoid riots and scalping that has happened in the past. It's just an automated system to get a number for pickup and to validate the user. Different thing entirely.
Nothing to worry about. They now have two lines of iPhones and they want to announce it together. If they announced how popular or unpopular the 5c is, the 5s launch could be altered so they are hanging in there until the dust settles.
Zune Brown. Nuff said.
This guy's argument makes no sense and he's never studied things like economics or marketing.  First, for Apple to sell a product for less doesn't equate more revenue.  There's a sweet spot with pricing strategies.  You don't want to make stuff cheaper just because you can.  If you do, you erode the value of your brand and head towards commodity which is where Android is.  Apple is a premium brand and will maintain its position there.  If you want a cheap phone, go and get...
Still better than any Android POS.
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