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Don't care.
Oh please let it be true, only so I can stop hearing all the complaining.
Well, someone call in the four horsemen of the apocalypse and throw a large millstone in the sea. Apple is doomed... /s
Or, you know... maybe you should just remember your freaking Anniversary like a real man. Who needs to be reminded? Polygamists?
I just had Siri set a reminder to tell my wife Happy Anniversary tomorrow. Worked perfectly. Not sure what Microsoft is smoking. Must have Balmer trying to speak into it... Siri only understands human, not monkey.
Sad, sad Microsoft.
That sounds like a great business! Clay shooting but with moving and intelligent targets :)
Typically these drones don't come with a video camera, but allow you to attach a GoPro. That way you can always upgrade the camera, or use it for something else when you're not flying around.
That's usually the point of drones.
New Posts  All Forums: