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If it's named Flash, it should be dead.
You are more than welcome to create your own smartphone platform (software/hardware/App Store/SDK). Without Apple you'd be sporting a new Nokia 27535 with no apps except that awesome snake game.
You're probably going to want to go ahead and get a different type of phone then, buddy.  You can do what ever you want, but don't get all upset if Apple doesn't cover your warranty or if you can't do something that they never promised it could do.
What the hell is with putting "zen" at the end of everything. Samsung should really be taking up praying whilst kissing their own arses goodbye instead.
Why does the sapphire on the left look so much better than the Ion-X on the right then? That's pretty confusing and I'd much rather have the device on the left.
First, the initial launch of the Apple Watch is akin to the original iPhone. If you remember, it wasn't a huge sales driver like it would become, but it did turn heads and make people and the industry notice. Most dismissed it as a fad. But here's how it won... It had an awesome design compared to other phones at the time, breakthrough features like the Safari web browser, and was a solid release. But what it didn't have was native apps. Once Apple came out with the...
Hardly. I think the issue is that widespread adoption of broadband capabilities are limited and you're seeing a lot of push back by media conglomerates regarding net neutrality already. Now multiply the bandwidth requirements by 2-3x and you have very few users with the ability to stream the high quality content and a bunch of Internet providers bulking at the amount of bandwidth it requires. In addition, most users probably aren't even streaming 1080p at this...
You can easily turn on bold fonts in Accessibility and everything becomes bold. It's a non-issue.
Apple didn't create Helvetica. It's been around before computers existed.
I say make a 5.5" version of the iPhone 6 plus without cellular and call it the iPad Nano. Done.
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