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Its a nice trick, but generally useless.  So I guess I don't see the point. People ought to use their talent towards the betterment of humankind or the acquisition of wealth and this is neither.  It's just someone trying really hard to be annoying.
Sounds dumb and doomed to failure.
Seems like quite a stretch, but I guess some dorks need a useless hobby.   Here's a security tip.  If you see an acned teenager or a creepy long beard eating doritos and drinking mountain dew at the coffeeshop and they have a pair of cans and a morse code tapper hooked to a giant backpack.... stay 16 feet away. You'd probably have to stay that far away to avoid the smell of his momma's basement.
I don't know the minute details of the patent, but from the look of it, it's a legitimate piece of intellectual property.  It's also quite possible that Apple infringed the patent without knowing it. In that case, this is how business works. If they've infringed, they may just pay the bill and the university research gets a great boost in the arm. However I'd expect Apple will counter and appeal as protocol to make sure the suit has been fully vetted.
Gee. Maybe the port is on the bottom so one of you geniuses can kickstart a product that plugs into the port and provides an inductive charging surface between the plastic glides.... and a powered mousepad... Or you could just sit around bitching at the air...
Love their new input devices. Not sure what the heck you are looking for there but if they do what they need to do and do it perfectly, I really don't see your gripe.
Not sure what you are talking about. You can get an iMac for nearly $1,000.  So it's now more affordable and more capable than ever. If you want a Retina display, you're talking about $1,499.  I'd think you would want to compare base models however. With inflation, the new iMacs are much cheaper than the original iMac.
I think they are trying to drive the price down instead for greater market penetration. Look at all the craptastic PC machines available. In this case you get an awesome screen with components that you can upgrade if you want, although many people won't have to.   If you want top-end, go for the 27".  Both of these products hit a different level of customer.
I use a Magic Mouse and I definitely want to upgrade to this.  Batteries seem to run out all the time but then again, I don't shut it off :)   That said, some pressure sensitivity would have been awesome in the mouse too.  Maybe I'll just have to switch to the new trackpad and give it a whirl. Maybe I'll get both :p
I have to say I love seeing a Tesla, and I would love to own one. They seem like great cars and a great step into the future. However, I think Elon is reacting poorly and basically telling the world that Apple is creating a car and that he's scared of it.   Personally I think Tesla could easily stay in the luxury/sports realm and Apple could take a different, more VW approach.  Kind of like the everyday car that's easy to use and looks and works great.  The two could...
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