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Yes, but no. Version number has nothing to do with it. iOS 7 came out last year and it's minor versions were to correct issues, security fixes, performance. Otherwise the OS was the same. Android has been stuck on 4.x for a while now. Ice Cream Sandwich, the first 4.x release was unveiled on October 19, 2011, about the same time that Apple released iOS 4.0.  If you look at Jelly Bean, that has been in development now for 2 years as it was unveiled in June 2012.  While it's...
Good luck Brazil. Instead, Apple will probably contact the developer and have them comply with the laws of Brazil, giving them an option to due something like "Because you're in Brazil, enter your personal information here, your posts will not be secret". Either that or have the app disable access if you're detected to be located in Brazil. Or better yet, a big old "Are you Brazilian?" question in the introduction. Either way.
Very nice home.  Looks like a place I'd like to live!
I'm not sure how this dooms Apple as compared to their streaming music business peers. If anything, they are ahead. If the cost of streaming music is too high, then it makes iTunes music purchases more desired. Apple wins.  Right now they are making almost nothing on streaming as compared to their other businesses.
The merger was completed less than a month ago. How fast could you merge two streaming music services?
The iPhone does have battery management both in hardware and software. I have a 4s and it's still trucking along with about the same battery life as when it was new. Now I do need to charge it before the day is through, but I also use it quite heavily.
Apple's employment demographics generally line up with the demographics of California, but with a higher number of Asian. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_California   I think the bigger issue other than race is while females are not more represented since that's typically a 50/50 split!
Unfortunately, this is simply because many programmers and technical people are white men, at least where I am located in Central PA.  I would say the next racial population in the tech field is Indian men.  I'm not sure why this is the case, other than there's something in our educational system that is not leveling the playing field.  It's also not to say that there are not hispanic or black men, or women in the the field, but it's definitely dominated by White and...
While I have my qualms with the Surface (lacking keyboard, not lappable, Windows vulnerability, etc)... it DOES have a USB port and DisplayPort that, just like the Macbook Air, can connect to a TV, monitor, etc.The Macbook Air keyboard and trackpad are top notch and are much better than touching the screen all the time and cleaning the smudges off of it.  It just fails as a tablet and a laptop in my opinion.  But it DOES have ports for expandability.
As stated previously, a product is more than a summation of a spec sheet.  Take a look at phones for instance that tout things like display size and camera megapixels. I was at a carnival with my son and was watching a dad trying to take a picture of their child as they were on one of those car carousels. He had a HUGE phone... probably 6" screen size. Aside from the camera app looking almost identical to an iPhone with the same iconography, I watched (because it was the...
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