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You can use any wall or light switch as a standard bulb.  When you turn it on, it uses a default warm white light and fades on.  You can also turn it off that way.  You don't even need to use a remote at all unless you want to do fancier things.
Icahnn, is that you? If so. Go away.
You can also set different colors for lights and also run complete light shows from your iPhone using the Ambify app.  Much more than a candle.
While it's nice to not have to use a bridge, these bulbs are also 50% more expensive.  The nice thing with the bridge is that it provides one point of access for the smartphone to communicate with to control all the bulbs in your home (Hue supports up to 50 on a bridge).  It also lets you control Hue remotely.  For instance, I can turn on lights in my house anywhere in the world.  The bridge also handles things like schedules.  I know all of this because I'm working on an...
If by "magic" you mean slight of hand to get analysts and idiot consumers to think they are successful and desirable when really aren't... Then yes Samsung uses magic. Tim Cook deals in REALITY which Apple will address in real dollars spent by real people in the real world when they announce their quarterly results.You Fandroids just love the illusion of superiority don't you?
As for your fatter and fatter comment... my child does use an iPad... just like a book.  Would you argue that books are making kids fatter then?  My child is three and is very athletic and eats a great diet.  He watches some TV and plays his games on the iPad.  I've found the iPad has increased his level of learning in reading and coordination.  He even plays piano on it!
Yes. My child began using an iPad when he was 1 year old and "reading" the Charlie Brown's Christmas book at two.  At three he signs in, finds his apps and plays his games.
First, iPad's only came out three and a half years ago, although I agree that Apple would be well suited to offer user profiles so I could quickly switch to one of my child's apps.  I don't have a problem with them accessing my email and never had an issue there, but it's mostly the problem of "child is screaming at a restaurant, hurry get them the iPad/iPhone... oh where are all his apps... argh!!!". So we use folders now...   I think TouchID is the perfect use case for...
Simple. They are inefficient at stopping piracy, resulting in millions of illegitimate copies of stuff. Of course the one thing they did well was work with manufacturers to hide the cost of software into the hardware, thereby getting around the piracy problem.
 Excel: The New Adobe Flash
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