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The world doesn't want us to police the world. That was made abundantly clear when George W. Bush invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein.  I didn't think it was where we should have deployed our military, but that's another story. The world thought that we should have gone in with the U.N. instead.   I think you need to point the finger at the U.N. at this point who don't seem to concerned with the matters you bring up, no matter how much the U.S. could do.  I should also...
This judge is a joke. She doesn't stand for justice not the consumer, only for protecting the Amazon monopoly, the interests of lawyers and lining government pockets. Get this corrupt judge off the bench! What a farce.
I find it funny how Apple was a few percentage points off market expectation on a device that WILL see an update in a few months and suddenly it's all doom and gloom. Please. People actually do other things in the summer other than play on their iPad.  We also know that Apple also reports numbers purchased by consumers, not tablets shipped. Hell, Amazon doesn't tell you any information on their devices.   Like many have said before, Apple is also a victim of its own...
Yeah, except I don't. I like my 3.5" screen to be honest (little thumbs). I think big phones look stupid and if you use one I assume you are a socially and economically depressed douche.
Removing the sidebar has caused so much confusion for my users. Our first step in helping them with iTunes-related issues is to have them turn the sidebar back on. I still don't understand the new layout (but I have sidebar on so I don't need to)
We all know that iOS devices are more energy efficient than their Android counterparts (leaner OS, custom chip design, etc). So it's not necessarily a bad thing that the battery is smaller. My minivan has a 20 gallon tank and my VW GTI has a 15 gallon tank. Both can go the same distance. It's just that one is a whole lot more fun to drive
Samsung is so annoying and sad.
I choose to pay the iBooks price. Period. As a consumer, I should be free to pay what I want for content, goods and services. I don't need the government "protecting" me. I wasn't scammed. I saw the price and paid it. The only thing that they are making their case on is that Apple colluded with publishers to fix prices. Personally I don't think they did. They just said stuff should probably be about this much money which is fair to publishers. I think the government is...
OK, so let's do some quick math Mr. Analyst. How many corporations are there in the world. Answer... BIG NUMBER that is greater than 500. OK.  Next, Apple says they are used in 98% of Fortune 500 and 92% in Global 500 right? Yes. But, they don't say that there is anywhere near 100% penetration of mobile devices used by employees in those corporations, just that they are being used there.  Now, let's look at IBM who may or may not be used in those large corporations, but IS...
Apple and IBM to Google and Samsung, "Hey, shut up kids, the grownups are talking over here".
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