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Not necessarily. Apple has some pretty smart engineers and they could have a lot of the groundwork already laid. For instance, the hardware and basic software and maybe even the apps. They may be adding these experts to review their work and test the final output and put the final stamp of approval on it. Apple also tends to start with a core set of functionality in the initial product and then extend from there. The experts would also allow for more advanced features....
HoHow did they cheat customers? The books were a certain price and the customer could decide if they wanted to pay the price or not. If you didn't like the price, buy elsewhere. All Apple had in their contract was a most favored nation clause which said if you sell your book to someone else for a lower cost, you need to sell to us at the lower cost and they would do that through an agency model instead of a wholesale model. Amazon got pissy because the publishers finally...
Unfortunately, I do have experience with Flash. I was a system architect for an interactive design agency. I've worked in Flash and Flex development and after having done so, believe that it is a woeful technology that does not transition well in the mobile world. In addition I saw a number of projects overrun on budget and time due to the promise of faster development cycles on a nascent technology that were never realized. While Flash/Flex provided a better framework for...
This, and the horrendous toll on battery life, are why I don't have Flash installed on my MBA.
You probably want to stop reading a rumors site then.
Click on the "Debut" link in the post. The video is there.
15 Locations in 10 Countries
Sad. When the states run out of money and can't even afford to pay for public education properly, they just go after the one thing that is working in this country, and that's our corporations. This government is so corrupt.
I believe Apple has innovated plenty in the past few decades. Industries it has created ought to be thanking them. Everyone else has, for the most part, rode on their trail of success. Yes, I can point to several examples... The PC, Windows, iPod, iPhone, iPad...   The truth is that innovation is in Apple's DNA.  While they do invent, they innovate on things that have already existed... they just do it better. This is NOT the same as copying which is what Samsung does....
As my mother would have said... "I guess you should have thought about that before you INSERT WHAT EVER BAD THING YOU DID HERE. Now go to your room and think about what you've done!"   Yeah, something like that.  Seriously, these companies needs to live with the consequences of their actions.
New Posts  All Forums: