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The reason is this. If every company continued to headhunt, it would have created mass chaos with each company going after each other's throats for stealing other key employees. In addition, those employees would still be under NDA which would create even more chaos of who took what IP where, etc. Salaries would rise, but so would legal fees and time spent trying to sort all of this out. I think the net product would be some employees getting richer quicker, but at the...
Shut it bud. You have or have had a good paying job. You have access to clean drinking water, food and health care. You're just a whiny, over privileged punk who needs a taste of reality.
Some people just can't stand success if they aren't involved. Let them be pissed. It makes laughing at them all the more fun.
This is so tempting, but I'm holding out for the iPhone 6. By the way, this is yet another hint that it's coming soon.
Timing is everything and Apple is using this as a smokescreen to hide what is going on. Less than a month until WWDC and the media and analysts are taking the bait. Redirection is a magicians best friend. This will give Tim and company time to rollout the iWatch, AppleTV or what ever else they need to make happen under the radar. This isn't to say they aren't buying Beats, but the timing seems curious. That said I think this is a great acquisition. Two great business men...
While I don't like this news because of the Apple stock I owe, it's not because I don't think it's a good idea... in fact, I think it's a GREAT idea. The reason I don't like it is now the stock is going to take a huge dip because of the idiot analysts and tech pundits that don't have a brain that investors evidently think know everything. This just gave them fuel for the "Apple is doomed" monologue in their talking head video spots. Of course Tim Cook sneezing the wrong...
No, but the fact that they choose that naming convention speaks volumes to their desire to copy the iPhone at every turn.
Wow. Samsung being disingenuous ripoffs. Surprised.
Started buying AAPL at $74/share pre-iPhone. Glad to see it's value heading back where it should! Long on AAPL!
Just give up and get an Apple iPad. Seriously.
New Posts  All Forums: