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I don't believe a word from this guy. Every year it's the same game. Drop the price targets and come up with some reason as to why Apple is doomed. Wait a week or too and then let reality raise the stock price... sell = profit.  Remember what Tim Cook said? Don't try to read supply chain to determine what's happening.  It's like reading tea leaves at the bottom of a cup.   I believe Apple gave the 5C a head start to differentiate between the 5S and the 5C.  It also...
You probably need to contact Apple. I've never had that kind of battery time.  My iPhone 4S is pretty old and still lasts me through the day UNLESS I'm always surfing and using it.
It will probably have a 64-bit processor, running an OS incapable of anything beyond 32-bit. So it will be a useless hardware spec like everything else Android. But, you know, because it's open source it will be out soon and be whizbang.
But they haven't said anything...
I think Apple is right on to not sacrifice their brand for a few percentages of market share. Apple is a premium brand and will maintain that. Sure they have come down in price a little, but they are not willing to race to the bottom like Android devices. They simply won't. Good things cost money. If you want a cheap phone with no support, gobs or malware, terrible battery life, etc.... that's your call. Go and buy whatever cheap phone you want. I know tons of teens who...
How's that $12B 'investment' working for you, Google?
How's that 12 billion dollar investment working out for you Google?
I still would like to know what constitutes an "activation".  It seems to me that a device can be reactivated multiple times. I have a lot of friends that have had to take their crappy Android phone back to the store and get a replacement.  Each one of those is an activation, but all that means is that a device was activated onto a network.  Those devices could (and probably are) sitting in a freaking landfill or drawer somewhere and not being used.  It's a useless...
Dear Nintendo: Fisher Price called. They want their designers back.
Of course Apple's marketshare is going down.. they are going to be releasing two new phones in what, 2-4 weeks? Nobody in their right mind would buy an iPhone right now. In fact, people probably have already sold their old iPhones and bought some cheap Android POS until this new one comes out. :p
New Posts  All Forums: