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 That plus, Mac is the #1 product... it's just everyone in the world was too dumb or cheap to know that.
Now if only you could do something useful with a Galaxy Tab Pro. As a musician, there are ONLY apps for iOS. Hardly anything is available on Android because it does not have realtime audio processing or MIDI.
The iPhone 3G and 3GS can run iOS 6 which is still immensely popular and supported by every app on the app store.  The original iPhone is stuck at iOS 3 so that ship sailed a long time ago.  The original iPad is stuck at 5.1 which kind of sucks, but that's limited only because of it's memory (256 Mb) Otherwise, every other device sold in the past 6 years has a very capable and modern OS.
It will suck. But it will be a "spec" that Samesung can put on a list so fanandroids won't feel insecure. Next we will hear how Android had it "first" and Apple doesn't innovate. Yada yada. Let's face it, these people are trying to compensate for inadequacies elsewhere.
Good point!
This is not required on Android phones simply because nobody wants to steal them anyway.
Apple has paid for the facility and the equipment, but another company is running the tech.
Karl? Is that you?   Just kidding.  I think you may be over-exaggerating and generalizing all American businesses into this stereotype.  First, if you really aren't getting enough sleep because of your job, you can always quit said job. No one is making you stay in that particular job. If you are stuck in a low paying job that makes you work long hours... then don't work there and demand something better. The reason employers pay so little is because the supply is high...
I should also say, they may have hired exports that hold patents to avoid litigation and use that expertise solely in their products.
Not necessarily. Apple has some pretty smart engineers and they could have a lot of the groundwork already laid. For instance, the hardware and basic software and maybe even the apps. They may be adding these experts to review their work and test the final output and put the final stamp of approval on it. Apple also tends to start with a core set of functionality in the initial product and then extend from there. The experts would also allow for more advanced features....
New Posts  All Forums: