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The point was not whether he changed or not (which is pretty well addressed in his biography which was written from private discussions, not public statements), but that you cannot pin an entire company's mantra on one man's quote said in his 20's. People change, bud.  The Apple of today is different and has a whole lot more integrity than most of it's peers. So why don't you move on?
Read the book. You posted a picture of the cover, I assume you read it.
I'm just telling you why I don't buy Samsung or Android. Steve was not a saint and, unless something miraculous has happened, doesn't run Apple any more. Even still, the quote is misleading as being attached to a picture of Steve towards the end of his career instead of Steve in the beginning.  People change and learn things along the way. A lot was changed after the initial interview where this quote originates.  He was kicked out of Apple, started Next and was...
No, I hate Android. It's a fragmented mess to develop for and they ripped off Apple and Oracle. I'm not buying these products because I believe that people and companies should be rewarded for their handwork in creating something new and not have their work ripped off by a bunch of lazy hackers who couldn't design their way out of a hole in the ground. I'm not buying Samsung products for the same reason. Take a look at the Android SDK sometime. Then look at the iOS SDK....
My 3-year old son was sick yesterday and crapped in the bathtub. That's about how bad this is. What a hot, steamy mess.
Audi servicing costs were already too high. Now you'll have to take your car in to get malware uninstalled, if you don't crash your car because of the laggy interface.
I heard they made wonderful cars and refrigerators in the Soviet Union in the 1960's. Wonderful ratings from all the comrades!
Not sure what you're talking about. Love my Nest. Love the interface. Love the app. Simple to use. Sounds like you're a rep from Honeywell. They've never made a thermostat I could understand. If they've done all that for "years" no one ever know how.
If you want to stop racism, then stop pulling the race card. You are just pointing to color and criticizing it. You are perpetuating the stereotypes.
I'd love to hear what country you hail from and what constitutes the standard smart configurations for homes in your area. The reason I ask is I think it's an issue of culture, affluence and a lackadaisical attitude towards environmental issues/energy consumption.  I'll give you a for instance.   We are building a new house and we wanted it to be, you know, sort of smart.  We have a Nest thermostat, LED bulbs (some are Phillips Hue), we want a Bluetooth lock.... Really I...
New Posts  All Forums: