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It's not an accessory for an iPad, although AirPlay is f'n awesome. We use one everyday to stream Netflix Amanda iTunes at home. Works great. Roku is super clunky and ugly. Sorry little CEO dude. It will be sad to watch Apple bury you with the next iteration of the product.
Oh geez, I'm sure he's going to be a model employee and contribute to the staggering morale of a dying company.
II could be wrong but building glass is normally not recyclable because of what is in the glass (tinting, UV protection, lamination, tempering, etc. I could be wrong. Here's a URL to an article that backs up that assumption:http://1800recycling.com/2011/09/window-glass-recycling-difficult-not-impossible/
No issues at all with the iPhone 4s. Been rock solid and performing better.
I'm thinking that Apple will design the phone to allow one handed operation while also delivering near edge to edge screen at full HD resolution. I like my 4s form factor as well.
The puThe purpose of a corporation is to increase shareholder wealth. These companies are not charities, they need to turn a profit. The difference is that every other manufacturer is trying to gain market share so they can then increase margins later, or drop the manufacturing quality to maintain high profit margins at a lower retail price.
Guess I won't be considering a Tesla.
Most companies that offer a fee to talk about the problem will refund that amount if it's found that the problem is their issue. I had this happen a few times when contacting Microsoft support on a development project.  However, I don't believe that a company should be expected to support a product indefinitely. 1 year, yes. Two years, yes. But at some point it's the responsibility of the consumer to agree that the product works to their specification.   I agree with you...
I think you actually made this person's point for them. It's not that they aren't innovative, but they spend a lot of time showing all the cool stuff they are working on without really releasing anything that is a finished, usable product by the general population. In other words, Google runs in sort of a constant state of beta and they like it that way.   Now before you get all upset with this, let me give an explanation. Google Glass. I have one and developed a beta...
New Posts  All Forums: