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I'm aware, but I bought the product from Apple, allowing them to choose the suppliers they deem fit and giving them the majority of the profit. Unless I'm Amish, it's stupid and pointless to do it another way. I don't mind Samsung the manufacturer of great components.  I do mind Samsung the corporation that rips off other companies ideas to make something cheaper with no vision of their own.
So sick of Samsung. I will not buy anything from those immoral bastards.
Apple's future smart TV should just be regular TV with no advertising and just great content on a great display in a package that is dang sexy. Smart does not equal "advertising the crap out of your consumers".
Dumbest idea I've seen in a while.
Oh I agree. There's money to be made just in share volumes... but as we've seen from a profit standpoint it always makes sense to go for the more lucrative market first and make something awesome that lasts. I believe that's in Apple's DNA and they will probably continue to reduce cost for markets as they see fit.  I don't think Apple is worried about losing marketshare. Most of these users start with Android, realize it's crap and upgrade. Apple will continue to make that...
No, the Apple products just plain continue to work. I am a developer and we have users still using their iPad 1 just fine.  This isn't just a game or some stupid app, but one used in live performance/mission critical applications.  There's no reason to upgrade if it just plain works (and that sucker is built like a tank).  Apple releases regular iOS updates that 95% of devices can install which means they can continue to use the same apps.  In the meantime, most of Android...
Use the cloud. Problem solved.  Unless you are a video professional, you probably don't need GB of videos sitting around all the time.
Why are they not in the search business? Maybe they have ethics.   Anyone can see they copied the ideas behind the iPhone. Exact copy? No, however some manufacturers have made their offerings very similar to Apple. Take a look at nearly every camera app on an Android device. They almost all look like Apple's. Cue the "but that's the only way to do a camera app" argument. Sure, because Apple had invented the "ideal". Rubber banding and multitouch... patents that were...
Google stole Apple's ideas. Period. The iPhone was the first multitouch device and had an intuitive user interface. Apple did this and Google copied. These cases have proven that. It's Google's problem for stealing ideas and then giving them away to everyone, diminishing Apple's market share. I hope they are required to pay royalties for every infringing device on the market.
I have the original Macbook Pro Retina 15" and had to send it in for repairs to the screen. Because I need a computer to continue to work, my company purchased a replacement 2013 Macbook Air 13".  Apple fixed the 15" rMBP, but I still use the Macbook Air and love it.  It's slower on somethings (Photoshop and video editing are most noticeable), but otherwise, this thing is awesome.  The battery lasts FOREVER. OK, maybe not actually forever, but the whole work day is not...
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