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Hey they gotta fire sale those Amazon Fire Phones somehow. Maybe they can just dress up like good 'ol Saint Nick and hand them out on street corners?
At first I thought that's what the commenter was saying, but I think it's more like they are arguing that the general use case for many people is web browsing and email with games which is probably true. For most people what they have is "good enough" so Apple is adding value to get people to switch.
I think my iPhone is too thin hide a body though... /s   On a more serious note, I'm not sure this makes any sense. Creating encryption that can be cracked makes it inherently flawed encryption.  When you have a device that is sold in countries like China and Russia who distrust American government surveillance... and when you have very sophisticated cyberterrorists, and when you have folks like the president of the United States that wants to use an iPhone for matters...
I can't wait to give some retailers the finger this holiday shopping season. The only question is which one to give them: my TouchID'd thumb or the middle one?
Guess they won't be getting my business then. Simple as that. I'm tired of these monkeys getting hacked and my credit card stolen. Looking at you Delta Airlines, Home Depot, Target, etc.
How burdensome. $500+ million. Must be rough. Way to blow an opportunity. I'm sure everyone just sheds a tear for them...
The point of the quote is lost on many and has it's roots is the notion that a great creative minds can take concepts from one arena and then transpose them into another medium, creating a greater masterpiece than the original.  The whole point is that the ability to do this is what makes the artist great.  No one would ever say that Picasso ripped off or copied someone else's work. In the same way, no one would say that Dali copied Picasso either.  Each of these creative...
Apple pinked a deal with GT Advanced? Sounds gross. #Typo
App developer here. We make an app in the top charts for iPads. I think we know a bit about updating and testing things for our few hundred thousand users.Truth is iOS 6 was a great iOS. iOS 7.0.x was a terrible release with a lot of stability issues, but a lot of our pain came from working around issues. iOS 7.1.x were much better but there are still some oddities in the SDK, especially with Bluetooth and text encoding issues.iOS 8.0.x has had some significant troubles...
Unfortunately it's true. The first versions of iOS 7 were terrible. The first release and the pulled release of iOS 8 was equally so. I'm running iOS 8.1 beta and it's much more solid, but still has issues.I write an iOS app for a living so I'm not here to "pander bullshit". But I do need to speak the truth to my users and we are urging caution with updates at this time: http://onsongapp.com/ios8/
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