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You probably tapped on a ad at the bottom unknowingly.
Personally I think this is great news. Why? Because it will give Tim Cook and others something to poke fun at when the new Apple product totally rocks Samsung's world. Remember 2010 with Steve Ballmer prancing around on stage with an HP Slate tablet to be "first" before the iPad blew up the tech world? How'd that work out for Microsoft?  Apple just laughed at them in the face and came out with the right product... not one rushed to market to try to beat Apple.   As far...
And it's not 100% Apple's fault since they had purchased this information from multiple leaders in the industry. It just so happens that Google is better and keeping this information up-to-date in comparison to other solutions. It's a data problem, not something that defines of how well those features work when the data is there.
IDC: We exist to make everyone except Apple feel like they are somehow winning.
I actually liked the commercial... but it's a bunch of bull crap (as most commercials are). Sure you can be different (wasn't that Apple's advertising idea with the Think Different campaign?) but there's a reason everyone else is using an iPhone or iPad.   I don't think the driving force behind the commercial was that "hey we have colored phones", but more to make iPhones seem boring and average, and the Nokia is something new and exciting you should try... like dating a...
Is it just me, or does the Flash logo look like a sore, oozing, infected rectum to anyone else? Because that's what your computer feels like after you install this plugin. Well, that and Adobe PDF Reader together. You want hackers and viruses to have their way with your computer, just add Adobe.
So I think the first thought that people have is how sad it is that these people need to spend two months of their salary to afford an iPhone for image. Many have the tendency to discount luxury items in societies that have a lower per capita.   However, there is a principle at work. When members of society aspire to something greater, there tends to be an upward trend in per capita income over time. For instance, these same people who have put their necks out to afford...
I'm the creator of an app called OnSong which is in the top ten paid music apps for iPad.
No, I think you're right on the money with that one, at least with my hands.  My hope is they can do this and somehow keep the same for factor by removing the bezel and possibly using it just for full screen apps, etc.
I'm a developer of a popular music app. We want to NAMM where all the major music manufacturers demonstrate their products every year. Every booth you went to that had an app ran on iOS. Nothing was available for Android. Why? It's simple. There's no way to do MIDI or real-time audio processing on Android. That's the blunt truth.   I was talking with the president of the MIDI group and he had a representative from Google and Microsoft come to the show and walk the floor....
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