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How's that 12 billion dollar investment working out for you Google?
I still would like to know what constitutes an "activation".  It seems to me that a device can be reactivated multiple times. I have a lot of friends that have had to take their crappy Android phone back to the store and get a replacement.  Each one of those is an activation, but all that means is that a device was activated onto a network.  Those devices could (and probably are) sitting in a freaking landfill or drawer somewhere and not being used.  It's a useless...
Dear Nintendo: Fisher Price called. They want their designers back.
Of course Apple's marketshare is going down.. they are going to be releasing two new phones in what, 2-4 weeks? Nobody in their right mind would buy an iPhone right now. In fact, people probably have already sold their old iPhones and bought some cheap Android POS until this new one comes out. :p
Maybe not next year... But that entire generation will be a part of the ecosystem. That's what Apple is banking on. Look at loyalty rates on iPhone. These will be return customers.
Has any of these analysts actually used an Android tablet or smartphone? Has anyone? There is NO competition.  There is no comparison and Apple is only getting started.  If it weren't for Apple (again), these industries would not even exist.
FOX New has NO credibility whatsoever.  They are completely sensationalist, talking heads with no intellectual dialog.   Take a look at when the iPhone was announced... January 2007.  Take a look at when the original iPad was announced... January 2010.  The Macbook Air is eating other laptop's for lunch.  What day is it? Yes, it's August 2013... that means Apple is right on track, if not *slightly* behind on their "innovation" curve.  now if they don't do something...
The DOJ is trying to build a monopoly to reward companies that paid them off.  This is a load of shit. I'm ashamed to live in this once-great country (I bet that set off the NSA). My only hope is that Apple will appeal this straight to the top and the DOJ and Amazon will be held liable for corruption of our judicial system for corporate gain.
I couldn't make a regular call on my AT&T iPhone for an hour. Wanna write an article about that AI?
Who exactly won the game? It doesn't matter how many devices you ship... it matters if people use them and if it's driving revenue. Google made ZERO dollars on Android. ZERO. Most of their mobile ad revenues continue to be derived from iOS device. Go anywhere and look. Most people use iPhones or iPads (at least in the US)  Most people I know that have an Android device would rather have an iPhone or iPad.  I spoke with a woman this weekend who said she had three Android...
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