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They wouldn't be Android manufacturers if they weren't losing money and happy about it.
They should definitely use a Bluetooth LE remote with the original iPod click where. That would rock. But I suspect they have something else up their sleeve!
Dear Wall Street: Stop coming up with stupid expectations that have no basis in reality and maybe you wouldn't have this problem.  Our country is doomed. We are governed and financed by idiots.
AppApple has been making me money hand over fist since I began investing. I started buying at $74 before the iPhone launched and it's been a nice ride since then. Sounds like you just don't know how to invest properly.Google makes money on ads. Ads! Seriously? Most companies I know are pulling their online search marketing and moving to social media and beyond. Google will soon find that out. Google makes nothing on Android. Nothing.But if you want to hitch a ride on a...
32 bit. How quaint.
I'm systems architect for 15+ years, serial tech entrepreneur (three successful businesses) and have successful apps on the app store. After years of fiddling with Windows admin and development, I saw the light... Apple makes damn good products on rock solid platforms. Unix + Objective-C. It's so elegant and efficient.   So stop you're stupid stereotyping.   But then again, you are probably paid to troubleshoot and install anti-virus software on Windows machines all...
Finally some justice!
First, many credit processing systems require a ZIP code to verify the credit card's authenticity. This is quite a common practice especially with the level of hacking we've seen lately with Target, etc. Second, there's no correlation between what a legal document claims to allow and what was actually done. What's put in privacy policies is intentionally broad and usually applies only to the transaction method employed. For instance, a privacy policy on a website doesn't...
Uh, because it takes Apple a few days to approve the release? 5-7 days if it's not expedited.
No, they've been sending emails like this as far back as I can remember. I just checked my email and found a receipt like this from 3/28/08. That's before the app store launched.
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