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Anybody interested in buying the AppleTV game I'm making... iWannaPunchBromwich?
So basically this chip is slower than last year's A8... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/snapdragon-810-benchmarks,4053-4.html   And you're paying how much for this phone?
It would be great if they came out with new Magic Mouse/Magic Trackpad with Force Touch and a recharging solution.
I like this idea. You know because the Amazon Echo's confusing users away from Siri and Google Now. It's all very confusing to the consumer who isn't smart enough to realize what Prime Video is or know what to purchase.
Exactly. Restriction of trade lawsuit in 321…
After dabbling with some manufacturing and Kickstarted projects, you typically need to keep your cost of materials and manufacturing between 30-35% of the final price. That's because you end up with a lot of sales and marketing related expenses further down the line. For instance, retailers probably want about 20-40% of the retail price for managing the sale.  Then you end up needing to pay for tooling, R+D, support, marketing materials... and save a bit of profit.   In...
Then don't buy an iPhone. I think it's a pretty dang perfect product and you are buying a whole lot more than some storage with that price. You're buying the fastest, mobile phone on earth. You are getting probably the best quality cameras. You're getting great apps that are developed on iOS first. You're getting great battery life. Even though the specs may be the same, Apple tends to make a whole lot more with less hardware. You also get resale value. Try selling your...
You haven't heard anything because of course it's not secure. It's Android on a Chinese company's phone. If it were secure they would have touted that.Let's face it. This is a "me too" feature to try to stay relevant. I just don't understand how it would be anywhere near as usable as TouchID.
Yawn. Probably the only thing I really care about is better WiFi on Chromecast.  Seems like Google couldn't even outclass Apple on basic specs and definitely not on design.
Good thing they have all these armchair CEOs here to tell them what's what. Am I right?
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