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Suck it up, Buttercup.
Seriously? Force Touch would freaking rock and give me some phone envy as new apps come out that add physical texture to the UI.
Fail. That's one thing that irritates me with Android.  But I tell you what... I use the double tap on the home button for Reachability... let's see... never.  I have the iPhone 6 Plus, but I find the feature annoying and I sometimes accidentally trigger it.   BUT... if there was a way to change that function to go back to the calling app, I think that would be more intuitive.  For instance, Safari opens a link in maps... double tap on the home button to return to where...
I think Apple needs to come out with a 4-5K Apple Cinema Display. That's something that's seriously lacking in their lineup. I bought an LG UltraWide monitor instead and it's great but I would have preferred an Apple product with the built in TB hub.
I think the killer feature here is going to be 4K and they are going to do it through their encoding.  The A8 will be a killer processor to put in this and when playing movies, the power can be used to decode a super-compressed stream into a high quality product.  This can be done be decoding the stream well in advance and storing uncompressed to "disk".  So I envision this having at least 16 GB of memory just to hold decompressed video stream.   Of course when gaming or...
Sounds like a great strategy Samsung! Definitely concede the high end to Apple and try to take on everyone else based on price alone. Sincerely, A happy Apple shareholder
I think the point is yes, but they also leave almost no trace of the attack.
Suck it Samsung!
No you don't.  It's called statistics.  If you take a random enough sampling of what people bought, you can extrapolate this information with a relative level of certainty.
So you're saying you're all a bunch of crooks then. Good to know.
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