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Typically a patent has to be pretty will defined and it's probably specific to actual maps and satellite data to prevent competitors like Google from ripping them off. Your games are safe.
Apple would never agree to licensing its technology. Why should it?  It's their intellectual property and there are plenty of other companies it could give its business to or even build their own fabs if it came right down to it.
 "Tee hee", thinks my 13 year old self.
I have to say that iOS 9 is running great on my iPhone 6 Plus. I do see lag opening the camera however and once or twice unlocking. I think these issues will be resolved in a month with iOS 9.1. Of course I question the real life validity of the Android benchmarks since they have been known to fudge the numbers by running the processors in atypical manners. Plus you still have to deal with Android so even if the chip is technically fast, it probably is using all that...
I agree. I think what we will see is a unified OS in 2017. Note that Apple continued to use OS "X" even though we are up to version 12 off it. iOS 9 and iOS 10 will be mobile specific, but I believe the timelines will converge with OS 11.There's not much you couldn't do on a super powerful iOS type of platform. Yes software would be rewritten for it but that's already happening.
I think part of the allure of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack is its ubiquity. If the jack is made smaller, these devices couldn't work with millions of existing products. I think a better solution would be to either use the Lightning port, or implement a new digital interconnect such as USB-C that could handle full digital audio with multiple audio input/output channels. Then if you want to use an analog connector, make an adapter.
Since the app I make it used in live stage environments, we've instructed our users to hold of on an iOS 9 update so they are not effected by any changes.  However, so far we've only had to handle two issues in the app and will be updating shortly to fix those mostly cosmetic changes.  We do have some users reporting lagging, freezing or crashes, but that does not appear to be the majority of users.   So far, this doesn't appear to be a repeat of iOS 8 which killed our...
The A8 processor appears to be perfectly capable of 4K video: http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/14/11/21/apples-a8-soc-reportedly-capable-of-4k-video-output-may-pave-way-for-ultra-high-resolution-apple-tv My guess is that instead of putting s check mark next to another feature that's not going to effect the majority of consumers, they focused on every other aspect of the device: usability. Assuming the HDMI components are up to speed, it's probably something they...
It will probably use the same unified search technique available in iOS 9 so app developers are free to implement it. So right now search works with the apps Eddy Cue mentioned, but by the end of the year you will find more support.
Assuming it's like the original AppleTV, you don't need an Internet connect to use it for AirPlay.  Since it's going to be a development environment, I would also assume that developers will build apps to not require the Internet.  I also think that newer versions of AppleTV don't even need a WiFi router and can use point to point AirPlay over WiFi.
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