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Good for Apple. Independent on my feelings about Apple, I believe that this was a gross misuse of government and that justice was not served, and even perverted. I think others here have made the case that just because e-book prices became higher, does not mean that there was some monopolistic action occurring or that customers were harmed in any way.   I believe that to say Apple colluded to raise prices is false. Apple merely brought their agency model to the...
At least they update their OS more than once a year... and make it available on more than just their flagship phones on specific carriers. Heck, Apple even updated iOS 6.1. How many infected and broken Android OS versions are out there that will never be upgraded and were never supported after the time they were bought? Of course, Android is the most secure. You don't have to worry about the security of the device if they are turned off in a drawer collecting dust.
I have Phillips Hue and it does intact produce very rich blues and purples. Actually where it's lacking for me is in the green side of the color gamut. This picture is pretty saturated though so I imagine it's how the shot was composed and post-processed.  But again, I've found the blue to be very rich.
There is another $3 billion reserved in restricted stock, just not part of the initial purchase it seems. $16B + $3B = $19B.
 That plus, Mac is the #1 product... it's just everyone in the world was too dumb or cheap to know that.
Now if only you could do something useful with a Galaxy Tab Pro. As a musician, there are ONLY apps for iOS. Hardly anything is available on Android because it does not have realtime audio processing or MIDI.
The iPhone 3G and 3GS can run iOS 6 which is still immensely popular and supported by every app on the app store.  The original iPhone is stuck at iOS 3 so that ship sailed a long time ago.  The original iPad is stuck at 5.1 which kind of sucks, but that's limited only because of it's memory (256 Mb) Otherwise, every other device sold in the past 6 years has a very capable and modern OS.
It will suck. But it will be a "spec" that Samesung can put on a list so fanandroids won't feel insecure. Next we will hear how Android had it "first" and Apple doesn't innovate. Yada yada. Let's face it, these people are trying to compensate for inadequacies elsewhere.
Good point!
This is not required on Android phones simply because nobody wants to steal them anyway.
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