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Oh and if you do decide to tap and hold to remove, just show a different message that it will be removed from the home screen and to go back into setting to turn it back on.
Just add a settings screen called "default apps" and let us turn them on and off.  They can still be on the device but don't need to be on the home screen.
And this, dear naysayers, is why Apple works hard to achieve thinnest and lightness. If they start with a device that is already ridiculously this (iPhone 6), they can add to it with room to grow without sacrificing usability. Yes, the iPhone 7 will find a way to slim down more. No you won't be able to tell the difference unless you sit around holding two iPhones, one in each hand.
Just got my email and it's on the way. Woohoo!  Now I really need to start figuring out the app I'm going to build.
Incorrect. Eddy Cue stated in the keynote that it does support input switching.
Yes, it will turn the TV on/off, adjust volume and switch inputs. Keynote around 1:21:30
Yes. Had that problem last year. Probably best to visit your local ATT store to get it worked out.  We had a heck of a time undoing that and ended up buying the phones outright.
1. Wrong. You can search for anything and you choose to buy or not. For instance, you can search Netflix, Hulu or iTunes and either pay a subscription or purchase the content.2. They were showing sample games. It's up to app developers to make great content for the device and trust me, they will.3. It has an App Store.  A developer can easily make a web browser app.4. The current AppleTV supports Bluetooth keyboards and the new one will too.  It also supports third-party...
They did make one. It's called an Apple Watch. Of course you can also get yourself a Pebble that does the same thing.
Samsung will add some dumb checkmark on their packing. probably called D3 Touch. But Samsung's implementation will hack it together using the accelerometer to pick up small vibrations of your hand shaking when you press the thing, and then cry out "why, Dave why?" when you throw it against a wall.
New Posts  All Forums: