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Minivans rock!  I have to say that I own a Dodge Caravan R/T and it's a great vehicle. Say what you will about minivans, it's quick off the line and very versatile.  I do own a red sports car too so it sort of balances things out a bit.
I think she may be right. Something is going to need to change in Apple stores and soon.  Take a look at the product mix and the trend towards wearables.  I think you're going to see the store divide into two areas. The first is going to be similar to what we have now with laptops and iMacs on display. Things like iPods may even be relegated to a shelf space since they are not big movers.  That's where you will have your Genius bar and standard Apple Store flair.  You...
I run Safari on a Mac and never installed Flash. Life is good. But why sites like Facebook and Google insist on using Flash and not allowing me to view videos is beyond me. Forget it. I don't need to watch video on their websites if it's in Flash. Flash needs to die and the only way it will is if we stop installing/using it.
Why wouldn't it last for decades?
I think the commenter was being sarcastic.
The iPhone 6+ never had bending issues. I'm a big guy and sit on my phone and... no problems. Invented "gate" for media attention.
8 Cores. Still can't beat Apple.   And seriously, you named it A7? Can Samsung do anything but copy Apple?
I think it's pretty simple. They will be going to 5K with the next cinema display, but using dual thunderbolt to hook things up is a hack. It would be better to wait for a single cable solution with the next DisplayPort upgrade.  Also, they may simply have issues satisfying demand on the Retina 5K Mac.  If you're not able to get manufacturers to produce a product in the quantity and quality demanded, why would you put it on sale?  My guess is that it's coming.  I think...
What the hell is that ugly thing?
So you're telling me that Samsung is already five years behind Apple then? My IPhone, iPad, Mac, TV and lights all are connected just fine. I don't need my dishwasher, toaster oven and washing machine connected. That's just dumb, not smart.
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