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 The only thing I can tell you on this one is this... ideas are shit, execution is king... and Apple is the king of execution.  Their products are not in a constant state of beta like the jolly green robot. Siri was first to market with an intelligent AI. Surface? Please, they are giving those away at this point. You really think that Roku or FireTV have anything on an A8 chip when it comes to gaming? Just like commenters, you can claim "first" but that doesn't mean that...
Only an Android troll would be dense enough to not understand what is happening, and I firmly believe that Android manufacturers will try to pass this off as "right click" because they don't understand or are simply in denial.  Let me try to make this simple for you since you obviously didn't watch the keynote... When you tap or drag, you are operating in 2-dimensional space... x/y coordinates.  3D Touch is just that.... the harder you press, the further into the Z-axis...
And how much equipment did you already buy for this perfect setup you have? And that wasn't progress to you? I'm a sound engineer and I never really understood why the need for optical out. Just get a receiver that supports what you are looking to do.
Really? Overreacting much?
First, Ouya was a start up that has no experience and even less capital.  Apple has what, $200 billion and an already successful gaming platform on mobile that is eating Nintendo's lunch. You let the A8X or A9 rip (less terminal requirements, unlimited electrical supply) and I think you'll see something very capability with millions of developers ready to build successful apps for the living room. Apple charges the same amount for a case as everyone else and they are...
But still, if you read the freaking article, they don't even have permission to build it yet so how are you supposed to have a picture of that?  I think the photo is appropriate for the article if you just plain read.
Rule of business: don't blame your shortcomings on anyone else, especially not your competitor. Your failings are your own. It's called business. If Drake didn't have the right to live stream, then he shouldn't have gone forward with the deal. Period. Sounds like Tidal or Future didn't read the contracts they signed and are now blaming "the man". Reminds me of people that complain about banks and how they are forced to pay outrageous interest on mortgages because of "the...
I hope that SCOTUS makes an example out of Samsung on this. Reward the triple damages and make them pay for all legal fees. I'm sorry, but I've watched this play out since the first iPhone was announced and then watched Android steal Apple's concepts and ideas. It's pathetic and needs to be stopped. Otherwise, why would anyone take the time to come up with a novel idea and patent something?
Fossil. The name is apropos.
Put up, or shut up
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