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Why does the sapphire on the left look so much better than the Ion-X on the right then? That's pretty confusing and I'd much rather have the device on the left.
First, the initial launch of the Apple Watch is akin to the original iPhone. If you remember, it wasn't a huge sales driver like it would become, but it did turn heads and make people and the industry notice. Most dismissed it as a fad. But here's how it won... It had an awesome design compared to other phones at the time, breakthrough features like the Safari web browser, and was a solid release. But what it didn't have was native apps. Once Apple came out with the...
Hardly. I think the issue is that widespread adoption of broadband capabilities are limited and you're seeing a lot of push back by media conglomerates regarding net neutrality already. Now multiply the bandwidth requirements by 2-3x and you have very few users with the ability to stream the high quality content and a bunch of Internet providers bulking at the amount of bandwidth it requires. In addition, most users probably aren't even streaming 1080p at this...
You can easily turn on bold fonts in Accessibility and everything becomes bold. It's a non-issue.
Apple didn't create Helvetica. It's been around before computers existed.
I say make a 5.5" version of the iPhone 6 plus without cellular and call it the iPad Nano. Done.
Guess I won't be shopping at Giant any more either and I live right near their headquarters. Weis Markets and BJs is supporting Apple Pay so I'll be shopping there.
My business credit card was just compromised and my personal credit card gets compromised about once a year. If these stores don't provide support for Apple Pay soon, I will no longer be going to those stores. I'm sick of my credit card getting stolen and having to go through the headache of changing information each time.
Seems to me that Google is a bit scared by what Apple has up its sleeve with Maps. Apple may be bringing an assault on web maps and potentially more. Google appears to be shotgun-promising random things, at least that's what this article seems to indicate. I never liked street view aside from checking out the fun things the Google car caught.
So even though it's not exactly the same image, it can be construed that it's in the same vain. I think the issue is can every single icon by copyrighted and how far does that copyright extend (in other words, how much can it be different and still be considered the same).  For instance, it's reversed, different color, not an icon, and the lines are different.  So while some may feel it's the "same", it's really not.  In the same way there are a lot of font typefaces that...
New Posts  All Forums: