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It's different. Ericsson made their patents part of the LTE standard and are trying to take a piece of every iPhone. There's a whole lot more value wrapped up in an iPhone than just LTE but they still want a piece of that.   If Apple patents something, they don't need to allow others to use it. They don't need to even offer licensing at all if they don't want to.  But in this case, the FRAND patents MUST be licensed.   I think at issue here are these wireless has-beens...
Apple should pay developers when they decide to take the App Store down like this.  It's inexcusable when you have people like me that are making our livings supporting the iPad with class-defining apps.   They should also pay us for finding and isolating all the damn bugs in iOS 8.
I really don't understand why people hold off on upgrading.  You realize that technology is either a) improving or b) dropping in price all the time.  Also, with Apple products you can always sell your device for next to the same amount you bought it for so you might lose like $20-30 but if you get that much more enjoyment out of it.... who cares?
How about you fix some damn bugs Apple instead of releasing it to the public. There are things that I can't fix in iOS 8 still!   1) Improper Microsoft Word formatting in UIWebView. 2) Kernel panic iOS-level crash when using external video over Lightning video adapters. 3) Terrible WiFi performance and issues with the Multipeer Connectivity Framework.   Best yet... I can't log into the bug reporter.  No error message of why and no response from anyone at...
Sure, shit happens... but thanks to Apple's App Store being down, I lost half a day of sales. So glad I give them 30% of sales...
Hey Apple. Planning on reimbursing us app developers for your incompetence and a day of last sales?
I think, considering this is a jewelry-grade product, that $600-$1100 is about right.
I think if you look at other 18k watches on the market, it's actually quite reasonable. Take a look at a Rolex. You can't get a gold rolex for less than $15,000. Just saying.
10 million would be about quadruple the existing smartphone market. Hardly a failure.
New Posts  All Forums: