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Tick. Tock.
"Fries Our Balls"?
I think the legal battle early on was an attempt to give Android manufacturers a chance to fess up. That's why Apple didn't bother suing Google since that would preclude destroying them utterly. Go Apple.
Ah, so the no name tablets that no one uses and people get for free to run free apps and never buy anything for or on and do nothing useful with... is "beating" Apple.  Yeah. Who cares.   I'll tell you what the real story should be... is what happens when people realize that they don't want this crap taking up room in their house and trash it? There are tons of electronic equipment and crap that people buy for nothing that consumes natural resources and has no real value...
That's ok Toyota, I'm not planning on buying one of your cars anytime soon. Maybe you should just focus on making cars that have accelerator pedals that function first.
It's only painful if you don't know how to do it. After I learned exactly what to do, it's just a pattern and one that I liked, and still like to have control over.  I can choose when things are stored in memory and when to remove them. Maybe I'm just a little sick in the head, but I sort of like that level of control.
God I hope so. I think Apple should heavily invest into their own ecosystem. But then again, that was one of the issues that befell them before in history. I think there are good reasons to remain open, but they could always sell it to the public as a protection of privacy.
Hey at least there's now a use case for all those crap Android devices out there.
I'm thinking a company that has revolutionized several devices in the last few decades can probably do most things it sets out to do successfully. I wouldn't underestimate a company with ambition, clout and $700 billion dollars of cash in the bank. Just saying.
Sorry. I don't think this is terribly confusing for anyone. Sure there are people who have no clue about technology that it may confuse, but then again... They are probably used to being confused and simply go ask their 13 year old nephew what to do.
New Posts  All Forums: