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Or maybe they were handling 47 preorders per SECOND. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe you should go back to bed.
As an example of Apple supporting Bluetooth aggressively, they came to NAMM in January with a working solution for MIDI over BLE. Basically this is leading to a whole new system of wirelessly connecting musical instruments. In the meantime, Google has yet to support MIDI or real-time audio processing...
Yeah, because 3 days is plenty of time, and the right time, to upgrade your entire infrastructure to handle a temporary surge.  Here's an idea... be patient!  If everyone wanted to go to NYC one afternoon, guess what? You'd have massive traffic jams and accidents.  You don't go blaming the department of transportation for not making the road 28 lanes wide... or do you? Maybe you can go ahead and put your resume in at Apple to help them fix your perceived problem.
What the ____ did you just say?
At least from Apple's standpoint, yes... you could start a call on WiFi and then walk out the door and once WiFi is dropped, the call is seamlessly transferred to cellular. This is useful for homes or buildings with poor cellular reception.  You would probably still be docked minutes for using T-Mobile's network for the call.  You are just transferring the first connection to WiFi which you already pay for, presumably.
It's a rumor site. Simmer down.
Shall they mail you a form letter with postage paid for a response then?
I think Apple should include a battery, but also use other forms of energy acquisition such as motion and heck, put a winder on the side with a mini generator.
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By "define the market" they actually mean "give us all something to copy since we couldn't figure out what people actually need or desire on our own"...
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