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8 Cores. Still can't beat Apple.   And seriously, you named it A7? Can Samsung do anything but copy Apple?
I think it's pretty simple. They will be going to 5K with the next cinema display, but using dual thunderbolt to hook things up is a hack. It would be better to wait for a single cable solution with the next DisplayPort upgrade.  Also, they may simply have issues satisfying demand on the Retina 5K Mac.  If you're not able to get manufacturers to produce a product in the quantity and quality demanded, why would you put it on sale?  My guess is that it's coming.  I think...
What the hell is that ugly thing?
So you're telling me that Samsung is already five years behind Apple then? My IPhone, iPad, Mac, TV and lights all are connected just fine. I don't need my dishwasher, toaster oven and washing machine connected. That's just dumb, not smart.
Last I checked, Legos are patented and they have no problem fitting together...
Apple announced in October that Target was supporting Apple Pay in their app and online presence, but not in their physical stores.
Yeah, except if your credit card is stolen, you the transaction can still take place.  TouchID ensures that the owner of the credit card is present at the time of purchase in a way that can't be hacked.  All you need is a device that transmits NFC data instead of reprogrammable magnetic strips and you can still steal credit card numbers all day long.
I was able to sign into iTunes Connect mid-afternoon on Sunday while they had said it would be closed through Sunday. Got to remember there's that whole time zone thing...
iTunes Connect is used for all iTunes content. The reason for the lockout is to handle traffic during peak periods and to reduce Apple's customer support over that period too. Lots of reasons why, but mostly to prevent gaming the system.
Because there are so many rogue Thunderbolt devices out there in the wild. If you're dumb enough to buy some cheap, Thunderbolt device without any certifications, then you probably deserve to get hacked. I would assume that Apple and Intel requires devices to be certified to be sold and if they are not, they can't be purchased through normal channels.  It's the same deal if you use some cheap charger and your phone catches on fire or you get electrocuted. You can't blame...
New Posts  All Forums: