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The package is usually compressed a bit, but remember that an app is both the application files and any data. So you could create a small app that then downloads additional assets later, or is used to store the user's data.
Oh hey Snowden, is that you? I'll let you get back to your tinfoil hat collection.
Remember that this was announced to investors. We already know that investors are finicky people that listen to analysts when they tell them that GTAT is going to produce sapphire to cover every iPhone and iPad on earth. The reason why Corning is taking "digs" is to turn investors away from any kind of sapphire venture, and invest in Corning.  It's just business really.  There's only so much money for investment and Corning wants it so they are putting their best foot...
None of us were present at the conversation. Gorilla Glass was developed in the 60's but didn't have a use. Steve met with Corning and they discovered that they did have a product. Steve may not have even bothered to "lock in", or Corning - knowing what they had - made the deal pretty plain.  If you have the patent, you're not going to sign into some dumb contract when you can sell to the world.  In that case, Corning was incredibly wise and deserving of the windfall with...
As a developer I can tell you that the iOS 8 rollout was the worst they've ever had.  I've been developing apps since iOS 2.0 and my main app since iOS 3.2 (iPad) and iOS 8 rolled out with terrible bugs that caused serious issues.  Some of those bugs are still not fixed and it's not something that we can workaround.   If you are interested in reading some of the issues we had run into, check out our blog posts (yes we need to update that blog) http://blog.onsongapp.com
Everyone I know uses it. It's not a gimmick and it works great.  I personally don't know why people have such a problem with the touch keyboard. Works great and can access way more functions than this little keyboard.
I think the Apple Watch will work "out of the box".  You can then configure it using your iPhone and Apple has thought through what people will want to possibly change.  I don't think it makes it complex and Apple will probably make all those complexities sink into the background and just "work".  That's why it's going to be a success.   Personally, these screens get me excited for what is coming!
Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon filled with backup tapes...
Minivans rock!  I have to say that I own a Dodge Caravan R/T and it's a great vehicle. Say what you will about minivans, it's quick off the line and very versatile.  I do own a red sports car too so it sort of balances things out a bit.
I think she may be right. Something is going to need to change in Apple stores and soon.  Take a look at the product mix and the trend towards wearables.  I think you're going to see the store divide into two areas. The first is going to be similar to what we have now with laptops and iMacs on display. Things like iPods may even be relegated to a shelf space since they are not big movers.  That's where you will have your Genius bar and standard Apple Store flair.  You...
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