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Suck it Samsung!
No you don't.  It's called statistics.  If you take a random enough sampling of what people bought, you can extrapolate this information with a relative level of certainty.
So you're saying you're all a bunch of crooks then. Good to know.
Yes, being able to change the name of the card would be a good firmware update.   I don't think it's a problem with the card, but with the readers.  I've found they don't work on older readers used by a number of restaurants, but it does work on newer readers.
I was an original Coin beta tester and now have the actual Coin (same thing, just a new card).  I can tell you that we love it.  It allows us to take just one card.  The only trouble (and the reason why things took so long to launch) is understanding what terminals it doesn't work at.  There are just some old machines out there that don't like the Coin.  I can tell which ones probably won't.  But I can also say that 90% or more of the places we use it, it works...
"I Believe that sometimes you gotta wreck the truck to get the insurance money to make the truck payment." – Larry the Cable Guy
If it's named Flash, it should be dead.
You are more than welcome to create your own smartphone platform (software/hardware/App Store/SDK). Without Apple you'd be sporting a new Nokia 27535 with no apps except that awesome snake game.
You're probably going to want to go ahead and get a different type of phone then, buddy.  You can do what ever you want, but don't get all upset if Apple doesn't cover your warranty or if you can't do something that they never promised it could do.
What the hell is with putting "zen" at the end of everything. Samsung should really be taking up praying whilst kissing their own arses goodbye instead.
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