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I'm pretty careful with my 6+ and have it in a case with no screen protector. I haven't noticed anything until I read this article. Took a look at the screen when it's off and yep... there's a hairline scratch.  The phone was never dropped and never abused in anyway. About one month old.  Hmm... This story might have legs.   My iPhone 4S also has a scratch on the screen, but seriously that's how old now?
Having a customer sign is a CYA (cover your arse) rule by retailers and there seems to be widely accepted determinations when one is required. Most retailers around here (Pennsylvania) require a signature on purchases of more than $25. Some require it all the time. Some (like Apple) don't require it at all.  I think it's just a legal safeguard with no actual merit.
I disagree. Since they control generally the entire OS stack, they could write (and probably already have written) OS X to run on ARM.  In addition, they could also make the OS operate on multiple ARM processors concurrently. While it probably wouldn't be as fast as a high clock rate x86 processor, it would be able to handle a lot without lag.  With the optimizations Apple has been making to iOS and OS X (Safari performance, Javascript engines, Metal, etc) it wouldn't...
I still think it's not going to happen. It wouldn't contribute to the halo effect.  They would rather you use an Apple Watch or iPhone to complete the transaction.  It probably doesn't make fiscal sense for the consumer either.  It would need: • BLE hardware and pairing capability• Application processor of some type• Secure enclave to store credit card information and fingerprints• TouchID sensor with sapphire cover• Stylish aluminum enclosure• Batteries and power...
That would be un-Apple like. They don't like additional cables and clutter.  It would probably be added to Continuity next year so when you make a purchase, it will trigger the Apple Pay screen on your iPhone.  That's because Laptop/Desktop doesn't have the hardware to contain the secure element.  I think the big issue is to make sure this can be done securely.
CCompared to quantity and profit, yes.
Cowardly PC Manufacturers: "What is going on!?!? Apple's stock keeps rocketing and their products are eating all the profits out of the industry! IDC???" IDC: "Yes, my liege?" Cowardly PC Manufacturers: "We need a propaganda to distribute to all clueless analysts and consumers of the world.  We don't pay you millions for nothing!" IDC: "Yes my liege!" (Five minutes later) IDC: "My liege?" Cowardly PC Manufacturers: "Yes, are you done yet?" IDC: "Oh yes my liege....
I started buying Apple in 2006 when they were at $74/share.  Now they are equivalent to what, $763/share? Yeah this guy has no idea what he's talking about.  First, bending is not a widespread problem. Second, Apple takes care of their users and this is well within the warranty period. Third, this memory "issue" is rumored and I haven't heard of any widespread issue (please see the second comment if it is).  Fourth, Apple Pay rollout is not "bumpy"... it became the single...
My 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus is working great. No issues at all and using a good bit of the size.
So it's not a problem with OS X or iOS, just a problem with stupid users trying to rip off hard working developers by skirting around standard secure features of the OS.
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