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Sue ‘em for slander and libel, Apple. British laws are militaristically oppressive enough for it to work.
 Well, you guys already apparently bake blackbirds into them, so I guess flying rats wouldn’t be much different. New York pigeons all have Brooklyn accents; do London pigeons have Cockney accents?
 Just open up a drive through barbecue joint at the base of the tower. Big ol’ hyperbolic net on the roof with a hole in the middle to catch the day’s menu.
Note that the cable/satellite ownership requirement for live content remains. And that DirecTV still has zero support.
 Ah, state-owned news. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
My favorite renewable source is those big solar arrays that operate on reflection and heat rather than photovoltaics.  Because they’ve been discovered to be FRYING ENTIRE FLOCKS OF BIRDS IN MIDAIR. Thanks, environmentalists! 
 Of course we do. We’re literate and sane. That’s all that is needed. And I defy you to justify the interpretation of “warrantless search” as meaning “warranted search”. Enjoy.
Because an illegal law passed three days ago that grants them the power to search anything you have at any time for any reason.
I think it’s great that they decided not to release the Nork movie after the hack.   Oh, did I say great? I meant to say GROW SOME BALLS, YOU STUPID, PATHETIC MORONS. NEWS FLASH FROM PEOPLE WHO AREN’T SO STUPID THEY LET THEIR SYSTEMS GET HACKED: WE WANT THE WAR TO BE OVER. If that means NOT GIVING UP THE FREEDOMS YOU HAVE THAT ARE FUNDAMENTAL TO THIS COUNTRY and letting the psychopath halfway around the world make a move, then holy cow, guess what we intend for you to...
No data should ever be destroyed.
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