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 I wonder. Would you say the situation here is similar to that of immigration? In that: [category] has a problem.Laws exist on the books that, when followed, will cleanly alleviate said problem.Laws are not followed.People clamor that stronger laws are required to police [category], lobby for said laws.
It’s common sense to familiarize yourself with immigration law before entering a discussion on immigration. “doth protest too much”, and all that.
 Maybe someday you’ll be willing to read up on a topic.
 Sure thing. 
I fail to see how; it couldn’t be used in any way like Siri. No one would convert to it. Something else related to this: Apple’s dictation processing software is ~1.2 gigabytes. They offer it as a download in Yosemite so that all the processing can be done locally, with NO data sent to Apple. How much longer will we have to wait for iOS to have this option with Siri?
LG does seem to be full of idiots these days. Still, when they made them, their dumbphones were the best phones on the market.
 Except there is already law on the books that contradicts his policy. He has no choice but to follow the law, regardless of what he wants to pretend his policy is.
Um... an inability to do that is the foundation of our system. We also have laws in place to handle people who try to subvert it. There is zero “reform” needed. 
 Are you me? I think you’re me. 
 I was just looking for usable image emoji to use in Photoshop. This comparison is surprisingly relevant.
New Posts  All Forums: