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 You need to think of literally any other government on the face of the Earth. Somalia is a failed state in anarchy. Before that they were communist. Interestingly enough, their GDP is leagues higher now, as a failed state, than when they were commie.
 So why claim there are?
1. I don’t envision ever wanting my gal to be nasty, so I’m not sure to whom this caters. 2. Their bastardization of an Apple Store facade is pretty nasty.   Why would I want a $78 shirt when I can go to a Big & Tall and get a 6XL white T-shirt for, what, $20?   And by ‘I’ I mean women.   EDIT: And by women I mean ‘as distinct from men, one of which I am’. And by that I mean I probably should have just thrown ‘women’ in the original sentence. Then again,...
 So you can’t think of any, is what you’re saying.
 Enjoy the next two years. It’s almost as though we’re the third largest country on Earth or something. It’s almost as though the laws on the books protecting people from misuse of the system AREN’T BEING ENFORCED. It’s almost as though enforcing them would have fixed that…  I can go on. And that explains why they absolutely love this legislation (which they can see and you cannot), too. Because it’s good for… the… people? Hmm. What would a pro football game look like if...
 YEAH, BECAUSE THE FCC SURE FORCES PEOPLE TO DO THIS FOR THE OTHER THINGS IT REGULATES. Oh, wait, no, they demand licenses for those. Gee, where have you seen that word before?
How does that make any sense? Software you create. Specific, unnatural orders of DNA can also be created. Why shouldn’t either be protectable? There’re no herds of software to be found in the wild, but simply sequencing a fish’s DNA shouldn’t be patentable. The problem is one of misuse of the concept of a patent. A patent protects an implementation of an idea, not the idea itself. Amazon can’t patent the concept of “one click purchasing”, for example, but they can patent a...
 Giant text. First page. Can’t exactly miss it unless you’re purposefully ignoring it. They certainly seem to be. So will we need to obtain a license from the FCC to create a new website? Seems that’s the way things are going.
 Still waiting for an actual reply.  Were they? That’s funny. How stupid can people be to think that something “people” can’t see but “corporations” can is good for “people”? 
 Good for ’this’. Posting it a bunch of times doesn’t make it true.  Sorry; the other guy, then. Okay, enjoy your delusions. Changes everything. Otherwise why would it have been so “crucial” to push? And so you’re okay with doing it more? That’s the opposite of what they just got the power to do. Definitionally more.  Namely you.  Good to know you disagree with reality.
New Posts  All Forums: