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 Once, only once, in the first month after his death did the executives of Apple hold a seance to contact Steve Jobs. Jony, Phil, Tim, and the rest sat around a Ouija board in the dark and at exactly midnight it began to spell out... “Guys, what did I ~tell~ you to do? Come on, now...”
 No manual yet, just the QSG. Wonder why they picked third party applications to show in the images.
Okay, enjoy your lies.
 Except that is in no way mutually exclusive to “also works on”. Try again.
Nope, looks the same.
Looks identical.
 Long time since a Mac Mini update. Too long to get retina displays of that size manufactured. WE’RE WAITING TOO LONG FOR BROADWELL. Take your pick. 
 So why not actually do something about it, then? Change the icons yourself and get over it.
Works fine. Never stopped working. What’s your problem with it?
 No, you’re not. No, we don’t.
New Posts  All Forums: