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 *low whistle* Just for that? It’s high time someone stepped into the industry and just threw a wrench into the idea of what we see as being a “car”. Something that shakes up the design in a way that makes no apology for being as aerodynamic as possible. “square with curves around it” is basically what we get now. I don’t know, maybe a diamond would be better.
I think Soli mentioned a system with physical mirrors that also had cameras attached, and that’s a valid compromise, if more expensive. But you’re buying a Tesla; price doesn’t matter much.  Hey, that’s funny. You buy electric to save money on gas, but they’re so expensive that only people who wouldn’t need to worry about gas can buy them.
Oh, true, certainly. I thought myself about how, with the original design, you’d have to make sure every time you start your car that they work and weren’t covered with debris. I realize that Tesla purchasers are probably rich enough to have garages, but for me that means a fair bit of ice scraping for a portion of the year. Mirrors? Piece of cake. But a tiny camera with ice caked around it? A pricey mistake. Yeah, I’ve never understood why anyone would need to know what...
 90 hours a week and loving it! 
No nearer than an iPad. Further, even, since we’re talking desktop. Yeah, I’m probably on the large end of desire. Well, what’s the angular focus range of the eye, anyway? Maybe I want to be ensconced in my work. 
 Then this is one of the (happily few) cases in which an existing law needs to have its definition expanded due to the progress of technology.  Certainly. Bring on transparent aluminum already. There MUST be a transparent material strong enough to handle a roof while removing at least the FRONT two dividers.
The original design had tiny nubs on the side with rear-facing cameras. The dashboard would then display the views from them aside your normal instruments (it’s a big LCD, so anything could be there). Great idea; gone now. Cuts down slightly on driver response time, too. If you don’t have to turn your head to see what’s on either side of you...
I like the X’s doors. I don’t like that it’s an “in between” vehicle. I know minivans aren’t sexy, but they need a minivan between their car and SUV. Hopefully the production model isn’t forced to have side mirrors. Getting rid of them is brilliant; shaves 2’ off the width of the vehicle. EDIT: Seems they caved. Screw ‘em, then. Tesla doesn’t seem to have the conviction needed to be an Apple-like changer.
Make it 42”, multitouch, and with a stand that lets me effortlessly swing it from a 5º angle to vertical and I’ll start saving for one.
 Says the person claiming there are only two black and white factions of political thought.  So... no actual evidence that you know anything. Just fallacies. Says the person claiming there are only two black and white factions of political thought.  Which you know, of course, because you’re magical and know everything.
New Posts  All Forums: