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 Since when? It just doesn’t have a door.
 Ah, okay. It’s just Google being the submissive whelp they’ve always been, taking on the role of the phone manufacturer pre-Apple’s entry in the market. Thanks for clarifying.
Si-si-si-si-sixteen. Standard. Yes.   And apparently 2 gigs of vRAM on the ones with dedicated chips.   My poor, poor, Penryn pre-unibody. Will have to suck it up for several more years; I can’t justify one of these yet.  
Sounds like a silly idea, but it’s doable.
I’m confused by what right/authority they have to do this, and what reason has been given for going along with it instead of ignoring it entirely.
 No seats. You’re forced to stand. I say stick to making chocolate; you guys are great at that. 
 I would say ‘happen’ or ‘situationally expected’ instead of ‘just’. And that’s a valid point with which I generally agree. Thing is, he isn’t. 
 Oh, hey; look at that. I’m guessing that the difference is in its source of creation. Mail comes from NeXTSTEP while Notes comes from iPhone OS. One was designed back in the days of “have a ton of separate windows open” and the other in the “no windows, ever” phase.
 Now if we could just get Notification Center to STOP OPENING E-MAILS IN A NEW WINDOW in newer versions of OS X...
New Posts  All Forums: