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 That’s not what the rumor says. The rumor had BETTER be BS, by the way.
Just like the four models before it. What’s your point?
 On the top, facing upward, like all the old classic RF transmitter devices (GameBoy, Newton, etc.).
 Ah, you’re right. Still, it wasn’t released, and we’ve seen in the past that Apple often announces things right before the FCC has to release them.
Well, fairly. That new Apple TV that was never released for example.
Maybe Apple submitted it on June 11.
Your justification for this being what? Feel free to explain why the antenna bands are no longer antenna bands. We’ll wait.
 Perhaps the association with Apple’s patent for radio transparent ceramics...
Wait, really? In the betas, you mean? I’m seeing otherwise.
How can something transparent to a frequency conduct it?
New Posts  All Forums: