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 No, I don’t like that. There’s a reason that everyone born here is a citizen. “Anchor babies” need to become legally moot, however. We’ve no right nor desire to expel citizens from the country, but minors also have no right to living on their own. With the deportation of illegal parents, the child does not have to follow the parents, but remaining would place him into foster care. I can’t imagine many who would leave their parents, so it would be a voluntary return to...
 It’s not like our economy keeps the world running or anything.
 If you’re pretending there was anything comparable to the iPhone outside the US in 2007, well…
 Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question, but how can it not fail? People are forced to pay for it, so it always has the funding it needs, and it can’t be silenced by the government because it is the government.
Sue ‘em for slander and libel, Apple. British laws are militaristically oppressive enough for it to work.
 Well, you guys already apparently bake blackbirds into them, so I guess flying rats wouldn’t be much different. New York pigeons all have Brooklyn accents; do London pigeons have Cockney accents?
 Just open up a drive through barbecue joint at the base of the tower. Big ol’ hyperbolic net on the roof with a hole in the middle to catch the day’s menu.
Note that the cable/satellite ownership requirement for live content remains. And that DirecTV still has zero support.
 Ah, state-owned news. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
My favorite renewable source is those big solar arrays that operate on reflection and heat rather than photovoltaics.  Because they’ve been discovered to be FRYING ENTIRE FLOCKS OF BIRDS IN MIDAIR. Thanks, environmentalists! 
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