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There’re between two carriers, right? And in moosebacks, of course.
 Oh, so you think Apple will keep selling Beats’ hardware?
 Which cannot apply to the purchase of an American company by an American company. 
 Well, not in this case. Microsoft did the legal thing and licensed the Apple patents they wanted to use. For once in their existence.
 Five seconds on any search engine.
 Stick to the facts. Don’t hyperbolize.
Have you heard anything about Intel starting up an ARM fab at all?
 He’s right on point here.
 Yep, you still can’t read the English language, which is embarrassing for an Englishman. “Fool me 17 times,” as they say. You know exactly what was written and what it means; there will be no additional clarification for you.
 Of course not; it’s womens’ wear. They refuse to put pockets on their clothing and then whine about how heavy and large their purses are.  No, of course not. Yeah, you… apparently can’t read, which is probably why you’ve bought into a rumor without question. You’d be a great cult member. Try scientology; I hear they’re looking to purge some more thetans.
New Posts  All Forums: