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 I’m certain I’ve been told already, but tell me again so that I can forget it within seconds and ask next month: how is that legal? Don’t they have an obligation to their shareholders to prove they’re not lying?
 I’ve always been of the belief that this is a false premise. While the statement “There is no reason to improve upon a selling product if there is no better alternative” sounds compelling on its own, reality makes it laughable.
 Not not voting, that’s for sure. The solution is to educate people on the proper administration of a republican government. So many people think that the United States is a democracy that it should horrify anyone paying attention.
 “you waste your time here so I am better than you that means I win the argument *raspberry* poopyhead”, I think.
The people who whine about post count generally whine to me now, so I doubt it.
 Fixed. If memory serves, he told me it was because people kept whining about his post count instead of whatever the actual argument was.
 Turns out the movie is a documentary.
 I was trying to figure out how to turn on the visibility for that for all users. There’s a... what would you call it, a badge system for users with high/low reputation and levels you could see. The forum would have needed a reboot or whatever to do it, so it never got anywhere. Thing is, it’s not a reflection of accuracy or anything, just “agreement”.  Same thing. Thumbs-upses count toward reputation. Each thumbs up is weighted depending on who gives it to you. Mods have...
 The opposite seems to be true. The minority demands special treatment, regardless of its proportion, to, again, the detriment of the majority and the whole.
Opening it for the first time, I notice that iBooks will now group books by “series”, which I think is really neat. Less clutter in your library.     Now if only we had the ability to EDIT THE METADATA OF OUR BOOKS OURSELVES SO THAT WE COULD DO THIS WITH OUR OWN FILES FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY APPLE WHAT POSSESSED YOU TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US WHEN YOU MOVED BOOKS OUT OF ITUNES?!   I also notice that I forgot to port my book library over when I did a clean install...
New Posts  All Forums: