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You should be ashamed of yourself.Or really proud, since you apparently pay, what, several dozen million dollars in taxes or something. Other people are wrong. How stupid can they be, really?
 Then you shouldn’t have said it at all, since it’s just a strawman.
Doesn’t exist, was never going to exist.
 So depressing.
 Could you show us where in any of the quoted posts that was said? It bought the cloth and hand-stitched the outfit, for sure. Any evidence of that? This doesn’t make you less wrong.
 Is it just my eyes or does this look bad? Haven’t had much sleep recently, so that might be me. I dunno; I may have done this differently. EDIT: HOW IS THIS BETTER?!  A bar that runs all the way across the video? Squished up against the frame, making it look like it’s hiding underneath the edge of the video window? Come on, what on Earth is this?!
 1. K.2. K.3. JavaScript startup? What, did she have a Chromebook before?4. I… suppose. At least you don’t have to memorize Unicode tables if you want to type a special character.5. Yeah, that’s why skeuomorphs are great.6. She’s not wrong… Kinda dumb, but not wrong.7. Total whoosh here.8. K.9. What in the… 10. There’s nothing I can say here that wouldn’t be “offensive”. Not that I don’t want to say it or wouldn’t say it, but that’s just sad. 1. The irony hurts.2. He needs...
 PETA will be levying a new lawsuit against Apple soon for driving a species to extinction. It’ll be dismissed, of course, as Apple having enough money to choke every horse does not mean that they choke actual horses therewith.
 Achievement ≠ passing laws. And why a break? Why not just lower the tax rate and stop them from bleeding out of the country?
 Who said anything otherwise? What does this have to do with anything? NO, rural customers should not pay more for the same service if the service is there.NO, companies have no obligation to run faster lines to a rural customer.YES, a rural customer who desires to have a faster line should 1. be able to have it and 2. have to pay more for it.
New Posts  All Forums: