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 Yep, it’s called common sense. Indeed. So your right to be heard… doesn’t exist. That’s what a post is. You do if you’re making an otherwise unsubstantiated claim. I’d then like to see reasons that TSMC couldn’t provide a die shrunken chip.
I’ll point out that you don’t have a clue what is being discussed here.
 What do you mean?
To what end? There’s no Chinese smartphone company equivalent to (or competing with) Apple.
 Coming directly from the first-gen, the iPhone 6 feels like home. Yep. The curves (and straight parts) of the bands almost blend with the curvature (and straightness) of the phone itself. The best part is that Apple, unlike every other company, measures thickness using the camera lens, not the body. So it’s even thinner than my mockup was. Now if they would just make a DOCK FOR IT FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY.
Oh, certainly. Still, it’s the change that needs to be made if education is to get itself out of the rut that is killing it.
 They have it far, far too hard. Unions exist to constrict their rights, pay, and benefits. A free market teaching system would see corporations competing for the best teachers (with incentives to the aforementioned categories) and would also see terrible teachers (who are presently unfireable for anything less than lawbreaking) punished, fired, and removed from the profession.
 Heck yeah they are. But I don’t see where I said their job only encompasses the 7:20 to 2:30 that kids are at school.
HAHAHAHAHAHAH! YES! That’s wonderful. Talk about misinformed.
New Posts  All Forums: