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Yeah, there’s absolutely no way that she has the right to do this, nor is there any excuse for her being the judge presiding over this thing for year after year. She needs to step aside from tech industry suits at this point; she has become weary of justice and is therefore emotionally compromised.
 Then you don’t understand the difference between a console and a handheld, and your input is irrelevant. Only against Nintendo, who if I remember right is releasing a few things on iOS soon.
 Enlighten me, then, because you’re completely wrong here. If you had relatives killed by the IRA or UDF, that’d be a disclaimer to throw in which would explain to people why you might believe what you do. Honestly, even once (not if) we have a laser-based defense shield that can stop 100% of all incoming projectiles, I still won’t call for a reduction in the size of the military. I call now for pulling them and all our hardware back from all our bases, selling the land...
 I fail to see how having weapons and not using them is worse than not having weapons and having a genocide committed on you by those who do.
 Comes in your favorite color, as long as your favorite color is black anodized aluminum, silver anodized aluminum, or champagne anodized aluminum. Also, Apple Car Edition in gold and rose gold. Price TBD.
The worst part about those ads/“articles” is not that they exist, but that they actually work on people. They actually affect the psyche of average people. 
 Nah, the company needs to be destroyed and its employees scattered to the winds.
 Hardcode into iOS: “if Google, then refuse to load”. Remove their products from the App Store. MAKE THEM BLEED.
 Doable, sure, but do you think ElCap would come out before the new Apple TV? Wouldn’t Apple want to roll the thing out as quickly as possible to capitalize on the start of the fall season of TV? And even if so, wouldn’t we have found references to it in the OS already? I’m just happy that you can AirPlay straight from anywhere in the OS in ElCap.
New Posts  All Forums: