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This is about structural changes. 3 will still be using Lightning, but it will probably be so physically different that its accessories won’t fit the 1, nor vice versa.
Are you disagreeing with him?
Prototype iPod Hi-Fi.
If Apple’s history is any indicator, the iPad Pro’s accessories won’t work with any future models. Just like the iPad and iPhone.
And for the UI to actually take advantage of the increased screen space.
 Temporary “recent years” don’t make up for decades of the opposite.
Looks like he just cut the bottom off one, actually.
Tell the Bluetooth Consortium to have Bluetooth 5 give us bandwidth necessary to carry lossless audio. Until then, wired can’t be replaced.   “But most people…” Is that what we’ve become now? Is the transformation REALLY that complete? We’re REALLY going to accept that teaching to the lowest common denominator is an acceptable way to run a civilization? Then God help us, because it’s all coming down.
 Nah, it checks out. “Clenches” is what you do after eating too much turkey OR after eating your iPhone.
Again, why not just create a connector without a plug like on the iPad Pro? Something that CAN’T break off because it’s too small.
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