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 Ah, the Jetsons. I don’t know why anyone ever thought that would be realistic. Food is an experience more than it will ever be about the calories, minerals, and vitamins. That’s like calling a conference of the European powers in 1500 to call the Americas “common ground”. The first country to mine He-3 from the Moon or platinum from an asteroid is going to be approached about splitting their first Earthbound haul 192 ways. And they’ll just laugh and laugh and laugh. At...
If you literally can’t feed anyone without that trade…
 Oh, okay. I can see how someone might try to make a case regarding how the ability to manufacture things on their own would allow a colony the self-sufficiency to declare independence from a terrestrial power, but I disagree. Colonies anywhere but on another independently habitable world will never be removed from Earthbound powers due to the inherent necessity of trade. Mars, for example, will always need Earth’s nitrogonated soil. Luna will need water, etc.
Just a pun, or…?
What sort of stupid statement is this?  Why not listen to what you yourself say instead?
 You’re pretty obviously ignoring the country in question. Why’s that?
Kay. Did. You’re still wrong. Said this already. Stop wasting our time.
 Seems endemic of most British media, really…
 If the issue is one of popularity, do we have stats regarding “smartphone” use back then?
 We’ve proven countless times that there was nothing like the iPhone before its creation. I’m not going to waste my time with common sense.
New Posts  All Forums: