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Yep.  I wouldn’t be worried about iWatch sales (I just wouldn’t have expected many to sell at all, since it’s a companion product); I WOULD be worried about the collapse of China.
A correction, at least.
 It could change the timing on my fans or the clock speed of the chip, couldn’t it?
Yeah, but to what? This is a Mac Pro we’re talking about; I don’t exactly have my pick of the litter.
 Certainly the 9/11 act of terrorism would have been more effective had it been carried out on the bridges of the Mississippi River, but 14 years hence I wonder if a terrorist attack wouldn’t be most efficient if carried out on the planet’s largest Internet hubs. Terrorist organizations tend not to have access to deep sea submersibles, otherwise I’d suggest just cutting any of the Pacific, Atlantic, or Indian cables in the middle so as to exacerbate replacement.
Eh, you’ll see things like that from time to time. The trick is to just never download anything unless you know where it’s coming from, and don’t open any files unless you know where they came from.   Delete Flash, get an ad blocker, and you should be good to go in the future, since even if you see a pop-under page again, you’ll know that it isn’t legitimate.
Good luck with that. Their entire economy would be ruined overnight and ours would be far less damaged. September is already going to do that to China; we may as well take them down on OUR terms.
 My Radeon 4870 is fried. I now need to buy a new graphics card. This is Windows 10’s fault. -100/100; would not recommend.
 Here’s an idea: CUT THEIR LINES. Not physically, digitally. Deny all traffic to US sites from China. Make them squirm.
How can this BE?!   Samsung just announced the newest innovation that will revolutionize cell phones: A FLIP PHONE!   But not just any flip phone. A flip phone with a 3.8” screen!     How could they POSSIBLY be losing money?
New Posts  All Forums: