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Originally Posted by European guy Less than 10% of Android phones are larger than the iPhone. Explicitly said that. Last year’s hardware. Even missing last year’s features. Explicitly worse. Nope, that can’t be said. Nope, because it’s not what you’re proposing. Look at all that proof you’ve shown!
 Apple isn’t a niche company. No, not really. That’s not a valid analogy. Apple doesn’t have a large product worse than a small one. Except it sold better than the 4S.  Uh…  And, So plastic AND unusably sized. 
 If this, then this: Is ‘impossible’, not harder. I buy this 0%. Hilarious in theory, stupid in practice. Why waste billions on a product designed not to sell? Just don’t make the product.
 Uh… Apple and Microsoft. Apple and Samsung.
 I don’t get it.
 This you? How tall are you? I need a frame of reference.
 Nope, making, which is what the post said.
 Already explained why it is. No, really, keep it up. We’ll believe you if you say it enough.  Pretending I’ve offered nothing ≠ I’ve offered nothing.
 It doesn’t seem to be possible for more than one company to exist in the technology industry, make money, and make their own products, however.
New Posts  All Forums: