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 I’ll take the bet under the stipulation that you just not say anything you can’t confirm–about ANYTHING–until the release of the next iPhone, and not in any way under any condition you have set.There. Problem solved.  Sure, but that doesn’t mean obesity. [warning: image may contain kardashians]
 “Wait! I’ll... I’ll sell you my body! Granted, it’s still just a virtual body, but...”
 Such argument¡ So wit¡ Then that’s a guess. What does it have to do with anything? What does it have to do with the number of people willing to pay more? Do you have statistics on that? Well, that’s one. Two? Three, anyone? Anyone? They’ll do it if they’re told they’re paying less over the life of the device, which they would be.
 ... I need this. But I like little naked weirdos...   Thanks for all the proof! Hey, Tim, could you maybe get Craig to build metadata editing into iBooks? Thanks.  Except the larger screen completely destroys functionality. Where did he say anything whatsoever about obesity? Come on.
 We need more comedians on the site. Kim Jong Un is looking like he’s going to throw a tantrum...
I’m to understand from an Intel insider that the company is making Apple a custom GPU to be used within the next few years. This was a little while ago, however, so things may have changed.
 Nah. So they stop selling in the territory until the mental defectives are voted out or they change their minds. Europe has no control over US companies.
 Could’ve stopped there, really.
 Of course they will. Why would anyone think otherwise?
 I wish I knew someone with a pair. I don’t trust the cleanliness of the ears of the people who would try on a display model of Beats’ headphones. Or the cleanliness of the ears of people who would try on display headphones, for that matter. I guess I’ll just trust that my Harman/Kardons have better sound and leave it at that. They do, by the way. I don’t even know about Beats’ lineup and my H/Ks do have better sound. They’re great.   Ah, but Momma Europe wouldn’t have let...
New Posts  All Forums: