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Ah, yes; of course. Wasn’t the 3G clocked higher, however? Just checked: nope.
 Most are only large enough for a single TouchID Home Button to fit inside at a time. The rest are only large enough for the screen of the Apple Watch.
 The iPad Air 2 is so fast, it’s shipped and delivered to your house FIVE TIMES faster than the previous model! “No, you are stupid for wanting to hold your iPad up to anything or for taking it anywhere.” Just passing the message along.
People aren’t intrinsically safe. Ban people. Or just ban stupid restrictions when proof has been given otherwise.
 I don’t see what the British Falklands have to do with the East Asia disputes. On this point, I am 100% in favor of US-owned Ryukyu Islands and a US-owned Taiwan. And as the communists have no legal claim thereto, what point is there but Tibet’s freedom either by the sword or the pen?
Yay, give a third party every phone number you call!
 Humorously, his apostrophe is the one that is wrong. “Heavens above” is simply plural.
This is the first time since before Steve’s return that Apple has done an “update” to a product without changing the CPU inside.
 Actually use the service. Wow. That sure was hard to prove. That’s nice, sweetie. Pro tip: the mark of a good concern troll is that you don’t use the word ‘concern’ in the post.
Only to those who didn't read the sentence. Oh, irony.
New Posts  All Forums: