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 Why, because the SYNC software they use is perpetually crashed?  I had those buttons on my ’95 Nissan Quest. Also automatic seatbelts and a CD player. Thing was loaded. I was “ballin’”, as it were.
 It’s simple. Find the industry you’re after, cause a terrorist attack that destroys (access to) the resource on which the industry depends, watch the stock plummet, buy it up.
Geez, you might want to get that checked out. Mine lasted about ten before it died.
It’s as bad as MAC. As though it stands for something like PC.
Which reminds me, I need to put a new battery in my fob.
 Does it include the 300 pages they refuse to show us but have shown the telecoms?  Oh, come off it.
 You need to think of literally any other government on the face of the Earth. Somalia is a failed state in anarchy. Before that they were communist. Interestingly enough, their GDP is leagues higher now, as a failed state, than when they were commie.
 So why claim there are?
New Posts  All Forums: