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 When you have an actual rebuttal, feel free to post it. Malthus was disturbed (and wrong), you know. He took crowding in Europe at the dawn of the industrial age as “the limit” when we’ve seen it grow exponentially since.  Shown to be a scam. It’s the adult equivalent of YouTube’s “SUB4SUB” without any scientific merit. Nope.  Funnily enough, that’s exactly what has been happening to the temperature data. “The Earth is warming. The Earth has always been warming.” Except...
 Wh...  See, this is how I can tell that there’ll be a second great depression soon: this sentence exists.
Exactly! CO2 increases, historically, have lagged temperature increases, not caused them. Apologies for the misinterpretation.
Two things. 1. Global warming has nothing to do with environmentalism. 2. There’s no AGW. I’m 100% behind Apple being an environmentalist company, and they should keep making everyone else look pathetic in comparison to what they do environmentally. But buying the AGW malarkey is silly.  A lie.  Temperatures have not increased as CO2 has, so you can’t say this from that.
Ah, you may just not have Spaces turned on (meaning you only have the one desktop active). I bet that’s it.
Oh, maybe it changed for 10.11. Hang on, let me see.   Nope; same as 10.10. You don’t see this?  
Do you have (Finder icon in the Dock) Options/Assign To/This Desktop selected? It should be None.
I was not speaking of homosexuality. You, however, will never believe this, because someone’s pathetic feelings were hurt by the truth and the post (and associated quote) was deleted.
 That’s obviously false; your feelings end where my rights begin. The point of government is to balance freedom with damage to others.
 Well, good. That completely and utterly destroys the lawsuit. This is new information that I don’t think we’ve seen yet. Do you see that employee theft is a huge portion of retail theft and that Apple is a secretive company? I don’t understand why you think you have the right to just waltz out of a store with stolen merchandise.
New Posts  All Forums: