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 It’s hard to value something on which you refuse to put a price.  If only extensions to block advertisements existed...
“Facebook” “anonymous”
 Uh... Gee, guys, apparently we shouldn’t root for the company that admits to stealing intellectual property countless times and willfully employs children in factory conditions going bankrupt.
 Welcome. It’s safer here. We’ll do the same, but you’ll absolutely get a response if you have any questions about a temporary ban, so there’s no reason to worry about your first account.
A list of appropriate Bluetooth 4 cards would be more helpful than a list of models, for sure.
 Then again, when you look at the commanded behavior of the Caliphate... (not IS specifically; the Quran’s definition of caliphate)
That’s a single month? (this is where I’d put an Arabic exclamation like “geez” or “sheesh” if I knew any Arabic)
 I suppose you’re right; maybe I’m just too dry.
 That’s a $10 billion investment, minimum, just for initial infrastructure. Don’t even get me started on the cost of maintenance and actual use. And it’s illegal in virtually every way.
 “Other jobs are coming back. Jobs pertaining to the oversight of the machines that will do the jobs we used to do.” I’d sure like it if they did.
New Posts  All Forums: