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 You’re just lucky this sentence was funny.
 Oh. Yeah, I don’t get that. The 860M is out, after all. They just updated their laptops with the chips that Intel announced a week ago. Any “delay” in product is Apple refusing to release it, nothing more.
For the answer to this question that was already posted, see the post to which it was replying.
I still love that angry face.
 It’s more a security feature. GlansID makes sure that not just anyone can... All right; enough of that.
All ten of them. I’ve never understood how this is an argument. So Apple should build a 21” laptop, 3” thick, with SLI GPUs and three internal hard drives? Because one person wants it? NO. Incidentally, that exists. I’ll try to find it again...
Ah, wait, hang on. I can’t remember anything from Steve Jobs’ history that had him in charge of Bungie (or associated therewith) at any point. Bungie made games exclusively for the Mac (Marathon, et. al.), and they were purchased by Microsoft (after announcing Halo for Mac OS), but I don’t think Steve had anything to do with it. Incidentally, the original plan for Halo was for it to be an open world game (that’s how it was announced initially), with the entire bishop ring...
 Yeah, that’s not how things work.
How about a working driver for the Radeon 4870, Apple? Since ATI refuses to make one, that is.
No, not in the slightest.  Uh, proof? So since there isn’t a better panel than H-IPS, how do you propose Apple make a “more decent” display?
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