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 PETA will be levying a new lawsuit against Apple soon for driving a species to extinction. It’ll be dismissed, of course, as Apple having enough money to choke every horse does not mean that they choke actual horses therewith.
 Achievement ≠ passing laws. And why a break? Why not just lower the tax rate and stop them from bleeding out of the country?
 Who said anything otherwise? What does this have to do with anything? NO, rural customers should not pay more for the same service if the service is there.NO, companies have no obligation to run faster lines to a rural customer.YES, a rural customer who desires to have a faster line should 1. be able to have it and 2. have to pay more for it.
 http://phys.org/news/2014-07-holy-grail-battery-stable-lithium.html Apple just needs to come up with a way to manufacture them on an industrial scale.
 I’m not sure it matters, as long as Apple sticks to their guns.
 Okay. Now make it illegal to call 720 “HD” because it’s not “high” anymore and “definition” has changed in meaning. Then do the same with 1080.Geezaloo.  I can’t even begin to dissect how ludicrous this sounds.
 You should reevaluate your relationship with any company that submits to this request.
Doubt it. They completely stopped encoding in MP4 above 720p. They don’t care about standards, only WebM.
“HEY NO ONE IS INCREASING SPEEDS"“Yeah, because it’s really hard to increase physical bandwidth given the current infrastructure layout and restrictions on improvements."“LET’S CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF ‘BROADBAND’ TO MEAN SOMETHING FASTER. THAT WILL FORCE THEM TO MAKE IT FASTER”“… No… they’ll just remove the word ‘broadband’ from their documentation and keep offering the same speeds."“NO THEY WON’T THEY WILL MAKE IT FASTER BECAUSE I SAY SO" Thanks, FCC. Thanks for, instead...
 Cool, so I can smell however I wish as long as it doesn’t affect my duties. Good to know¡   Fact and reason. Try it sometime.
New Posts  All Forums: