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 And with that, I won’t be using Photos until it is. Aperture doesn’t get deleted from your machine when you update, does it?
 Oh, I’m certain they could. That’s where their up to a century or more of experience in the industry will help them immensely. Whether Apple is creating its own vehicle or Tesla is creating a vehicle with Designed by Apple in California etched on it is irrelevant. The existing car manufacturers will have a large advantage–different from Apple’s other industries–in that large size and large scale manufacturing will let them keep the cost of implementing their own copies of...
 Unfortunately it’s not looking that way.  Showing off iOS 9.
 Patriot Act.
 ‘Course not. They conspired against Tucker’s innovations and wound up not implementing them for decades, if at all. They wouldn’t care about Apple until it was too late.
 Well, you’ve made that bed. Enjoy sleeping in it. YEAH, IT’S NOT LIKE WORST-CASE SCENARIOS ARE THE NORM FOR THIS SORT OF THING.   Then again, you consider the contents of the bill itself to be a conspiracy theory, so I don’t know what anyone would expect at this point.
 You mean CO2 and actually noxious gasses.
Cool. Finally a companion/counter to the other one. Yeah, I don’t like this. Unless it’s a quote from someone reviewing it, praise heaped onto a book by its publisher or creators should raise red flags. Not to say such behavior is only seen in this book.
Now Hands, are you British? I’ve forgotten. If so, did you catch the BBC4 “documentary” (they were actually allowed to call it that) yesterday regarding what would “happen” if Britain left the EU? Suppose I should have a quote, too. More than one per day, but still: 
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