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 Solutreans came over from Europe first. Diseases were brought over by animals before secondary European contact.
Not a word of this is true, so you really ought to be the one doing research.
  “Guns don’t kill people... flags do.”
Amazon says they pulled the flags because of federal law. There is no such law. There can be no such law.  There are no words banned to me.  Legitimately. Not only was there no law among Indioe society that stated anything about immigration, Indioes had no concept of the ownership of land, thus no Europeans could possibly be illegal, nor were they infringing on anyone’s land.
 My primary concern right now is that the GTX 970 will be the last graphics card that will ever be compatible with my Mac Pro (meaning OS X drivers). I’m astonished that nVidia did that in the first place. I really want an Radeon 390 (8 gigs of vRAM!), but since they never even wrote drivers for the 290, I’m not going to hold my breath. So what? And yet they made the 6+.
 Literally all data is less than unlimited, then, since all speeds aren’t infinite. An unlimited amount of data has nothing to do with the speed at which it’s accessed. You can still use as much data as you desire at the lower speed.  I guess it falls to the legal definition of ‘reasonable’, then, as so many things do. 
 It’s even stupider that the Anti-Apple Brigade has to resort to strawmen.
Why hasn’t the North invaded yet? Honestly.
 Just curious, do you use the term “trickle down” in any fashion, disparaging or otherwise? Why are you behaving as though terms don’t keep existing? Don’t try to marginalize this. It’ll be Obamacare, too, even long after it comes crashing down.   You’re not the other guy, but maybe he’ll understand how terms stick around now.  It makes sense that no one should be denied health care, but all should have to pay for it. None of this illegally forcible insurance malarkey. You...
New Posts  All Forums: