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You don’t seem to comprehend American politics.
 Historic as an event, perhaps. Fact, not by the definition of ally. And could have been prevented in 1945. Yep. So a character assassination because you’re uncomfortable with having your love (acceptance) for marxism questioned? Again: the Cold War could have been prevented, 100,000,000 lives could have been saved, and the world could have been a far better place in so many ways had Patton been able to launch one last campaign.
 Anyone stupid enough to consider the USSR an ally has no business discussing history. Patton wanted to destroy them for a reason. HOORAY! THREE CHEERS FOR THE PROGENITORS OF THE COLD WAR! WHAT A GREAT TIME THAT WAS! Seek psychiatric help.
Get your eyes checked.
 Because they surrendered 3 months earlier. Now, if you want to discuss whether we should have nuked Moscow and launched an offensive on the Soviet Union in September 1945, that’s another question.
Grow up, psychopath. The USA dropped fliers on all of the potential targets a week before the bombings. The fliers told them about the nukes, told them how much damage they would do, and told them how far away from the cities to evacuate. They ignored. It’s irrelevant to this argument that Roosevelt was a warmongering, demonic, globalist traitor. We ended the war and saved about 20,000,000 Japanese lives (and allowed them to retain their sovereignty, mind you) through...
Yeah, Elon has zero presentation skills whatsoever. He needs to hire some low budget guy with passion. Not just for speaking, but for his products specifically. Even if his only job is to give the presentations, that would be enough.
Know what I’d like? I’d like to be able to BLACKLIST news sources in News, and then have Apple tell them that they’re blacklisted. Any way to do that? I never want to see garbage from “Salon”, specifically what those idiots think about spaceflight.    Being able to aggregate news by subject is spectacular, but there has to be a way to de-aggregate by source...
 Dear Roku Inc.,Find a better use for your cash than paying people to shill your crap on competitors’ websites.Sincerely,Boo.
That’s a pathetic and idiotic mindset. Nice personal attack coupled with a lack of comprehension. The “younger generation” is so caught up in PC BS that they’re unable to say anything at all. Thanks for immediately subverting what you demand of others. Seriously, thanks; it proves my initial point flawlessly.
New Posts  All Forums: