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 I agree with both of these statements. The iPad Pro is the tablet I knew they’d make, all the way back in 2007 seeing the iPhone for the first time. At the same time, as some reviewers have said, it’s really held back by iOS. I hope they beef up the UI/X in 10.
Okay, so that second port on the iPad Pro. Why not just replace Lighting with something like that, and then you can have the entire device already closed up all the time?   “3.5mm...” I think by the time Apple could make such a port Bluetooth would finally have the bandwidth needed to carry ALAC audio.
Remember when Apple first showed Photo Booth at a keynote and they had a filter that took any portrait and mapped your mouth onto the original? They never shipped that.   Maybe they will now.
 Sure, but no more than any other. Anything is better than infinity. Or, “infinity minus one”, as it’s often stated. I wonder if Yoko Ono was paid when the French citizens sang it at the vigil after the attacks.
Replying again to reiterate that you don’t seem to comprehend what you’re saying. Replying again to reiterate that this isn’t what I was supporting.
Typing is still faster than writing. Typing on the screen is probably better than this, even.
 Like I said, 30 years or the death of the artist, whichever comes last. Believe it. Expect Disney to pay off Congress in 2018, just like they’ve done in the past. That’s it. That’s literally the beginning and the end of the story for copyright. It’s pretty unconscionable.
 Don’t like that you’ll go to jail for saying [X]? Don’t say [X]. Don’t like that you will be executed for eating [X]? Don’t eat [X]. Don’t like that you’ll be fired for liking yellow? Don’t like yellow. Freedom of expression. Can’t revoke a natural right.
 How is it arbitrary? It’s arbitrary because I only chose two ages; I can’t give every possible scenario. Copyrights can be renewed (let’s make it a significant fee), but they have to expire. They’re infinite now. Nothing will EVER enter the public domain ever again.
 You’re right. That’s incorrect. “That” meaning your statement about what my statement implies. It doesn’t say anything like that. What’s so hard about this for you to comprehend? This isn’t a matter of opinion. The statement made is definitionally false. It’s objectively wrong. You can always tell the leftists by the fact that they recoil at the suggestion that their way of thinking might actually be harmful in addition to being wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: