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 So, what, there are two faces? And I like the smiley face on the one side. Hey, a Tom Clancy watch. I really like this. It’s equal parts stupid and hideous.
I love it that you can’t help but out yourselves.
 Right. Wrong. They make plenty of products for “small” groups of their existing customers. Also, the ability to use Apple Pay with an OLDER iPhone via the Apple Watch makes its purchase base larger.
Okay then. 
What’s wrong with it? It’s right on the money. I mean RIGHT on the money. The 6 Plus is nigh unusable as a phone would be used and for many tasks that all other phones are capable of doing. The Apple Watch somewhat alleviates this. From a usability standpoint, they’re a great pair. Problem is, how many people will subscribe to that use case?
I don’t recall any of that. What you don’t seem to be comprehending here at all is that no one who doesn’t want 2GB of RAM doesn’t want it for reasons of not wanting more RAM. We’re concerned with battery life. If Apple can put 2 GB of RAM in without sacrificing battery, then it’ll be a great idea.
Champagne. That’d be why Apple called it champagne. 
Good. Screw ‘em. You want to spread libel, there are consequences for it. You’d think a company that gets models of products for early review would have the intelligence to comprehend this.
New Posts  All Forums: