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 1. Grow up.2. You do not have freedom of speech here. Please learn what you’re talking about before talking about it.3. We have a subforum for politics where, really, these sorts of articles should be posted in the first place. Even when this crap is outside PoliticalOutsider, please try to keep comments as Apple-y as possible.
 With 92% adoption of NOT iOS 6, no. Yeah, no, that’s not at all a valid conclusion. Inigo Montoya.mp3  But Android’s free and a single click (or three) to download. STOP PRETENDING THIS IS A MATTER OF OPINION. You LIED about iOS 7, and now multiple people have called you out on it.
 I’d consider masters the files with separate, adjustable tracks for each instrument and vocalist, but that’s me.
 How stupid do they think we are?
 So enjoy not being able to get new software. Good for you. That’s a completely different argument than you made before.
 Because it’s 96% satisfaction. Kind of interesting that no other OS even comes close, don’t you think? Thanks for the anecdote; it’s meaningless. You feel incorrectly. You weren’t. Shut up and go away.  Wrong. So... WHAT bugs? Yes, shut up and go away.
 Yep, you certainly act like one. PEOPLE DON’T STAY ON IOS 6 BECAUSE THEY WANT TO. If you had any substantiation for your claims, you would have posted it. I am calling out your lack of substantiation. Get over it or post it. I’d love to see you prove that iOS 7 had no new features. That’s a riot, kid.
 I’d imagine because Jobs took Lisa in and raised her properly, but you wouldn’t comprehend that.
 Could you comprehend LESS of what has been written? Honestly.
 Yeah, you don’t comprehend anything here.  Same for Android. Any other ideas?  Could be, but isn’t, because that’s complete nonsense. Keep your disgusting, pathetic lies to yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: