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OS X is built for a cursor and a single point of input. It’s worthless on touchscreens.   OS XI will fix that, but we’re roughly five years out.
 Hmm. Interesting point.Fair enough; my Wacom is only a drawing tablet, not a screen-backed tablet. I’m not used to drawing directly on what I’m seeing (digitally), so that may be better. I use my free hand to manage the function wheel on the tablet in the first place.  I’m still confident that most of Wacom hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep since the Pro was announced.
You want precision from your erasure as much as you do your drawing. I love that my Wacom lets me flip my stylus to erase. Wish the Pencil would, too.
 Destroy the Federal Reserve and its puppet–the Bank of International Settlements–and not only do you plunge the world into chaos, you save it from the most demonic tyranny since... let’s see, when was Jerusalem sacked? Ah, 70 AD.From the ashes will emerge a new world with countries who coin their own currency, backed by actual money (of which there is none now), and which are near-total isolationist save where their national, genetic, or societal policies deem...
Streaming, schmeaming; What about a small setup for editing and then outputting to a real-world environment? 
 Citation needed.
 FOR uncompressed. For anything else it’s fine. Heaven’s sake. Is that specific to the Apple TV? Because it’s not true anywhere else.
 Sorry, should’ve specified; my iPhone. 6. This is a 6S-only thing, isn’t it? 
Nowhere did I say that...
 Yep. Which is why 100 megs wouldn’t cut it. Still, it’s fine unless your download speeds are faster than that. And 2160p is ~35Mbps under H.264, right? Looks like we’ll be stuck with non-gig Ethernet on the Apple TV for quite some time. I don’t understand the confusion.
New Posts  All Forums: