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To keep the interface out of the way of the content. They've said this quite a few times.
 Yeah, you know what I mean.
 Guess I won't be using it, then. Shame.
 Good to know that I should have the same UI for a first person shooter as I do for a turn-based board game.
 Just as the original iPhone wasn't a "cell phone", Apple Pay isn't "NFC".Glad to see history repeating itself.
 Just get a CC permit. What they don't know might save them.
Who wants to bet over 10,000 stores by the end of 2015?
 Okay, "recent purchases". What about a running tally of your receipts? Does it have that? What good is it if I can't get to my history to mark down for my own records or for noting balance?
Maybe, just maybe, they're not reporting it because it is neither a major blunder nor "again". Discussions.apple.com is proof of nothing but the infinite stupidity of an uneducated user.
 If you don't have anything but FUD to post, don't post at all.
New Posts  All Forums: