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 You could say that about what I ate yesterday or who I spoke with this morning. These days I’m basically just a shell of what used to be a person.  I wonder about another scenario, in which the government is responsible for the buildout and replacement of copper with optical cable nationwide, but simply turns over access and use thereof to companies in the respective industries that would use it, leaving them to compete on an equal footing, infrastructure-wise. This would...
 Like PPC->x86? Absolutely. What about an A16?
 Is that all you can do? Just swing from one extreme to the other?
 Ah, okay. What responsibility is it of yours to dictate how much of something is used by another? Who are you to determine what usage is fair?
 Okay... ...and? I don’t understand your point. That’s what happens now. What happens when regulation restricts buildouts? Are you saying that people would be incapable of determining what restaurants are unsanitary on their own? Sorry, I ran out of flerovium and my time machine’s on the fritz until I can get more. Stuff’s expensive, man. 
 The only comment that actually replies to the content... How about instead of forcing a monopoly on us, as the government would want, they remove whatever restrictions are put in place now that allow ISPs to be a singular entity serving a community? I don’t have a choice of electricity or natural gas where I live, but I do have (one) choice of ISP: either DSL or cable. I’d prefer to have that choice rather than be told I can only buy from a certain company, as per my...
 Remember, of course, that this is perfectly legal, and the lawsuit against them is invalid.
 Like a petulant toddler. Denied what it wants, it lashes out with its fists and voice and throws a tantrum until it is either appeased (wrong) or ignored (right). It’s high time to put legal teeth behind the “of, by, and for” on which our republic is founded.
 Equally easy to hold. The Plus, on the other hand*... *these unintentional puns are the only thing keeping me alive
New Posts  All Forums: