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 Says the person who thinks he knows what I think.    I have no doubt that some of these new posters are return account trolls.
  Except that would imply purposefully lying to get page views. That hasn’t happened.How about you just ignore it instead? That works better.   
 No duh. Where do you think we are?!
 Less than you, at least.
 Nah, how about you keep your libel to yourself.
 Pre-Apple phones larger than 4.7” accounted for less than 10% of the smartphone market.
 How? They’re a nigh-insignificant part of the market.
 But we know it sold more.
It’s obviously jailbroken, so do a hard restore and then look up the SIM card’s phone number.
 Because you think that making up numbers means you are right.  I’d have to go with common sense on that one. The iPhone has done that every year that more than one model sold.
New Posts  All Forums: