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Yeah, let’s wait to release the content until we have screens to display it on. *two months later* BREAKING: 2160p displays now discontinued as no one is buying them. “There’s no content available, so there’s no reason for the extra expense,” say consumers.
 They’re even selling mullets for the Apple Watch. Thaaaaat’s right! An old-fashioned watch face on the BACK of the strap!
I’ll be getting a stylus with mine, but it won’t be included. And while I don’t like that I’ll have to pay another $100 to get it, I understand and respect Apple’s reason not to include it. DOCK FOR MY IPHONE; I forgot to get one of those. I’m really upset that it’s 40 bucks for something that doesn’t even have BACKING to hold the phone up...
 Oh, yes, of course. HEVC, unlike... what was it... HDCP? is just a codec for the encoding of video content. It’s not a layer of copy protection, it’s just the next step beyond MP4 (which was a step beyond MKV, AVI, MPEG2, etc.). All the processing is done in the Apple TV, so what’s shot to the TV is just what the Apple TV did already. Now, HEVC-encoded content can probably have HDCP slapped on it, but as long as your hardware supports HDCP it’ll be fine.
 First-gen Core 2 iMac in the basement, bigger hard drive hooked to it, iTunes library on that, stream to my Apple TVs. Wish I could just plug the hard drive into our AirPort, but NO, you have to have a COMPUTER ON and iTUNES OPEN to use a device from a company that doesn’t want you to need to have a computer to use its portable devices, but... Also wish I could assign an Apple TV access to multiple iTunes libraries simultaneously so that I could just hop back and forth...
It might behoove them to tack it on to the end of the iPhone presentation.  The Apple TV is just a “hobby” now. If they don’t make the new one a headliner, they can keep up this pretense if it doesn’t do as well (or as much) as people expect.
 Battery. Modern RAM has to be powered regardless of if it’s in use. They’re working on RAM that only powers parts of the chip depending on use (I forget the name of it), but it’s not in production yet. Apple prefers battery life/power draw to performance. Performance per watt is everything to them.
 Yeah, just cut together his dialogue from previous presentations (use recordings of practice sessions to avoid clapping overlap) and boom, a new Steve Jobs presentation. ...And I just gave myself an idea.
 And Steve Jobs to rise from the grave and give the presentation.
 Yes. I do. This will never, ever happen, ever, anywhere, for the reasons already stated. So then people will either not buy the phone or hack around it, rendering it useless. When you have a reply that isn’t a fallacy, feel free to post it. And you’ve been shown why it doesn’t. Pretending there hasn’t been evidence presented does not mean the evidence was not presented. I’d additionally suggest you wait until you’re of age to reply again.
New Posts  All Forums: