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Try actually reading it. Again. By looking at the words, comprehending their meaning, and putting that meaning into context.
  Fine. Go use MICROSOFT PRODUCTS and tell us why you need to pay for literally anything else.
 He didn’t ask for one. You can’t do it because DP 1.2 can’t handle 2880. Boom.
Lies, but whatever.
 So the 1980s, then. Back when people stole car radio systems.
 Okay, can you read? Honestly, this is getting silly. Or if, as the article shows. Could you give your explanation for why you believe they have a preference at all, since they don’t? They explicitly outlined degrees of certainty (as well as degrees of support) and made a point of calling out ‘all yes’ and ‘all no’ distinctions made by the papers they analyzed. Repeating something doesn’t make it true. First, agreement does not imply likelihood. Second, there isn’t...
 Because you can’t.
 Just put Campus 2 up on stilts and call it a day.
 You know, this stops being science fiction as soon as we get a room temperature superconductor.You’d lay a network of superconductor under every road in the nation (and it would carry power, as well) and put more on the bottom of cars. Boom, floating. And since a superconductor transfers heat (as well as electricity) perfectly, a US road network with an underlay of superconductor will be the same temperature everywhere. Meaning no more icy roads, meaning no more salt,...
I’m confused how you’d make money with ‘free’. Speaking of capitalism, I just had a thought about a business model. Apologies that it’s not a direct answer to your question, but it’s somewhat relevant. Imagine a site that goes the Flickr route and offers storage for your photos. This site offers only one amount of storage, for free, and a paid amount of the same capacity. The free storage comes with terms of service that state your photos may be taken and offered to third...
New Posts  All Forums: