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 Yeah, see, you don’t comprehend at all what my post said or what you’re even saying in reply to it. Try again, please.  Not sure what Intel has to do with anything. They don’t make panels.
 If they know what bug reports are, they’re not the morons of which I’m speaking.
Yes. No.
 So never, then.
 Learn English.
 When these things don’t happen, can he please be fired?
Between September 21 and December 21. Early hibernation, I guess.
 One down, 99,999 to go, apparently. 
And here come 10,000 morons who install this and then whine about things being broken.
 We should hope; a good design balances the weight across the device, but anything with a taper or large camera lens would throw that off.
New Posts  All Forums: