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Greece… Spain… Italy… one million Libyan refugees that the Mediterranean countries will be legally forced to take in… Britain potentially leaving… 
 This is different. I don’t see an empty battery bar shaped like an Apple Bluetooth Headset on my iPhone when I don’t own one (though I still want to). I shouldn’t have an utterly worthless app on my iPhone when I have no interest in owning an Apple Watch.
I can’t believe it’s not Apple!™
The producer apologized.
Apple’s tables have corners? Well, ours have curves!
 If I remember correctly, Texas and North Dakota are the only states responsible for actual job creation since 2008 (though unemployment is higher than ever).
 I hope you intended this, because I love it.
 You can certainly have pages scroll with (and/or down to) new content, but your point about text size is interesting; I’ve never seen it implemented on sites without fixed formatting. Oh, what about a text input field in a floating element? Have the input field float on top of the rest of the page content and scroll up and down the page with the user? That would do it. Make it possible to hide the box, of course.People who don’t know people shouldn’t tell them what they...
New Posts  All Forums: