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 Seems like you need a crash course on treason. Treason in the US is ONLY defined as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Who’s the enemy? Well, it’s not defined as only being during wartime (which is the only time there’d be an ‘enemy’), but let’s assume that it counts for ‘any’ time. He didn’t do that. Neither aid nor comfort was given. Thus, no treason. There are many, MANY things done today for which people in the US federal government should be executed. But they...
 It’s not really about us (the US), and the people thereof would, on the whole, prefer to go isolationist again. Again, that’s not the point. No consideration is made as to geniality. I’ve found that the only people who call it “trickle down” are the people who never understood it in the first place.
 I still love it. I’d actually like to see the old design redrawn in the new style. Meaning: simply remove the glossiness and replace it with the soft textured (sort of “smoked”) gradients while keeping the existing icon designs. I think I’d prefer that to iOS 8 (and… 7? did 7 use this style? I can’t remember).
There is, but you have to be an admin to do it. We used to have a policy of not doing it at all (because a person could hide their past transgressions or masquerade as someone else), but the trolls and paid shills are probably too stupid to do that anyway.
 Oh, that could be the new spam-catcher system, erasing “early” account posts because it thinks they’re spam. But you had previous posts and it’s not a new account… 
 It’s not a matter of learning; it’s a matter of the continuance of a policy that is not yet seen to completion. This keeps happening because the goal isn’t done.
Whoop de frick. What’s your point? I couldn’t care less about the topic at hand. My statement was standalone, and still stands.  What you ‘think’ really doesn’t matter, though. What is is, what isn’t isn’t. Truth remains truth no matter how few people say it, and no matter who says it. I totally understand your statement, though, and I’m certain that I do the same. Take MacOSRumors.com (or whatever it was called…). The entire site was built on the premise of purposely...
 The moral of the story is don’t shoot raw unless you actually need to.  
 Sure can. Just watch me. Of course, because the iPhone didn’t come before Andr… oh, wait. Are you delusional? Hooray! Google was the first to make products too big to be used and which are only purchased by people too stupid to drink water without spilling! Your point? Is this trolling?
Because we’re the only ones who do that, of course. What on Earth makes you think that’s the goal? 
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