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Oh, speaking of which.   Fragmentation.
No, we all noticed that this happened.
 Seems to me like he needs to put some more effort into it before I do.  *ding dong* Now arriving at Delusion on track 4. Please check beneath your seats for your sanity and common sense, and thank you for riding Unsung Railways. Next stop, Strawman.
Despite the best efforts of analysts, products that Apple is actually creating are actually being created and products they are not creating are not being created.
 I have trouble remembering that I’ve eaten. So I guess if I ever went anywhere with a large enough parking lot I’d forget where I parked my car. 😛
 Pshh. Who needs DVD or Blu-ray?  Bigger discs means more data, of course. And yes, I have all three.
 It was here, so it may not have been right. I’d check myself, but I only have access to one machine with Bluetooth 4…
 Yeah, that bothered me. What bothered me most was Tony getting the shrapnel taken out of his chest. That’s sort of… his thing. Oh, first movie. Swapping out the cave reactor for the civilization reactor. Is there something I’m missing about anatomy, or were we just expected to believe that a person’s heart is SIX INCHES BELOW THE SKIN? The sheer depth of the fusion reactor assembly in his chest… you look at the scene and you go, “Okay, am I a freak or something? I can...
 I’ve heard iPhone <–> iPad, iPhone <–> Mac, and Mac <–> Mac. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be iPad <–> iPad and iPhone <–> iPhone, too.
New Posts  All Forums: