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 It’s an infinitely superior format. I’m still mystified why more companies haven’t used it.
 Wow. That proves that he was ever going to 1. make a TELEVISION SET 2. had cracked a TELEVISION SET 3. you’re just trolling at this point, really. He wanted to make a car, too. Why aren’t you whining for that?
 Thanks for the delusions! Can’t read something that doesn’t exist, can you? Yep, you’re an idiot. Not an insult; a direct description of your behavior. Run along now.
 Yeah, forgive us for being serious about Apple not making a TELEVISION SET¡ 
 “It’s okay. I can kidnap this child. They can just make another one, after all. It’s self-replicating genetic material.” It’s exactly what you’re talking about.
 Learn what economies are. Please create something so that I can steal it from you.
 “Hey, babe, wanna shuffle? Oh, come on! It’s orange!”
I can’t see Gizmodo caring, but everyone should at least realize it. Whether there are enough journalists with the morality left to report on such things is another question.
 That’s more a papist thing, innit? Not to say they’re not Christians, but the idea behind a crusade isn’t Christian. It’d be a Pope calling a crusade. What’s interesting is what sort of action would have to happen to get a modern Pope to do so…
 I completely understand (and generally agree with) both of these statements. However, that brings up the question of whether CES has (or should have) the authority to proactively police and/or enforce intellectual property law/patent, trademark, etc. Not to say this isn’t a question that should be brought up, just that it would be brought up.
New Posts  All Forums: