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 See, this is why the US got out while the getting was good.
 Welfare. If you’re independently wealthy, the better things to do with your time involve things that you find fun.  Better hope none of your friends are famous, then. I’d hate for their families to be disappointed in you when they die and you won’t wait in the procession line at their funeral. Oh, yeah. iPhone 6. Really incremental.  
Well, he is zeromeus.
 *shrug* I think most of the whining in that regard was due to it simply showing up. And honestly, it was, what, 100 megabytes? Big deal. Just delete it. Oh, just for the stereotype.
 The fact that you think that amuses me. This is the tech equivalent of trying to prostitute yourself in a colonial quaker town on the eastern seaboard. Yeah, so, the iPhone has the fastest hardware on the planet... and has lost.  Look, could you do us all a favor and never post again? It gets annoying having to refute you for any new readers who might think you are speaking sense.  Yeah, they’re just not... I don’t get it.  People throw away their boxes?! I still have my...
 Me. The only thing more insecure than Android’s OS is its userbase.
 Yeah, that makes me mad to no end.
 What’ll that do? All they can do is claim it’s unfixable.
Because the devices are in the store and it’s an automated system that notifies people when said product is scanned as delivered in the system. There is no “better” than this. You know there’s a hard launch date.
New Posts  All Forums: