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 All affirmative action laws do this.
Yes. Yes, because no countries have affirmative action laws. Right. 
I’d imagine the legislation that applies to any company.
 The angle is there to save wrists. That’s strange.
 Or, again, you can’t understand what is being said. I don’t know the name of the policy that Airstrip One has in regard to affirmative action, but we have laws regarding forced hiring here.  Oh, you can wipe those. They’re annoying as all get out. Under ‘Preferences’ on your user page:
 Rather think he’s not talking about internal affairs.
Even something as simple as a Metal Gear Solid-style “radar” display with the car in the center and simple block color representations of what’s around you.
Sad face.Or just turn it off, like you can do with every other backlit keyboard Apple makes, and then people who want it get another option.
Then you need to check your privilege.
Know what I want out of an Apple Car if one exists? No blind spots. Apple does work with super-strong glass, right? Well, make an entire RING of glass around the passengers. I love the Tesla X’s cameras-as-side-mirrors idea, too. Cuts out 2’ from the width of the vehicle.
New Posts  All Forums: