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I’m sure that’s part of the reason they abandoned the idea (I heard also that they would have legally had to allow Android, et. al. devices use their bands and that Steve was livid about the idea of wasting Apple’s resources on others). Building out towers (or leasing rights to them) on any sort of global scale would have been nigh impossible. Then there’s always an Apple satellite network, but that’s a minimum 800ms lag and Apple’s love of the user experience would have...
 I recently began wondering what Apple would have been able to do had they created their own wireless network like they initially desired before the iPhone’s launch. They would have had complete control over the protocol and data sent over the air between iPhones. They could have created their own telephony standard, encrypted from the start, and used the massive power of the iPhone to decrypt the data on the fly on each end. They would have been able to offer an...
 Irony’s lost on them, it seems. Why? Never mind that you don’t pay tax on profit, who are you–or any other individual–to say how much taxation is acceptable? Shouldn’t the effort be to lower all taxes to the same percentage, not raise them? Well, as you yourself have said, they already DO. So the answer isn’t to raise them.
 Oh yes, the BBC is state media, isn’t it... But unless I’m mistaken, the shareholders aren’t the people. Almost as though I made no consideration for the complexity of the attempt at hiding. If I really wanted to hide text, I’d do it like I did in this post. Yes, we know you have absolutely no rebuttal whatsoever and cannot even begin to disprove what has been posted. Yay! You don’t get it at all! Just like I already said! Also, you can’t have two accounts.
 Sure thing. Enjoy your delusions. The commies only kept existing thanks to treasonous American lend-lease. End of discussion.  Germans will only be free when they arrest and/or execute Merkel and her associates, which foreign EU elements won’t ever allow happen. The next step will be German states simply refusing to listen to Berlin. I imagine Bavaria’s pseudo-Texan streak will make it first in that regard.
 In what possible universe is that a logical conclusion? You think that lawmakers would draft a bill that says “only Android phones need backdoors”?! What’s worrying is the media narrative that the Playstations used to communicate were “peer to peer”. That’ll be the first to go.
 Uh oh. Better get out your tin foil; the very concept of a “conspiracy” is insane! I’ve never liked deals in criminal trials, but that’s me.  I rather think there’s no debate. The government has no such power, has never had such power, and will never have such power. New technologies coming into existence don’t inherently change the Constitution.
A statement of fact. You have deluded yourself into believing something that has led to genocide. Islam is not a race. I thought you were far more intelligent than that.  The Crusades were defensive campaigns in response to 1. THE GENOCIDE OF CHRISTIANS 2. the theft of Christian land. Some historical events that preceded the First Crusade:AD 632 — Muhammad's death.AD 635 — Christian Damascus fell to invading Muslims.AD 636 — Christian Antioch fell to invading Muslims.AD...
 Almost as though I comprehend the argument more than you do. And? “Because it’s old, it’s wrong/irrelevant”; is that your claim? Hey, nice insults! I’m sure that the BBC boss first posted his comments about his hatred of whiteness on a white supremacy site, sure. That definitely happened. Yep. He said exactly what I said. There’s no excuse for or context within that statement is anything but explicitly racist, save to say, “The BBC is hideously white... the building, that...
 Nice backpedaling. You’re still wrong. The court still ruled correctly. Black Lives Matter is STILL predicated on a lie.  I don’t see how you can say this. *GASP* IT’S THE CURRENT YEAR! THE CURRENT YEEEEEAR!
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