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We’re dealing with paid shills. There’s no concept of reason or logic applicable here. They follow the big M (C, really), and until that runs out, they don’t care.
 Yep.  Yep. But Apple can’t even meet demand for the A9 in the iPhone, so they deferred to the better-selling product and gave the Apple TV what was left. Same will go for the iPad Pro, I imagine. Why no A8X, then, is a matter of the time-honored tradition of Apple not just throwing the best hardware available into any given product.
Could have sworn that Apple had a patent for a keyboard+cover long before Microsoft made the Surface and that Microsoft licensed it to make said product. Edit: YEP. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. And another, it seems, later, which turned more directly into the product they made.
Perhaps he means Creative Suite 5.1 (wasn’t that a “big” update at some point?). Each version of Adobe’s respective products has its own version (based on the existing software at the time of purchase and the changes made thereto since), and so few people actually know the actual version numbers.
Apple has said nothing whatsoever about continuing to stream to the Apple TV from a local library.   Did they remove this feature? I found this icon at 84:19 in the keynote, and I think it might be the “Computers” feature on current Apple TVs.     Any hands-on reviews yet that mention it?
 iPhone 10 will be in 2022. Almost as though your eye can’t tell the difference.
 I bet the Mac won’t see 2021.
Wait, who says?
I’m just confused why it wasn’t Lightning. Remember all the rumors about a landscape second charging port? Lightning carries power both ways; was this new one needed?
So Steve Jobs is a moron, too, huh. I’ve always liked a stylus on an iPad. Never as a primary means of interaction, but loved it for drawing. Two months until these things are in Apple Stores to try out; can’t wait.
New Posts  All Forums: