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 There’s no fight. No legal one, at any rate. Right to privacy trumps “right” to totalitarianism.
 Keep your genocidal delusions to yourself, please. It’s time we understand that Islam itself is an attack on humanity. And so you get pissy and try to shift the focus off this tragedy. Good going!
My understanding was that the article was lambasting the white Christian West for having the gall to care about their own when such and such was happening elsewhere. The author doesn’t seem to comprehend what a war is.
 What’s that? The white, Christian, Western world most strongly relates with events within and directly affecting the white, Christian Western world? Holy cow! What a strange concept! Almost as though literally every group ever responds most fervently to things that affect them directly or something! Close the borders, expel the invaders, shoot anyone that tries to come illegally. Ride out the storm.
 Oh, apologies, then; I came in late and misunderstood.
Except any sane person comprehends that no wrong was done.
Poor little Airstrip Oneers. Gave away their protection and now they’re at the mercy of their parliament.
 Oh, come the **** off it.
 Which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your claims. Try again.
Neat. It’ll be interesting to see them try to go 100% solar from inception.   Meanwhile, Ireland holds a pint to his forehead and closes his eyes…  
New Posts  All Forums: