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 Your post was, at least.
 Who said anything about Blu-ray?
 Instead of accepting his often nonsense opinions are just that, and instead of providing a string of logic to follow in thinking the way he does, the user often demands that others “bet” him on the validity of his statements. The loser is supposed to “ban himself” from this website. It’d be funny if it wasn’t sad.
No, your government did. Why would currencies change in relative value? Gee, I wonder. Then maybe you should have joined the Union like we've been wanting you to for the past 237 years.
 So… separate questions, then.
 7/10; would occasionally be FUD’d by again.
There are in SSD form, however.
I like the new generic “ejectable media” drive icon.
How can there be a combo update for a single release?
 Gee, I wonder if I can change my release dates. Maybe if I had said something regarding that earlier…
New Posts  All Forums: