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 On this topic, Steve should have gotten it not for the success of Apple under his reign but for overseeing one of, if not the, MOST INCREDIBLE COMPANY TURNAROUNDS IN THE HISTORY OF INDUSTRIALIZATION.
 None of which were ever intended for release...
 I have. Mainly torrenting apps, “animated wallpapers”, and “widgets”.
 It’s literally right there in the image. People have held and used it. Its creator acknowledges its existence. Don’t be a moron.
 More to show how the US version is being whitewashed for the purpose of an agenda.
 Particularly with H.265 doing amazing things with the bitrate. Ask your handlers for the updated talking points sheet, please. It’s not 2010 anymore.
Still there, yeah?
It sounds like a death metal tribute band to a certain other group...
Implying Apple was going to build fingerprint sensors into their laptops at all... 
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