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Genetics.Now you know.
Because economic forces haven’t dictated it. Until now. There’s a reason that you’re both hearing about and seeing wholly automated fast food production machines for the first time.It’s not, though; machines literally exist to do it end to end now. Touchscreen ordering devices, a slot for your money, and a slot for the finished food. Boom. Now the only human needed is the repair guy and the driver (self-driving semi) who wheels the individual “food” product into the store...
Here’s the thing. Apple isn’t making a car. Apple just built a car frame to have a secure place to test the 4th gen Apple TV.
Wealth comes from your time and the work you put into it. You “distribute” it to those who work.Exactly. In all the arguments about minimum wage, nearly everyone misses the actual point. Wage increases only increase the cost of everything else and devalue the dollar. Instead of raising minimum wage, raise the purchasing power of a single dollar! It doesn’t matter if you only make $10,000 a year if you’re able to live in comfort on $7,000! Make an individual dollar WORTH...
Hey, FM; are you maybe hitting Reply instead of Quote in the bottom right? Reply does absolutely nothing. I have no idea why it’s there. Quote will grab the text of the post to which you want to reply and give context to your statements. It just seems that you’re replying to specific people but we’re unable to see who it is.
Interesting. I found this analysis of the claimed data being sent, so when I get it installed I’ll use Wireshark (or whatever else) to confirm/deny.
Take some Xanax and watch the world burn, then.The fact that you don’t find this a problem instantly invalidates your hypocritical nonsense and lends credence to the other side.Prove it’s not.Addendum: Yeah, Soli, I don’t like BBCode anymore… It leaves all the “Quote:”s and all the whitespace on.
Why. Their entire occupation can be automated. The job does not need to exist. Better to hire three specialized, educated humans (three shifts) to oversee the workings of a completely automated fast food machine building than to hire dozens of humans who spit in food, screw up orders, etc. The demand for work of greater intelligence increases, moving the human race forward.I’d rather eat at one where the workers don’t sleep, because they don’t need to, because they’re...
Oh, look at that. Windows 10 sends everything you type to Microsoft every 30 minutes. At least, I think that’s what it says here.
 Oh, I don’t care. I only use Windows for the few games I want to play and for the architectural software I’m using during my home remodel. I would rather shut Wi-Fi off (just delete Windows’ knowledge of the installed hardware) and use an unmodified version, but Steam requires an Internet connection. I’ll check out that list of LS equivalents. Thanks, Soli.  Does it? I’ve noticed errors in formatting when people paste in code from other websites without the formatting...
New Posts  All Forums: