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 I don't see how the mass slaughter of innocents because they don't agree with you ≠ terrorist.
I'd prefer they not get it anymore at all.
 It requires the user to be carrying their Xbox One for Internet access. 
Okay. Looks better, then. It's cleaner and smaller.
That's kudos to you.
 Look, this sounds terrible, but whatever gets an nVidia 9xx series chip into a Mac (or a TDP and power-comparable ATI chip) is fine by me. I'll let the Hackintoshers do their thing and I'll get a GeForce 970 for my Mac Pro.
  If it were me and the laws of physics allowed, I'd pick a GPU that cranks the TDP back up to the Haswell model's total overall power draw. Apple, of course, doesn't care about performance, so we'll just get a stupidly (good stupid) efficient laptop with, what... 24 hour battery life? I think the rumors of a fanless one might actually be true. No comment as to the intelligence of the decision, but...  Anyway, we know it would only be the 11" and it would mean that the...
 I don't get why your searches would be sent to Apple at all (since they're not the ones who handle the processing), so I don't like that, but given that Apple doesn't actually do anything with your Spotlight searches what does it matter? Unless they DO handle the processing and there's a custom backend-only "Apple search engine" that exists as a go-between for the user and the Wikipedia/Wolfram|Alpha info that comes up in Spotlight.  I can see it now: Apple has a...
 Kudos for putting faithful in quotes.  And to you.
 Once, only once, in the first month after his death did the executives of Apple hold a seance to contact Steve Jobs. Jony, Phil, Tim, and the rest sat around a Ouija board in the dark and at exactly midnight it began to spell out... “Guys, what did I ~tell~ you to do? Come on, now...”
New Posts  All Forums: