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 Do you honestly not understand how it is at best disingenuous and at worst self-damaging to mock something publicly while building it privately?
 Yes, the niche product that Apple sells alongside their real iPad. Your point is what?
 Contrary to exactly what the rumor says. I think I mentioned that before.  Yes! I think the Apple TV has great potential to host games, as evidenced by the ones that do it right now. It doesn’t have the storage to hold games, nor will it ever. It doesn’t have the processing to play games, nor does it need it. Stream the output video from the iDevice in your hand, controlling what you see on screen. Not that hard to get, people. “But latency…”Doesn’t matter. The platform...
 Talk about delusion.
 Still not sure if you actually think there’s more than one form of control.
 I fail to see how jailbreaking counts here. That’s a joke, right?
 AH, see, there. Thanks for the clarification. Apple’s solution is wholly capacitive. It’ll be interesting to see someone else show a demo of capacitance differences to compare (because Apple wouldn’t demo it, they’d release it).
 But we’re not taking that comparison. Because we’re not talking about Microsoft in this regard. We’re talking about Google/BlackBerry in this regard.  Sure thing¡ 1. Because they did.2. Because “not ditching command line” DOES NOT EQUAL “must insult GUI”. That’s nowhere near the only other option. He said that Microsoft insulted the GUI while building their own. You claimed otherwise. You were wrong. No, he said nothing of the sort.
They’ll announce the discontinuation of their hardware lines by June.
New Posts  All Forums: