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 Are you making a point or do you actually believe this?
Anything that still uses inflatable wheels isn’t really the sort of innovation for which Apple would go.
 The plan works out either way; either sending it to space is a valid option or the current storage solutions are safe enough that we can keep using them and people can stop whining. Makes me no never mind.
Prove yours.
Your reasoning is what, exactly?
Repeatedly disproven.
Could you answer again, this time without a strawman? Well, the topic of discussion was just 2014, so hey, how about that.
 Sorry, why do you get to impose arbitrary restrictions? Truth is truth no matter who says it.  Just to clarify: you believe the Earth was created in 1978. And I thought Young Earthers were crazy; you’re an Zygote Earther!
 I thought that was wrong, seems I was right. 
 Reagan suspended some kid at some school?
New Posts  All Forums: