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 Who says? Why would it?
Literally right there. Top bar. store.apple.com
 Viewing it in the browser or viewing it in iTunes? 480, 720, and 1080 are up in the Apple Keynotes podcast.
Well… yeah. It’s not live anymore. I can’t imagine you’d be able to.
 Of course there will be. Data prices would be legally known as extortion in any other industry. People won’t accept it.
You’re welcome for inventing the system by which you can whine about how bad we are, by the way.
 Because their processors are literally the only thing worth using.
 So is he doing anything illegal? So is Apple doing anything illegal? So are either of them doing anything illegal?It’s ALMOST as though the point of a company is to make money. 
Too many people want the iPhone? Apple is obviously doomed.
 You’re wrong.  I figure, given everything we know about the industry.
New Posts  All Forums: