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Benjamin, say ‘beer can’.   Now, one of our Jamaican users, say ‘bacon’.
 So? Either S or K, depending on the pronunciation. Kookies, osean, thrise, kar.
 Site. Same phonemes.  Aha! CH, on the other hand, is its own phoneme. If you take away the H effect, you get an S sound. May as well turn ch into its own letter. With its variety of use being greater than the rest of the consonants, C could also just be made a vowel. Oh, speaking of English. Ghoughpteighbteau is pronounced ‘potato’.
Yes. And at 120, and at 130, and at 140. We’ll have at least a partial treatment for the degradation of telomere within my lifetime. I don’t plan to die of anything save for old age, but I want that to be old age.
 Or, instead, if you make an argument, be prepared to back it up. Show me how the margins changed between the time they were selling all plastic phones, the time they sold all metal phones, and the time they’re selling a mix. Or you could just answer my questions. You’re acting like a complete idiot would act; “betting” people when you have no argument.
 Not if you’re paying attention. No, you’re the third. I vaguely remember mentioning when I gave it to him that if it led to a rash of misunderstandings I’d drop it, but in... what, two years? one year? there haven’t been enough of those to be worth it.
 It’s the right phoneme. C is completely redundant in modern English. There aren’t any instances of the letter where replacing it with S or K wouldn’t result in the same sound.
 How many times do we have to tell you that you’re lying before you’re banned for trolling?  I’m guessing 14 more.
 How about you just answer the questions. Your evidence of this is what, exactly? Complete lies. The sales numbers have always been roughly 50% for the new model and 25% split for the older ones. 1. No. 2. What “mistake”? Again, complete lies.
So where’s the new casing? What’s your justification for them selling the 5S for four months and then dropping it for a “new” phone? I’ll agree to the above sentence. Seems like a lock for me. Note that I’m doing nothing with that quote that a court doesn’t find perfectly fine. Yeah, they sure had a problem with it when selling the 4 and 4S, huh¡
New Posts  All Forums: