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Even something as simple as a Metal Gear Solid-style “radar” display with the car in the center and simple block color representations of what’s around you.
Sad face.Or just turn it off, like you can do with every other backlit keyboard Apple makes, and then people who want it get another option.
Then you need to check your privilege.
Know what I want out of an Apple Car if one exists? No blind spots. Apple does work with super-strong glass, right? Well, make an entire RING of glass around the passengers. I love the Tesla X’s cameras-as-side-mirrors idea, too. Cuts out 2’ from the width of the vehicle.
The idea there would be an extra free seat in a cab, meaning more money per.
An inductive mousepad so that it never loses charge!…Just release OS XI already!
So you just buy a new laptop battery every time it runs down?
No MacBook ever had FireWire 800, either; that’s not what the MacBook is designed to be.And the fact that Thunderbolt 3 uses USB-C, we should see TB on the next one.
Please, Apple, use a MagSafe 2 (or Lightning) so that we can charge while we use them/use them wired if we like. If you do that, I’ll buy another Magic Trackpad despite my current one working perfectly well. And could you make a full size wireless keyboard again? I’m never buying a wireless keyboard otherwise.
When you have actual proof of your claims, feel free to post it. Until then, enjoy the laughter at your expense.And then never went back, which will be recorded by historians as the single greatest failure in human history from 1972-203x.
New Posts  All Forums: