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 I like that wording a lot. 
 I actually prefer the ‘Edward Fingerhands’ bit. Sounds terrifying.
 Still, a proper rocket can do that better. Space X’s plan for the Mars Crew Transporter in the late 2020s is up to 100 people at a time. AND THEY’LL DO IT. BECAUSE MUSK IS DELICIOUSLY INSANE. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Seriously, Apple needs to get in bed with him as soon as possible. First by writing custom software for the Tesla vehicle lineup and then by backing a source of income that will make the company trillionaires. With all the money anyone could ever need or want on...
That’s the idea. They’re going to put it in orbit around the Moon and then send guys up there to measure composition and get a feel for what’s where in them so that we know where to shoot our mining equipment in the 2020s. If you missed the good part of that, I’ll pull it out: WE’RE SENDING PEOPLE TO THE MOON TO NOT LAND ON IT. Waste of resources. But man, that view. Anyway, people on Mars by 2025 is the only acceptable goal.
That sounds wrong. Fundamentally so.
 I’m quite bothered that our space program would do anything whatsoever but engender interest in space and work to expand human presence there. We have other agencies to manage Earth-based crap.  All right, now I have to work ‘apoapsis’ into a joke somehow.
 Of course not, nor did I say so. The concern is expressed in his ‘excitement’ at the fabricated desire. Had you read the post, you would have seen this. Excitement implies expectation, specifically raised. When the nonexistent is not released, said artificially raised expectation will be removed, reflecting poorly on Apple vis a vis its “users’” desires. Almost every time you reply to me, it seems. Your posts in response thereto could not have been written in the way they...
 ’Sup, no one. Reading the posts I write tends to help with comprehension of them.  You could, but you’d be wrong. Wouldn’t I not be complaining about pocket size if I was a marsupial? 
 I recon funds are being vacuumed away from space out of fear.
 Decent cherrypicking, but if I was trying to make that point, I wouldn’t have chosen images in which the user shows a lack of comprehension. 
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