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Were they self-evident, people would find them self-evident. Or even relevant. Do you have data relevant to the argument to suggest the argument is false? Bet I had a childhood fixation with the sinking of the Titanic and the myriad stories (real or otherwise) regarding it. The point remains that you haven’t refuted anything stated here.
Good for you. That’s completely and utterly irrelevant to the discussion at hand. If you cannot argue the point, don’t post at all. Please learn how to read.  Please learn how to read. Thank you, however, for validating that you are exactly as irrelevantly persnickety as I hoped you were better than being. So do you have evidence to the contrary? You would post that instead of what you already have, then. Omar Khayyam would be ashamed.
Buying before the quarterly to dump right after. We all know it ought to be about twice as high, but hey.
I just want simple automated hardware with an 802.11 chip in it. Make it run on Wi-Fi–something we know will still be around for a very long time.
 No one. Inductive charging is worthless, a single port is worthless, and USB isn’t that great a format.
I mean, I’m totally fine with dropping USB A completely for USB C. Smaller port, reversible, etc.   But geez, ports ports ports. Let’s just get on a WEIRD and end this madness once and for all.   That’s Wireless Extensible Interface: Robust… Data… or something.   Like Wi-Fi but for a single device and like Bluetooth but actually good and with a decent amount of bandwidth.   Or, heck, just give Bluetooth 5 the bandwidth to make not using it nonsense. 
So stop whining and work to make your economy better. Or get on the ‘join the Union’ bandwagon for which some of your peers petition. We’d LOVE to have you. Either way, keep the FUD to yourself.
How do Apple’s USB 3 ports not support USB 1 or 2? Or am I misunderstanding.
  Other way around.
Why perpetuate incompatibility?
New Posts  All Forums: