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 You’re in favor of something that will irrevocably prevent this from happening at any time in the future barring a government collapse. I think I’ll stick with my take, since I want a la carte TV at some time between the very near future and my death.
 And your evidence that this can be fixed by a government reclassification thereof is what, exactly?
Not if it’s a touchscreen.
 Well, this thread resolved itself quickly. Enjoy your AppleWorks files!
 You’re not wrong. At least for silicon.
I should hope so.
Good. Now let’s get a dedicated sales team for education. Get ‘em when they’re children and they’ll be Apple for life.
 Ah, well... Charging it daily because it’s physically too small and power intensive for a longer battery. Geez, we really need a breakthrough in battery tech.
 It’s more accurate.
 Except he’s not shy about saying ‘hobby’ in regard to a product, so no.
New Posts  All Forums: