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 I’m more curious when disagreement began to equal hate began to equal fear.
“Time didn’t give it to you? Well, Times did. See, that’s plural, so it’s better!”   That’s all I have, folks.
 4870, and of course the 5XXX series is the earliest supported by Windows 8 (and since 10 is literally nothing but 8 with some crap changes made...). I’m getting a GTX 970, so I should be set for the next 5-7 years. As far out as I can plan, this Mac Pro ought to serve my needs until I’m dead. It better; I can’t afford anything newer.  I sure hope that Apple does what I’ve been imagining and offers a bunch of new changes to the Mac Pro line when the second model is...
 They’re both garbage. 10 more than 8. I’m buying a new graphics card because neither supports mine anymore, despite there being absolutely nothing whatsoever preventing such support and absolutely no way of forcing that support. I don’t understand why OS X is seen as the OS that restricts the user from making changes, because Windows fundamentally cannot do things that are literally a .plist away in OS X.
 They’re an... acceptable requirement to play certain video games. I can’t under any circumstances accept that they are ‘fine’ for work into any facet of business, nor for any other consumer use.
 I’ve never been able to understand this concept. I’ve never wanted to buy anything under the whim of emotion. Having said that, not ten minutes ago I learned of the existence of 8TB 3.5” HDDs. Neat. I’m not going to buy any more drives until SSDs are larger (and more affordable) than the 2TB HDDs I already have, though. Geezaloo, I wish they’d hurry that up. There’s no reason we should have to worry about being limited by the amount of storage we have. It’s (close enough...
Yay! Apps based on the completely hideous and unusable garbage built into Windows 8/10! Wait...
 I say let ‘em. If they want to collapse their own system again, that’s fine by me. If they expect to be (questionably legally) saved from bankruptcy again, we’ll laugh all the way to the... well, you know.
 Because people are stupid and the threads that belong in PO never get put there.
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