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 Wait, that’s not how…
 “‘They don’t.’ End of assessment.” 
Lovely. Great to know for purchasing a new iPhone.
 Well, no. Expansion faster than c means the radius is ~45 billion light years.  Right, it’s a ghoti.
 No, you know what, though? I just had a thought. Compare this to Nest. What’s the difference? Intention, I guess. Nest whored themselves out to Google for money and that’s bad, because of Google’s behavior. But Square not accepting an Apple buy is bad.
 Question: Thunderbolt 2 doesn’t? I don’t remember offhand about Thunderbolt 3, but then again Intel hasn’t published much on that.  How? The 30” Cinema Display was the first of its kind. The retina MacBook Pro was the first of its kind. I don’t remember about the panel in the first PowerBook, but the 1920x1200 17” wasn’t used anywhere. The 30” Cinema Display debuted at $3,299, remember. Your guess sounds about right. See, there you go. Problem solved.
 I hoped for it months ago but yeah, I noticed it a few days ago. Notice also that the phone DOES NOT PLAY BACK H.265. It simply uses it for FaceTime between iPhone 6 models (reverting to H.264 for older ones and Macs). But since it CAN do H.265, that tells me that playback is simply waiting for 1. an update to iTunes to support it on the phone2. an update to iTunes to support it on Macs3. corresponding H.265 files from Apple in the iTunes Store ​So be on the lookout...
 Is that confirmed? 
 Why, because Apple isn’t in control of where roads are built?
Yeah, that’s the opposite of what we’ve been seeing.
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