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As in the situation with EVERY OTHER governmental problem we face, the law already exists. It was on the books before all other laws. It’s just not being ENFORCED. That’s the problem. Laws existed to prevent ISPs from forming local monopolies. They weren’t enforced. So now handing the Internet to the FCC will fix things?Laws existed to prevent and deal with illegal immigration. They weren’t enforced. So now absolving the illegals of their crimes will fix things?  HERE’S...
That would be sexist, of course. Seems that some groups have their own words that only they can call each other.    You don’t even remotely begin to see. To take the metaphor to its logical extreme, I question whether you even have eyes. The Fourth Amendment invalidates your meaningless diatribe on what the powers of the branches of government are. What was your response? To continue to not actually answer or rebut anyone’s statements and just post the same thing again,...
Do women refer to each others’ ‘racks’ in that way?
 You see, the government has a set number of powers–things that they can legally do. These are written down explicitly in the Constitution. But the government has been increasing their number of powers without the consent of those they govern. They have also been ignoring the law and doing things they cannot legally do. That better? Can you give me a direct link? Thread’s moving pretty quickly.
 Because it isn’t an answer, as I literally just said. And he is, as shown by the law. It’s remarkable that you think anyone involved in this has that opinion, given that no one has stated as such.
Make any argument whatsoever and then we’ll asses its validity. Again, you’re not even responding to what people are saying. You’re just rattling off what a textbook would say about the working of the government.
 Why not stop rattling off textbook answers and actually respond to what anyone is saying? Can we expect you to do that, or would that be a foregone conclusion?
Problem is it’s not the form that is destructive, but the (lack of) execution thereof.
Obviously this is in no way the case, but you couldn’t care less about fact or reason.
Except we already know their purpose for any crack.
New Posts  All Forums: