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Wait, who says?
I’m just confused why it wasn’t Lightning. Remember all the rumors about a landscape second charging port? Lightning carries power both ways; was this new one needed?
So Steve Jobs is a moron, too, huh. I’ve always liked a stylus on an iPad. Never as a primary means of interaction, but loved it for drawing. Two months until these things are in Apple Stores to try out; can’t wait.
store.apple.com doesn’t exist anymore. How are we supposed to browse things? And I guess they just won’t sell third party anything anymore?
Apple TV has its own menu on the Apple website now. No more hobby.
Apple’s product pages are up. You have to get to them manually.   I’m just going to sit and watch this sexy thing float past.   The image itself is 4096x2048, which is impressive. Probably for showing off on retina machines.
Apple’s respective product pages are up already, you just have to navigate to them manually.
 That’s harvest time for hard-ons; his will be reaped in October.
NEW DOCKS AT THE PRODUCT’S LAUNCH.   Apple finally re-recognizes that people want docks. Glad I held off on one for my 6. I’ll just get a matching finish one now!   And no 6C, because people were actually still deluded into thinking there would be a 6C after there was no 5SC.
New Posts  All Forums: