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 … What?  Who’s talking about science? What does science have to do with anything? You know what’s great about the TRUTH? The fact that it’s true even if someone claims “science” and manages to cock-up (or purposely falsify) data. And no, I’m not making any statement whatsoever as to their methods nor the reliability thereof. My statement was made as to the general untrustworthiness of the name, legitimate testing in this instance or no.
I imagine the first-gen iPad Pro will be 1.5 lbs, like the original first-gen.
I think that’s just exactly what you’ve typed so far, meaning if you plan to hit space for the next word and another suggestion is offered, you can hit that instead to have it not replace.
 Yeah, you’ve done absolutely nothing whatsoever to prove anything you’ve said.
 Adding one more to this list: On Apple.com after the announcement of… geez, it was Leopard, I think…. there was a feature regarding Boot Camp that was the precursor for the modern state restoration in OS X. The website said that “When you reboot to OS X, all your applications will be open just as you left them before”. It was taken down within about an hour of being put up (because Apple clearly didn’t have it finalized and decided against it), and while it’s part of OS X...
 Don’t care. Even a dead squirrel can point north occasionally. Or however that goes.
 And with a monthly cap of 150 gigabytes and throttling on individual websites, they’re the most evil company in the industry.  Need? I want it. I can create a need once I have it.
 Yeah, immediately ignored. Try again with a real argument.
 The same reason they’re fixing 9 units of iPhone 6 Plus out of warranty: to shut up idiots. The same reason they ceased to be reported with the iPhone 4 a month after launch: they weren’t happening as a result of the product. lol.
 Ah geez, I thought we were over this phrase… 
New Posts  All Forums: