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 Speak for yourself. I use Safari 5 exclusively when I’m booted into Windows. In what way? Enjoy your delusions! It’s the best browser for the OS. Spartan is a joke. Enjoy your malware. Because even without support or updates or active work, it’s still the best browser available. Kind of embarrassing to Windows that it’s now known as the OS that doesn’t retain support for things while OS X is. Eight year old hardware can run the newest software, but Windows is dropping...
A long read, but I think it’d serve well. And yes, I understand the original purpose of the story.
They exacerbate a mental illness. That dangerous enough?
Sounds like the stupidest thing you could be doing. Unless you don’t value your data, that is.
 I’d love to know your reasoning for thinking Apple will be moving entirely and solely to the cloud, all the way down to the creation and storage of content. But I know you don’t have one. I imagine there’ll be an iWork update of some sort before September.
Don’t repeat lies as fact, particularly bad ones. I’d love ‘em to make their own “console”, but let’s have the Apple TV actually do what it was initially envisioned to do first.
 “Never” meaning “haven’t yet”. There’s no reason to update until Thunderbolt 3 allows DisplayPort 1.3 (it’s 1.3, right?) support, which will allow them to make a standalone 5K Thunderbolt Display. Updating now would just be the same panel in a thinner shell. As hot as the Cinema Display (and, I assume, Thunderbolt Display) get, that seems silly. I hope the 5K Thunderbolt Display (and iMac) don’t suffer from the screen burning (not burn in, burning) that the previous two...
 But Thunderbolt isn’t DisplayPort. If it worked like that, you could plug a Thunderbolt Display into an older Mac Pro and have it work, just without Ethernet, FireWire, and Thunderbolt daisy-chaining capabilities. Do we know if the MacBook even supports Thunderbolt hardware?
Give me a 13” iPad with a build of iOS specifically designed to begin bridging the gap between old iOS and the functionality of OS X.   Start paving the way to OS XI on the desktop.
I hope to get a full size backlit Bluetooth keyboard out of Apple with a USB C port on it so that we can alternately charge Apple batteries or use it wirelessly.   But that’s too useful and desirous for them to ever make.
New Posts  All Forums: