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Ha! Ten seconds pipped. 
 I think that would come with the universal switchover to USB-C on the Mac line. Why the new iMac didn’t even include ONE is completely baffling. EDIT: Wait, no it isn’t. Because even the new iMacs don’t use the chipset that includes Thunderbolt 3, right? So since they can’t have the dual purpose Thunderbolt 3/USB C ports, Apple went without it. Never mind. That’s just ol’ wrinkly up there killing off its neurons again.
Obviously not happening. The iPad Pro got a Lightning port. Why would you even say that?
 You’ll want to try that again. How about indulging me just once “more” and refuting what I posted above that literally no one addressed?
 Every country has illegal sexual slaves. Every country has legal usury debt slaves. Some countries have illegal chattel slavery. There is no legal slavery in the United States.
I’m literally presenting data straight from the source and you have no refutation to it whatsoever. Anyone who reads the thread can see that you’re lying. Either refute the information I’ve presented or your point is conceded. Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. You claimed that NASA was not tampering with collected data. I have provided evidence that it has. Either this data is false (which, if the case, you should be able to quite handily prove) or your...
 Great argument¡ You lose by concession. Either disprove the data, correct the methods used to obtain it, or your entire point is invalidated.  I remember another anecdote earlier in the thread (or another; I can’t remember anything anymore) about California and smog, presented as though it’s evidence of anything on the topic of the thread. It’s not.
 There is no consensus. And yet that’s exactly what has happened. Except there’s decades of proof for it.     Never mind that before the early 1980s, NASA repeatedly reported that there’s no greenhouse effect from CO2 beyond a certain amount, whether environmental or manmade.  That’s not how it works. You were given proof. Acknowledge it. Refer to the very first post I made in this thread. ENVIRONMENTALISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING I’m an...
I don’t see why they couldn’t, dummy. See? Just code “, dummy.” at the end of every regular sentence and you’re already on your way to hooking the less perceptive people. Even if it’s at the end of every sentence, the people who will notice this “childish behavior” will have their ire raised. Shake it up with more creative insults and a less frequent occurrence and it will seem real, idiot.  A lot of people are pretty easy. That’s almost as scary as the existence of the...
Well, paid shills and bots. Governments, corporations, etc. The number of commenting systems (and consequently the number of backend code bases) is shrinking. All the easier to write bots.
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