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 Some moron gets it in his head to use AVI or MKV this side of 2005, you have to convert it.  
 You know, on some websites, you get warned for making a post like that. Point for point rebuttals of what people say are a no-no.
 So sell it for $19.99 and make money. Simple. They won’t think that way when they’re bankrupted by Apple.
 No, no one at Apple should EVER say this. What does that matter if they ignore it when they receive it? And given that Apple always proves them wrong, shouldn’t they have learned by now not to do that? It’s their fault and theirs alone. Why? Who cares? What would it have done for them? But they never said that. How can Apple magically build more factories for technology that physically cannot be created any more quickly?
 Forget that. Real computer owners! Where graphics don’t have to be mercilessly stripped to meet pathetic hardware quotas. If you made a computer game that could only be played at 720p today, you’d be laughed at and spat upon. But it’s par for the course, even for the newest consoles. Guess I’ll just wait for the The Last Of Us film.
Meanwhile, FUD production is at its highest level in years.
And in before people whining about how Tim Cook shouldn’t have been the one to narrate this video, much less CEO.
 Yep. That’s sure a valid concern. But Nintendo has moved TO backward compatibility, not away from it. All but the newest Wii (and the Wii Mini or whatever they called that idiotic idea) had GameCube compatibility (using the COOLEST slot load ODD ever), the GBA (except for the GBA Micro, which proves that a larger iPhone is idiotic) had GameBoy/Color compatibility, the Nintendo DS (except for the DSi) have GBA compatibility, and the 3DS and 2DS (is… is Nintendo getting...
 I use it to bring morons’ video files into the 21st century. AVI? MKV? Nonsense!
 Isn’t this redundant? The US always uses 120 outlets! I guess Europe has to wait for Apple to renewify its 240 outlets.Yes, this is my sense of humor. No, I will not apologize for it.
New Posts  All Forums: