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0/10; go troll on MacRumors.
So you’re a masochist?
Oh. Yeah, I knew that. I ran into it when restoring 10.10.1 to my laptop to see if that would fix the Wi-Fi problem that popped up for four days and went away immediately after (it didn’t fix it; it went away on its own).   I figured it was iCloud saving every single URL, given that it has to sync it all between all your devices. But it’s local? Okay. Of course iCloud DOES save all your URLs, but to know it’s local is… I dunno, what? It’s annoying if you ever have to...
That’s a bright spot, certainly.
Well, time to burn it all down and salt the Earth. iOS bug fix timeframes will take a nosedive now that John Q. Moron will be flooding the reports with non-bugs.
And he’s off on one of his classic tirades based on absolutely nothing.
  And other posts from his own Twitter account.
Greece… Spain… Italy… one million Libyan refugees that the Mediterranean countries will be legally forced to take in… Britain potentially leaving… 
 This is different. I don’t see an empty battery bar shaped like an Apple Bluetooth Headset on my iPhone when I don’t own one (though I still want to). I shouldn’t have an utterly worthless app on my iPhone when I have no interest in owning an Apple Watch.
I can’t believe it’s not Apple!™
New Posts  All Forums: