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Or, you know, they could put an autostereoscopic LCD panel in it like the Nintendo 3DS and NOT BUILD A PHONE THAT IS RECORDING YOU THE ENTIRE TIME YOU USE IT.
 Okay. So let’s remove all the plants from that ecosystem. How long does it last?
Can we just not have threads like this?
 I’m bothered by how much sense this makes.
 Oh boy. Here we go.
 iMac uses desktop chips now while the Mini still uses laptop ones. Unless you mean ‘your’ as in actually his, in which case yes. 
 Because if you can’t comprehend after 18 years of Apple explicitly refusing to make the product you want that they will never make the product you want, you don’t deserve yet another explanation for why no one cares anymore.
 So… there will be a button on the Apple TV that you have to stand up and press to activate the motion controls? Ah, yes, the “always listening” microphone idea. That’s sure not horrible… Now you’re giving away the features of the S TV… 
 We’ll need H.265 for that.
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