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Apple’s servers. Also locally if you’ve created the file there separately. Whoever your local laws say owns it. In the US, you’re normally the owner of what you create. 1. This will never happen.2. You’ll be able to get your local copy of the file. 99.xx%. It’s not enterprise grade, but it’s close; I dunno what the decimals are.  There is no “public” cloud.
Free with accurate autocorrect? Keep using the regular keyboard and don’t let a third party keylog you.
Yes, they purposely made faulty products so that no one would have a phone¡ I’m certain you’ve already gotten a free replacement.
Free to recent Mac purchasers only.
 I can imagine people making up failure rates.
Physically impossible. They literally cannot produce one right now. Be patient. You waited for the Mac Pro; you’re used to it.
Okay. We don’t care. Enjoy your garbage.
Just keep your FUD to yourself, please.
Because they haven’t?
Why not just wait until Monday?
New Posts  All Forums: