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 Oh, I don’t care. I only use Windows for the few games I want to play and for the architectural software I’m using during my home remodel. I would rather shut Wi-Fi off (just delete Windows’ knowledge of the installed hardware) and use an unmodified version, but Steam requires an Internet connection. I’ll check out that list of LS equivalents. Thanks, Soli.  Does it? I’ve noticed errors in formatting when people paste in code from other websites without the formatting...
I knew this was still happening already because I watched my network traffic with all the settings turned off and saw continued pings in that direction. Never mind that Microsoft turns them back on after every update, anyway. It’s like what Apple does with Bluetooth after every iOS update! Except instead of draining your battery, it steals your info.    So I have a few questions.   1. Isn’t there something like Little Snitch for Windows that we could use to just block...
 I think the problem is that Windows 10 (and 8) don’t officially support the Radeon 4xxx series (and maybe 5xxx), so Apple would have to write their own driver. And that’s work, so they’re against it.
 Huh. Sometimes I feel that my partition only copies at ATA speeds, but I’ve a fully 64-bit machine. Frigging Windows. The performance of 7, 8, 10 (and everything, really) is so laughably anemic that it boggles the mind that 80% of the planet operates on this garbage.  I’ve been able to manually add drivers post-install. Not without problems, of course, but those are probably on me. I did something out of order once and my current Windows 10 install doesn’t recognize the...
When the Fed raises rates to combat the devaluation, that fails, and QE4 is announced, all of it will be Apple’s fault.
 No, they completely redesigned a computer to be the most impressive compaction of technology to date just to never ever update it.Because Intel hasn’t made any new chips. Hear hear. Yep. I suppose you could use a directly-connected NAS over Ethernet, but what was wrong with internal storage?
Wait, they’re just sending them out? Without even requiring a sign up to prove purchase? Huh. Proactive shipment plus not telling us what the part is makes me a little worried that it might be related to the PSU… and fires. Of course I’ve not heard of any happening, but still. The Mac Pro uses TB2. Its update will be using TB3. No more so than the workstation market beforehand. I love my Mac Pro and wouldn’t swap it for a cylinder. My GPU just died, but I have the option...
I’m of the same view, but I’m a bleeding edge guy. And Apple’s sales numbers YoY (well, year after year) show that 50% of purchases are always the new model with roughly 25% for each of the others. That’s not enough? It proves there’s minimal cannibalization. And you know already but I’ll say it again for others, Apple has even stated it prefers its cannibalization to be done by its own products.
What sort of idiocy is this, given that this is exactly what Apple has done for the last five or six years.
 Okay, uh…1. Sure thing. /s2. Sure thing (not sarcasm). Tyrants have no place in a free society. Guess what you’re trying to be. And you’re sicker still if you think that anyone is going to take your fallacies seriously. Get back to the topic of why you have any right whatsoever to steal guns, please.
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