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 Or, you know, like EVERY SINGLE OTHER OBJECT IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE would.  No, no, no. Apple has invented genies. You’ll be able to wish anything and RECEIVE it. Additional wishes $1.29 in the iWish store.  You realize what you’re saying, right? If the media was sitting in the theater waiting for the Samsung announcement to start and they all got notifications on their iPhones that Apple was announcing something in 15 minutes, there would be such panic for the exits that...
 Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? 
 It’s a rumor website.
Tips for new users.
 Both English and comprehension aren’t your strong suit.
Articles and pronouns seem to be giving you the slip today.
That’s what he’s saying. No mouse.
 You’re joking, right? 
  Oh, you weren’t being patriotic...
 Yeah, see, I think I’ll block all imports of cabbage if only a “small part” of them was found to have been purposefully injected with the hantavirus.  No. If she is to be disbarred or otherwise removed from this case, it should be on legal or otherwise truthful grounds.
New Posts  All Forums: