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 “Hey, babe, wanna shuffle? Oh, come on! It’s orange!”
I can’t see Gizmodo caring, but everyone should at least realize it. Whether there are enough journalists with the morality left to report on such things is another question.
 That’s more a papist thing, innit? Not to say they’re not Christians, but the idea behind a crusade isn’t Christian. It’d be a Pope calling a crusade. What’s interesting is what sort of action would have to happen to get a modern Pope to do so…
 I completely understand (and generally agree with) both of these statements. However, that brings up the question of whether CES has (or should have) the authority to proactively police and/or enforce intellectual property law/patent, trademark, etc. Not to say this isn’t a question that should be brought up, just that it would be brought up.
 The French. Originally Posted by Trillot  Do you question its existence because of stupidity or because of French improbability? Either way, here’s the link.  Apologies. I meant to say that you don’t see any so-called “moderate” Muslim leaders or individuals denouncing these actions (or those of the caliphate in the Middle East, etc.) because to do so would be to go against the Quran, as the Quran says to explicitly do the things the “extremists” are doing. There are...
 Ah, what did I recently read… It’s now illegal in Paris for native white Frenchmen (or whatever color of Frenchman; real French is the point) to move into poor immigrant neighborhoods and improve the QoL and property. Gentrification is illegal now, citing “racism”, in short.
I wonder if the next iteration (should there even be one) will use Lightning and forgo the headphone jack. Sure, it’ll come with a microscopic Lighting-3.5mm dongle, but smaller smaller smaller!   I use my 2nd gen as a tie clip. 
 I’d say this is over the line, but at least you could confidently repay them the cost of it, given that it would be an order of magnitude lower than that of a real product. 
Sue them into prison.
 I would guess that because doing so would go against the Quran, as said people were acting in accordance with it.
New Posts  All Forums: