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 Does this package cover tethering or just data to your phone? Then stop paying for the Internet. Sounds like a pretty simple solution.That’s the intent, I’d think. Don’t violate your contract. Sounds like you should pay for tethering instead of trying to breach your contract. So, again, stop paying for that package. Bye. Neither they nor we would care, I think. Learn how to read a contract.
 Good for them. They were wrong. Just like everyone was wrong about the iPhone. Microsoft simultaneously stealing Mac OS privately while insulting it publicly is still hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter that fluorescent colored clothing was popular at the time. Because you were wrong. How is that not evident to you when we’re five posts into this nonsense?!
 Uh… yeah, they were. It’s called hypocrisy. Like what Samsung is doing right now.
 The iPhone sure lets you use a mouse in addition to the touchscreen…  
 In what way? He wasn’t wrong, and your post didn’t correct him.
 Hmm. The demos I’m seeing aren’t showing or acknowledging that. It seems like if it was the case that it wouldn’t be wholly capacitive in nature, since traditional Wacom tech only accepts input from their styluses.
 I’m not angry enough right now. How much do you pay monthly for this?
 I guess that’s why my GPU was recognized in Windows 7 but cannot be seen regardless of what I do in Windows 8. I wish EVERYONE ELSE with Apple products could have these nice new Windows 8 drivers. Maybe that would fix my problem.
 You lose a ton of hardware features on the architectural level moving from X86 to ARM right now. Never mind Thunderbolt. Apple still only has so much power, even when building their own chips.
 I fail to see how your statement is relevant.
New Posts  All Forums: