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 You can certainly have pages scroll with (and/or down to) new content, but your point about text size is interesting; I’ve never seen it implemented on sites without fixed formatting. Oh, what about a text input field in a floating element? Have the input field float on top of the rest of the page content and scroll up and down the page with the user? That would do it. Make it possible to hide the box, of course.People who don’t know people shouldn’t tell them what they...
 It would be interesting to see a third party watch strap designed to plug into this Lightning port and be used as an external battery.
 Okay, and? Except it’s not. Go buy a different laptop in Apple’s lineup. The MacBook isn’t designed for this use. “The Mac Mini is hampered by its lack of workstation processors and graphics cards,” is a sentence that no one who cares about fact or reason would say. So don’t buy it or the laptop for which it’s designed that doesn’t require it. There; it’s no longer forced. No argument there, but to suggest that it’s not a usable device is nonsense.  There are only two...
Wouldn’t the truths only be uncomfortable for those who don’t believe they’re different? If you believe there are differences, the facts would only strengthen your position.
Are these actual words that an actual human being believes?
This comment is just as uninformed as those regarding MagSafe Lightning ports. The product is too light for the magnet to be useful. Either the magnet is as strong as it is now and the weight of the product isn’t enough to keep it in place when someone trips or the magnet is made weaker and doesn’t perform its duty as it would be designed.
 I’m sorry, do you actually believe this?
Except that isn’t even remotely close to being the case. They do. It has been. To the detriment of everyone else. Aww, that’s cute.  
 When you’re willing to actually respond to the argument, let us know. Read the brief on what they were discovered to be doing. Read the Fourth Amendment. It’s a pretty simple concept. Intent is meaningless, by the way. You may not have intended to knock down a water tower when your gun misfired, but you still broke the law. That’s mind-numbingly delusional nonsense and you know it, since you’re obviously intelligent enough to continue posting while explicitly avoiding...
New Posts  All Forums: