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 It’s a new world now. Traditional values are bigoted and morality is evil.
 The next time Tim offers a lunch, he’ll be the one to cook it. And then Craig auctions off spending a week with him just playing pranks, skydiving, and generally appearing not to do any work at all. Then Jony slides in with an auction to go with him to Taco Bell at 3 AM and sit in complete silence until 5, not ordering anything, before being taken to an aluminium processing plant where Jony will personally hand-cut you a rounded cube of anodized aluminum.
 I don’t know that that’s not a bad idea, actually. It could go either way; iPad nano or iPod touch. By purposely positioning the “phablet” device as ONLY a tablet, Apple would simultaneously breathe new life into the iPod touch (and create a home gaming/automation platform) and give six million upthrust middle fingers to the Android ecosystem (is a spent fuel rod waste repository really an ecosystem?) as to the very concept of a phone+tablet.  Yes. THAT’S what I’m talking...
“Renewed” by what, idiots? What “warning signs”? What “newfound confidence”? Nothing has changed, you pathetic hacks.
 Whichever will net me, personally, the most money, either from my handlers for shorting or from selling stock. Higher.
 Pssh. Says you. I got punched in the face last week and it only cost me $4.95!
 You don’t mean it, but that’s a pretty good insult as to the proportions of her size of her measurements, after all. So I’ll take it. She deserves it.
Apple will sell 500,000,000 iTV on the first day.   There. Now tank the stock when I’m wrong.   Oh, and pay me $80,000 a year. These analyses don’t come cheap, you know.
 Yeah, but there’s wanting and there’s expecting.
 Ah, even less in his favor.  Average is 5’10”? Guess that’s what happens when morons work to make it “acceptable” to be as fat as you want.
New Posts  All Forums: