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It isn’t normal use to BEND YOUR PHONE.
Gotta learn what /s means.
 Mmm… except we know they’ve shared in the past.
 No, not in the slightest. It’s accidental damage, which is a paid repair.
 Even if it was all of them, it would be statistically insignificant. They’re bent when outside proper use case. “I ran over my iPhone and it broke. This is obviously a design flaw,” is literally the best they can come up with.
 What’s more telling is that they ALL had the idea to copy Apple.
 Shut up and go away.
 That’s fine, but after $160 and two replacements when you bend it again, enjoy paying full price to make up for your mistreatment.
No, there’s nothing here.You 100% have to throw a visible /s on there. There aren’t many people who know about whitetexting.
 You think wrong. Period. Every single last one of them will be turned down. It’s almost as though you’re incapable of reading or comprehending English.
New Posts  All Forums: