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 The Day will come. There will be a day of normalization whereafter these behaviors will no longer be considered acceptable, much less tolerable.
 What’s the weight? That sounds wrong. Either that or we go through radioactive material faster than a fat guy at an all you can eat lobster bar.
 Be rational instead, then. Again, you don’t see communist countries going around the world and making things better. I notice you have no rebuttal to that. Your continued skirting of this–and looking like veiled support–remains disconcerting.  Who said that? I want China to sit and spin. I wish we still didn’t recognize their government. Except Apple and others show otherwise… Taiwan, home, etc…
And yet it’s not the communist countries who are going around and cleaning up anyone else’s act. Glad to see the cherrypicking’s out in force, though! Kind of scary there are commie defenders anywhere outside their countries.
Commies tend not to care about such things.
Yep, given that the risk thereof is meaningless compared to, what, soiling the environment with radioactivity for however long. Use an SSTO if you’re so worried, then. Oh, I believe it. Hopefully this can be implemented in the near future. Maybe we can dig up the old crap and put it back to use, too.
And make billions doing it. They cater to people who couldn’t care less about hardware and just want good products. They’re the only ones who make ANY money, aren’t they? Just like Apple. Because, again, apps don’t make any sense there.
 ‘Course we could. What’s the total weight? Price per kg is plummeting right now. Just put it on top of a Falcon and recover the rocket every time. Yeah, but we WANT the Moon, see. We’re going to be drawing lines and claiming land up there in the very near future; why would we want to alienate (womp womp) potential future land? Throw it somewhere it can never come in conflict with human interest.
 Canadian Siri sure is different… Some would have you not be able to do that. Yeah, that’s an instant “disregard” in my book. “Going to” is never as meaningful as “should”. Again, you don’t seem to know who the luddites are here.
 I’d consider that an oxymoron, but thanks for explaining the potential use! 
New Posts  All Forums: