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 I find it odd that Safari in OS X saves and autofills passwords for websites so beautifully but does NOT save or autofill iCloud.com...
Of course. It’d be distasteful, though. I support them doing it if after all the retrials and whatever they’re still found infringing.
Not really. It shows how poorly Android integrates with anything. 1. They already do2. They always have3. iCloud Drive’s means of access is everything that anyone needs.
Ha! Just got trilithium and hyvroxilated quint-ethyl metacetamin. Suck it! I was going to get neutronium, but it was rejected for being a real thing.
People stupid enough to buy a phone too large to be used as a phone. Watch and iPhone 6 Plus sounds like a cha-ching combination. A fool and his money, you see. Still, I like the idea of Watch in its own right.
 No problem at all. I wouldn’t have remembered anyway.
 Added after I replied.
 ... the ability to wait in line at 5AM Friday. 
 Utter psychosis. You’re going to visit your personal storage block of posters and happen to find a poster of U2 leaned up against the door, a note reading “free, from the management”.
 If the goal is to promote both models, why wouldn’t they be the same?
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