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You know, the ones after the ones that don’t exist. Personally, I’m holding out for the rose iridium model. How dare anything on my wrist not be rarer than what anyone else has!
 Wait, that’s not even remotely close to anything but a strawman (or libel). Why not just stick to your points instead of pretending to know what others think?
But Apple has shown they don’t care about that. They made a “5k” iMac, after all.
 Thunderbolt 2 is twice as fast as USB 3.1 and it can’t do a retina 27”. We have to wait for Thunderbolt 3 for that, which means there won’t be any USB-C monitors of note any time… ever. Hopefully USB-C is small enough that we can finally get rid of, say it with me, A, Mini A, Mini AB, Micro A, Micro AB, B, B 3, Mini B, Micro B, and Micro B 3.
Yeah, and? It’s gold. Synthesize your own if you want it so much. Nah. Seems you are, though.
 Yeah, but they updated it. And what’s wrong with “On sale until we don’t have any more.”? 
 Still, I’m waiting for a 12-13” iPad to buy a new one. Did you ever stop to think that maybe because the product is called MacBook (not even MacBook Air) that it’s NOT FOR PROFESSIONALS. Apple has a product for professionals. IT’S CALLED THE MACBOOK PRO. I’m surprised you’re not whining about the fact that it only has one port on it. ​Also, Huddler, why does this need to exist? Why not just do some JavaScript magic and have the page automatically add the new content at...
I can’t wait to see a side by side with the 12” PowerBook.   They’re trying to get rid of right-clicking with Force Click. I really don’t know how that’ll work; this will be the most error prone implementation of something they’ll release.
New Posts  All Forums: