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 Nor a white person’s. What’s your point? Not every negative encounter between two races is racism. Not every negative encounter between two races where one is white and the other isn’t is racism on the part of the white person.  You can say that there’s no evidence of racism here and still agree with Cook on this specific matter, you know. Without any presentable justification for dismissing someone from the store (never mind “right to refuse service to anyone” clauses),...
 Stop now, go read about the topic, and then come back and retract this.
 I go take a temperature/sea/ice reading at a specific, given point in time. Literally the mathematical definition of a point, if you like–use a Planck second. I then get the data from that reading. You say that the reading will magically change at a later point in time because something something averaging; something something tweaking; something something algorithms because we “found” some better way of doing it. The implication with the number of stations in existence...
 So objectivity is subjective; that’s what you’re going for here.  1. I was unaware that Apple was already making money based on the lie of AGW.2. BECAUSE IT’S NOT TRUE AND THEORETICALLY THEY’D HAVE THE INTEGRITY TO STICK TO THE TRUTH. Doesn’t have much of a clue about anything but neurosurgery. So, being presented with the truth, as you have been, you just don’t care about it. That’s the problem with your comprehension, then. No wonder we can’t see eye to eye.
 At. A. Given. Time. You want to boil it down to the Planck second, feel free.
 Well, that’s abject nonsense. Either water is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen or it isn’t. Either the repulsion between the electrons in two gallons of water is 4.1*1026 newtons or it isn’t. Either an orange isn’t the summation of its physical properties or it isn’t. Is or is not a reading of 56 degrees at a given time a constant? Honestly. Already proved otherwise. Stop with the lies, please. Since Tim Cook’s statements are predicated on fraud, why would you support...
Thanks for conceding that NASA, NOAA, and GISS are indeed fabricating climate data.
Like fun. It’s almost as though there’s only ONE TRUTH, huh. What a strange concept, that only ONE thing might be true.  Nowhere have I trolled or libeled you. Reported for being physically incapable of staying on topic, replying to questions, and proving your own point. Either prove me wrong or concede that NASA, NOAA, and GISS are indeed fabricating data. Since you’re so certain you’re “right”, why are you so fuсking terrified to prove it? Explain.
He did no such thing. Reported for trolling.
New Posts  All Forums: