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 Oh, I’m not. It was a roundabout (and perhaps confusing) way of imagining what Apple would do with an assumed car.
 And Tesla is suing New Jersey over that (and will win), because there’s no way it’s legal.
 Again, which study would you like disproven?
 If you’ll read the one before it, he linked to a page but Huddler censors the F word so the link was broken. He posted the article here instead. Strange that it censored “fucking” for him, because it doesn’t for me. And of all the things. All other profanity is allowed but not fuсk.
 On cars? On cars? Do you imagine Apple would let a car be sold by a third party?
 Absolutely. Which study claiming 97 would you like disproven? Was this: A. You repeating the claim because repeating it a bunch of times makes it “true”orB. You repeating the claim and asking for a link to it, as well?
They can, however, use these. Or spheres and make driving easier than ever. I do like how one moron found one van registered to Apple and now suddenly they’re making their own car. It’s great.
 Are you making a point or do you actually believe this?
Anything that still uses inflatable wheels isn’t really the sort of innovation for which Apple would go.
 The plan works out either way; either sending it to space is a valid option or the current storage solutions are safe enough that we can keep using them and people can stop whining. Makes me no never mind.
New Posts  All Forums: