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 That’s funny, I don’t recall Apple announcing a product.  Don’t be a moron. Shut up.  You’re psychotic. Are you just incapable of reading anything I’ve written, or are you just as deluded as you claim we are? What evidence? This is the first thing we’ve seen about it at all.
 JAWOHL, MEIN FÜHRER!You just don’t get it, do you?
 “Stopped”.  I wonder what would happen if this is really happening and discovered to be true. Do all her court decisions become overturned and the cases reopened? DOES SHE AT LEAST GET DISBARRED AND THROWN IN JAIL? Any legal eagles want to chime in on precedent?
I hate that so much. What was wrong with the separate field that showed up just above the keyboard? I can NEVER get my ‘find’ results to come up in iOS 7…
 No, I mean that since they breached their contract, Apple would be pulling their right to carry. It’s satire only because Apple isn’t smart enough to do it.
I’m sick of Disney garbagizing everything they own. Rather, everything they’ve purchased and amalgamated.
 They make eSATA+USB ports. I know of several machines that have them. Seems handy in my opinion. At least… before Thunderbolt existed. Now they’re worthless.
 There continues to be nothing ‘flagship’ about a device too large to be used.
Keep thinking that.
Doesn’t really help their case. 😆
New Posts  All Forums: