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 Guess that’s why the signatories at the Constitutional Convention were dead set on letting it happen, huh. The protection of ideas is one of the few explicitly written out powers of the federal government. Right there in the first document that granted the government power at all. Yes, and they’re morons.  “But you also…” Morons.  
Larger in circumference, not in floor space. Unless Apple’s building underground, too.
Yeah, that has nothing whatsoever to do with the argument at hand. Protection of intellectual property has always been a fundamental power granted to the federal government. It is one of the few things that has been agreed upon for the last 230 years. Stick to campaigning against real problems with government overreach.
 Thanks for admitting you have no argument. Why not just not sign up on websites about companies you hate to discuss things you hate? Sounds like a smarter idea.
“What on Earth? Why is my computer seizing up? Why am I beachballing for minutes on end? I’m not even doing anythi…oh.”     “OH.”     Thanks, Yosemite.  And I couldn’t tell what was going on because each tab in Safari now runs completely separately. If one is totally frozen, all the rest still work fine. That’s wonderful, but it leads to not knowing where your problems are.   Regardless of where you use it, Safari seems to be a serious memory whore. It’s still...
 Well, they built app creation foundations into iPhone OS 1 from the get-go; Steve just didn’t think it was viable.  Hear, hear. People also don’t want to be forced into the MOBILE WEB WHEN IOS EXPLICITLY EXISTS TO GET RID OF THAT.
 Huh; I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t know why they’d be stupid enough to think it was a good idea for Apple to artificially limit its headphone user base by requiring Lightning to Lightning (or Lightning to USB) cables, but whatever. Heck, if Lightning to Lightning can make for better quality, I’m for it. Throw a Lightning port on each Mac in place of 3.5mm, too. I have a Harmon/Kardon set that uses 2.5-3.5; you don’t see anyone complaining about that. If Thunderbolt 3...
 Please don’t comment on a topic unless you comprehend it.
 Thanks for the FUD. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/06/06/lightning-enabled-headphones-could-let-apple-ditch-the-headphone-jack-on-future-iphones
 Protects intellectual property, yes. What are you confused about?
New Posts  All Forums: