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If he was against the bill that was passed, I fail to see how that’s idiocy.  It’s unaffordable, there’s no care, and it was an illegal act. You’re completely and utterly delusional. Said literally no one in any of those categories, ever. Try again.
 Because it’s definitionally impossible for them to receive them.  That’s cute. You think the EU has anything to do with the will of the people it rules.  You have to be insane to think that democracy is not evil. Only because it’s true. So what are you pretending this means? “Without corruption”? That’s also not true. “Of equality”? Nope. Because that’s literally the only scale upon which democracy can work. For populations greater than a few thousand, democracy does far...
 So the iPad 4 having a processor that can actually handle a retina display; that wasn’t a valid upgrade? Mine does. Just a little. The 12.3” iPad can’t come soon enough. Good thing they didn’t “just” add one in a new product. They did just add TouchID to the iPad mini, but that’s looking at it the wrong way. Instead of lamenting what they did add, demand what they didn’t. The iPad mini should’ve received a proper update, and they should have waited until they could do...
 But not in the stock market.
This isn’t a very good joke, since neither part of it is correct.
 Speak for yourself. I use Safari 5 exclusively when I’m booted into Windows. In what way? Enjoy your delusions! It’s the best browser for the OS. Spartan is a joke. Enjoy your malware. Because even without support or updates or active work, it’s still the best browser available. Kind of embarrassing to Windows that it’s now known as the OS that doesn’t retain support for things while OS X is. Eight year old hardware can run the newest software, but Windows is dropping...
A long read, but I think it’d serve well. And yes, I understand the original purpose of the story.
They exacerbate a mental illness. That dangerous enough?
Sounds like the stupidest thing you could be doing. Unless you don’t value your data, that is.
 I’d love to know your reasoning for thinking Apple will be moving entirely and solely to the cloud, all the way down to the creation and storage of content. But I know you don’t have one. I imagine there’ll be an iWork update of some sort before September.
New Posts  All Forums: