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Sue them into prison.
 I would guess that because doing so would go against the Quran, as said people were acting in accordance with it.
 Wait, you’re still serious about this nonsense?
 Do you have any idea what you’re even talking about?  Okay, then. You’re a troll. Thanks for playing.
 I’d think you of all people would do your due before claiming that.
 When you feel like posting something that backs your position, let us know. English doesn’t use diacritics, by the way, so it’s a perfectly fine adaptation.
 So you have a router designated for just the home itself and another for the computers therein. Houses bought and sold based on the existence of central air, heating, and now an embedded Wi-Fi router for its smart devices.
 You’re not an idiot, so you know the difference between outright mocking and whataboutism. Don’t demean yourself.
 Yes, omnicidal maniacs have a place in human society¡  Torah? Says kill everyone who doesn’t believe.Quran? Says kill everyone who doesn’t believe.Bible? Says love everyone, even if they don’t believe. Which one seems more palatable to you? ‘Killing in its name’ ≠ ‘killing in its doctrine’.
Were they self-evident, people would find them self-evident. Or even relevant. Do you have data relevant to the argument to suggest the argument is false? Bet I had a childhood fixation with the sinking of the Titanic and the myriad stories (real or otherwise) regarding it. The point remains that you haven’t refuted anything stated here.
New Posts  All Forums: