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 I know that I can see my iOS 5 iCloud documents in Yosemite and on iCloud.com. Some syncing features, however, don’t sync between DP versions. It’s a beta. There’s nothing disruptive about it. You know what you’re getting into when you install it, and if you don’t, that’s your fault and your problem.
At least you’re making my posts for me.
Yeah, you seem to be pretty good at that. Read posts before replying.
You can’t conditionally pick and choose what you want to assume. Either you keep the same level of assumption or you don’t assume anything.
No, there’s no hidden message in this post.The black words, I guess. Glad you can see the white ones.
 No, it’s a beta.
So how do we reconcile the tenant of ‘preach peace when weak; preach war when strong’ inherent in Islam, particularly when considering the called-for extermination of all those who reject the faith?
Nope, just read the post. Right! And yes, this was taken out of context on purpose.
 No, we weren’t talking about that specifically. 
 I like that wording a lot. 
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