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Really? Shocking. Spectacular software. Hmm. Why? They could have the appropriate hardware out in… oh, you mean three years before their entire actively sold lineup is compatible. Bah, silly. Now you’ve done it. 
 24-bit audio, H.265 hardware decoding. If Apple’s smart, they’ll build these into their next Apple TV (and by extension, the entire iDevice line). Oh, and Macs, of course. Can’t give HandBrake H.265 encoding until Apple supports it well enough!
 I dunno. I’m 100% in favor of color-changing cloth, for example, either through genetic engineering of the fabric itself or by interweaving of waterproof electronics. The former’s going to be the simplest and easiest for both creator and wearer, but video playback on your clothes is pretty neat. 
 I’d agree if there was any explanation for the key.
 A what?
 I think that the articles which pertain specifically to Samsung’s “defense” against Apple in a court case are fine. We’ve seen a fair few of those recently. “But this isn’t one of…” No, this isn’t. 
 Okay, you’re dead right; I apologize. My whole thing operates under the stipulation that ‘making products’ here refers to R&D put into a product and not wholesale theft of hardware or software, and I don’t think I clarified that anywhere yet. So with that in mind, Looking at Apple and Microsoft (think ’96 onward), you see Apple making money on every device they sell and… Windows whoring itself out to Dell, Gateway, and whoever was still alive back in the ‘90s that I’ve...
Turn off all of your extensions, dump your cache, and reload the page. Still happen?
 Nope, yep, and yep. Respectively.  Mmm… no. Because his last sentence has absolutely nothing to do with modern Apple, modern Apple’s prices, and modern Apple’s way of working. That’s probably why. Hey, look. Bold.
 Did you? I rather think that Young Steve caving was part of the run up to him being driven out, not him realizing anything about Scully’s artificial price inflation. Apple’s current philosophy matches the original Macintosh design team’s, and does so without artificially inflating prices.
New Posts  All Forums: