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 That's the one. Oh boy...  And that robot dinosaur game with Mac OS 9... Makes me want to hook my old iMac back up.
 I’m SO glad that you think this. Consider me automatically signed up for every future threat you post regarding self-banning. I will win every single time because I’m better at making up fanciful garbage like this than you’ll ever be. 
 OH! Anyone remember that caveman racing game preinstalled with early versions of OS X?
 Yeah. On displays greater than 32” in size. Do you want a 32” iPad?  Your opinion’s backed by some good research.
It’ll take a few days before it gets in the hands of testers who can confirm RAM amount is all.
 Bing has even been great for a while now. I haven’t used Google in years. Trying DDG on my clean installs; seems pretty simple right now.
 It IS the flagship device.
 It doesn’t. Unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.
New Posts  All Forums: