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There’s always a parts market.
 Provided we don’t master reactionless thrust or figure out of vacuum energy can be harnessed first.
 Of course I’m not speaking about increasing the number of opportunities for a picture. I’m obviously talking about proper construction of a photograph when you’re in a situation that would afford it.
I hope you’re joking.
 Common sense, reason, logic, history, every industry Apple has ever entered…  Refusing to trust a technology that is nowhere near 1. safe 2. complete 3. reliable ≠ refusing to trust industrial technology.
 Nah.  They’ve been fundamentally wrong since their inception…  
 Glad to know you’re open to the possibility that people are lying about data.  Please tell me you’re not a malthusian.
Yep. Apple could very well be the Tucker of the early 21st century. Except the Big Three would actually have to incorporate Apple’s features.
 A 24 with this size sensor vs a 24 with the previous certainly would.  You know, I think I’ve heard that…  If you want detail, shoot film.
In no way can future data magically change past data. Of course. Maybe they ought to not put the stations next to parking lots and 12 lane freeways, then.
New Posts  All Forums: