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Just in time for the next economic collapse. Grab some more AAPL, boys; we’re gonna clean up.
 “We have Photos now.”
Well, duh.   Did we think that software would be restored via inductive uploading or something?
If nothing else, it sounds like a great way to get people to use Macs.
 So they’re explicitly positioning it as something that doesn’t directly compete with the Apple TV.  I’m surprised they even bother with the wraparound alarms. No one is going to steal them.
 It doesn’t font correctly when I quote it. Yes, I just used font as a verb.  They don’t do engravings on ALL products. Thing is, it only makes sense to engrave watches. People have been engraving watches for centuries.
 Meaning that the other available editing tools are BS or that other, non-editing functions are BS?
  It was 2013. You were making a different iPhone. It sounded really keen. And I wrote, “Next one’ll have a new screen,” yeah yeah, It was like a dream, It wasn’t what I mean(t) Oh, no, IGZO, IGZO,   I never knew what they’d make that night, I never cared what was wrong or right, I only wanted my minute in the spot So I dragged crap out of the pot and reported on it   I never thought that they would listen to me, Taking as truth my lies and fallacy, I only...
Nah.   I’m glad it’s a 12.9” now, though, over the original 12.2”.
New Posts  All Forums: