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 Well, assembly is there. The chips are made here.
 “And here’s your new... (cough)Phone.”“Hey, tha... say, this seems a little big.”“It’s the new model.”“I don’t remember reading about a 6.1” iPhone.” Some people might call that racist. Intelligent people would call it stupid.
 “Everyone on Earth should receive an equal share of the work done by everyone else”
 Wouldn’t any problem in this regard just be solved by navigating directly to the URL in question by typing it in? These are different: ************ 9to5mаc.com The first’s one’s real. We know that because you can’t see it. The second one has a cyrillic a. But you’re not going to TYPE that last one yourself.
 HA! Come off it. Anti-humans are a threat to the species; we call that psychosis. You wouldn’t see an eagle, dolphin, or polar bear give one whiff about killing everything else on the planet. Your hypocrisy knows little bound. Only humanity can envision the future. Only humanity can comprehend consequence. WE’RE sapient. THEY’RE not. That inherently makes us objectively better in every conceivable way, beyond the innate superiority with which all species view themselves...
 For a woman so acquainted with naked weirdos and “bummy fun”, I find that surprising. 
 Lightning. Problem solved.
 From what we see of their posts, that would catch quite a few of them.
 No, because no hypocrisy has been committed has no hypocrisy been committed. That’s not tautological; it’s… well, it is, but it’s valid. Hopefully Samsung threads pulling trolls out of the woodwork would result in the banning of the trolls. Thing is, it doesn’t. 
 Given that they’re an American company, I’m confused why you find this confusing. Enjoy Airstrip One. 
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