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Thanks for agreeing with me. Apple won’t be giving anyone a back door, then. I just had an idea. What if you had an encryption system that took longer than is practical (for these purposes, let’s say… 20 years) to decrypt? Any individual could fully comply with any government request for data, even giving them the password, but it would take longer for them to decrypt the information than any charges to remain valid.
And Apple will say no. Or at least they’d better.
He can get that now; he just has to pay more for it.
They can take their common ground and stuff it, really.
Maybe Apple gave them the encrypted garbage data. “Have at it, guys!”
Sounds to me like expectations are that it will take on the high end gaming, only to fall short. Your expectations fit right in line with what casual gaming is these days. Looks like they have a hit on their hands. Because, as we all know, when you think ‘set top streamer’ you think ‘video game console’! Just like when you think ‘F-150’ you think ‘Bagger 288’! Or when you think ‘duck a l’orange’ you think ‘breakfast’!
What about “Open WNYC” or “Open the WNYC app”? Doesn’t that work? Offhand I’d say she currently isn’t able to do the first one but is the second. But I’ve never tried it. At the very least, Siri should understand that both the official name of the app and the displayed name are associated with the same item. Saying “Open Radiation” should open Tap Tap Radiation, for example (since the icon says ‘tap tap’ and the text–you get it…).
 More the design and marketing. So many people thought it was an expensive “add-on” to what they already had.
 You’re talking about two different things. The water that comes to your home can be used in any way possible, but it only moves at, let’s say, a gallon every 20 seconds. Same with data speeds. The thing with which people take issue is the fact that they can’t use their 20 bit per second data for any way possible, AND that the 20 bits can become 10 after arbitrary thresholds.
 Lyrics are available freely online. You’re telling me Apple would have to pay for them?
New Posts  All Forums: