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 Mr. Blurrycam sure has subjective tastes…
 Because it’s a blatant lie. No. There are not. Yep. You. Not “everyone” and not even “many”. NOPE.   Yep. The people YOU know.  A quick search of anything only shows how stupid people are for thinking it shows anything. I’d rather you just stop lying entirely. Is that really so hard?
 Except one of the dimension sets here is unusable with one hand, so it’s not BS.
 That should be AI’s tagline.
 Wouldn’t it be the same as anywhere else?Horizontal as in cornering the market on all aspects of one level of the process: i.e., deals with all publishers in the market. Vertical as in owning one piece of every aspect of the process in a direct line from content creator to content consumer. When this all comes out and Apple gets to countersue for tens of billions in damages by the government, I certainly hope Amazon foots some of that bill.
 SAMSUNG IS JUST A MARKETING COMPANY!    They’ve admitted it themselves! No one supporting them has any argument whatsoever.  
 Mind pointing to a post in the thread where it was, then? Six years of non-functioning memory would probably do that to a person. 
 7/11 had better honor it.
Has anyone, uh… pointed out that THIS could be the depression that forms the new iPhone?
 Exactly. They don’t. I don’t get why Apple would want to validate or legitimize the work of morons who were either too stupid or too lazy to miniaturize components correctly.
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