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Weird. I can’t see your post, but I can see it in the quote. And there are a bunch of words when looking at the source, but none in the quote...  All I can say is I’m thankful for China pushing to the Moon. They’ll get the US back there sooner than TWENTY TWENTY-FIVE, which is the current OPTIMISTIC estimate. Orion goes up in early December. Test the system and all that. AND THEN THEY’RE NOT EVEN GOING TO LAUNCH ANOTHER ONE FOR THREE YEARS. And the first manned one? TWENTY...
As mentioned, there is zero guarantee of that.
 And as no Thunderbolt 2 ports support DisplayPort 1.3, nor did Apple swap out to a custom standard run across Thunderbolt 2, Thunderbolt 2 can’t do it.4K isn’t 5K.
 Not saying that, but hey. It’s the government’s charge not to punish success but to punish abuse of success. Successful abuse, even. Okay. Happen to have these statistics, then? Happen to have an explanation for why I should support this venture given my experience? Happen to have any idea whatsoever about the topic at hand? How is anything supposed to change in this regard when nothing is physically changing? So they’d be “classed” as something else. Does that magically...
 Thunderbolt 2 doesn’t have enough bandwidth.
 I’d prefer the monopoly to having Comcast as a choice.  Guess who else spends a lot of money to do the same.
I say if we’re going to get the government involved in this way, why not stop trying to control the companies and just remove all of the excuses they use not to compete? Drop import taxes on optical cable (or spur on domestic manufacture). Start swapping copper in earnest for optical connections. Then someone will start offering 50 megabit where everyone else caps at 10. It’ll force speeds up and prices down.
 Great arguments all around. Thanks for playing! Hey, let me know when I have utility companies to choose from, will you? After all, you already seem to know everything about the city in which I live.
Aww, that’s cute. Great argument¡ Good for you. Neither of mine do. What’s your next move, boyo? Are you going to keep lying to me about my own companies?
New Posts  All Forums: