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We do. Stallinga, Peter, De mythe van klimaatsveranderingen The observations agree with me. That’d be why I believe what I believe. Otherwise I’d believe what you believe. Sorry!  Nope, for the reasons and links I’ve already posted, as well as the general global scope of the temperature readings we’ve taken with both modern and pre-modern instruments, as well as the data we have from ice cores and the like. The opposite of what is claimed is what we see. It’s not that I...
 So why do we historically see the temperature fall off DURING the peak of CO2 if said feedback loop exists? And yet there’s no warming due to that CO2, so the premise is faulty.
 I figured that since you apparently knew or cared about this sort of thing you’d know that the disparity between inventory and sales is a strong indicator of the beginning of economic collapse. As is a shrinking of a year’s Q1 industrial orders (guess what happened this year), and a dearth of industry sales.
 It doesn’t really matter whether you’re sane or insane except in situations in which you bring harm to yourself and or others. Just say male. There’s no “spectrum”. There’s no “attack helicopter”. Male and female. Those are the labels. Truth is not a matter of belief. That I agree with what is true is secondary to the fact that it is true. Then they are suffering from a physical (so it’s not their fault, not something with which to be identified save for explicitly...
If you have a rebuttal to something I have said, quote me directly and post it.  I just don’t see how that arbitrary definition matters, since all gasses work to retain heat on a body. Also, moving back within that definition...  Literally no words here have anything to do with what we’re discussing.
 And gave evidence therefor. Want more?
 And yet that statement is predicated on a lie which does not show up in practice. Why aren’t leftists more concerned with argon? Argon, which is 24x as prevalent, which serves no purpose to the ecosystem, which is inert, and which has a specific heat nearly the same as CO2? Shouldn’t we be scrubbing the argon–which is doing no one any good being free–and leaving the CO2 for the plants where it has been shown to be near universally beneficial?
 So you either don’t believe that the economy will ever collapse again or you’ve already prepared what you need to get through it and your initial question is meaningless.
So Earth wouldn’t be colder–same distance–without its atmosphere? Mars wouldn’t be warmer with a thicker atmosphere of any given composition?
 Will you be one of the ones starving to death or one of the ones being hanged from a lamppost when it happens?     Just curious.
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