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That’s a very good point; I hadn’t thought of that. I’m actually in favor of going fully wireless with this. HOWEVER, Bluetooth is not acceptable, therefore wired is fine by me. Bluetooth 4 doesn’t have NEARLY enough bandwidth to carry quality audio. Maybe 5 will change that. Maybe it’ll be available by the time the iPhone 7 (you know, the 10th iPhone?) rolls around. Until then, Lightning audio is fine by me.
 You’d have them all at a comfortable angle for contact, if that’s what you’re doing with each, or you’d have the untouched ones vertical for secondary visibility. *drool*  Horizontal’s as incorrect as vertical.
Again, why do people assume the screen is going to be vertical? That’s completely psychotic. What iPad do you have, by the way? I figured the few issues I had were just because of iOS 5, an A4, and 256 megs of RAM.
 Did it hit earlier? Seems like they’d short it right now.
 Like this.  Definitely. Learn how to paint, Eddie! A nice taupe or blue-grey does wonders.
For a GM? Yeah. Then again, only a month until launch. I could only see a beta 7 before GM pushed out.
 Because it’s unnecessary? Same reason a 50 megapixel camera is a bad idea. I don’t see how that matters. PS/2 was used all over the world before Apple destroyed it with USB.Exactly, so why should Apple be beholden to the limitations of existing technologies in this area? 
 The design is strictly inkjet. The plastic cover lifts up to reveal the cartridges. Ah, you’ve hit upon a good point here. As much as I hate inkjet machines and as much as I don’t like the new design they’ve used (it looks like someone’s real product, and I hate that real product; the plastic is molded in just the wrong way to look ugly), the top-fed design of printer is probably the one that looks the best.
I don’t understand how such a plug is physically possible. Obviously the metal sheath can’t be any larger than the spec, so how can the interior pin slot make contact with the port’s slot in either direction? I see that it’s smaller than a standard, but that won’t do anything... 
There won’t be a keyboard. Why? The iPad exists. It proves your silly belief wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: