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Obviously this is in no way the case, but you couldn’t care less about fact or reason.
Except we already know their purpose for any crack.
 The implication being that there are classes… Then again, they do want feudalism back. Please don’t speak on topics when you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about them. The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution is proof.
How can it possibly? It doesn’t have the throughput, does it? The future’s irrelevant. USB 3 didn’t even use the same connector and they just invented C; the trend is toward MORE new ports, so that’s not a point in their favor. Anyway, hopefully all of the existing ones are now rendered obsolete. BUT WE KNOW THAT PRINTERS WILL IGNORE THAT AND KEEP USING B, effing piles of…
No one else noticed that the Apple logo is no longer backlit?   Sad to see it go; it was more than iconic.
 In a less useful and more annoying way. Like when Microsoft appropriates something. Why? The page could just scroll an identical amount of space.  If you’re on a previous page, you don’t care about those posts yet, and thus the argument is moot. The Air’s dead. It just doesn’t know it yet.
You know, the ones after the ones that don’t exist. Personally, I’m holding out for the rose iridium model. How dare anything on my wrist not be rarer than what anyone else has!
 Wait, that’s not even remotely close to anything but a strawman (or libel). Why not just stick to your points instead of pretending to know what others think?
But Apple has shown they don’t care about that. They made a “5k” iMac, after all.
 Thunderbolt 2 is twice as fast as USB 3.1 and it can’t do a retina 27”. We have to wait for Thunderbolt 3 for that, which means there won’t be any USB-C monitors of note any time… ever. Hopefully USB-C is small enough that we can finally get rid of, say it with me, A, Mini A, Mini AB, Micro A, Micro AB, B, B 3, Mini B, Micro B, and Micro B 3.
New Posts  All Forums: