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So stop whining and work to make your economy better. Or get on the ‘join the Union’ bandwagon for which some of your peers petition. We’d LOVE to have you. Either way, keep the FUD to yourself.
How do Apple’s USB 3 ports not support USB 1 or 2? Or am I misunderstanding.
  Other way around.
Why perpetuate incompatibility?
 Objective truth wherever it is. Again, it is because it is, not because someone says it is. Not even because someone found it. Truth is still truth even if no one has discovered it yet. Mt. Everest was the tallest surface mountain in the world even before we discovered it. It is still the tallest surface mountain in the world even if someone wants to tell you that K2 is taller. If you can’t comprehend that hydrogen currently comprises the majority of the mass of the Sun,...
 All right, well, what we have here is a fundamental failure of comprehension. On your part. Further discussion is meaningless when you can’t even accept objective truth.
 That’s a valid corollary, but what does it have to do with anything?
Instead of showing the generic GPS directions that everyone has had to deal with since the beginning, WHY NOT PROJECT A LINE ON THE ROAD’S LANE ITSELF TO SHOW PEOPLE EXACTLY WHERE TO DRIVE?   That’s what true in-windshield displays will eventually do; why not start the trend now?
 [citation needed]
 And we were right. It’s almost as though there would be accessibility options in the software or something... So they’re all DOA is what you’re saying.
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