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 Particularly with H.265 doing amazing things with the bitrate. Ask your handlers for the updated talking points sheet, please. It’s not 2010 anymore.
Still there, yeah?
It sounds like a death metal tribute band to a certain other group...
Implying Apple was going to build fingerprint sensors into their laptops at all... 
 If you cared, it would go without saying that a new version of the software gets rid of your jailbreak. Every single time. Been doing this for seven and a half years; if it’s not apparent by now, you deserve whatever happens to you.
 Hanukkah can’t be commercialized, too? Oy vey.
 I have squares for palms and stubby fingers and I can get to it just fine. And that’s surprising, given the size of the phone. They must’ve built it right or something.
 Define “examined”. Did you ask her if she bought an iPod since? If she has purchased any iPod or other portable device for the purpose of music playback since the initial allegation, her argument is void.  No, the train has been plummeting off a cliff for quite a while now. Can this be dismissed on the grounds of criminal stupidity? YOU WASTED NINE YEARS. WHY DO YOU THINK WE’LL BELIEVE YOU?!
 So no explanation why?  Don’t play stupid.  I’m proud to be ‘racist’ against a racist. Now shut up.
New Posts  All Forums: