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 Ah, what? The California government just got caught purposely allowing its oil industry to pollute aquifers for the sole purpose of shutting down said industry to push “green” energy. It was legal by law, but certainly not anything but “wrong” to do.
 I’ll be called a racist for saying this, but these two sentences together make sense to me. 
 What, Apple’s or Nintendo’s? Nintendo’s leverage is the fact that they’re the only company in the console game making any money whatsoever. They make money on every piece of hardware (like Apple), and they do it by selling great software that only works on that hardware (like Apple). Apple would sell more hardware with Nintendo as software on it. Apple’s leverage is the existing popularity of their hardware platform providing an order of magnitude larger customer base...
I’m considering a WiiU, but am having trouble justifying it to myself if it’ll only be a few games. For me it’d only be Smash Bros 4, Pikmin 3, Splatoon, and Zelda U. My sister (who lives with me) would have a few of her own, plus her library of Wii games. And I know that if this program really takes off, there’s a chance that WiiU games could be ported to OS X. I don’t care how small that chance is, I WANT IT TO HAPPEN. I’ve been trying to migrate my gaming to my computer...
 I expect only the channels I want and only paying for them.
 Aww, that’s cute.
 Man, we are starved for leaked product images, aren’t we?
I’d’ve been much happier if Nintendo had hired their own people to do this. Still, I’ll wait and see how well these guys port the content.   Still pretty happy about this, at any rate.
 I’m trying to tell if you’re being racist, sexist, ableist, mentally defective, or just telling a joke.
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