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 Yeah, see, that’s meaningless.
 I think it was not a mistake to make the 6 Plus with the same RAM. Since they want to have a unified platform, they committed to it.
One’s a laptop. The other is a tablet. They’re completely dissimilar. By ‘cool’ you mean ‘garbage’, right?
 You managed to breach it…
 That’s a pretty funny joke. Good thing you don’t actually believe this, otherwise…  Yes, you two; we already know you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the products you discuss. Mind doing us a favor and actually leaving forever?
 How do you propose tying a phone number to a device without telephony hardware?
 So, uh… do you know where we are? Learn how to spell.
 Neither are design flaws.  Then maybe you should be paying attention.  Shut up and go away.  Who cares? 
Because this has not happened in any respect whatsoever.
New Posts  All Forums: