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 I can. I’ve been seeing it happen for years, and it’s reaching a breaking point right now, particularly with the economy so close to collapse. Where’s the joke?  Back on the topic in general. 
 Well, that’s terrifying. You can’t go to Greenland and drill ice cores right next to where the original study’s were drilled? Or take even more from an even broader selection of the island? You can’t go back to the paper records and match 1:1 the study’s claimed sea level height values/temperatures/atmospheric composition with the actual record? It’s work, yeah. But it’s hardly impossible. Wait, you can’t mean what I think you mean, so I need you to correct me. You’re not...
 The claim of consensus itself comes from a falsified study. PM with the scientifically relevant opposing data for the general topic inbound, because it’s too much data for the thread.
 I have no quarrel with research as long as it’s done scientifically. Claiming things are research when they have no basis in science is part of the problem. Peer-review I can’t abide because it doesn’t force the reviewers to rerun the experiments or recollect the data. I understand, in principle, how the latter works. I just can’t subscribe to its validity because of the inadequate definition to which it is held.
 I take issue with the manipulation of data collected through the scientific process and data not collected through the scientific process. So my previous statement in the other thread, regarding how data is recorded, was incorrect? What was wrong about it?  Sorry, no. None of that is legitimate data.
 Of course it has. If we want to discuss just the things that have had consensus that have been wrong, we’d be here for hours. Thing about science is that there are more than just opposites. 1950? 1930 (for the latter)? Those aren’t recent? And you’re right, to an extent. We have to be able to trust ourselves–humanity–as well as what the world around us exhibits. I’ve presented a portion of it, at least, which is fairly strong. A theory of conspiracy, sure, due to the...
 Yeah, about that... What, about this specific topic? You’d better believe there are.
 What about the illegal invaders of Europe? They’re terrified of this winter. European countries are unable to feed them now. What about when the collapse comes?
 I somehow doubt that, given the sheer number of past beliefs. Here’re some newbies but goodies.  No, I’m just saying it’s a logical fallacy to claim it’s true because of the support.
New Posts  All Forums: