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Enjoy your lies.
 This’ll help.
Before it was owned by Google, I installed and played with it. I enjoyed it, but it screamed for a multitouch desktop to be used on.
 It’s impossible for someone to remain as dense as you’ve been for this long without concerted effort.
 Right, but my assertion doesn’t require it.
 Ah, my dear, that never works. Focus is always immediately stolen from me and returned to the frozen application. Sometimes the Taskbar is accessible, allowing you to repeatedly right-click the icon and mash “close window” 1,000 times in an effort to get it gone, but most of the time logging out is the only fix. I get the feeling I may have tried this, but darn if I won’t do it again. Thanks, Relic.
 If you’re going to be THIS stupid, why not just stay on websites where people actually believe you?
 Are you the one who had trouble reading before? Take a gander at the second line there. The one you didn’t quote. Yeah, see, it must be a little difficult for you to understand how things that are the same are the same, but that’s your problem–not anyone else’s. Please learn how to read. One phone with one name.
How about no default choices? Apple Pay doesn’t exist to whore your device out to banks for new customers. It exists to take whatever system you already have and digitize it securely.
 What does Chrome have that Safari doesn’t? How? Nope. Completely and utterly wrong. Could you maybe try a little harder, both in trolling and in ACTUALLY USING THE SOFTWARE IN QUESTION.  The idea behind a browser is to remove the clutter from the UI. The URL’s content is the focus. I guess if you like being Google’s whore this would be important. Yeah, I’m sure¡  What this seems to boil down to is your complete refusal to figure anything out and then just leaving because...
New Posts  All Forums: