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 If you’re going to bother to ask him for clarification, wouldn’t it make sense not to invent your own answers–coming to your own conclusion–before he clarifies?
 Do they? Hmm. I never thought about that. I just read out a few things and they all use the middle of the mouth more heavily than a cleaner English does... I dunno, that might be it. It’s strange; I can read and speak, accurately, just about any word in any language (and I’m pretty good at determining what language a new word is from), but for the life of me I can’t do a Spanish or French accent. Oh, German; I can do nonspecific German, too, but that’s probably cheating...
 You’re being too nice to me.   Coincidentally, Dudebra Surfer, Cultured Southern Drawl, Dublin Irish, and nonspecific Russian are the only accents I can do well. 
If we’re going to lie to each other, can we at least do it in PoliticalOutsider and not here?   There really isn’t any room for argument in a lot of these fundamental issues in the first place, you know? The trick to realizing the truth is to tell yourself that you’re a worthless idiot and that everything you believe is wrong. Once you’ve beaten yourself down enough that you believe this, rebuild your view on the topic from the absolute bare logical minimum. Then,...
 Pro tip: the 5C has 125 year old functionality!
 I needed a laugh; haven’t had many for a while.
 So they’re honestly this stupid, huh. No one who buys this is going to be smart enough to change it to anything else, so just call the service “Alexa”. Female assistants are all the rage these days. When GPHR becomes available, I won’t be buying the male model.
 I’ll believe it when I see it.
 Apple owns the entire 17 block? I didn’t know that. Do you think they bought up a section of IPv6 addresses early? I like it, but Spotlight would have to actually WORK first. 
New Posts  All Forums: