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 I rather think it’s hard to believe someone calling software crap if he hasn’t used it.
Not 22? Because 22 is even too low.
 And there’s my laugh for today. I’m down to one; gonna kick that habit soon! Mmm… I like this. Sort of think they might do something more radical, but I love keeping flat sides around.
 I’d far prefer to see more people dying of not having enough fat in their heart walls than too much. It’s one step at a time. Literally.
 They’re TVs. Not sound systems.
 Eh, I’ll take caring too much over caring too little, particularly with the way things are going.
 I fail to see how that’s a valid reply.
 My only guess is that Google’s method has been hijacked by everyone else. I’ll dump everything, turn them off entirely, visit sites, and come back with 20 cookies.
 Know what? Lies? Why?
 Yeah, doubt it.
New Posts  All Forums: