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Good for Denmark. I hear their second largest political party wants to close the border with Germany entirely.   As I’ve said before, the EU won’t see 2021.
 I use Safari for everything and Tor once in a blue moon when I don’t feel safe somewhere.I use Safari in Windows, even. Even Safari 5 is better than anything over there.
Well, banning personalized seals used to make impressions in the wax.
Is this just for the people who can’t update to iOS 9? I don’t get why they’d spend time making this otherwise.
No, that’s literally the only thing I ever said. Please read posts before replying to them.  We’re not a democracy, nor should we be.
I’m still left wondering how much space would be taken up by local Siri software to do the processing on-device. And why we don’t have local Siri on Macs, where such restrictions are less... well, Apple’s making them more important these days.
 Well, that’s abject nonsense if I’ve ever heard it. “Why have you forced entry into my home and are holding my family at gunpoint?”“The why is irrelevant.” Why is literally the only thing that ever matters.
Thanks for agreeing with me. Apple won’t be giving anyone a back door, then. I just had an idea. What if you had an encryption system that took longer than is practical (for these purposes, let’s say… 20 years) to decrypt? Any individual could fully comply with any government request for data, even giving them the password, but it would take longer for them to decrypt the information than any charges to remain valid.
And Apple will say no. Or at least they’d better.
He can get that now; he just has to pay more for it.
New Posts  All Forums: