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 “It’s not lacking any FLOPS. And that’s what real women need! HOO HOO HUAYH HUAYH!”– Quiznos/nVidia tag-team ad
 Uh… news flash, but 98% of all consumer and business cables only exist in <100’ situations. I bought a 1,000’ spool of Cat6 from Monoprice and that sucker worked as beautifully as anyone could imagine. Hundred bucks. I could buy Vatican City for what that would have cost me from Monster.
 So “a stable OS” is out, since that would be a new feature in your book. 
 The same amount will get you bots or college students shilling for any corporation. Ones that sell all kinds of technology. All kinds. Of energy producing technology. Your point is meaningless.
 A wire hanger showed an identical connection to a Monster cable in testing.
 Remember the aught eight housing thingy? China’s is due between 10-20 years from now. I can’t see them surviving it. That’s what you get for copying!
Then how are they a rip-off?
 You know, I’m both intrigued and disgusted that advertising works. Because it does. It’s the application of memetics and patterns designed to twist the brain into thinking good things. It’s neat. It’s interesting to see that happen to people. But these memetic agents have the opposite effect on me. Those you mentioned, sure, and specifically otherwise any article that has a title with a number in it. “10 ways to…” “15 most popular…” etc. That’s just disgusting to me. I...
 “Hey, Siri, do what I want.”
 No, but pretend what you will.
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