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 Nice try. No.
 Of course not. It’s just an extension. Except then you get fed a completely worthless mobile version of the website. Mental defectives, every single one of them. THE IDEA BEHIND THE IPHONE AND IPAD IS THAT YOU DON’T NEED A “MOBILE WEB” ANYMORE. STOP FORCIBLY REDIRECTING ME TO A MOBILE SITE. STOP MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO VIEW THE REAL SITE. ClickToFlash+AdBlock=no ads on YouTube, anywhere. Combine that with Disconnect, Ghostery, and DoNotTrackMe and Google gets...
 Okay, thanks for playing. You lose. Learn how to look at a post.
 Seems to me that you’re willfully ignoring all of history when you say this.
You’re saying he denied an NDA, which would imply Apple told him nothing, as there was no guarantee of secrecy. If he knows nothing, there’s no reason to listen to him.
 Google knows who to pay and how much to pay them.
 Hmm… Oh, dear. Oh, dear. That’s called “the laws that founded the government.” Winning an election ≠ you get 100% of what you want all the time, unquestioningly. That you are able to vote but cannot comprehend this is terrifying. It’s sort of the entire idea behind our government. Let’s establish a few things. These procedures are not standard, first of all. But are they bad? If so, why has he not moved to revoke them? Why does it matter who put them in place when the...
 Man, it’s a good thing you don’t actually believe this; it’s one of the best pieces of trolling I’ve seen in a while.
 “Why on earth would the companies that sell content based on a lack of knowledge about it want to limit the knowledge of that content?” Really? SO WHY DID THEY BOTHER WITH THE NEGOTIATIONS TO GET LONGER PREVIEWS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Think things through.
 Then they wouldn’t have told him anything at all, so he shouldn’t be listened to.
New Posts  All Forums: