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  Finally a chance to post this. Look how pretty it is, and it’s only a GIF! Wish APNG would get standardized already.
 That’s not in any way the same.  I don’t get your point.
 Shrink the tech down (as it will eventually be done) and this will be quite appealing. I’ve always wanted to try out one of those omnidirectional movement systems...
‘Course I have; it should be evident I think you’d have to be crazy to participate. Car leases (not sales) are how GM was able to “recall” all instances of its EV-1 and destroy them, despite owners’ wishes. Ah, I remember reading somewhere that in the fine print of one of those the interest rate was 980% or something similar... The only thing in this regard that I sort of understand is the idea of the apartment. I don’t accept it–I don’t like the idea of renting that...
8.1.1 in a week or so to make this moot.
You can, and of course your statement is ludicrous. What you can also say is that there are a great number of people in the highest echelons of our government who need to be A. executed for treason, B. imprisoned for life for treason, C. imprisoned for life for felonies, and/or D. imprisoned for 5-20 years for felonies. What matters most is the will to see those convictions.
“Pay for the rest of your life and never really own anything.” How are there human beings who think this is a good idea? I thought we were supposed to be sapient. This is why Zune failed.
 They held the vote two days ago. 80% in favor. Their local congress or whatever it’s called did vote yay on independence two years ago, anyway. Wouldn’t that go against one of their own tenants? Self-determination’s one of their tenants, right? Screw that noise. Can you imagine some foreign power coming in and changing the borders of a US state? I can’t comprehend why anyone in Europe is okay with that. Pan-Europeanism? Since when are there any proponents of that? Even if...
 Obviously you’re wrong; they’re selling more than ever.
New Posts  All Forums: