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 I thought that was wrong, seems I was right. 
 Reagan suspended some kid at some school?
 Why? I’d rather they stick to putting their money where they know it will actually do something. Yeah, you don’t get to dictate that.
 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF THAT’S EVEN WORSE. Two systems to reconcile? JUST KEEP THE STARS AROUND. I guess that makes sense. Boo! Yay! Respectively! Oh, okay. WHAT?! NOT ALL OF US HAVE… wait, I have a working iPhone now. And it has a GPS chip. NOT ALL OF US HAVE PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS WITH GPS. MANY OF US HAVE OLDER IMAGES OR SCANNED IMAGES WHOSE LOCATIONS WE KNOW. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?! I expect Photos 1.0.1 to fix this geotagging BUG. Maybe 1.1...
 Gosh dang it, I was keeping a list of instances where Siri would activate but I deleted it because “What’s the point? No one else will ever have that problem…” It’s not thrice a day, certainly, but.
1968 or so.
 I’d bet that rocket safety ratings are higher than the estimated failure rate of existing containment setups.
Utter psychosis. This’ll be reversed.
V will probably take better hardware than any Mac has, though.
The end of all things is coming.   Samsung TVs insert ads into movies you watch LOCALLY ON YOUR OWN STORAGE.   Samsung TVs record everything you say in front of them AND SEND IT TO THIRD PARTIES.   People won’t put up with everything they’re being force-fed much longer.
New Posts  All Forums: