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With subsidies ending universally, I expect to see a sharp drop off on Apple’s marketshare as people see the prices and think an Android substitute is “good enough” for what they want. And then a slow, inexorable return to these numbers as they discover the truth.    ​Goes without saying that the number of ‘doomed’ articles will skyrocket during this time.
 Continued wishful thinking on my part, I guess, expecting Apple to actually, finally unify their ‘modern’ hardware’s capabilities.   Huh! I could’ve sworn that Soli ran the bitrates early on in the process and found that it couldn’t. Maybe Apple just allowed for some processing overhead that this utility decides to use.
You have to have a point for there to be a counter to it. I had the point; you lack the counter.  Peace? Perhaps, for now. Prosperity? Hardly.
Never mind that their portable hardware can’t handle it yet.
 As expected of a federalist.   Well, I am, but for the reason you stated. I’ll be glad to see it end, and nothing has to be done to destroy it, but ending it before it destroys itself would save a lot of hardship.  Thanks for all the refutations!
Only if people are not legally (or “legally”) allowed to carry their guns there. If it’s allowed, nothing stops sane individuals from doing the same.
 I don’t, though, so you’ll want to keep your delusions to yourself. I don’t hope for these things; they’re happening. I find joy in the idea of terrible, psychotic systems being destroyed and replaced with something that works.  I reject this nonsense, categorically, because it’s not even remotely close to being true. The EU countries don’t share history, language, culture, background, or anything other than physical closeness. The US’ states had literally just fought a...
Lack of assault should be assault? Pre-crime is best left to dystopian films, I think.
The collapse of the EU can’t come quickly enough.
 Collusion. The protection agencies are bought and paid.
New Posts  All Forums: