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No data should ever be destroyed.
 I’d ask what’s wrong with it first.  What’s wrong with it?
There was an intern, had a job; EMEIA…
 Maybe Coldplay? That’s so obscure that I just looked it up myself.
Seems to me that if this was the case there would have been a war or two to fix it.  Could you clarify this point, melgross? Do you mean to say that while it’s nigh omnipresent, it’s not very powerful, and thus not viable in most uses? Because there’s certainly “enough” in terms of availability, but…
I think they said it was ‘effectively’ dissolved already. I wonder what will happen if it falls below $50 per barrel.
 My “disdain” is for Pixelmator’s inability to change shortcuts and Adobe’s inconsistencies therewith between their own software.
 You seem to be.  
 Or even literate.
This is the only kind of forced progress of which I’m in favor.
New Posts  All Forums: