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At least we now know the schedule. Every three DPs we get a new PB.
 Hmm… I don’t think I understand. Since you can search through metadata anyway, wouldn’t it just be easier to keep everything it its regular place? You can still group edit just fine. I’m confused.  Oh, okay. That’s good to know; thanks for clarifying. Enjoy having hate in your life. lol. So the fact that the vast majority of what they do aligns with my opinions… doesn’t factor into your plan, then.
 Eh? You could always see your recently added. Always.
 Court cases in which Samsung officials have to explicitly state the truth, which contradicts what the company said before the case sure are wrong¡ You’re intelligent enough to know exactly what I meant the first time. Quit grasping at straws and accept that your reasoning is based on utter nonsense and lies.
 Aha! Lovely. That’s exactly what I hoped. I forgot to mention before: Lucas having no role in this whatsoever outside ‘creative consultant’ is a really good sign. That’s where he excelled.
Yeah, that’s not a valid response.
Oh, no, Thunderbolt 3.
 I could while away the hours,Conferrin’ with the flowers,Consultin' with the rain.And my head I'd be scratchin'while my thoughts were busy hatchin’If I only…
 Insane! Then why are the assets even in there? What’s the point of trying if you’re not going to do it right? That doesn’t sound like Apple.
 Thunderbolt is Intel’s, remember. There’s not much Apple can do if they change it. Yes, collaboration, but if the current port physically can’t do what Intel wants it to do…
New Posts  All Forums: