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 I bet they get great bennies, though. Full dental*, etc. *Note: any lost teeth will be replaced with equivalent teeth pulled from other individuals. Other individuals guaranteed to have been 60% not dead at the time of pulling
 Which post? I’m confused. 8/10; got a chuckle.  Ah, that’s just my memory in general.
I don’t have much need for one, but I’ll be purchasing the most advanced drone I can just prior to the law that hardwires in restrictions on their movements.
 But the aegis is the same. Not really. Statistically they’re far more likely to contain damaging individuals and they’re universally a drain on the economies of the respective countries.
Oh, cool. That’s the one I use. Guess I’ll keep it around. I’ll visit a few German sites for good measure.
 On a scale of 1 to 100, the accuracy of that statement rates about a 9, and that only because it uses English words in a grammatically correct way.  No, because you’re comparing apples and box turtles. I do not subscribe to an omnicidal worldview, nor do I wish harm on the people fleeing (and “fleeing”) said omnicidal worldview. You don’t care, but there it is.  Keep your communist bullshit to yourself. And you can always falsify.  Remember back in 1976 when the CIA said...
Yeah, they have neither. Sorry. Stop this bullshit. Oh, that’s fucking rich.  And you call religious people deluded...Yeah, no, see, the fact that A GENOCIDE HAD BEEN PERFORMED on Christians prior to the Crusades is a pretty important detail.
 So the shouts of Allahu Akbar were accompanied by Vive le France, then? The point is that these countries have neither the obligation nor the responsibility to accept refugees and that some are nearly collapsing underneath them. It’s absolute insanity and it MUST stop.
 Not like you could have just taken what I said and searched for it or anything. That’s obviously an impossibility. “Burden of...”Don’t care. My concern was to simply expound upon the data already presented. You’re not asked–nor expected to give–citations for all of the statements you make. You make statements in passing. Anyway, it looks like I must have merged “felony violation of her oath of office regarding the handling of classified information” and “no one actually...
 I could have sworn that we had confirmation that not only did she send classified data with her private server, but that she also deleted classified data on the server before turning it over to the authorities after signing a legally-binding document stating the opposite.
New Posts  All Forums: