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And yet that’s not a result of not producing enough food. It’s not even a result of not having enough where it needs to be. It’s a result of dictatorial hoarding of the resources. End the food aid and you’ll see the producers be the consumers.
 Let’s see if I have straight what’s coming to a head all at once. US student loan bubble (growing since the ‘70s–never even slowed across the last recession)US car loan bubble (with subprime mortgages exposed, subprime car loans had to be the fallback)US home ownership at an all time low, rent at an all time highUS private 401ks may be seized by the governmentUS cap goods and durables are mirroring the last two recessions Eurozone collapse and end of the EuroEU...
Now, if Windows had an actual Cortana pop up like Clippy did… I mean, who would YOU want to see more?
Well, we’re specifically discussing the west and its falling birthrates. It makes sense to discuss western production. I hope he realizes that Africa’s birthrates are so high only because we give them food aid (which is a waste of our money and the perpetuation of their poverty). If he really believes that overpopulation exists, he should be screaming for the end of all food aid. But that would force him to acknowledge that we CAN actually feed everyone. End food aid, save...
Sure would be, wouldn’t it? Glad I didn’t do that. Well, good. That still doesn’t mean most of retail theft isn’t internal.
Of course we can. We throw 40% of our food away. 
 I’d post the picture of Al Gore in his office with three 30” Cinema Displays and completely surrounded by stacks of paper, but I don’t have it. EDIT: And now I do.   Not sure where you’re getting that. Plenty of lefties here.
The audio error I had with 4 is still in 5. It could very well be my hardware collapsing around me, but I sure hope it’s just the software… Oh! I didn’t have the problem in Windows just before my GPU exploded again, so it must just be software.
Gee, that’s exactly what they said about homosexuals only 60 years ago. Are you joking?
 When you have an actual rebuttal, feel free to post it. Malthus was disturbed (and wrong), you know. He took crowding in Europe at the dawn of the industrial age as “the limit” when we’ve seen it grow exponentially since.  Shown to be a scam. It’s the adult equivalent of YouTube’s “SUB4SUB” without any scientific merit. Nope.  Funnily enough, that’s exactly what has been happening to the temperature data. “The Earth is warming. The Earth has always been warming.” Except...
New Posts  All Forums: