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 Apple’s back end library is already ALAC. He wants Apple to sell the ALAC files directly (and make them freely redownloadable instead of charging for upgrading from existing ones). Unfortunately, that’s not how bandwidth works. Though Apple directly selling ALAC is fine with me.
 Apple’s, then. So stop whining and don’t buy it. You’re in the minority.
 Except they didn’t, period, end of discussion.
 1. Depends on what it can do.2. This phone isn’t $800.
 “Thank you for purchasing one JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank.”“WHAT?! NO!”“Thank you for purchasing one…“NO!”“…two, thr–fou–five JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tanks. You will be notified by phone when your shipment is ready for delivery.”
 Has it? Did we ever get those numbers? If a tablet that can’t be used as a tablet sells, I figure a phone that can’t be used as a phone will sell, too. Doesn’t mean the product will be good or, again, usable.
 In this case the chickens are North Korea, right? Because good luck getting any justice out of them.  So you didn’t read the e-mail? That’s exactly what he said. He said it nigh word for word.   You’ll want to watch every single one of those again and point out just where Apple attacked customers, please.  Turn into yourself and blow away in the wind. PRETTY EASILY, in fact.  Really? Their investors are just pretending that Apple doesn’t exist, huh.  Until they lose and...
 Nope. Look at the inside of an iPhone sometime. Does… not… compute… Never mind that you NEED THOSE to have a device that actually works.
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