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 Unless they plan to make a $15 USB A to USB C adapter, they’ll have to go with A. They’re not going to make it incompatible with hundreds of thousands of computers.Same chips there, huh? Looks like it’s over USB 2. Interesting. Sure, but that’s Samsung. The lack of performance increase probably came from NAND not being any faster. Now we finally have something that can write faster than USB 2’s burst (read: never) performance.
 I wonder about the iPad Pro specifically. Since they’ve reportedly upped the NAND speed (if the actual write speed is listed somewhere, I haven’t seen it), could it possibly ship with a Lightning-USB 3 cable?
And you know the speed of the Lighting port... how?
 There’s a bug for me in bless that keeps BootChamp from working, which means that I have to perpetually run a GTX 980+GT 120 setup and switch between the cards if I want to use Windows. But I’m a “nonstandard install”, so I doubt Apple will ever fix or change it.
 To say that I’m at the end of my rope would imply that I remembered where I even left it.  Not that I don’t equally appreciate the responses from Radar et. al., but there comes a time where you just refuse to tolerate any more stupidity, particularly when there’s the real and proven possibility that the stupidity is paid.
 More truth than you’ll find almost anywhere.
 Rule #4: Occasionally preface arguments with "I love Apple, but…" or "As an Apple stockholder…" Show the class proof that Apple employs children. I’m not even going to give you the courtesy of pretending that you’re not lying through your crooked, cavity-filled teeth, you worthless wretch. Everyone knows that you’re pulling things straight from your Google playbook. Not by Apple. Rule #34: Apple's Chinese workers hate their lives.Rule #35: Apple’s Chinese workers work far...
 You honestly think we’re friends with monarchists?  Totally true, though.
I’d love a resimplification of the lines, specifically the names.   iMac. Comes in two sizes. 21.5” and 27”. MacBook. Comes in three sizes. 11”, 12”, and 15”. iPad. Comes in three sizes. 7.9”, 9.7”, and 12.7”. iPhone. Comes in two sizes. 4.7” and 5.5”.   The rest for just a single year out is dependent on Intel, but you’ve basically laid out everything.
 Yep. Bigger, really. Definitionally, yes. That’s the definition of words.
New Posts  All Forums: