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 Your insult falls apart when the minimum effective population size is two to three orders of magnitude lower than what we’re discussing.
 Why aren’t you banned yet? Honest question.  Proven to be genetically beneficial. Who said anything about that? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “Sir, he broke the law.”“He owns a passport, sergeant; let him go.”“It’s not even hi–”“He owns a passport. Let him go.” Please seek psychiatric help.
Maybe you’d have felt better if you hadn’t come back from your last one. Oh, they don’t have those conversations, by the way. Their cultures are wholly unconcerned with the topics I mentioned. Probably part of why they’re anthropological curiosities and not, you know, the ones with their flag on the Moon (they don’t have flags, either).
Thanks for writing my replies for me. It saves time.
 Yep, that’s what words mean. OOPS, you just outed your lie. 
 They could, I suppose, which is why I didn’t speak in absolutes. Do you have evidence to disprove my statement? Aww, ain’t that cute.
 Then don’t say things like this:  And maybe people will care about literally anything you have to say.
 You’re always good for a laugh. What an ironic correlation. I happen to have one that is even more relevant, however.  
 Thanks for thinking you know what we think we know.  So? Yeah, it’s pretty depressing. Falsifications tend to allow just about any connection. That’s the opposite of “better”. Yeah, you’re really making a good point¡ Aww, that’s cute. Why, I bet the Daasanach and Nyangatom don’t argue about the workings and nature of the universe, much less the physics that define and explain it. Boy, do we look stupid!
New Posts  All Forums: