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 “Other jobs are coming back. Jobs pertaining to the oversight of the machines that will do the jobs we used to do.” I’d sure like it if they did.
 Huh. Doesn’t for me. Did you clean upgrade or update? I’d wipe those cookies and start ‘em over again.
Always block: no new cookies except the ones Google sneaks by you. Allow from current website only: not a clue Allow from websites I visit: only first party cookies, not advertisers, except the ones Google sneaks by you Always allow: all cookies   The code is on a modal dropdown that shows up in Messages. I had it work automatically.   I dunno... check Messages/Preferences/Accounts/the iMessage account you associate with your iPhone. See if the phone number is...
 I think that the delineation of patent owners and NPEs (which, come on, is just a nice way of saying ‘patent troll’) is very important. It helps to define the lawsuits. Yes, the owned patent may be valid. Yes, the owner of said patent has every right to protect it, should it be valid. But the use (practical or licensed) of the patent is important to know in many of these cases. I’ll go a step further. The age of the patent is as–if not more–important.
 Off topic, but my mother thinks that movie is a comedy.
 How is that even relevant to what he said?
Fine here.
 Subtle jab; I like it.
  These are just Wikipedia’s examples.
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