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 Aww, projectionism. No, we haven’t. Not by our choice. On this topic? Your general lack of comprehension thereof, really.
 Nope, that would be the socialist practices put into place in the last 70 years. You might want to try educating yourself on a topic before speaking on it.
 Given that it’s the socialists’ immigration system that allowed for it, yes. Given that that hasn’t ever been the case when you said so, I’m glad you accept my points as accurate.
 So as long as no humans of any political inclination are allowed to involve themselves in any way, socialism works pretty well. I think that’s the best description of the process that I’ve ever seen. You want a silver bullet? Okay: destroy fiat currency and return to a currency backed by, well, silver.
 Why not? Let the banks fail in 2008 and you get everything that is happening now, but happening then. I imagine there would be at least SOME recovery from a real collapse after 7 years, unlike what has happened now.  It’s almost as though we’re German. Who cares? From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Keep your delusional propaganda to yourself, please. Socialism only “works” when someone else is footing the...
 Any bailout deal they take (read: are illegally forced to take) now will push debt to 200%+ of the GDP, too. Oh, and Brussels will be taking full, direct control over the country. So you can imagine how well the Greeks would take that. None of this would be happening if 2008 had just been let to happen. If we hadn’t bailed out anyone, the Euro would’ve fallen then (not as quickly, comparatively, as it is now, but still fallen), bankers would have been imprisoned or...
When the power cuts out and people are scrambling for food, this will be meaningless. But destroying the Eurozone and EU is the best thing to happen to Europe in decades. Three cheers for Greece, saviors of a continent. WAAAA THINK OF THE ELDERLY WAAAA Do you have a reply that isn’t a fallacy? Greece cooked their books to get into the Euro (they’re thinking about suing Goldman Sachs, in fact), now Europe is reaping its just reward for letting that happen.
 When blood dries, its color turns from bright to dark red. The beast is being slain.
I still think Apple should go with a rounded rectangle for OS X for differentiation.   Oh, I never told anyone. Right...
 Automatic upgrades? Nope. And an update (manually applied) that automatically turns on automatic upgrades? Also nope. But something automatically upgrading without user input and without a setting existing in the previous version to have done so is suspect. Leave it to Microsoft, though!
New Posts  All Forums: