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 Oh, irony.
 Take your antipsychotic medications, please.
 I should have hopped on the WiiU; it might still be up, but I doubt it. I just don’t buy many non-staples these days.
 Wal-Mart IS price-matching a WiiU bundle with some games for $69 because Sears screwed up on their website. That’s the console for $69; not just games.
Even worse.
 And again we see a refusal to communicate intelligently. Enjoy!
 I think you may have misinterpreted something.
Wow, a Wikipedia page. You sure showed him. 
 I can’t imagine that being the case or the stock price having anything to do with it.
The mental workings of the average person have, quite honestly, not changed since at least the time of the Roman Republic. What was true then is true now. Or maybe truth is subjective? 
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