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Why hasn’t the North invaded yet? Honestly.
 Just curious, do you use the term “trickle down” in any fashion, disparaging or otherwise? Why are you behaving as though terms don’t keep existing? Don’t try to marginalize this. It’ll be Obamacare, too, even long after it comes crashing down.   You’re not the other guy, but maybe he’ll understand how terms stick around now.  It makes sense that no one should be denied health care, but all should have to pay for it. None of this illegally forcible insurance malarkey. You...
 I don’t agree with this. Unlimited data does not mean unlimited bandwidth, nor were they promised a set speed without throttling. I also don’t agree with caps or throttling. It’s just a matter of the definition of words. If corporations can’t pretend that words don’t mean what they actually mean, then neither can courts. That’s just mental illness.
Because the trend for the 20th century was downward, not upward. Because anyone who can’t comprehend this is ignoring the data. The only thing absurd is your belief that strawmen are arguments.
Nope. Try again. Cherrypicking is choosing 1500 as your start date and claiming that California’s drought has never been worse. Cherrypicking is choosing 1980 as your start date and claiming that hurricane frequency is increasing. Cherrypicking is choosing 1958 as your start date and claiming that heavy rain frequency is increasing. Cherrypicking is having stations on only 50% of the surface of the Earth, inventing data for the rest, and pretending the globe is...
Done plenty. Everything on that site is disproven elsewhere. If you just teach yourself how to read the actual temperature data itself, straight from the recording institutions, you can see with your own eyes that they’re lying. That’s how far I went to make sure I was right about this. Never mind that the people responsible for pushing this lie have personally, explicitly said that they’re doing it to destroy global industry only and that climate has nothing to do with...
 But the cables would have to be male–female. Has Apple ever done that? 
 Every time until you do it. 1) Demonstrate “climate change” is real.    No problem there! There is plenty of geological evidence that the Earth has been much warmer for most of its existence. The Jurassic period, for example, was quite a bit warmer than today. In fact, there have only been a few colder times in Earth’s history compared to today. And ‘climate’, in the strictest sense, changes daily.2) Demonstrate that “climate change” is manmade.    This is tougher, since...
E-mail has a character limit? I thought it was just limited to the size of message that could be sent by a given server.
Yep. They’d work as dual action plugs. Oh, and a set of 6 TB3-USB A female dongles available for the same price.
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