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Ha! No. They don’t make any consideration for it now; they won’t change prices once they’ve stopped all subsidies. If they really cared at all about moving away from subsidized phones, this is exactly what they would do.
 Strange that it’s the same size as the regular unicorn. Almost as though...
 That’s not the same, but you know this. At least you put quotes.
 Because they then create their own service based on it.
Apple: Yeah, thanks, Europe; we were really concerned about what you thought regarding the acquisition of an American company by an American company.
Oh, cool. An interesting threat that in no way has to involve politics or any of the other annoying topics, and which is old enough to ignore all the existing posts thereabout.   There’s some pretty convincing evidence that human civilization is considerably older than we’re taught it is. As for humanity itself, I doubt that it’s currently possible to know if we can know its age.
And even still (since the App Store was created as a concept from the very beginning), Amazon is built on hocking crap to people; the phone only exists to do so. Apple is the opposite. Their phone is the reason people can hock crap in the first place.
Hardly. Haven’t we always been able to do that?
 Since when? It just doesn’t have a door.
 Ah, okay. It’s just Google being the submissive whelp they’ve always been, taking on the role of the phone manufacturer pre-Apple’s entry in the market. Thanks for clarifying.
New Posts  All Forums: