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Personally, I’m a fan of “30 years or the death of the artist, whichever comes last.” The family of an 80 year old with a great idea should be able to get some residuals after he dies. But a youngster shouldn’t be able to ride a single success into retirement.
 Oh, are we complaining about iTunes now? Because iOS forcing you to see “Recently Added” in your music is completely unacceptable.
This mental illness is the reason people are allowing their rights to be stolen. This is in no way an argument. Oh, and on the subject of cookies, is there a cookie blacklist utility for OS X’s Safari? I’m going to guess at the length of time that has passed since I last cleared out my cookies. Given the state of my depression and the dilation of time due to my memory loss, let’s go with just over a month. In that time, I’ve gone from ~50 cookies (kept from sites I...
 The ‘controversy’ being... that people desire the revocation of personal gun ownership rights.  What, like loopholes for felons or the mentally ill? I don’t see how illegal laws banning the capacity of weaponry for all citizens fits into that.
 I’m still waiting for you to prove that the pro-gun lobby is behind the anti-gun lobby.
 It’s an English website. Comprehension of the language is pretty valid when trying to have a legitimate claim to a problem. The conclusion to which you came may even be WRONG, and based on him not having a grasp of the language. Das würde nicht helfen. Ich habe Deutsch gelernt. 
Samsung really needs to shell out an extra 50¢ per post to get native English speaking shills.
Let’s bounce this all the way down the line! You choose to go to their site.They choose to throw ads at you.You choose to block the ads.They choose to continue serving page content to you. These’re probably the four stages of process that will come up in a legal discussion. I think the end responsibility is on the site owners.
 How long before the television manufacturers try to foist the left image’s (horizontal) ratio on us as a “selling point” over previous models? They can only add so many more pixels and they don’t seem to care about color or contrast, so after 2.39:1 TVs take over, where can they go? And once that happens, will theaters expand their screens wider again? Not the least of which because who other than Dick Applebaum is old enough to remember televisions that displayed them...
 I bet they get great bennies, though. Full dental*, etc. *Note: any lost teeth will be replaced with equivalent teeth pulled from other individuals. Other individuals guaranteed to have been 60% not dead at the time of pulling
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