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 Android 2005 ≠ Android 2008. Wow. HEY, EVERYONE! No one who has ever been ASKED to do something has EVER, in the history of human civilization, gone against what was ASKED of them! I’d say that for you, but you’re banned, so I’ll tear it apart anyway. Why do I get an image in my head of the friend of a murderer telling a father who just lost his kid he hates the murderer more than him…  Godwin’s Law: you instantly lose the argument. Never mind that your position lost it...
 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You’re joking, right? THE EXACT OPPOSITE is true. No, what YOU seem physically incapable of doing is using a single hand with your phone. I’m not sorry for you.
 Is this supposed to be a joke at a dead man’s expense? Or is it just even more posturing for the upcoming “hate speech” bill?
 Learn how to read the English language, grasshopper.  ‘Kay. Prove it.
Gah, I hate those. If you haven’t already, also e-mail the AI guys directly about this.   I’m glad that NoMoreiTunes exists for OS X.
 “THIS GU–” *clatter* “Great, you made me drop my phone.”
 Really? Now instead of being only partially lazy and illegally downloading the software, people can be completely lazy and download it right off. Flooding Apple with bad bug reports won’t fix anything more quickly.
 Hear that? It’s the sound of no one caring about your FUD.
 Apple doesn’t cater to the polydactyly community, so no, every single other person on Earth uses their thumb for this sort of thing.
 Where’s the plus infinity button…
New Posts  All Forums: