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 Doable, sure, but do you think ElCap would come out before the new Apple TV? Wouldn’t Apple want to roll the thing out as quickly as possible to capitalize on the start of the fall season of TV? And even if so, wouldn’t we have found references to it in the OS already? I’m just happy that you can AirPlay straight from anywhere in the OS in ElCap.
I want to say, “Anyone but Samsung,” but the sheer brashness of the copying of native Chinese companies puts them to shame.
FOUND ONE!Oh, wait, no, that’s the iHome.
Yes, but it said it at launch and for months after.
After seven of them? And when was that?
 If it was going to be in OS X this time around, it would have already been in the DPs.
Keep going; there’s a Christmas present one.
Captain Feathersword looks different than I remember.
If iPad Pro, then separate event.
New Posts  All Forums: