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 That’s the idea. Direct democracy is a terrible decision for large-scale operations, which is why we don’t use it. I’ve just remembered. We meaning the US, given that you’re across the Pond.
 The image and your text differ in supposition. iCloud could be hacked, exposing everyone. HER iCloud account could be hacked, meaning they got her information.
 Except the pictures were taken from the warehouse where a whole bunch of people had their pictures. I can protect my house by my own hand. I cannot protect the warehouse. 
 A reminder to bone up on the warning signs.
If they fully understood the inherent dangers, they wouldn’t do it in the first place.
 I fail to see the problem.
  “Clickthroughs!” “Lisa needs braces!” “Clickthroughs!” “Lisa needs braces!” “Clickthroughs!” “Lisa needs braces!” “Clickthroughs!” “Lisa needs braces!” “If we make our article titles less misleading... I won’t be able to pay for Lisa’s braces!”
 On a slightly related note, I am 100% against the very existence of “mobile” websites and am disgusted that more–not fewer–of them exist since the creation of the iPhone. However, the thought that websites should be  1. more streamlined2. have smaller page sizes3. optimize themselves for capped data connections should not be dismissed. A single URL shouldn’t be 10 megabytes. Simultaneously get rid of code bloat and petition for the removal of caps; that’s what website...
 You totally missed his point, unless your point was to aggregate rebuttals to his points, in which case I missed your point. No, thinness in and of itself isn’t innovation. That isn’t a rebuttal.
 You’d be surprised at the number of people who claim this isn’t a valid argument and that people should be allowed to do whatever they want.
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