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I wonder, though, whether Fido’s promotion isn’t Samsung-sanctioned.
 That’s funny; I’ve never been restricted in what I can do with the editor, but I have Flash blocked everywhere. I’m really upset that blocking Flash doesn’t stop telling websites that you have it installed, in a slightly unrelated note.
 Nah. Screw any and all support of the company.
 I would. I mean, why not? Pull up to the Yosemite campgrounds and park between the 1973 Winnebagos. If I’m that rich, of course I’m going to be known for absolutely ludicrous things.
 I guess I’m still looking at it the wrong way. Apple wants Photos to replace everything, but it’s functionally only an iPhoto replacement as of yet. Guess I’ll try it, at least.
 Great.  Thanks for the info! I’ll stick with Aperture, then, for the time being.
Do they continue to operate off the same library? If Photos requires an update to the library, can Aperture still read and write it?
 And with that, I won’t be using Photos until it is. Aperture doesn’t get deleted from your machine when you update, does it?
 Oh, I’m certain they could. That’s where their up to a century or more of experience in the industry will help them immensely. Whether Apple is creating its own vehicle or Tesla is creating a vehicle with Designed by Apple in California etched on it is irrelevant. The existing car manufacturers will have a large advantage–different from Apple’s other industries–in that large size and large scale manufacturing will let them keep the cost of implementing their own copies of...
 Unfortunately it’s not looking that way.  Showing off iOS 9.
New Posts  All Forums: