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Just a pun, or…?
What sort of stupid statement is this?  Why not listen to what you yourself say instead?
 You’re pretty obviously ignoring the country in question. Why’s that?
Kay. Did. You’re still wrong. Said this already. Stop wasting our time.
 Seems endemic of most British media, really…
 If the issue is one of popularity, do we have stats regarding “smartphone” use back then?
 We’ve proven countless times that there was nothing like the iPhone before its creation. I’m not going to waste my time with common sense.
 I did. Your point is wrong. Next?
 Right, and this situation is disgusting and inexcusable, but it is not the law itself that makes it so. The law stating all people born on US soil are US citizens is a logical conclusion of the fundamental rights otherwise protected by the Constitution. Again, it’s not the deportation of the children. The children cannot–and should not–in any way be forced to leave, but more often than not they’d probably choose to stick with their parents. I don’t like the idea of...
 Paramount announces their new logo.
New Posts  All Forums: