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 I though you couldn’t call a woman fat. Thanks, neo-feminism!
I don’t know about looking by serial number, but any used 30” is going to be severely diminished in its backlighting capabilities, isn’t it?    CCFL dim with use, and the last 30” was made in 2010–five years ago. Unless it has had a backlight replacement (good luck) or is nearly brand new, it probably won’t be very bright.   I hate to say it, but is 16:10 really that important? Why not grab a 27” Thunderbolt or Cinema Display (or wait for the standalone Retina)?
 So you’re illiterate, then. It’s not to love; it’s to be upset about and want to change. Well, the USA for one. The nations I listed disarmed their citizens. There are many more nations off the list who also disarmed their citizens. Your point? Then maybe listen to what was actually posted. No, but your utter lack of comprehension of the words posted earlier makes this stupidity unsurprising. Your desire to disarm America makes you a marxist. That many have lost their...
 You can’t deny a statement because you don’t like the source. The first link therein is directly from the government. Table III-C is what we’re after, I think. That’s the debt as of June 26. And here’s a link to the same thing for March 13. Exact same debt, despite obvious spending overages.
Sure thing. This is, of course, in no way exhaustive.  You were saying, marxist? Whoop de frick. What’s your point? You act as though that isn’t a valid belief. We have proof of it across several countries (unrelated to guns), so why would anyone be so stupid as to think it wouldn’t happen due to guns? That’d be because you’ve deluded yourself into thinking modern governments are operating in their peoples’ best interests. Whoop de frick. What’s your point? You don’t have...
 Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Did you know that the debt has been illegally frozen for the last 15 weeks?  You can’t be racist against a country. Are you Greek and just offended at the thought that you should have to have personal fiscal responsibility?
I’m happy for the first time in seven or so years (unrelated, interestingly enough, to the state of the economy back then). I shouldn’t be–still nothing is going right for me–but we finally have a chance to destroy the scam of fractional reserve banking and the fiat currency scam. So this has me in fairly high spirits.   If not now, September for sure.
 Then it’s just stupidity. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Because all the states who disarmed and then committed genocide on their citizens were so much better.  Zero debate.  A well-balanced breakfast being necessary to the start of a healthy day, the right of the people to keep and eat food shall not be infringed. Quiz time! Who has the right to food? A) A well-balanced breakfastB) the people Okay, stupidity on your part, too. Please don’t inject yourself...
This is why all first posts should be auto-caught by Defensio and manually approved.
New Posts  All Forums: