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 Carpets rolled up. House mockup confirmed.
 Hang on, I’ll mock up a product page for that. 
I WANT TO CONTROL MY HOME WITH MY VOICE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Ideally, it would be via a two-way PA in every room. Since every room should have speakers for your music, that system would obviously include a microphone (don’t say it can’t be done cheaply; my elementary school had one and it was installed before Apple made computers with mice). Barring an installed system, having an iDevice in your pocket or in your hands and using it as the remote is the best option, and if...
 Runs Android.
That’s an idea: it’s a full-scale mockup of a house with Apple’s wise home tech integrated into everything–lights, appliances, television, etc.
 Free salt to anyone who makes use of the facilities.
 I’m so furious that Google is willing to flaunt any law they wish but have absolutely no concept of fair use law for anyone else.
 Because it’s right to be. Sure he does. It’s called marketing. It’s the best pipeline in 25 years because it’s the fastest hardware and most advanced software in 25 years. 10 years ago, that hardware was the best hardware in 15 years. Why? What evidence do they have that we don’t?
New Posts  All Forums: