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   If you look at their build numbers (or whatever), you’ll see why they numbered them the way they did.
WAIT A MINUTE. No one has made a Seven ate Nine joke yet?!  This just tells you that the whole is LESS than the sum of its parts.
Uh… what form of logic is that? They have less of a clue what they’re doing than the team responsible for the code itself. YEAH, ALL THAT NEGATIVE PUBLICITY REALLY WORKS IN MICROSOFT’S FAVOR.
Is it a complete rewrite from the ground up, as has been needed for the past 14 years?   If not…    
 Geezaloo, why would they do that? Why would they do it and not do it for the first gen? That’s like saying the 2nd gen iPod touch would be a complete phone!
No, I didn’t say anything about that whatsoever. We know, historically, that they don’t, though.
 Where’s your /s?  But Disney does manage to destroy everything it touches.
 Good for you. You don’t matter any more than any other individual. 1. What right do you have to think this?2. Who are you to dictate this?3. Who are you to have the ability to say how much tax anyone but you pays in any situation? 1. Who are you to know whether Apple knows what to spend its money on?2. What does Apple’s cash have to do with the argument you are making?3. To how much of Apple’s money are you entitled and why? I want a specific dollar amount. Put it in Euro...
Why, when bigger phones have always led to smaller sales? What’s their justification for this?
 I’m glad they’re stupid enough to show their faces. Apple will take it up with the local police and they’ll be charged with vandalism, destruction of property, and hopefully libel.  Punish them severely when young; they’ll be better people as adults.
New Posts  All Forums: