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 Interesting idea. See, if I worked high up at Apple, I would leak things all the time. But not things that are in any way important or relevant to the company, just things like this to answer peoples’ questions. 
No, and I’m upset about that. I prefer product images on the box, specifically straight-on images.
 Can they bypass their own hosts file? I’ll just edit it at the modem if that’s the case.
 I’m now excited for Apple to prove you wrong. Though, honestly, I expect the 13” iPad to eventually run a form of OS XI rather than iOS. Nix to the former, props to the latter. There are better ways of doing it than both iOS’s way and folder trees. But... the entire S&P 500 thinks otherwise. I rather think that’s more to do with typing speed for people who aren’t used to touchscreen keyboards. I’m still faster on a physical one, even, and I’ve been using iPhone OS/iOS’...
 As far as I know, not off completely. Again, when my new graphics card arrives, I’ll install 10 and try this out myself, but from what I know right now, you can block this nonsense by editing the hosts file as follows: Additionally, there are a couple of scripts out that claim to do roughly the same thing, automatically. Did I mention that Windows will take screenshots of your computer and send them to Microsoft if you’re typing in an RSA authentication? Because what...
AHAHAHAHAH IT’S A BOTNET. There is literally no security, by definition. How is this a benefit? Phones, tablets, and desktops aren’t the same things. You don’t do the same things on them, use them in the same ways, or have the same experiences on them. That’s like claiming a Froaster using 120v for both the fridge and toaster components is a good thing. True, but overall irrelevant. Eh?  Spartan isn’t that good. At least, the last build of Spartan before release wasn’t...
 They used 10 because 9 would have set off flags for Windows 95 and 98 compatibility and broken software. 
Well, at least you’re consistently wrong about what they should do; I’ll give you that.
Yes, but some can be turned off, whereas on non-enterprise versions setting it to “Off” means it stays on. See the big image in my first post above.
Somewhere Judi Dench just did a spit take and recoiled in disgust.
New Posts  All Forums: