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 Nah. Unless it was Craig. 
Wh… what?! Did he say that specifically? I’m perfectly willing to list the things that prove him wrong, but Tesla’s site does that already. I’ve only seen cursory information about it, but Tesla offers 45 second battery swaps at some of their locations. Now, is this free like the Superchargers are, or is there some other cost involved?
 I’m not sure I get your point, but saying this and contrasting with the fact that people didn’t go and do that kind of tells me that they were lying about wanting that size to begin with.
I prefer it. Diluting? How is releasing a product under their name diluting their own brand?! I also love how the Apple Watch Edition is just that. Not like every single other company would name it. They’d do “[company] [product] [special category name] Edition”. To Apple, the very existence of there being a product warranting an “edition” means that the use of the word “edition” is enough. I’m not sure I care for the existence of the name (splitting the product into three...
 I like this gif. Been saving it for a while.
 Your point is wrong.
But it’s 90% now.
 Eh, I guess… I don’t see them integrating hardware, anyway. Right; they’ll just lose their jobs the old fashioned way: due to the company NOT being purchased by Apple.  Nor will they ever, at any time, for any reason. The question becomes whether those “benefits” outweigh the benefits of purchase.
 Ah, the RDF applies its own frame of reference to our experience of time. We have to suffer through to the 19th (or later) like everyone else.
 I’m going to use this argument the next time someone whines to me about how the whole world should be on UTC or tries to tell me that I should stop petitioning to get my state off DST.  You know, I never thought of it that way. Whenever I think of ARM-based chips in computers, I think of them from the perspective of the relative power (processing) of modern ARM chips vs. x86. It’s so easy to forget that the power (electricity) constraints there are purposefully done.
New Posts  All Forums: