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For filtered content that isn’t utter garbage, signifying nothing.
RIM’s down $3.95 today. Hopefully they’ll stay down.
Ah, the rumored rumor that has been rumored to be rumored is now rumored not to be rumored.
 I’m surprised at you, sir! The Bubbington family is one of the wealthiest on the western eastern seaboard, and are of upstanding physical character. Bubba the 3rd is in prison for embezzlement of company funds. White collar crime. Hey, I didn’t say moral character.
 Both (usually only the first), the latter founded in the former.
Illegally. Yes, 100% it is, and it’s also against every ToS of every ISP.
 Oh, yeah. I don’t even know of any drive that plays them. Heck, I don’t know of any drive that will do DVD DL±RW, which is nonsense.
 Isn’t that the definition? How people who’ve broken the constitution keep getting elected because their constituencies are too stupid to know, etc.?
 Must be nice to have carriers that will change plan prices for subsidies...You guys may as well just go on the US dollar at this point. Ecuador does and they love it. You could even keep your coins, like they do. Everyone hates to cart around change, but being able to call your money ‘looney’ and ’toonie’ is neat.
It’s perfectly applicable. You’re breaking the law, as well as the contract your friend signed for service in the first place. If discovered, the account will be terminated and legal action could be taken. Wow. Then... maybe you don’t get to watch them? Seems like a pretty simple concept to grasp. Enjoy sharing that prison cell with Bubba B. Bubbington the 3rd.
New Posts  All Forums: