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 So you’re a professional basketball player? A specially bred rugby star?
They’ll only have whatever chip has the same TDP as the one that’s in there now.
 Teleconferencing is usable for verbal discussion. Forget any nonverbal aspects of communication, however. Is there any reason to believe that being able to pick up from a person’s actions that they are lying when their words don’t tell you this? Gee, I wonder. Oh, I’m sure this statement is in any way accurate. I thought you wanted to have a serious discussion, not joke about with nonsense.
 Is that really Apple’s responsibility? No.
 What on Earth are these words supposed to mean?
 Because they presented their evidence last week and aren’t allowed to cross-examine Samsung until they rest.
 Maybe it is and you’re just not that user?  That’s a whole mess of FUD and you know it. Why would you say that?
 You… don’t believe these leaks? I believe them. People haven’t put any actual effort into faking things since the early naughties. Anytime in the last 8 years we’ve seen something with actual work put into it, it has been real. This is the first post-Steve product out of Apple. It’s one of the most idiotic things Apple has done, but this looks real to me. We can only hope the larger one is an iPod touch and not an iPhone.  I’m growing tired of people not knowing what a...
 Who says she won’t just rule with prejudice and prevent Apple from appealing?
 Stop buying phones. Why would someone be dumb enough to buy something they don’t want? Apple. For a reason.
New Posts  All Forums: