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 It’s not as though Apple is creating multitouch products, has stated that multitouch is its future, and is transitioning its desktop OS to be more multitouch or anything. OH WAIT. Who never said that, so...
 Today. 35 years ago it had a bunch of lights and switches. Yes, that makes my point for me. For heaven’s sake; think for five seconds.
 Does XLD handle 24-bit FLAC yet? Convert to ALAC and iTunes ‘em.
Here’s an idea: how about a toggle to ALWAYS GIVE US THE DESKTOP SITE since that’s THE POINT OF THESE DEVICES IN THE FIRST PLACE?
And forces nVidia to update their crappy chart.
 No, a newspaper changed it for him. He didn’t, though.
Just wake up from a coma? It’s not 1984.
 So sellers on eBay pretend to be Apple, do they? That’s not at all what is happening.
 The thought of iOS as a desktop OS makes me want to scream, so I hope they do something significantly different. But yeah, we’ll need a stand that can effortlessly move from vertical (for content consumption) to horizontal (for content creation). I had a theory that the evolution of the iMac shape for the last 10 years has been leading up to that. The angle of the curve in the case of the new models would be a nice angle for typing, laid down flat.
 And now we’re back to my questions that you didn’t answer. Why? Cute. This is giving me real confidence that you’ll ever give a proper response or answer those questions.
New Posts  All Forums: