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 Hey, Crowley! (or whoever it was I said this to. Maybe the other guy. Or that other guy.) YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? It is NEVER brought up by ANYONE but the offendee. It is NEVER said by people who take the other side of the argument. You’re seeing people take Apple’s side because Apple isn’t wrong. The suit is being brought by whiny, lazy bums. Were Apple using slave labor, I can’t imagine anyone taking their side.
 Oh, sure; absolutely. More ‘desire’, then, but I see what you’re saying.  Well, no, but...
 Never said it was. Mmm... yeah, that’s sort of the point I’m making, though, given that all phones before Android have been usable with one hand. Yep, because “if it fits into one pair of pants, then it fits into all pants, ever”¡   And I’ve done it with multiple styles of pant. And guess what. Never mind that I’m not a woman–the gender with inherently smaller pants pockets (or none whatsoever, for whatever nonsensical reason). Thanks for the pedantry.
 ...stop proving me right, then. 1. Never happened.2. READ. THE. POST.
So, no, it’s not actually better.
 Try watching Samsung’s advertisements, then.
 Because they’re alleged by themselves to be victims. And... your point is what? No one has said otherwise.  Has there been a more pathetic strawman as of late? And no, you can’t reply to me at all. I am a victim, you see, because I say so, and therefore cannot be rebutted¡
 All growth is “unsustainable” to the point of making such comments worthless.To what? What are you trying to make this mean in this context?
 Needs to be fired.
 Run them on tablets or the multitouch desktop to compliment it. Why is this difficult to comprehend? 1. Who said anything about not using Intel?2. Why is Intel needed? I can’t imagine someone being able to buy something not being sold, but hey. 
New Posts  All Forums: