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Nah, it’s what held back family sharing. Sure do. Single account in the school’s name, bulk purchases of apps handled by the school, pushed out to the school’s devices as needed. You’re not breaking any laws that way. If I knew nothing about how schools are administered these days, this would surprise and depress me. Alas.
 Thanks for playing. Again.  Yeah, by the 12th iteration it might finally compare to iPhone OS 1. At least have the courtesy to insult my memory or self esteem. Geez, if you’re going to resort to personal attacks, make them personal.
 Oh boy, here we go. Why? If they change it to operate like iOS, that’s a valid concern, but otherwise... Their objections don’t regard difficulty. Eh... somewhat. It will be overdue as soon as they release one, however. Hmm?
 Well, no, but... Nah, the implementation’s fine. Someone’s head should roll at the RIAA for forcing draconian copyright protection. Or maybe you shouldn’t have lied about your kids’ ages in the first place. This wouldn’t have been a problem then.
Something else about iOS 8 I don’t like. My music shows a random image of the artist rather than the album artwork.    MAYBE I DON’T WANT YOUR IMAGES. MAYBE I WANT MY IMAGES. MAYBE THAT’S WHY I PUT THEM THERE.   Is there a setting for this?   I really love the landscape album view, though. Wall of music; great stuff.
Yeah, shut up please. I knew I had you on a list for a reason.
When does that movie about North Korea come out? I want to see if Baby Un makes good on his promise.
Yeah, I’m sure you blackmailed the richest public corporation on the planet. Keep thinking that.
 If you want the battery halved, sure.
The fakes get a SIM removal tool and we get squat! Also, the guy’s a moron. “the antenna bands highlight the back more”?! Come on. “I believe a real TouchID version will come out for this phone.” Yeah, he’s a complete moron. And gives a link to buy it. He needs to be sued for aiding and abetting.
New Posts  All Forums: