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How about a working driver for the Radeon 4870, Apple? Since ATI refuses to make one, that is.
No, not in the slightest.  Uh, proof? So since there isn’t a better panel than H-IPS, how do you propose Apple make a “more decent” display?
 I know you don’t contribute to following the law, paying your bills, or keeping everyone else’s low. Ah, the good old “I’m leaving, therefore I’m right.” Which you said before but ignored. Screw you, thief.
 Only if they’re paying no attention whatsoever. You’re whining about an update ON THE DAY OF AN UPDATE. No, I’m upset with you.
For filtered content that isn’t utter garbage, signifying nothing.
RIM’s down $3.95 today. Hopefully they’ll stay down.
Ah, the rumored rumor that has been rumored to be rumored is now rumored not to be rumored.
 I’m surprised at you, sir! The Bubbington family is one of the wealthiest on the western eastern seaboard, and are of upstanding physical character. Bubba the 3rd is in prison for embezzlement of company funds. White collar crime. Hey, I didn’t say moral character.
 Both (usually only the first), the latter founded in the former.
Illegally. Yes, 100% it is, and it’s also against every ToS of every ISP.
New Posts  All Forums: