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Sure, but I thought I remembered something being said about the mobile arena being Google’s primary source of revenue at this point. I don’t know what percentage ‘primary’ implies, but let’s say it’s 50 on its own. With the additional information that ~90% of all mobile devices that actually use the Internet are iOS devices, any hit to the 90% of 50% of their revenue would be significant. Assuming roughly the same adblock adoption on iOS (9) as we see on the desktop would...
Aww... I expected to be able to use “Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me” unironically. 
 We say every year, “Maybe they’ll do their own thing. Maybe they’ll make their own design...” NOPE. To make their own is an admission of failure.
 And then Samsung copies the energy system, but its byproduct is 3H2O and their users start dying off. 
 Even if by a stroke of sheer luck the Apple Car was announced at the September event, something tells me it would be a year or more before they had one available for purchase. Never mind that it would be an even more limited availability than Tesla’s current situation for, oh, a while.
 When it comes to humor, you never disappoint.  Nope, the fact that it went up immediately afterward. But you knew that because we were already discussing it.
 Nikkei’s down 500 right now. Shanghai will soon follow. Then Europe, then New York again. Eventually the government will step in, and/or the market will close. When the market closes, as it did earlier today, and as it has many times in the past, I’ll post here again about how you’re suffering from delusions regarding the lack of manipulation in the stock market.
Hydrogen is a pipe dream and will never be viable.
 The only thing extraordinary is the delusion that plunge protection didn’t save the day today. See above. Next you’ll be telling us that China’s market isn’t manipulated.
You have to be absolutely insane to think this.
New Posts  All Forums: