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 I can’t see any device needing a curved display... Maybe a future Apple Watch, but otherwise. The roll-up idea is an extension thereof, but it would require a mechanism to retain stability when pulled out. If we consider those metamaterials that can retain their shape when an electric current is sent through them it’s a possibility, but requiring electricity to keep the shape stable would also imply much more powerful batteries. I think that the next wave of true...
Yeah, they spurred on innovation in a stagnant industry and terrified the established powers into improvement. HOW AWFUL. Come off it.
I want a 15”, but that’s six years off. I have a first gen, will get a 12, and then the 15 will run OS XI, so that’s a nice six year lifecycle.
I’m waiting for the 13”, myself.
Not a utility. You have access to as much data as you can download. Your contract does not stipulate a minimum speed for said downloads. You cannot magically get “unlimited” unlimited, as in infinite amounts of infinite speed. In due time there’ll be a telecom that advertises minimum speed.
 And there’s my point. You’d think that someone who removed himself from the world because of instructions on a pack of toothpicks would agree with me on this. 
Who cares? Does anyone still use social networking, much less this privacy-raping garbage?
How about you just not have them, boyo? How does that sound?
 And the money given back to the shareholders?
 I was going to say they have around seven billion products to sell, but...
New Posts  All Forums: