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 The world has always been scary. And conspiracies are often proven to be right.
 Nope, you’re right. Internet-connected devices tend to be the ones that are the most relevant these days, and most like to think they’re the only relevant ones.  Indeed I do. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3068708
 The only thing I’d mention is that this is only data of computers connected to the Internet. There could be a large number of non-connected devices in third world countries or used as secondary machines elsewhere.
Yep, that’d be it.
lol, botnet.   I’m still going to install it, but I’ll be heavily modifying the hosts file and monitoring outgoing connections. If Microsoft feels that they can circumvent their own hosts file, I’ll teach myself how to block connections at the modem itself.   OH AND DID I MENTION THAT WINDOWS 7 AND WINDOWS 8 RECEIVED FORCED UPDATES TO DO THE EXACT SAME?    I don’t think I did.
 It always booted to 640x480 for me. Had to put it to sleep and wake it up to get it to recognize native resolutions.Well, me, up until the card committed suicide. GTX 980 coming Friday, though.
If it’s permanently being taken up, then the only concern is not having an extra one. Just call for more ports.
Aside from a general ad-blocker, I’d love a blocker for that pop-down nonsense on an ever-growing number of websites that says HEY LOOK WE HAVE AN APP FOR THIS WEBSITE WHY NOT GO TO OUR HORRIBLE APP RATHER THAN USE A REGULAR WORKING WEBSITE ON A DEVICE DESIGNED EXPLICITLY TO BE ACCESSING REGULAR, NON-MOBILE WEBSITES and takes up 1/5th of your available screen space (on a phone).
 IDC: I Don’t Care.
At least with a cab you can blame someone when you crash. 
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