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 Seems like Apple would highlight the difference in performance between the two models if ANY of the hardware was different. They did for the battery. Why didn’t they for RAM if this is true?
WE THE PEOPLE   are intelligent enough to comprehend the difference between a bad password and an insecure server. Or, at least, we would be if the media would stop lying and tell us what actually happened.     
I forgot how bad websites could look.
 No, but if you cared about the argument you’d know that. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Apple ≠ Samsung. They don’t care about money. If that’s your only argument, you don’t have one. And where’s most of the money made?
 If that’s something he said, I don’t see how it applies here.
 Quit whining. No, they don’t.
Instantly tuned out. It can if what they’ve done is garbage.
It is useless as a tablet. Great for reading, terrible for everything else.
 Of course not. No one has one yet. Having said that, I hope it’s true.
New Posts  All Forums: