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If Apple’s mistreating them, they’re mistreating them. If they’re not, these guys need to be punished. I tend to believe that Apple isn’t.   Push hard enough and Apple will switch to automated security.
 This could be a great new marketing angle for Samsung. BUY OUR TABLETS. YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ON THEM YOU’D WANT TO DO!
 There’s a documentary that touches on this in the iTunes Store. Hey, now, the Cube led the way for the Mac Mini and current Mac Pro. And I still want an iPod Hi-Fi.  Oh yeah. Safe water cooling is a pipe dream. That was a terrible decision. I think that model had a 100% eventual failure rate. On the other hand, IBM’s failure to make chips that didn’t require it shoved Apple into Intel’s arms... EDIT: NO I DID NOT INTEND THAT WATER COOLING JOKE THAT’S GREAT THOUGH
I saw that and left him some of the same questions on that video; just covering my bases. Oh, lovely. I hadn’t seen that. I think that may clinch it for me. I love my 4870, but it’s time to move on. I’m just glad the existence of the new Mac Pro hasn’t completely killed graphics card developments for OS X.
 Well, 4096x3072. No, it didn’t need to be changed. That’s why they didn’t change it.
Yeah, I ought to post this on a Hackintosh forum, but I know you guys.   I want a 970. It has the best cost/performance ratio right now. nVidia has a driver for OS X that works just fine and Windows will obviously work where the 4870 doesn’t (support was dropped in Windows 8/10 and it boots to 640x480). Plus there might be a deal on Black Friday.   Has anyone followed Hackintosh instructions and put a(ny) non-standard card in their Mac? Did you run into voltage issues...
Okay, enjoy your delusions. If your argument had any actual merit, you wouldn’t need to add a qualifier at all.
Just as long as it stay non-ionizing. Space-based microwave beaming, for example, sounds like a great idea, and the Japanese have been all up on the idea since the ‘80s, but something tells me that it wouldn’t be a good idea in the home. I don’t want the popcorn in my pantry going off when I’m not watching a movie.
 Yeah, I’m bothered that “their” is becoming the politically correct answer to the masculine being the default gender in English. As with much political correctness, it’s not at all correct. They do (sort of). Which says something about here.  
New Posts  All Forums: