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Phones too large to be used as phones is not “forward”.
It’s adorable! I like it. Not so sure how usable the shape’s ratio will be, nor do I like the aping of some of Apple’s UI design language, but it’s cute and different and kudos for RIM trying to hang on as long as they can before the inevitable collapse.
 I am. Moving directly from a first-gen to the iPhone 6 they feel incredibly similar. The first-gen’s often like a bar of soap. Though it’s thinner, the 6 manages to lessen that feeling, but it’s still slipperier than the 4-5S line of case designs.  I can see how users who never had anything older than a 4 would feel that way.
As a nigh-forced accessory to the iPhone, it sounds about right.
So do your part in setting people right. Or would you prefer to live in a world of idiots?
 Yeah, see, you keep saying things that aren’t true, so I’m going to keep asking you to prove your claims.  It’s also for shut up, but mostly for Siri.
 You log out? Yeah, I missed that. I can’t imagine he doesn’t know what he’s really saying, though.
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