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 The thought of iOS as a desktop OS makes me want to scream, so I hope they do something significantly different. But yeah, we’ll need a stand that can effortlessly move from vertical (for content consumption) to horizontal (for content creation). I had a theory that the evolution of the iMac shape for the last 10 years has been leading up to that. The angle of the curve in the case of the new models would be a nice angle for typing, laid down flat.
 And now we’re back to my questions that you didn’t answer. Why? Cute. This is giving me real confidence that you’ll ever give a proper response or answer those questions.
 Trickles up, rather. Multitouch is the future of desktop interaction.
 “Welcome to the People’s Republic of China, where everything’s made up and the currency doesn’t matter; that’s right, the currency is...” *quick glance over at a PRC Party official narrowing his eyes* “...perfectly fine and growing, just like our glorious economy!”
But isn’t it just a matter of 2x-ing the UI elements? Why am I thinking it’s a piece of cake to upscale for TV... Oh, I was under the impression that they still had a stranglehold on what formats they get to put in their store... It did take a while to get HD stuff up there in the first place, didn’t it? I don’t know how quickly demand would wane, but maybe they just wanted to have a new product shipping as soon as possible? See, I don’t know. I guess I always assumed they...
What kind of self-respecting totalitarian regime can’t crack down on this? Almost as though they want it to happen.
That sound wrong.
 What other reason could they possibly have, though? Apple’s pushing retina and 2160p support on everything else new they make, so there’s no ideological reason not to add it. Apple is always short on the newest chips they create, and so the iPhone always gets priority. The last Apple TV got the A5 because the A6 was limited, after all. Apple has a history of adding hardware support for things before there is widespread adoption and a shorter history of doing the same with...
 “Junk” ought to be “Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Eggs Bacon and Spam”.
 Geez, you sure don’t like people, do you?  So then I’ll do it because it’s the right thing to do. Not because I’m mandated to do so. And my money will go to far better things. Problem solved.
New Posts  All Forums: