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 What would you prefer, no answers at all or answers to the negative? You asked.
But there’s no such thing as an A7X. Apple wouldn’t make an entire chip just for the Apple TV. It’ll get A8 or the A7 leftovers like always.
Same reason they did it for the dozens of other features they never used.
 I will continue to buy from Amazon in the same manner in which I already am, but will be much more likely to do so over alternatives if I know that Amazon is losing money on what I buy. Even though this feels like a mathematical impossibility, I’d be fine with paying more for a product at Amazon than an alternative if it means they will lose money. That’s actually a pretty good business strategy. Amazon could put banners on the pages of products that lose them money to...
 Could’ve sworn they changed that to be impossible. “Meaningful” is subjective; you can’t use that as a determination.
 Works fine.
 Because the iPhone isn’t designed to do this.
 But... by definition that’s what it would mean. Yes, fantasy racism would be shouted from all corners of Idiotville. And then they’d shut up and get over it.
 Yes; that’s what people who ask stupid questions are. Yes, particularly since it is the Internet. You have the sum total of the freely available knowledge of all of humanity literally at your fingertips and you’re going to be stupid and lazy enough to not do any work of your own before whining to others thereon? It’s as civil as they deserve.
Glad to see this thread stayed on topic, as we all knew it would.  I’m so sick of that. “Senators and Congressmen”, they say. They’re imbeciles! Senators and Representatives. They’re BOTH congressmen!  How can a minority obstruct? How can a body that passes bills be “do-nothing”?  But not with LTE. Sold unlocked from all sources. Works fine on US GSM–again, without LTE. Sort of. It all depends on the bands supported.
New Posts  All Forums: