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 Hate to say it, and I know it’s exactly what Adobe wants, but I’d sort of like to be able to reassign Pixelmator’s shortcuts to what I want. So accustomed to Adobe’s crap am I that I’m having trouble getting used to Pixelmator’s changes. Then again, that’s also a good metric for determining whether Adobe is feeling threatened. Since they’re too stupid or lazy to unify their shortcuts across their own software, when the day comes that they do this I think that’ll be an...
 MEET THE NETS,MEET THE NETS,Step right up and greet the Nets!Bring your tablet,bring your phone;Guaranteed to pay with your bone! … the… the one in your finger… rather, the skin on top of it…
 Which is meaningless to the argument at hand, since it isn’t owned by the government. By paying attention, I’d guess.
Wait… Pixelmator’s bigger on iOS than OS X?   Is this a first for an application? Am I missing something about the bundling of software here? Does OS X already contain things that iOS forces apps to duplicate if they want to use it?
 You know… it wasn’t that long ago that television commercials all said “ask your parents before going online” or “find a parent to help you”. Of course, the concept of parenthood is “exclusionary” these days, and the parent is less important to the state in raising a person, so. Sad state of affairs.
It’s good to know. Unfortunately I’m after an ASUS Strix, which uses a single 8-pin cable rather than two 6-pins like my 4870. I want this model particularly because its cooling system is not only the only model that isn’t plagued with overheating failures (don’t panic your client, but maybe keep an eye on that), it’s rated as one of the best on any card ever made.   This wouldn’t be a problem except that it seems the adapter I need (2x6-pin female to 1x8-pin male) seem...
Then again, if the product flops, the price will only go up.
 Fixed. Fixed. Apple doesn’t care about the Android “market”. It’s predicated on stolen IP.
 I would say that this tells just you the sentence isn’t remotely accurate in Russian.  Knowing only how to take my leave in Russian, I can’t be certain.
 The day that we can stop caring at all about monarchies, of all things, is a day that will make me happy.
New Posts  All Forums: