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 Because they’re alleged by themselves to be victims. And... your point is what? No one has said otherwise.  Has there been a more pathetic strawman as of late? And no, you can’t reply to me at all. I am a victim, you see, because I say so, and therefore cannot be rebutted¡
 All growth is “unsustainable” to the point of making such comments worthless.To what? What are you trying to make this mean in this context?
 Needs to be fired.
 Run them on tablets or the multitouch desktop to compliment it. Why is this difficult to comprehend? 1. Who said anything about not using Intel?2. Why is Intel needed? I can’t imagine someone being able to buy something not being sold, but hey. 
 Still waiting for you to post a phone that can’t be used one-handed. Yep, that statement certainly isn’t wrong¡ You just need to not be a woman or man under 6’ or anyone who doesn’t like carpenter clothing. Pretty clear you’ve not put a 6” screen device in your pocket, nor have “those of us” otherwise.
It’s exactly what they are addressing. It’s the opposite of a strawman. No. It’s physically possible that there are 500 trillion Android devices with 10 impressions and 10 iOS devices with 500 trillion impressions, but only an idiot would draw that conclusion from the data. There are more impressions because more are used. And, again, that is the only thing that matters to anyone.
That sounds incredibly wrong, but only because it is.
 Yeah, no, try again. I guess you sure showed me regarding the 2.5” iPhone, Apple HDTV, and headless tower Mac!  Why? Laptops are dead. Apple won’t be selling them much longer. A workhorse tablet is the inevitable future.
 I hate music today. Are all good percussionists dead?
California, huh. Sure it’s not France? “Thanks, Jay Leno.”
New Posts  All Forums: