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 I would say ‘happen’ or ‘situationally expected’ instead of ‘just’. And that’s a valid point with which I generally agree. Thing is, he isn’t. 
 Oh, hey; look at that. I’m guessing that the difference is in its source of creation. Mail comes from NeXTSTEP while Notes comes from iPhone OS. One was designed back in the days of “have a ton of separate windows open” and the other in the “no windows, ever” phase.
 Now if we could just get Notification Center to STOP OPENING E-MAILS IN A NEW WINDOW in newer versions of OS X...
You’re not really making your case for not making your case.
 Because you use them differently. Mail because you create documents, Calendar because multiple individual items can be open at once, and iTunes because it plays music in the background.
Great argument¡ “You’re wrong, but I won’t bother explaining why.” I’m sure he believes you¡
Document-based applications remain open. Window-based applications close. Pretty simple.
 I’m almost certain he’s joking, particularly since he mentioned two people who’ve explained this in the past. Really have to throw an ¡ or /s on these things, Frosty. No matter how outlandish the belief, someone here will hold it.
 Ha! We call him ‘noble’ over here.
New Posts  All Forums: