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 Or they can recognize that it only suits a fraction of any possible userbase, even less so as tablets get larger. Yeah, because if there’s one thing for which we’ve all been clamoring since 2007 when he said that and iPhone OS was introduced is… the same garbage that failed to work well on the Newton. I want a stylus for Apple's desktop multitouch computer. Absolutely. But that’s just for design. 
 People still THINK this?!
4. Yes.
 Yeah, and he’s right to. AI’s the worst decision we could possibly make.
  Tim Cook stands in front of the Taebaek Mountains.gif
 I… what? That’s an odd sentence construction. They were available on platforms other than Android before Android had them.
 People still think this?
 Man, that’s embarrassing. And people wonder why I advocate for the expansion of the United States. 
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