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You know very well.
lol, no. There’s nothing incorrect about what he’s saying.
 1. Yes, because they are.2. We’re talking about 20 years ago, which while it was still the case, is even further skewed toward Apple computers in education. Educate yourself.
 My first impression is that this sounds stupid.  And that confirms it. Don’t you have an Android device orgy to attend? Remember to bump safely.
 Absolutely disgusting. They explicitly say that it’s too big and then make excuses for it?! YOU, the CONSUMER, are for whom THEY are to make excuses! And then products you could actually want or use! These people are insane.
 He’ll just say, “Pretty sexually unnecessary of them.”
 Who said you have to? Just don’t update. Problem solved. I have a first-gen iPhone. This year is maybe the first year I’ll be updating. I have a first-gen iPad. I’m not getting another until the larger one comes out. I have a first-gen iPod touch. It sits in my stereo and gives me great music. I don’t see an update needed there, either.  Zero. People aren’t buying those.
 Why not? The A8 is going to make the Xbone and PS4 look over their shoulders nervously. They’re pathetic when compared to a PC, but ARM is progressing faster than nVidia and ATI can crank out GPUs.
 Let’s see... you mentioned that a keyboard could never be replaced and then I gave an example of how it has already been replaced. What’d I miss, exactly?
 Really puts into perspective the size of that Android “phone”.
New Posts  All Forums: