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Where's the "I found the two sizes and colors I wanted on the day after launch so I'm good with it" option? 
 No, it's to achieve victory over. This has been accomplished. War does imply annex.
 What's your problem? Read his post. Having nothing whatsoever to do with your response or the use of the words therein.
 Why do you act so stupid?
You'll still have access to all your transactions from your card's balance sheet or whatever, right? But going there is a pain.
They make me wary, setting an artificial 'pace' that Apple 'must' meet.
 Not if I can help it. There would be absolutely no question if it was able to keep track of my crap for me when I'm away. If it only shows "recents", that's only a certain number of transactions I can make before one or more gets hidden. I can't remember to deduct it then.
Apple's Earnings Call Theme Song
What was broken? It worked right before.
It's the first one since the first cashiers that matches society's level of technology.
New Posts  All Forums: