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 Nah, given the rest of the world’s dripping desire to see a paragon fall. And the US would have had to use the weapons on them; it couldn’t possibly have come from conventional attacks on stores of the material already in the country…  There’s no ‘eyebrow raise’ emoticon and I don’t want to put an eye roll; just imagine one.
 I have a sense that I don’t want to use a vehicle after some disease-riddled crackhead. If self-driving vehicles are even possible, we’ll see an uptick in rental services (and the death of the cab), followed immediately by the death of rental services and people refusing to get into a cab unless it’s driven by a human. Why would I want to be limited to someone(thing) else’s schedule to get somewhere I want to go?
 Oh, good. Now my argument has Apple backing it up.
Ah, sorry. I wasn’t able to purchase it before my self-worth fell to where I didn’t deserve it again. So I can’t answer any questions definitively; I only know what I was told in asking my own.   Every time I asked someone knowledgable about power draw and voltage, I was always warned against 2x6-pin to 1x8pin. I wanted a Strix 970 because of the cooling complex, but their personal experiences with the other cards made me think that I’d be okay with a standard 970, and...
Sweden Yes.™ 
 Eh, I’d say 2020 barring a large, unforeseen event.  Bold is the only part I’d agree with. China has a bit of a problem coming up.
 Does Dora teach kids English when the show is broadcast in Spanish-speaking countries?
Geez, why’d it take ‘em so long?   AND WHERE’S MY IPHONE SIX DOCK. I have to lay it on my cardboard mockup like it’s an ANIMAL.
So how long before AIM in Messages is killed off?   And when that happens, you can bet Apple won’t have given us an option for audio and videoconferencing in replacement.
 Great answer!¡
New Posts  All Forums: