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 Spamming what? There’s no link or advertising. AI does have deals, but no one anywhere has iPhone deals. I couldn’t care less about number of posts. That other people feel the need to waste their time doing so is depressing.
Wow, a non-negative response from you in this regard.
But it’s a tablet, sold as a tablet. It’s heavier than the Air.
Because it isn’t supposed to. Quit the FUDmongering. It doesn’t work when you’re proven wrong by Apple.com itself.  With what? Did you mean to log into your other account? Otherwise:
What’s a disappointment? What to surface? We’ve known about the keylogger aspect since the announcement of iOS 8.
I’d be happy with 6, but no complaints with 5. 
 *ding* “New message from ‘Bunch A Morons’...”
How hard would it be for Apple to do their own?
lol. Firefox has been a bloated mess since version 4.
New Posts  All Forums: