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It’ll serve neither.
 ... But your point doesn’t say that at all.
That was the original idea, yes. I don’t see that being a concern going forward, however. Apple topics themselves are certainly enough to keep a website going these days. Remember back in the early naughties (and before) when all content-specific website forums had to have an entire subsection with “off-topic in industry”, “off-topic out of industry”, “political”, etc. boards just to draw people in? That was the idea behind PO. But unless one of AI’s writing staff puts...
 Nope. “We’re doomed because decisions aren’t made quickly enough to be effective.”
 In the interest of equality. 
 Why? What is “professional” about a device too large to be used?  Why?  You wound me, sir.  I want to believe (that this absolute garbage isn’t a phone), but there’s no reason for antenna bands on an iPod touch.  Where do you work? The Nude Celebrities Hotline?
 By the time any intelligent decisions are made in the administration of education in this country, society will have collapsed because of unintelligent decisions and misadministration of education. That goes for both changing formal education and creating a stigmatization of being a worthless parent.
So’d they hack Apple or hack the accounts of people too airheaded to use anything other than 12345?
 That and the consumer side of the field.
 Wait, it’s 1997?
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