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A little worried about a false flag attack, myself. Pope plus UN plus NYC equals trouble.
 Why should this happen? Why should I be forced to pay for someone else’s failure? Why should people be paid to do nothing? Why should lack of work be rewarded? Only if you’ve deluded yourself into thinking Jesus was a socialist.
 And yet it’ll be Apple’s deal, negotiated by Apple alone. Apple’s the only one that would get them meaningful revenue, anyway. It’s not like the record companies copied the iTunes deal terms over to other companies.
 lol. If they still show the content to me while the ads are blocked, I absolutely can view it.
A9 shortage–>all available units must go to the iPhone–>iPad 9.7” update held off until late November when demand decreases   The problem is really just the shortage, which is still Apple’s fault.   I’m always upset that Apple doesn’t 1:1 its most modern hardware. Things that come out at the same time should have the same things in them.
 Better than native, worse than real. Just like the upconverter DVD players for 480 to 1080 and just like we’ll have to deal with for the next few years until 2160 is more widespread. What more to be said.
Why, so you can watch a 1.6”x0.9” video? 
I love (hate) the subtle psychological effects here, too, where they highlight in green (good) their entire spec list while NOT highlighting any of their competitors that match the respective specs. Highlighting, in virtually every other published comparison, is done across the board whenever specs are 1. the best and 2. match. Not doing this for matching specs gives the immediate appearance of being better universally.
I’m surprised that it didn’t include Crackle.
Did we ever get a definitive answer on whether the 4th gen supports local libraries in the same way as the previous versions? Oh, and could we maybe see the local libraries in the same way as EVERY SINGLE OTHER APP ON THE DEVICE?! Namely as a grid of artwork rather than a list of text? How hard, Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: