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No, they should be paying me to use Windows 10. It’s worse than Vista. But hey, maybe people LIKE it when applications open on their own without any user input, loading random files on your machine.
Communism is inherently self-defeating and self-contradictory. It is by definition a broken and unusable system.
Steve said they wanted it but people wouldn’t sell.
 Finally. The old ones were starting to look a little dated. And then, of course, we have the Apple TrackSuit, Apple GolfPro, Apple Clubbing Extreme, and Apple Never Getting A Date. Not to say that all Apple fashion in the ‘80s was… bad. Why, take a look at this little number.  Ain’t she a beaut? Those lines, those curves! And the girl’s pretty cute, too. Bet she’d call her beau on the iPhone… …except there’s no curly cord to stereotypically twist around her fingers as she...
 Imagine how large the ring would have been if they had been able to buy that collection of apartments and get the whole plot of land they wanted.
 “I will leave you as you left me… marooned with tens of thousands of dollars in debt in an economy where forty percent of people are out of work…” Or, if you prefer the Bonaparte Cummerbund version, “…” I don’t remember any of his lines. Because he wasn’t at all like Khan…
 You’re both still funny.
  “Like, dude, these arrows are so trippy… Imagine if I was a chameleon and could move two of ‘em at once…”   Yes, I know that’s not a smile.
 I didn’t wish for it. It’s in the past. It happened. Pretending it didn’t happen isn’t going to make it go away. Wishing for it to happen wouldn’t make it happen, either.   Russia getting the band back together means a lot of things for a lot of people.
Sure. But this did.
New Posts  All Forums: