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Geez, why’d it take ‘em so long?   AND WHERE’S MY IPHONE SIX DOCK. I have to lay it on my cardboard mockup like it’s an ANIMAL.
So how long before AIM in Messages is killed off?   And when that happens, you can bet Apple won’t have given us an option for audio and videoconferencing in replacement.
 Great answer!¡
 What, are you pretending they all do cause cancer?
Never have I been happier to still be on a CDMA carrier. SIM ENCRYPTION HACKED BY NSA
 Key difference, not that they’re making a car.
There were no car accidents before cars were invented. Guess we never should have made cars available for personal or corporate use.
 Not really. He wanted an explanation; there’s one. The GPU manufacturers need to actually be punished. This is happening too often.
 Oh, did I? Well, that was uncharacteristically optimistic. Also unrealistically. Maybe June 2017.
New Posts  All Forums: