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 Almost exactly two months. Strange it took so long.
I have an idea: discontinue this, incorporate into iTunes (OS X)/Music (iOS) instead of the nonsense they’re planning.
You don’t.
 Maybe the same people who were dumb enough to bend their iPhones would be happy with a laptop that gives them a little more, hmm... leeway, let’s call it.
Nowhere near ready.
I dunno. Why would you buy a tablet with an identity crisis?
It can still know how you went, just not where. 
 It will.  Or leave the phone at home.
Yeah, I was trying to find a picture of one, too... I didn’t figure you’d know that kitsch off-hand.   Aha! Found one. Okay, so it’s regular artwork of whatever, but wherever there would be a light in the painting, that part is cut out and wired from behind with a tiny LED light so that there’s an actual light there. And then you plug in the painting and you get the “effect” of lights.   It’s really stupid and cheesy and it went a long way for a joke, but whatever.
Oh! So you’re one of those black velvet paintings with the little LED lights wired into it? 
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