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 7/11 had better honor it.
Has anyone, uh… pointed out that THIS could be the depression that forms the new iPhone?
 Exactly. They don’t. I don’t get why Apple would want to validate or legitimize the work of morons who were either too stupid or too lazy to miniaturize components correctly.
 Well, I don’t think there’s an app for that. Apologies, miss.
I don’t think the far point of that screen is accessible.   It’s wider than the 5S and even wider by 11/1000ths of an inch than the first-gen iPhone with its gorgeously curvy front. Width isn’t really the problem, however, as a fingertip can reach beyond the first-gen’s case far enough, so without much side bezel on the 8th iPhone (contrasting with the large one on the first-gen) screen accessibility width would be fine. But it is a problem when you start increasing the...
 Please just stop talking about things you don’t for a second comprehend.  You realize that even a single choice isn’t inherently bad… right?
 The same reason an iMac is $1,299 and a MacBook Pro is $1,699. Small equals engineering equals cost.
 Well, there’s not a single one in either of your posts, so I’m confused why you’d even bother calling for some. GET OUT. Shut up and go away.  You don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about. Stop talking. Nice FUD.
 You’re dead right about this, but if the guy’s set on using a pathetically outdated phone, he could always install Whited00r like me to get newer features! I have multitasking, video recording, all the modern preinstalled apps, and quite a bit more. Yes, it’s going to crash a lot. Yes, you’ll RAM out (wait, the 3G had double the first-gen, right? Maybe not, then), but it’s the newer stuff. No iCloud, though, unless you input the server manually.
 I feel that we are certainly individually underrepresented, and certainly represented by fewer people than our founders ever expected, but the answer wouldn’t be to scale back down to their math exactly. It would have to be a little higher. But hey, I’m all for expanding the size of the Capitol Building. And uh… leave a few dozen extra seats in both houses. Who says we’re done growing?
New Posts  All Forums: