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You have to be absolutely insane to think this.
 I just don’t understand why such a distinction is needed. Who cares who’s driving it if it’s self-driving? I like that idea. “Hey, car, were you stolen?”“Sure was, owner!”“Mind driving yourself home?”“I’m in a garage right now, owner.”“Just smash through the door.”“I’ll need voice confirmation of liability for this action.”“Sure thing. I, [name], command my stolen car to return to me through destruction of a garage door.”“Command accepted. See you soon, owner!”
 Read the thread. Are you literate? Read the thread. Says the guy who can’t differentiate the people he’s quoting.  So literally only people who have vehicles with CarPlay could so much as use their iPhones while in motion? The hundreds of millions of people who don’t have cars with CarPlay, much less cars at all, are just screwed? This is your best idea? So the kid would turn it off or the parent just wouldn’t turn it on. When I do that I just get random characters. You...
 I don’t understand how that differs from just putting your kids on your insurance. And it’s not like families don’t just let their kids drive their cars anyway. I don’t see the need for such a distinction, is what I’m saying.
It’s not “a lot more” by any stretch, but it’s certainly equal.
 Perhaps I don’t care what they want.  If iOS can get in-app search straight from iOS’s Springboard search, the Apple TV can do the same.
And of course you know that it will be self-driving only because you’re magical. Then again, if no one says anything about so much as what they think want, how can Apple know what to offer? The only time I would trust my life to an optical drive is if I were to stick my penis into the hole. As this situation would never arise, you can imagine how silly your knee-jerk fanaticism looks here. You, personally, know the only computer I’d never buy is one too large or too small...
 Theft, of course. Accidents involving an error in the operation of the car’s software would be the responsibility of the manufacturer and would probably fall under the warranty. I imagine both. City taxi services could be universally “on-call”; never wait for one again. They would have a hard-coded limited range so that they operated within the boundaries of the city. Buses could do the same, except with only a hard-coded path. Rent a regular self-driver as you would any...
 The only people talking about “doomsday” anything are the ones discounting this. Given that you don’t, well…  Like non-fiat currency! Like the inexorable march all fiat currencies take to 0! I explicitly addressed it. Your question is irrelevant. There’s no wonder you don’t comprehend what we’re saying if you don’t even comprehend the origin of fiat currency in the US. No, it’s like you asking when I’m going to die. Rather, wants to know about the year of my birth,...
 No, definitionally. Hey, if you’re planning to die that quickly, that’s on you. Telomere treatments will be available before the end of the century. And as you’ve no evidence of this, I’ll go ahead and keep holding them. If it was a matter of common sense, no one would be using fiat currency. So you have no reply whatsoever.
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