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 I just had a thought. So stanene seems to superconduct up to the boiling point of water And that’s spectacular, because now we have a superconductor that can be used in electronic circuits. But being a superconductor, wouldn’t the minimum size of transistors utilizing it be increased? Because without inherent capacitance to hold back the electrons, they’d jump across larger gaps, yeah? Or maybe the fact that it’s a superconductor and clock speeds can be ramped up would...
 If you tell the truth, you never have to remember anything.– Mark Twain
 I can’t imagine them having a choice. You know, since it’s illegal for Apple to compete with Amazon.
 Yep, that’s right; kick out anyone after 15 or so years, regardless of if they’re still pounding out great ideas or not¡ “But he wasn’t...” Not the point being made.
Ah, August. Now the analysts have an entire two weeks to make up “believable” stories on why the 5.5 isn’t existing at all.
 I ignored that part; the rest is the point.
An old guy, an Asian kid, and a dog. Looks like a carousel for a slide projector. Must be how he views the Episode VII dailies.
 What’s incorrect about his second sentence?
That’s a thought, though. The auditorium might be connected to The Infinite Loop from underground. Why would Apple want to have to carry their prototypes outside, across the yard, and down through the front doors?
New Posts  All Forums: