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Yeah, and you’re completely wrong. Which is why I’m contesting it.
 Are you a member of the Ethernet board or something? Is this just a new form of candid camera prank? That’s not how anything works.
It’d be psychotic to cut 7 support.
/s denotes sarcasm. 
What difference does that make? Your Internet connection isn’t faster via Ethernet.
“Connected to power.”
 My only concern is with your claim that smaller sizes aren’t readable. You’re entitled to your opinion that screens will “normalize” at 5”. You’re completely and utterly wrong in every respect, but at least you presented it in a form that wasn’t trolling. Yes, they’re staffed with idiots. What’s your point? Do you not believe a newspaper can be wrong? Do you not believe the NYT can be wrong? That’s terrifying.
 Just as Apple always told us...
For a second layer of security against theft. Streaming media services do the same; it’s nothing special.
I thought we discovered that that wasn’t LiquidMetal.
New Posts  All Forums: