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 Never have I seen or used a phone that would require two hands to dial.
 Speaking of which, next time AI has to reboot the forums could you turn on avatars and allow users to edit their user title themselves? There’s already an option to turn off signatures/avatars for those who don’t want to see them, but for those of us who do...
And how long after it’s released before Apple has to make a new one with a green dot on it because some moron plugged one in incorrectly, it exploded, and he wanted to sue?
How long before Samsung buys it, do you imagine?
I’ll buy that.
 Are you saying that for this specific case, or are you trying to claim that they don’t do that at all?
Keep thinking that.
 Yes, AI. Please don’t start the “America/North America” argument again. Wikipedia knows the answer.
 Aha! I see what happened. The screen at the beginning was just a screenshot. When the ice falls, one of the cubes touches the screen and animates the menu options up onto it. Just like iOS and the Photos app, touch to hide, touch to show. Why they felt they needed to use a screenshot instead of showing the OS live is another question.
 Ah, yes, but that’s after Disney’s sale of the company. I’m less concerned about that, as I’m not a worthless pile of dreck like some parents seem to be*, but more about the brainwashing they do to their own employees. You mentioned Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus has “graduated” to fellating blowup dolls on stage and doing fully nude music videos. What values were instilled in her by her former corporation, would you say? *To clarify, I am a worthless pile of dreck, just not...
New Posts  All Forums: