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Except iPhone’s already a $50 billion market, so…  You, 2007.
 I wonder about an Apple-designed vehicle. Would they do something traditionally aerodynamic? Or something completely new?   Now, I know they’ll blow the thing out with tech. I hope there’s a projection system for the windshield. That’s a great place for information. Heck, have NO DASHBOARD AT ALL. No way would Apple have mechanical dials on their car; just put all that information on the windshield. No more looking up and down, etc. 
Has anyone posted the old “If Microsoft Made Cars” thing yet? It’s so FWD FWD RE RE RE FWD that we’ve probably forgotten it.
 Okay, let’s run through this word by word.  Yves is speaking of compartmentalizing his data and personal information and shunting it off to the government at regular intervals to prove he is a “good citizen”. He believes that this will keep him safe (from the government), because the only thing governments care about is catching criminals, you know; they would never want to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens, no no. Thus, I replied to this effect, mocking the...
 It’s a testament to your handle on sarcasm that I can’t tell if you’re being serious here.
There isn’t, though. At all.
Try actually reading it. Again. By looking at the words, comprehending their meaning, and putting that meaning into context.
  Fine. Go use MICROSOFT PRODUCTS and tell us why you need to pay for literally anything else.
 He didn’t ask for one. You can’t do it because DP 1.2 can’t handle 2880. Boom.
Lies, but whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: