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 Man, we are starved for leaked product images, aren’t we?
I’d’ve been much happier if Nintendo had hired their own people to do this. Still, I’ll wait and see how well these guys port the content.   Still pretty happy about this, at any rate.
 I’m trying to tell if you’re being racist, sexist, ableist, mentally defective, or just telling a joke.
Hey, wait a minute. I just realized something about this. I wiped my entire hard drive when I did that reinstall of 10.10.1 and my entire browsing history still showed up again.   So that means that iCloud is saving every URL you visit, in addition to it being local.
 I’ve heard that before. 
I don’t see what use 5K would be on a laptop, but I love seventeens. Still, I’ve moved on; hoping for a 13” or 15” tablet now.
 Obviously it’ll be the Apple Car (four door family vehicle), Apple Car Sport (screaming two seater), and Apple Car Edition (the design taking over Rolls Royce’s as an icon of luxury), the latter having a body of 18 karat gold and selling for $10,000. Wait…
 Wait, really? Europeans are actually going to build upward for a change?
You say that as though they’re actually making a car.
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