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 I use it to bring morons’ video files into the 21st century. AVI? MKV? Nonsense!
 Isn’t this redundant? The US always uses 120 outlets! I guess Europe has to wait for Apple to renewify its 240 outlets.Yes, this is my sense of humor. No, I will not apologize for it.
 Yeah, they just pirate it. Want Apple to offer a pirated content service? Cue Soli and a few others talking about how much better things would be if companies actually embraced the torrent format for distribution.
 Yeah, the announcement being last year doesn’t mean they had any sales last year. It certainly counts.
 OH PLEASE, YES. Wait, why? I get that they love making their own hardware, and they certainly do it as well as Apple does theirs (and with the same impact), but honestly, they have the hardware built for them already. They’ve used ARM in their portables for years: why not upgrade to the best ARM on the market: Apple’s? Just what we need, more tracking.
 Aww, what a shame. Mine’s still a little trooper.
No, because they didn’t.
 Nintendo has repeatedly said that they will never accept a purchase, nor will they ever need one. If the company is to go bankrupt (which it won’t, since they’re the Apple of gaming when it comes to cash on hand), they stated that they’d purposely run their franchises into the ground so as not to see them ruined by someone else. But you’re dead right that Nintendo on iOS/OS X would be the end of other platforms. I don’t see why they couldn’t release a NES, SNES, N64, and...
 So the line in this picture: I guess I don’t know that it exists? Despite being able to see it with my eyes, comprehend it with my mind, and point to any one segment and say what it is why it was?
 The 4Tst Annual FUDge Bake-off!
New Posts  All Forums: