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Not really… You have the right to hate and disagree. Here’s an interesting take on the discussion. It eliminates the loopholes used to illegally prevent “hate” speech. I just prefer our existing verbiage and the removal of the therefore illegal restrictions on speech otherwise mentioned here.
 Ah, what did I read recently… The UK offers “sharia-compliant” college loans with ZERO interest ONLY to Muslims. 
 What am I doing at a womens’ basketball convention?
 With the first five statements being lies, that doesn’t bode well for the rest of it, bucko. Enjoy your delusions, though. And yeah, most of the rest are lies, too. Ugh, I feel stupider having gone to that page at all. Is this how you feel all the time?
 I see an article about flowers. Try again. Or don’t, at this point. You’ve made clear your delusions.
 I’m doing no such thing. That’s what multiculturalism is.  It does in the countries in which multiculturalism is foisted strongest.
 I’m unfamiliar with your style, as I generally don’t post in PO. Do you do nothing but strawmen or do you mix it up?
 Why on Earth would they do that and dump it a year later? They learned their lesson from doing that with the 27” Cinema Display.
 Okay, you’re just spamming at this point. You’ve given no relevant links. Is English not your first language? Do you have content to disprove (or prove) the argument presented via science? Do you know what science is?
New Posts  All Forums: