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 He will be one of–if not the–first trillionaires, a word which OS X still thinks is misspelled. Musk has my vote to do just about anything. I think we can pretty well say that someone is “the Steve Jobs of [field]”, and Musk would probably fit that bill a few times over.
 I lose days all the time. The passing of time means next to nothing to me. Thanks for the fix. 
Apple’s down $3.87. This must be why.   EDIT: Instead of direct sarcasm, take it now as semi-direct pseudo-sarcasm.
 That explains why you were incapable of making a point in response to what Soli said, huh.
 HA! That’s some great irony. I did, by the way.
 Because you’re an “Apple fan”, you shouldn’t have to preface your arguments with “proof of ownership” as though it lends any credence to what you have to say later. If what you have to say is correct, it will be correct by its own doing, not because of any supplement.  How this isn’t blindingly obvious, I’ll never know.
 Great job. Masterful work.
 Bye.  That makes sense. Hardliners would pull a wider scope of negatives under their umbrella. Of course, that’s not remotely close to what you originally said: 1. This forum, meaning everyone here, not just “diehards”.2. Anything negative, meaning anything, of course.3. You Apple followers, again, meaning everyone here, not just “diehards”.4. Anything other than glowing praise, meaning, again, anything.5. That’s a fact, meaning self-deluded nonsense. Why don’t you just...
 Doubt they could protect the word ‘primetime’ in this field, though Prime TV makes sense. Incidentally, “Fire TV” is exactly what Apple will be doing to existing services.
Great FUDge, by the way. Are those macadamia nuts? Oh, well, if you get to move the goalposts mid essay, then you may as well say, “Without the Sun, there would be no Apple.”  Hilarious. I AGREE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. This needs to happen. Because Samsung would be sued for $50 billion, lose instantly, and no other company would EVER contract components with them again. They would utterly destroy themselves. Samsung does. Funny how that works, isn’t it? TOOT TOOT! All aboard...
New Posts  All Forums: