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 I'm annoyed by how fitting this is. In what capacity? They literally just reaffirmed it.
 Uh... it had a 2 in it. Hang on, I think I still have the drive.
Okay, let's be clear. Are you referring to the ability to send SMS via OS X or Messages overall? I'm reading the latter from your posts.
 I did a VB install of Ubuntu to see if it could read the format of one of the external hard drives I have to pull the content off of it. Despite the format being one of Linux' native types, it couldn't even see the drive. Uninstalled immediately.
 And again, it works perfectly fine. Something went wrong with the settings in the install. Just fix it.
 You're claiming that compatibility with older models is broken. It never existed. Nothing can be broken if it never happened. There is no functionality being removed or changed for any older model.
 Nothing. Is. Broken.
 Nothing is "broken". Nothing is even changed. Try again.
 Why not try some troubleshooting instead of going straight to the FUD? Everything works flawlessly for me on an Early 2008 MacBook Pro.
I've never understood why Linux/*NIX users think that what they use looks good. 
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