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 Here’s what Apple needs to do:They’ve already sandboxed plugins and allow us to choose “Allow”, “Block”, “Allow Always” (which is completely broken and shouldn’t exist since apparently Apple is too stupid to figure out something this simple), and “Ask.” When set to “Block”, Safari should report to websites that FLASH IS NOT INSTALLED AT ALL. It doesn’t do that. So site owners see “flash installed” on their visits, so they’re not pressured into switching.
 I think we’re two years, minimum, away from OS XI and any touchscreen computers that would bring. Simply because I think it’s poetic to have iOS 9, iOS 10, and then “iOS 11” released alongside OS XI. There’ll be updates to Macs in the interim, of course. I expect a 27” Retina Display, standalone, alongside a Mac Pro with six dual-purpose Thunderbolt 3/USB C ports. And then that display will be turned into a touchscreen (with a corresponding change to the stand).
It’s not the truth; that should be BLINDINGLY obvious. http://www.apple.com/osx/elcapitan-preview/http://www.apple.com/ios/ios9-preview/ Who said anything about hardware, goalpost mover? Knock it off. If we were going to lose anything, we would have lost it WITH 10.11.  They’re holding it ransom for $4.00. Mowing man’s there, too.That would cause burn-in.  
Did your last eight accounts get banned? Better get ready for Yuck10.
 Phew! Though I’m now forced to stop using Notes on my iPad, since it’s too old to sync. Why not just NOT show the new features on old versions?
 Not good; probably comes through.  Geez, man, you can’t do that.  Ya gotta use a /s or ¡ There are people who believe that, you know.
 I love all the original fonts. I don’t know why they removed them from OS X. Also, here’s an animated WWDC logo in HTML5/CSS.
 Unless he gave up the names and aliases of embedded agents, spoke to troop movements, or released anything of that sort, it’s still not treason.  Honestly, screw you. You always do nothing but toe the line between trolling and having a “differing opinion”, but this is just too blatantly obvious to ignore. Either you’re just trolling, in which case knock it off, or you actually believe this, in which case never vote again.
Hooray! Hang them all for treason!    Thanks for being the laziness that caused these problems in the first place.  So treason was perfect the way it was? Get bent. Learn what law is.
 The best kind of correct, at least. I subscribe to the mentioning of race as long as it’s universally accepted for what it is–a descriptor of an event–rather than claimed as a cry of “racism”.  It was not part of their blood,  It came to them very late,With long arrears to make good,  When the Saxon began to hate. They were not easily moved,  They were icy–willing to waitTill every count should be proved,  Ere the Saxon began to hate. Their voices were even and low. ...
New Posts  All Forums: