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It already looks pretty much like the OS’ do.
Sounds like South Korea where you have to tie any Internet accounts you have to your actual identification.
And have used it, I believe.
 I never said anything of the sort. Did you misread my posts?
Yeah, not happening. Ever. Get over it.
 So… you’ve never seen a first-gen iPhone? Or second-gen? Or third-gen?
 Ah, I see the confusion. That’s not a psychiatrist, that’s a sadomasochist. 😉 Emoji since AI’s emoticons are broken. I don’t know why I went back to using them at all; emoji have a far greater range...
  The screen ends here. You can compare this image with the one above to see it better. It’s all under a single pane of glass.
It looks like a first gen. If that’s pedestrian, call me Street Walker Jackson. Wait, maybe don’t...
Until they start making them with C, which should be as soon as ratification.
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