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4. Yes.
 Yeah, and he’s right to. AI’s the worst decision we could possibly make.
  Tim Cook stands in front of the Taebaek Mountains.gif
 I… what? That’s an odd sentence construction. They were available on platforms other than Android before Android had them.
 People still think this?
 Man, that’s embarrassing. And people wonder why I advocate for the expansion of the United States. 
 No, just the secure element thereof. Apple could just build a standalone chip for it and throw it on the motherboard. That might also do something about Hackintoshing. Though I’m less against their work these days since they mean I can get new graphics cards. Can you name ONE?
 Well, Switzerland just stopped pegging the Franc to the Euro and Greece is having a run on the bank, so who knows.
 I don’t get why that’s a warning… Then again there’s no freedom of speech over there, so I guess it might have to be a requirement.
New Posts  All Forums: