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 Oh, I’m talking far future; it’s not particularly relevant right now. And I’d caution against taking the UN projections too seriously. Upheaval is coming, particularly to the high-fertility areas.  Interesting post. But when I see things like ‘silk road website seized; half of all bitcoins in existence in FBI control’, I start to question that.
I’ve always loved the idea of an Apple Car, but I really want the design to be both revolutionary and practical. Apple’s in a position to do what the car companies are too terrified to do: change up the design concept in a radical(ly better) way.    Still, I want it to be gorgeous in the same way that historical cars have been gorgeous. Something like this, not so much: Something like this, however...
 But the very act of doing it would instantly decrease trust in the system, as it would prove that the fiat currency is still fiat. And you would always have an n+1 number of nodes installing it anyway, which would shrink the system at parity with the most modern software. Never mind that it could be pushed in the background without consent. Also connection points for electronics. It’ll peak at 40 billion or so; we’re nowhere near that yet.
 I don’t understand the protections that allow for this. Could you explain? I know that there is “a set number” of bitcoins in existence, but what, physically, prevents an increase? 
 “Silly old bear,” said Christopher Robin, “It’s time for QE4.”“What’s... QE4?” asked Pooh.“It was necessary,” said Christopher Robin.“If it was necessary, Christopher,” began Pooh as he slipped further into the abyss, “why is it only forthcoming?”“Oh, I’m just practicing my last words before being executed,” said Christopher Robin.“Bother,” said Pooh.
 What’s bad is the delusion that the cloth we carry has worth.  In the collapse of physical fiat currency, you think that nonexistent fiat currency will magically remain safe?  Pretty sure that when Tesla was told to stop he kept going. I’m not about to stop hoping or working toward fixing something broken.  I have money, which is what virtually everyone lacks. Do you know what money is?  “OH NO IT’S FALLING.” “JUST MAKE TRADING ILLEGAL.” “YAY! NOW THE STOCK IS AT THE SAME...
WORKED?!  Hopefully the entire financial system itself.
If you like losing everything, sure.
It’s nothing to do with Apple. The entire system is going to collapse. Keep that in mind.
Yeah, let’s wait to release the content until we have screens to display it on. *two months later* BREAKING: 2160p displays now discontinued as no one is buying them. “There’s no content available, so there’s no reason for the extra expense,” say consumers.
New Posts  All Forums: