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 Even beyond that, all you have to do is go buy a prepaid dumbphone, make your calls, and then chuck it in the river when the job is done. There’s even a name for that a phone used in this way, but I can’t remember it...
I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but Maps will now give you a notification in OS X when Apple commits one of the changes or additions you submit. I think that’s pretty great.
THINK OF THE DIGITAL CHILDREN   The Department of Injustice needs a probe. And not just a metaphorical one.
 Oh, irony.
 Take your antipsychotic medications, please.
 I should have hopped on the WiiU; it might still be up, but I doubt it. I just don’t buy many non-staples these days.
 Wal-Mart IS price-matching a WiiU bundle with some games for $69 because Sears screwed up on their website. That’s the console for $69; not just games.
Even worse.
 And again we see a refusal to communicate intelligently. Enjoy!
 I think you may have misinterpreted something.
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