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 Thanks for the info; my search algorithm education was a long time ago. Still, a modern processor should be able to handle more advanced searches fairly easily, yeah? Is the difference we’re talking about still measurable in milliseconds, or would the average index size be large enough that it’s appreciably longer? Sure, we have to take into account HDD vs. SSD (and then standard SSD vs. PCIe SSD), but that’s less a limitation of the processing power and more an...
 What’s the point? Thunderbolt 3 is what we need for a standalone retina display.
Bluetooth as a “special feature” when Apple has had Bluetooth standard on all of its products since 2008 and all of its products except the Mac Pro since 2005.  
 Lying about credentials to do so…  While their power will still grow a bit before the big collapse coming due, it won’t ever become anything other than regional. Particularly not in the face of a united West.
 Even up to 2008, Apple had a DVI-VGA adapter in the box of every MacBook Pro. I don’t get the change, either.
Yeah, that’s ingrained. I’ll say Open Apple even to PC users and then correct myself to “Command” and then “Control”. Same with Option. I grew up on Open and Closed Apple, but I didn’t start referring to the latter until it became Option.
 Well, analysts now have lung cancer. That’s a plus.
 Ooh, this is now a “things we hate about Safari” thread.  1. The URL bar’s predictive text is worthless. Bookmarks should be the first thing it pulls up, then history, then web searches. I don’t want to start typing and be autofilled a URL that I visited ONCE instead of the bookmark I use DAILY.2. Top Sites is just ‘sites’. All URLs that I visit TWO OR MORE TIMES will appear there, not sites that I actually visit most often.3. Cookies should be lockable. I should be able...
 I don’t see where ludditism comes into play. iPhone is objectively a simpler setup than iPhone+Apple Watch.
New Posts  All Forums: