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Document-based applications remain open. Window-based applications close. Pretty simple.
 I’m almost certain he’s joking, particularly since he mentioned two people who’ve explained this in the past. Really have to throw an ¡ or /s on these things, Frosty. No matter how outlandish the belief, someone here will hold it.
 Ha! We call him ‘noble’ over here.
What background?
Wonder if they could be sued… ‘Course “being wrong” isn’t illegal, but “being wrong such that stock is shorted” is.
 Because you are not required to have iOS 8 to test the new features. I explained it in seconds. Since you apparently agree with him, show us anything in his post that is correct, please. hillstones is a known troll. You only prove your vendetta by siding with him.
 Come off it. Don’t expect any answers at all next time, then. Just don’t whine that you don’t get anything.
 All tablets can, and have, replaced them. That’s funny. Amazon hasn’t released their sales and all the other eReaders are leaving the market. 
 What would you prefer, no answers at all or answers to the negative? You asked.
But there’s no such thing as an A7X. Apple wouldn’t make an entire chip just for the Apple TV. It’ll get A8 or the A7 leftovers like always.
New Posts  All Forums: