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 So that’s it, then. No MGS VI. I guess that’s a good thing since they canned Kojima and would have only wrecked it, anyway.  The casualization–and, by extension, destruction–of the industry and the dilution and bastardization of nearly every property therein, kicking out the crowd that made the industry and replacing them with more idealized imbeciles with a “better” ideology.
Yeah, it certainly wouldn’t have been had a Republican agreed with it; nope. So this magically wasn’t happening for the last six centuries, or what? If that’s really what it is, no wonder this country is going to the dogs. There’s no “wisdom” there. By throwing it out, completely, and never using anything even remotely like it ever again.Right, because the purpose of Common Core is to teach to the LCD and destroy education and student outcomes.
He’s such a complete idiot. Utterly brain dead. What’re the odds that he got a HUGE payout from Google or Amazon?
 Which is why it’s so mystifying that we didn’t get it in the Apple TV (other than the well-known supply chain constraints, which could be fixed by building new plants IN THE UNITED STATES). This seems wrong, but I’d like to hear more on it. Same reason they created Thunderbolt and retina displays. Because it’s objectively better. NASA’s channel. And again, the channels won’t exist until people have something on which to watch them. Heck, there STILL isn’t a single station...
Except for last year, where we got the monochrome shaft. 
The hardware has to exist for the software to want to exist. This has never been an argument. If Apple had waited until there were “enough” USB devices, we would have first seen USB 1.1 on the iMac G5, if that.
Cute. That has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the statement being made, nor is it accurate. As you have absolutely no refutation for what was stated, we can safely assume that you don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about other than to be against anything traditionalist for the sake of it.
Phones don’t need to be aerodynamic. They’d probably just do night desert tests only. Almost as though it’s not happening.
 Common Core is explicitly, consciously, purposely designed to destroy both the education and learning processes of public school children. Keep your delusional garbage to yourself. Yep. The Beginning    In the beginning, GamerGate started in response to evidence of corruption in games journalism. This was far from a surprise to most of us, but we latched onto it because we finally had proof thanks to a certain jilted ex-boyfriend. What we found, however, was only the tip...
Or News, Apple’s new killer.
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