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I stand by my desire for a modern 4" iPhone. They'll have the complete lineup in the bag. As it stands, Android will be able to scoop up the underliers on the low end.
Not really. It doesn't do what I need it to do, so there's no reason for me to use it.
 It's of no use to me if I can't easily manage my finances. You know, sort of the reason it exists.
 I'll bet he tried at a few more places than that.
K. See you. When you can figure out how to troubleshoot, enjoy your upgrade.
Where's the "I found the two sizes and colors I wanted on the day after launch so I'm good with it" option? 
 No, it's to achieve victory over. This has been accomplished. War does imply annex.
 What's your problem? Read his post. Having nothing whatsoever to do with your response or the use of the words therein.
 Why do you act so stupid?
New Posts  All Forums: