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 If you don't have anything but FUD to post, don't post at all.
 You, of course, have heard that the first decade or so that they did this the winning pieces were stolen by high-ranking McDonald's officials and given to their friends, right? Lawsuit and everything. You can't win. Other than free McDonald's products, and that's not winning.
I dunno. You'd think they'd've made a retina MacBook Air by now if they cared enough to do it. I get that it's the "low cost" model, but honestly.
 ...what?  Note that our questions are not directed at you, Gatorguy, but at anyone who would not condemn IS in that regard. Makes you wonder about their intentions.
 I don't see how the mass slaughter of innocents because they don't agree with you ≠ terrorist.
I'd prefer they not get it anymore at all.
 It requires the user to be carrying their Xbox One for Internet access. 
Okay. Looks better, then. It's cleaner and smaller.
That's kudos to you.
New Posts  All Forums: