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Um... an inability to do that is the foundation of our system. We also have laws in place to handle people who try to subvert it. There is zero “reform” needed. 
 Are you me? I think you’re me. 
 I was just looking for usable image emoji to use in Photoshop. This comparison is surprisingly relevant.
 Valid point. PC games are just now gaining 4K capability, and console games won’t have 4K until after 2020. However... There are plenty of them. Where have you been? True.  I keep being blown away by H.265 on my iPhone 6. “My FaceTime call was HOW long? And it only used THAT much data?!” 
 Eh, I don’t like this idea. I DO like the idea that Video iAds would be interactive. If you could play a little game in an ad or get more information than a normal ad could give you, that’s value-added enough that people would stick around. SHARING ADS WITH FRIENDS. Apple could make ads good enough that you could share them with any of your friends on iOS/OS X. Imagine that. People willingly looking at ads, capturing the sheer, mind-numbing, stupidity-bordering-on-illness...
 A company that has control over quality gets to charge more for it? Wow. What a concept. No real control over quality? You mean they get to be like a dry cleaner and say “not responsible for theft or damage” when your book arrives torn to shreds?
 Just come off it, man. Either reply to what is written or don’t bother wasting our time with this obfuscatory tripe.
 So you haven’t learn anything about just making things up.
 Well, you know what they say about assumptions.  Or imagine this: we actually build more “roads”, actually improve prices and speeds, and make this issue moot. Being able to live stream 1080p, for example, shouldn’t be a concern for anyone...
New Posts  All Forums: