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 Not a valid statement.
 Almost as though they have zero regulations and regularly poison and kill their population with pollutants of all kinds... while the US doesn’t. Huh. How about that.
 “The Bro.”“Mansierre!”“BRO!”“MANSIERRE!”
 When the bumpers activate, the iPhone expands to 3’ tall and walks away from the danger.
Oh, COME ON. That’s LITERALLY the ONLY thing we’ve been doing, to the universal detriment of our industry and economy. And what does China do?NOTHING. And this is just a chart of the PLANT FOOD. Imagine what else they throw into the atmosphere, water, and soil! Go petition for THEM to be cut off. See what happens to you. I’m not in favor of increasing our actual pollution, but I’m also not in favor of destroying our economy and letting people whine about how “little” we’re...
See, you paint yourself into a corner when you call one of your first modifications “best”. Now you’re screwed. How will you differentiate the subsequent inventions? Same with the perversion that passes for “art” these days. “Modern” art happened decades ago. “Postmodern” art is also in the past. Now it’s “hypermodernism” and “post-postmodernism”. Come on, guys. Get it together. Oh, crap, I just turned this thread into an argument about Apple’s naming...
 What do reviews have to do with accuracy? How is that supposed to be evidence that it’s true? I’d love your thoughts on this take on it.
 Stellar Wind. ADVISE. Room 641A. See below. I fail to see how that’s a refutation for what I said. Wealthy people can’t lie? People from Philadelphia can’t lie? Students can’t lie? Parents can’t lie? Where’s your evidence? Where’s your rebuttal? Here’s the truth. I didn’t say anything about them being jihadists yet. There are three stages of Islam. Of course not. It means that mussulmen deny their true beliefs in order to praise Allah and fulfill his demands. It’s not...
 The App Store has recently received a few branches worth of subcategories, so I’m eager to sit down at some point and finally be able to browse through content rather than be... what to call it, anti-pigeonholed by the sheer volume of apps under “Science” and “Games”, etc.
 Before the delusional people try to step in and call him sexist, it’s important to take note of the operational differences in the way men and women think (pretending there are not differences is dangerously perverse). If a system is designed around the male way of thinking, of course women would have trouble parsing it. And vice versa. That the concept that men and women are fundamentally different is becoming ever more radical is a terrifying reflection of the...
New Posts  All Forums: