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It’s more than they deserve.
 I’ve little knowledge of the intricacies of British politics, but what makes him racist?
 Am I misreading something, or is your definition of ‘negotiate’ ‘you don’t get to use your Constitutionally-granted rights to oppose my beliefs; I get to have whatever I want and you are hostile otherwise’? A shutdown would happen as a consequence of not having a budget. Not having a budget is a consequence of disagreeing on the funding of aspects thereof–specifically, in this case, programs and actions deemed potentially illegal.
 Except that’s meaningless. Geezaloo. And people whine for a minimum wage increase instead of questioning a dollar’s difference in gas.
It’s almost as though it’s beta software.
 Why are you allowing it? That’s the real question.
 $2.40 here. First time back down since climbing back up to there in aught nine or so after the collapse. Cali, though; that’s always going to be high. What was it, $4.50 six months ago?
  Thanks to the ESRB, you’ll wind up with things like this in completely innocuous games. They’ve simultaneously dictatorialized gaming ratings and diluted movie ratings. Children are swearing in movies these days. That’s just not acceptable. Twenty years ago, throwing poodles out a window in a comedy (no impact seen) netted a PG-13. And I know why they do it, too; it’s that “video games cause mass shootings” garbage.
 Their response will probably be “don’t lie about the age of your children in a potentially litigable situation”.
GLORIOUS ARSTOTSKA! REMOVE KOLECHIANS!   The computer versions let you edit in any graphic you want (new characters, different stamps, etc.); I wonder if iOS games will ever get an extensible “mod” capability.   Like you’d be able to use the “file transfer” system to append them or whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: