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 Battery. Modern RAM has to be powered regardless of if it’s in use. They’re working on RAM that only powers parts of the chip depending on use (I forget the name of it), but it’s not in production yet. Apple prefers battery life/power draw to performance. Performance per watt is everything to them.
 Yeah, just cut together his dialogue from previous presentations (use recordings of practice sessions to avoid clapping overlap) and boom, a new Steve Jobs presentation. ...And I just gave myself an idea.
 And Steve Jobs to rise from the grave and give the presentation.
 Yes. I do. This will never, ever happen, ever, anywhere, for the reasons already stated. So then people will either not buy the phone or hack around it, rendering it useless. When you have a reply that isn’t a fallacy, feel free to post it. And you’ve been shown why it doesn’t. Pretending there hasn’t been evidence presented does not mean the evidence was not presented. I’d additionally suggest you wait until you’re of age to reply again.
Which is why every keyboard is at an angle, of course…
I imagine it would’ve been a logical conclusion to make as early as June 29, 2007.
Pay.   Now.   With interest. And added penalties for the products sold in the intervening time.
 Tesla’s building self-plugging apparatus... apparatii? for its lineup. 
 All affirmative action laws do this.
Yes. Yes, because no countries have affirmative action laws. Right. 
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