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 What’s wrong? Satellites got your tongue? Oh, wait, no, I got it....   OH NO IT’S WARMING THIS IS THE WORST DISASTER EVER IT’S OUR FAULT BUY MY SOLAR PANELS THAT’LL FIX IT. Here’s your next task (you won’t do it; you’ll keep doing what you’ve been doing: lying): 1) Demonstrate “climate change” is real.    No problem there! There is plenty of geological evidence that the Earth has been much warmer for most of its existence. The Jurassic period, for example, was quite a bit...
I think we need to adopt SOMETHING new. Capacities have only increased 5x in almost ten years. The previous ten years, they increased 1000x.
 lol, reported for libel. Wait, where did I say anything about Everest? I don’t remember.  So the people responsible for manipulating the data–you know, the ones who admitted to manipulating the data... they’re what? They lied about manipulating it? So the physical and digital proof we have of the manipulation is what? Are all the thermometers around the world just lying to you? Because literally the only people on Earth to benefit from lying about AGW work in the oil...
 From Gmail users.  This is why I don’t like web versions of applications. iWork is now artificially limited in functionality to what HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript can render.  Just as long as it can send a file to someone on the same network without them having to be in AirDrop at the time. That was an idiotic decision. I would love the ability to set a UNIVERSAL view option that would automatically apply to all Finder windows so that I don’t have to literally go through and...
 Here’s what Apple needs to do:They’ve already sandboxed plugins and allow us to choose “Allow”, “Block”, “Allow Always” (which is completely broken and shouldn’t exist since apparently Apple is too stupid to figure out something this simple), and “Ask.” When set to “Block”, Safari should report to websites that FLASH IS NOT INSTALLED AT ALL. It doesn’t do that. So site owners see “flash installed” on their visits, so they’re not pressured into switching.
 I think we’re two years, minimum, away from OS XI and any touchscreen computers that would bring. Simply because I think it’s poetic to have iOS 9, iOS 10, and then “iOS 11” released alongside OS XI. There’ll be updates to Macs in the interim, of course. I expect a 27” Retina Display, standalone, alongside a Mac Pro with six dual-purpose Thunderbolt 3/USB C ports. And then that display will be turned into a touchscreen (with a corresponding change to the stand).
It’s not the truth; that should be BLINDINGLY obvious. http://www.apple.com/osx/elcapitan-preview/http://www.apple.com/ios/ios9-preview/ Who said anything about hardware, goalpost mover? Knock it off. If we were going to lose anything, we would have lost it WITH 10.11.  They’re holding it ransom for $4.00. Mowing man’s there, too.That would cause burn-in.  
Did your last eight accounts get banned? Better get ready for Yuck10.
 Phew! Though I’m now forced to stop using Notes on my iPad, since it’s too old to sync. Why not just NOT show the new features on old versions?
 Not good; probably comes through.  Geez, man, you can’t do that.  Ya gotta use a /s or ¡ There are people who believe that, you know.
New Posts  All Forums: