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 See, this is what happens, you lose your memory and get into bets you can’t remember. Then when 10-year-old twin girls show up at your doorstep and call you daddy you’re all surprised and confused. What was I talking about?
I just realized something about this rumor. It’s the opposite of all the other failed rumors before it.   Rather than some ding-dong screaming about a product that will never happen and gradually petering out about it *coughHDTVcough*, this rumor sets up FIVE YEARS OF LIBEL ahead of time.   In the lead up to 2020, we’ll see increasingly vociferous posts about how the car is coming the car will come the car has to happen Apple will be bankrupted without the car and then...
 Ooh! INDUCTIVE charging LANES at drive-through restaurants! It’s ludicrously expensively brilliant!
 We know they’ve been researching it in some capacity for at least a decade. Has anything sufficiently changed?
 Why do we find this acceptable? Not from Apple, from the industry. These are the only two companies that make GPUs and they both fail left and right. It’s completely unpredictable.
What a horrible idea. Imagine the idiocy of the people stealing the beta now, times 1,000.   At least the morons selling UDIDs would be out of business.
Apple’s making a flexible SAMOLEDOOFUS+ panel for their TV. Comes in a tube to save space. Just roll it out to the size you want and the UI matches the roll, up to 100” 2.39:1.
I’m sorry, why are we still repeating this nonsense when we have proof the cars are just for mapping?
 Well, the battle for white rights, I suppose.
It’s not. They’re not making a car.
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