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 Before the delusional people try to step in and call him sexist, it’s important to take note of the operational differences in the way men and women think (pretending there are not differences is dangerously perverse). If a system is designed around the male way of thinking, of course women would have trouble parsing it. And vice versa. That the concept that men and women are fundamentally different is becoming ever more radical is a terrifying reflection of the...
You know wrong, then.Your anecdotes are meaningless, and they are lying to you. It’s called taqiyya. Literally right now. Courts have upheld that it is not legal for them to break encryption. That’s literally the only way they can access the data. I’m confused at your confusion. Such as when they have a warrant, have obtained a warrant, or when they go to a judge to get a warrant. See? We agree. Never said otherwise. Since it’s illegal to wiretap without a warrant and the...
The point is that there is no distinction. There is only Islam. With a warrant, they would demand the password. Refusing to give the password under warrant would be resisting... whatever. Refusing to comply with the investigation. That’s a criminal charge.  There is zero legal right to have a backdoor. There is zero legal right for them to have access at any time for any reason. It also prevents crime.
Certainly beyond the purview of a children’s film regarding gluing grass to garbage and wearing it as a headdress.
 This is the only modification I’d make to your post. Well, this too.
Windows 10 is never an option. I want to talk you down from that ledge right now. It requires a ton of modification to make it even partially safe, and in doing so you prevent all OS-level software updates (which I don’t care about, but others might).
Sorry. Corn is grass.
Not as a rule. I remember years and years back when we had to give up a specific cultivar of banana thanks to a disease that only went after it. Our modern bananas are, well, less sweet and less banana-y, but they’re the best alternative we had at the time. Now, that wheat and those bananas HAVE to exist in a seed bank somewhere. Even if not that, their DNA’s preserved in some form. 
 Spain’s screwed from the Catalonian separatism (and subsequent Basque and Galician separatism).Belgium might do the Flanders/Wallonia split if things get bad enough.Germany has a chance to save itself, but they’ll have to hurry.Austria (really ought to join Germany if they want to) and Hungary should be fine. They’re handling the situation well.Poland has shut its doors to invaders, so that’s good.Sweden did the same, but only out of necessity.
New Posts  All Forums: