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 Ooh, this is now a “things we hate about Safari” thread.  1. The URL bar’s predictive text is worthless. Bookmarks should be the first thing it pulls up, then history, then web searches. I don’t want to start typing and be autofilled a URL that I visited ONCE instead of the bookmark I use DAILY.2. Top Sites is just ‘sites’. All URLs that I visit TWO OR MORE TIMES will appear there, not sites that I actually visit most often.3. Cookies should be lockable. I should be able...
 I don’t see where ludditism comes into play. iPhone is objectively a simpler setup than iPhone+Apple Watch.
And Beijing would have laughed them out of the room, since that would be the most base hypocrisy. Tim Cook, on the other hand, holds sway over the employment of up to a million Chinese. Apple moving or downgrading their business would put a lot of the proletariat out on the streets, hungry, questioning why they no longer have a job. You can see why that would terrify them.
 Wait, what? ‘Course they do. So does OS X. The Ambient Light Sensor does that. He’s arguing that SINCE “less backlight is required” to read inverted colors, inverted colors are more efficient. That, of course, isn’t proof. It’s just proof that we’re correct about backlighting.
Thus proving our point.
Wonder what Apple said to get them to back down. It’d be useful to know in the prevention of tyranny elsewhere.
 Not even remotely true. You’re buying Google’s lies about Earth Day or whatever the heck it was.
 Huh. Didn’t happen for me. What do you distinguish as a ‘text snippet’?
 It’s surgery. Your life is always at risk.
Because they know how to build a car better than Apple and have the infrastructure to do it more cheaply? Same reason Apple uses third party glass rather than having their own foundries and third party NAND/hard drives/RAM/GPUs (for now)/CPUs (for now), etc.
New Posts  All Forums: