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 Ah, but wouldn’t it be “racist” to charge higher rates to Muslims? Or are you stating this from knowledge–they do have higher rates?
 “I have no hand, Jerry! NO hand! How do you get hand, anyway?”
High speed rail in California, this thing… I don’t know; isn’t there a reason that people don’t care too much for trains these days?   Or, rather, why does it take decades for anything to even pretend to happen on this front?
 The whole ‘stewards of creation’ line slipping your mind? 
Not really… You have the right to hate and disagree. Here’s an interesting take on the discussion. It eliminates the loopholes used to illegally prevent “hate” speech. I just prefer our existing verbiage and the removal of the therefore illegal restrictions on speech otherwise mentioned here.
 Ah, what did I read recently… The UK offers “sharia-compliant” college loans with ZERO interest ONLY to Muslims. 
 What am I doing at a womens’ basketball convention?
 With the first five statements being lies, that doesn’t bode well for the rest of it, bucko. Enjoy your delusions, though. And yeah, most of the rest are lies, too. Ugh, I feel stupider having gone to that page at all. Is this how you feel all the time?
 I see an article about flowers. Try again. Or don’t, at this point. You’ve made clear your delusions.
New Posts  All Forums: