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 How many times do we have to tell you that you’re lying before you’re banned for trolling?  I’m guessing 14 more.
 How about you just answer the questions. Your evidence of this is what, exactly? Complete lies. The sales numbers have always been roughly 50% for the new model and 25% split for the older ones. 1. No. 2. What “mistake”? Again, complete lies.
So where’s the new casing? What’s your justification for them selling the 5S for four months and then dropping it for a “new” phone? I’ll agree to the above sentence. Seems like a lock for me. Note that I’m doing nothing with that quote that a court doesn’t find perfectly fine. Yeah, they sure had a problem with it when selling the 4 and 4S, huh¡
 Have our own private islands, having sold minuscule portions of our holdings in Apple’s stock, which never went down once.
Except no, we don’t have any indication whatsoever that the inherent hackability of Android lends itself better to any field. There’s a reason businesses of all sorts forgo it for a real platform. Android “sells” because it’s cheaper in third world countries.
 Complete and utter tripe. Stop your nonsense.
They really ought to have just two....
 I’d say I was shocked, but then I’d have to get reconstructive penile surgery. I wonder if, with the right application of voltage, you could get the muscle to become locked in that state...
 Well, no. Keep thinking that “sales” are indicative of use and you’ll start getting offers for suspension bridges.  No, it means it’s cheaper. Period.
 To clarify, this would be winter in the Pacific Northwest or Britain, right? Keep your FUD to yourself, though.
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