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 Terrible idea. People know where their apps are and would throw a fit if they moved around for absolutely no reason.  I don’t see your point.  Learn how CRTs work. Then learn how LCDs work. It’s not 1999 anymore. But you’re not at your desk, so why would it matter? I don’t care about the name. I care about the use at all.
 So which is it?
When’s the last time we got a new screensaver in OS X? When’s the last time anyone, anywhere, for any reason, at any time USED a screensaver?Do people REALLY still have plasma TVs and CRT monitors hooked to their computers?
I never got one. That must be new.
 I want to be confident that Microsoft isn’t staffed with complete and utter buffoons, but honestly this seems logical. They are THIS BAD at writing code.  Try using your eyes.
Because there’re multiples in Manhattan half an hour away.
 The problem with Huddler bans is you’re not informed of the nature of the ban. You don’t know if it’s a one day, three day, week, month, or permanent. You just have to wait and find out. And even if a mod sends you a PM regarding it, you can’t get to your PMs.
 “The size of a human hand” is my preference now?
Enjoy your delusion that the 6 Plus is usable as any previous phone has been.
Yuck, captcha. There must be a better way, Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: