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 Well, it’s better than your “argument”, which is absolutely nothing whatsoever. No disproof of the benefits of the idea, not even a rebuttal.  THE IPOD TOUCH ISN’T HELD TO YOUR HEAD. That’s reason number one it can be larger than the iPhone. You’re saying that it would be ludicrous for Apple to make the iPad larger than the iPhone.
 Apple TV, man; no X to hit. Select, jiggle, play/pause, hide, and then input a parental control password. YOU HAVE TO DO THEM ONE AT A TIME since the second most recent software update. It’s COMPLETE INSANITY. What was wrong with the list of channels in Settings before? Show/Hide option next to each, you put in your password ONCE and are able to edit them all.
I’ve been waiting for this for nearly eight years. Here’s one place a larger screen can only be better.  So you don’t know what a tablet is, then.
And buy it. If you want to watch a movie you actually have, you go to Computers, wherein only ONE computer can reside. The Apple Store elements need to be reduced to a single Store channel.
 Not as effective as Apple wanted. Meaning they sold less than Apple wanted. MEANING THAT APPLE WANTED MORE OF THEM TO BE SOLD THAN WERE SOLD. Meaning that your theory of purposely gimping devices to sell the new one is WRONG.  I already told you how this behavior makes you appear. Just answer questions when people ask them instead of acting this way.
 No, that doesn’t give us the comparison. Shame we don’t have 2009 and 2010’s numbers readily available.So that completely refutes what you said earlier about the older models selling “too much”.
 What a horrible name for a product unusable to consumers and professionals alike.  He said ‘effective’.  At least you got the name right. Now all we can hope is that it doesn’t exist at all.
 How dare Apple want to help people get the best technology, of course.  When the only other option on the market is Windows 8, I think it’s against the Geneva Convention to want to keep it diversified.  Yeah, you know that’s not what we’re saying.  Completely and utterly wrong, but enjoy that fantasy.  Exactly. So maybe the children should learn how to use a TOUCHSCREEN since that’s the game-changing future of technology to them what mouse+keyboard was to most of us.
 75 minutes.
Not only does the timeline refute that, Google’s CEO openly admits to throwing out what they were working on once he saw the iPhone. Try harder.
New Posts  All Forums: