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 Look, I’m 100% for... what do we want to call it... “stronger” software on a larger touchscreen device (13”, 15”, and the desktop models). I’ve always called it OS XI, as a desktop successor to OS X. But that’s a big step and anything that comes out this year won’t be that yet. So that means just another modified iOS since OS X isn’t at all appropriate for touchscreens. Oh, OS XI won’t let you see folder trees, by the way. If anyone thinks that Apple doesn’t intend to...
Have we? What moron would want OS X on a touchscreen?
 They’ve really only ever done it for Solipsism before, and I imagine it was only because he left his name virtually the same.
How much do you want to bet that doing so will change my ‘re-up’ date...
 Maybe no one said anything about the 5/5S.
 Just say you don’t have TouchID enabled. Problem solved.  Good luck with that. The judge needs disbarred.
And so those of us who just one month and 11 days ago got plans on the old way... we can go eat paste, right?
Ah, yeah, I didn’t figure you were too close. Any time.
 I’ll make an assumption here and say that at least I’m aware of how pathetic I am. Also,
 RIGHT, you’re actually IN Ireland. Sorry; forgot. I’m sure it’s an AARC, but if they can’t do it there’s always the store in Belfast. Granted, if Cork’s your best option that’s probably a longer trip.
New Posts  All Forums: