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 Bing has even been great for a while now. I haven’t used Google in years. Trying DDG on my clean installs; seems pretty simple right now.
 It IS the flagship device.
 It doesn’t. Unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.
 Screenshot of the e-mail reply and header, please.
 I’d like to know your justification for being okay with unnecessarily added complexity.  That’d be me. I’m not sure I want a 12.7” iPad now if they’re not going to have the hardware option I use the most.  Try again, this time with a real argument.  No. Often you hit the volume rockers when hitting the Sleep/Wake button. 
 My biological urges don’t tell me it’s okay to do drugs because some psychopath says they’re legal now.
How are we supposed to know? No one has one yet.
I’m clean installing and just manually pulling files back over from my last Time Machine backup.   No wonky .plists or broken preferences for me, no sir.
 Please learn how your eyeballs work before whining about meaningless things.
New Posts  All Forums: