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We did, just not a sensible amount of damages. $25 billion (before tripling) would have been more accurate.
 If that’s the amount for which you’re paying, yep. My plan with Verizon, for example, has me pay for 3GB, but I get an extra 2GB free per month. So when Verizon does this, if they use the same terms, I could only roll over anything left from the 3GB, even if I still had the extra 2 unused. I can only imagine that we’ll see all of the Big Four do this by the end of Q1 2015.
Of course. This was never in question. Now sue the morons responsible for this for damages.
The extra data for which you are paying rolls over. If you’re getting a free monthly gig or something, that doesn’t. Anything you pay for as part of the plan will. It’s just vague enough that the above will hold up in court, so that’s probably what they’re after.
 If I recall, the British did that.  Until such time as the economy demands peaceful plebiscites to accede.
 That’s right; you don’t understand. If you’re not forcing the user to change the service they use every other year for no other reason than Apple has improved upon the garbage you used to have out, you’re out of touch with the user’s needs. There’s nothing people like more than to have to relearn how to do the things they’ve come to require from their devices.
This only took NEARLY A DECADE. Finally. Now everyone will do it.   I can’t wait to have a terabyte backed up. 
 At least it’s marginally more effective than “Hey, Apple is rumored to enter this category; let’s make a bunch of completely nonsensical garbage that will in no way resemble their actual product should they even make one at all!” *cough“smart”TVs,yesIcancoughinpunctuationcough*
 And then they sign an exclusivity deal to sell hardware only at Amazon! And this hardware is designed by a world-class industrial artist! Wall Street deems it the best way that Bose can compete after suddenly splitting stock! That’s right, Bezos’ Bose Bozos’ beveled bezel’s best bet begins by boosting buyer benefit by… surprise.
 How about customer e-mails stored on US servers protected from the LACK of US government agency warrants? Because that’s a pretty big problem, too.
New Posts  All Forums: