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 I never said otherwise. In fact, off the top of my head, I’ll agree with you!   That’s not really the statement being made, though. 
 Thanks for that. It proves two things. 1. “Not being used as expected” neither means nor implies “not used”.2. Congress doesn’t have the first clue about how business operates.
 I don’t recall saying anything that could be considered right or wrong. Just that what someone else did call ‘right’ may not be.
 Define "nothing".
 Which is true; that’s exactly what they’ve done. They recognize, however, that some keyboards might want to call out for added features, so they give the option to do so in a popup (which, as has been said, WILL send everything you type to whomever owns the company behind the keyboard). The main question here isn’t anything regarding Apple, but rather why a keyboard would NEED to call off-device for ANY reason in the first place.
 It offers them nothing.
 Anyone nervous about this is smart enough not to use third party keyboards or allow them access. Anyone else is stupid enough that they deserve what happens. Actually, anyone dumb enough not to be nervous won’t be smart enough to install a third party keyboard in the first place. 
 1. No, it can’t.2. Enjoy your crap OS with no support anywhere.
 How about “a response specifically to get someone to try to prove their point” instead? So proof, then? HE doesn’t have any. Maybe you do. Saying it can’t be disputed doesn’t make it true.
 Good for you. Maybe you shouldn’t have posted it publicly, then.  You know, I’ve heard that. Germany seems to be pulling the dead weight of the entire Eurozone behind them. How much longer will they put up with that?
New Posts  All Forums: