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 Man, it feels like so long ago, but remember 2007 when the first 1TB HDDs came out? They were about that price. And now look where we are. Barely 7x higher. Someone needs to make a breakthrough. Oh, but did you see we finally came up with a lithium anode? Batteries should be getting better soon.
 Well, sure. So do I. Thing is, they can’t really do that. The shape of the device and design of its internals necessitates speakers on the sides, and when they’re that small they can only reproduce sound so well, you know? I’d love high-quality quadriphonic sound on an iPad, but is that really feasible?
I don’t care about external drives. I care about LARGER drives and cheaper SSDs.   There’s now a 6TB from WD, apparently, but the biggest SSDs can’t even match that. Have prices even been going down in the last few years?
 *Slowly raises hand, remembers he has a 6 sitting next to it, slowly lowers hand*
 Well, sure. But generally ‘louder’ in these small speakers will blow them out and ruin the levels. Sure, but that doesn’t say anything about front-facing speakers, which they wouldn’t do.
Suddenly, consumer interest in  Watch fell to 11%.
 Said no one, ever. Then you’ll whine that they’re tinny. Then you’ll whine that the iPad can’t even be held. Which would be the case. So they won’t be doing that.
I imagine it won’t live up to its claims, just like the one before it.   At least it supports h.265. That can’t come fast enough.
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Pictures_Entertainment “Since when does the US federal government go after a country for killing a private US citizen?” Seems logical to me, at least. Yeah, I’m not okay with that, either. I don’t know of any, but that’s just because I know nothing about the history thereof. Your point is hardly relevant, however. If anything, a government economically (or otherwise( punishing another for a hacking operation is a perfectly valid...
 No, they attacked Sony of America. If this isn’t a valid argument when liberals scream it at libertarians regarding Somalia (and, of course, it isn’t; Somalia fell to anarchy from its communist government and happens to have a higher GDP as a failed state than it did under communism), it also isn’t a valid argument if a conservative screams it at a socialist. Moving away from somewhere doesn’t fix anything for anyone. Grab all the facts first. Then there’s no rebuttal to...
New Posts  All Forums: