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 No, never.
 Yeah, but that’s nonsense is all. Of course they do. They probably still have OS X running on Power7, too.
 3/10, try again.
 I know it’s generally physically possible to update the card, I just don’t know what that will imply for the new features. I bet once you get the new card in that it’s a single number on a single line of a single .plist that needs to be changed. Hope it is, at least. If so, I’ll be giving my Mac Pro a new card. I love the idea of Continuity/Handoff.
 With the most powerful mobile processor on the market, they might be able to run Android. I remember installing 1.6 on my first gen iPhone. Even with the best hardware on the market and the most accurate touchscreen, it lagged like nobody’s business and my Q and P keys couldn’t be touched.
SHUT UP IF YOU DON’T COMPREHEND SOMETHING.  No one cares. Get your eyes checked. Problem solved. Because neither of those things are meaningful in any way. You don’t get to at all. Apple couldn’t care less about specs and yet it already DOES blow everything else away.  No, try again. Because there is no value of a larger iPhone. There’s a reason people aren’t buying the “phones” that are too large to be used as phones.
 Your proof of this is what?
... Holy crap, that’s a steal. And it takes into account the potential age of your battery and the one swapped. That’s great.インrい音lytおThへへおnおんlおんly音lyちちmちめ遅目いn いいnインれれ。。。。 Well, that was odd. The only time I can remember them doing that is the iPhone 4 Wi-Fi boondoggle being edited out, but that was a fairly significant change.
 OS X isn’t a touchscreen OS.iOS isn’t a cursor OS.A laptop is not a touchscreen device.
 Space may be black, but the Universe is latte. Remember the first time that black aluminum was rumored? The computers were supposed to be “two tone”, with parts black and parts silver. We know now, of course, that this only resulted from the screen frame being black. Good thing, too.
New Posts  All Forums: