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 No, try reading what was said. Where the two scenarios aren’t the same. That’d be why I didn’t say it was serious.  Please tell me you understand that none of what you have written is relevant in any capacity. You need to read posts before replying.
 I’ll take this opportunity to mention that I misread the original claim to not read ‘read’, and therefore operated under the assumption that a call could be put on hold while other voicemail was actively listened to, rather than just viewing the interface thereof. I apologize for the misreading.
 Quoted because it needs seen again. Plenty to add, but it’s too late to whip out the mockups.
 Really, it’s becoming quite a lucrative practice to create an “indie” app that involves social interaction. Just make something simple that aggregates a subsection of personal information not yet gathered by The Big Two, sit on your laurels while it grows, and then wait for the buyout.  You’ll become a billionaire and… oh, by the way, I may have just signed this paper officially turning the company’s assets over to you, but it turns out the information we gathered was...
 ♪♬ Clint stone! Meet the Clint stone! He doesn’t-live-in-a-country-where-the-stone-is-an-acceptable-unit-of-measure-to-switch-freely-with-the-toooooon!  ♪♬ Would the length of the last bubble be a metric to figure out how long this one will last?
 Hoo… All right: guesses on when it’ll pop? I mean, we know Amazon and Google are the result of the bubble, but popping time, anyone? 2017?
 Except that’s not what I said, but you’re clearly incapable of postulating from a single point of divergence.  What makes you think that?  Yet, which is why I said 2016.
 I’m really not sure what part of wishful thinking was unclear, but you realize that in a world where Intel doesn’t serve any company but Apple that Apple would grow as a company, right?
 And why wouldn’t Apple need those?
Between Facebook and Google, there are now a fair few apps no one should ever use anymore…
New Posts  All Forums: