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You get this popup when you submit a problem or change. From the wording, it seems like you will receive the notification when it is fixed whether you want it or not. Perhaps it’s tied to your willingness to be contacted, but if that was the case I’d imagine the tick box would mention opting in or out of notifications. To Apple’s credit, I sort of had to nitpick to submit this problem to see the popup again. 
 “Sister and the ED Drugs” First album: Gently Clubbing YouHit single: Disney Diapers Stylized like Josie & the Pussycats, but she’s just dressed normally and the rest of her band wears giant Viagra and Cialis costumes.
 I would be quite pleased with a movie that is literally nothing more expansive than Pirates of Silicon Valley 2: Mobile Devices Boogaloo! Just do exactly the same thing you did before, except with Google and Samsung in the place of Microsoft, as THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED HERE AS DID THREE DECADES AGO. It’s baffling how it could happen again.  “Know your limits, Steve...” said Woz as Steve chomped his 5th banana for the day; the only food he had eaten.“Apple... has no...
 Ah, Harrison Bergeron...   All the legal laws. Important distinction.
 Even beyond that, all you have to do is go buy a prepaid dumbphone, make your calls, and then chuck it in the river when the job is done. There’s even a name for that a phone used in this way, but I can’t remember it...
I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but Maps will now give you a notification in OS X when Apple commits one of the changes or additions you submit. I think that’s pretty great.
THINK OF THE DIGITAL CHILDREN   The Department of Injustice needs a probe. And not just a metaphorical one.
 Oh, irony.
 Take your antipsychotic medications, please.
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