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 The flagship iPod is a bastard child? Your implication being that this would somehow give it prominence, despite not being an iPhone, not doing what the iPhone can do, and not being designed in any way to compete therewith? So? Or, you know, a perfectly real possibility given that Apple likes to do things without “purpose” these days. Screw them. Apple doesn’t make an xMac either. I guess “all” those people are “massively disappointed”. Or maybe Apple knows not to make...
 Exactly, though with a higher ground clearance. I say spheres because the obvious answer–superconductor-based levitation–relies on the existence of a room temperature superconductor grid laid underneath all the roads in the nation. Which is a spectacular idea, of course, but is a little ambitious for Apple to undertake right now. Only because we don’t have a room temperature superconductor yet. We’re talking about the back to school special...  There isn’t a single...
 Neither of you knows what vaporware is.  So is the watch. It’s exactly the same.  It’s Apple. There are always demo models.  As long as the thing ships expediently, they were wrong.
 A~nd... he’s immediately fired.  Do you know what a phone is? Do you have any idea? Have you ever seen an iPhone before? Take your FUD and shove it. Honestly, why you people are allowed to keep saying these things I’ll never know.  They did that eight years ago. There has always been an ugliest iPhone since the existence of the iPhone. It’s a different phone for everyone.
 I’ve never understood that.
Oh, good. We have a manufacturer for the thing that was made up a week ago.   Not that I figure Apple doesn’t have a payment thing they’re designing.
 I’m not sure why anyone would think that a car from Apple would have wheels. If anything it would have spheres. Far better for maneuverability and you’ll never, EVER have to worry about parking again. Just drive sideways.
 They’re the sound the clock makes when the battery still has some juice in it but not enough to get the second hand to actually move.
iOS 8, too.
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