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 Guess Apple will be offering free Apple TVs if you move to one of two cities in the country where that ecosystem works¡
 You know what he means. “Hard drive” will be in standard use DECADES after there are no manufacturers of spinning discs. Like how the 3.5” floppy will be the “save” icon for the next few centuries. Something more than the 8GB NAND chip used to cache a single movie file currently. And that’s the thing. The world doesn’t consist of gigabit per second Internet, nor will it ever unless the telecoms are surgically removed from government. No one wants to redownload something...
 Safari in all versions of iOS works just fine. As does e-mail. That’s feature phone now? And there are tens of thousands of apps (hundreds) that work in iOS 3, 4, and 5.
 On what phone can you do that?
 Get over your vendetta.
 Could you actually try telling the truth instead of a lie? Anything meaningful whatsoever, maybe? Something relevant to the discussion? His original point is utter nonsense. We can’t build a discussion off of nonsense. Extrapolating from experience, all Britons are liars. What? It’s just an exaggeration. 
 You’re right. They care about the cash being given to them, regardless of the debt.
 But they’ll actually be used.
 Because you’re lying through your teeth.
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