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 I’m of two minds here. On one hand, BCC would be nice as a feature. On the other, don’t freaking spam everyone in your contacts, for heaven’s sake.
 Of course they will. We’ll see new posters being morons and new posters being trolls. Not many, but they’ll exist.
 Well, them doing that would fix the problems faster than anything else. People would rise up, we’d have a second revolution, and things would be reset.
 How was WHAT a Beats thread? Uh huh. Sure thing, boyo. Keep it to the Beats threads.
 And now you’ve been reported for spamming every single thread with completely irrelevant garbage about the Beats deal. We know you don’t like it. Shut up and keep it in the Beats threads. Is that really so hard to get?
 Seems strange that every time they’ve 2x’d resolution so far the physical display size remains the same, but here it doesn’t… Okay, Yosemite is BLURRING text when it changes, and my Menu Bar is constantly blurry. This is seriously hurting my eyes…
Sorry, Tim. You can’t ask the government to remove its own control. We have to take care of that.   Apple needs to encrypt everything it does RSA 4096, and then simply refuse to give anything up.
 Which is still wrong, though. 2560x1440 doubled is 5120x2880. 1920x1080 doubled is 3840x2160.
$650 at close, anyone? $660?
 Of course, 6400x3600 is completely wrong, too.
New Posts  All Forums: