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As long as they don’t write about Tim’s, Phil’s, and Jony’s attire, that’s fine with me.
 Why not just use the iPhone 6’s camera to get even better quality? 
And you suggest what?
But the Russian video was fake.  So you haven’t seen the iPhones 4, 4S, 5, and 5S? Take your FUD and shove it. The desire is to have a single piece of metal as the back, but that’s currently physically impossible. Consider the iPhone 5S. Two large top and bottom strips of glass because the metal blocks signal. Now look at the 6. More metal, less non-metal. They’re moving closer to the goal instead of further away. Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with a single strip of...
Thanks. Here’s something else. Halfway through a session my QuickTime media files changed from black to white. I guess this is the new icon for them, too.
OH EM GEE SAME DESIGN NO INNOVATION APPLE DOOMED   I can’t stand that they moved the power button. Shame he won’t be thrown in jail for this.
This is placed after the fact when she is proven wrong.
Thanks, Bing. No, really, thanks for spreading this nonsense.
 😆 Close, I told me.
 Hear hear!  The iPhone 5S doesn’t have a metal body moreso than the iPhone 6. There’s more metal on the new one than the current. That’s completely irrelevant.
New Posts  All Forums: