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 Not the naughties, teens, or ‘40s. And if we’re really talking about style over substance, you can’t say much for the ‘80s, either.
 Good for you. Enjoy being literally the only person on the face of the Earth who thinks something this stupid. It’s amazing you’re even using Apple products at all, given that the Dock Connector was USB that required an adapter and Lightning is a second port that required an adapter. Come on, man.
 Nope, that’s Huddler automation. It automatically flags posts from accounts it thinks are spam or previously banned users.
Safari 8 has APNG support!   I think that’s neat. APNG isn’t even a standard (why IS that?), but it’s good to see a format superior to GIF adopted natively.
 Oh yeah. They totally break network access every time a new OS is released.
 Never heard of it. I mean the real AdBlock.
Mother of humanity, why is AirDrop so terrible? Why do we have to be IN it to do it?   How could it possibly be so difficult as to offer an AirDrop tab, you click it, and boom, there’s everyone on the local network. Drag a file to the person, they get a popup: “[name] wants to share a file with you. Accept/Deny” There’s your security problems solved.
 Indeed! Apologies; I didn’t mean to imply that you were perpetrating otherwise. My post was unclear. 
 I dunno; the pistachio ad was… I can’t finish that sentence with a straight face.
You know, on those days when I really fall into despair–which is every day–it’s always a little uplifting to read Slurpy’s comments to the fools of AI and know that at least I don’t post on websites about things that I hate.
New Posts  All Forums: