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Why is it that whenever I ask for blatantly political threads to just be immediately moved to PO they aren’t? Sets a double standard on what kind of behavior is acceptable when the thread is outside PO, as infringers can simply say, “the topic of this thread is political” and assume some form of ‘immunity’. Sort of like the “I own Apple products” ‘defense’.
 Exactly. All they did was add another ’T’ and boom.
 In contrast to the immobile tablets, such as the real Surface and what Samsung will be releasing once the 13” iPad comes out.
 Unless it explicitly contradicts their knowledge or is willfully presented as a contradiction to established fact. Sure, a “truthful opinion”, but still incorrect.
 Beliefs can be false. Opinions are beliefs. Therefore opinions can be false. Since I’ve already said that, there’s no reason for me to be repeating it. Doesn’t even bear it. And yet here we are. I don’t get it. You can think something and be wrong. 
 Yeah, how dare they make sure the fix works properly¡!
 No, but if you cared anything about what you were saying, you’d know that.
 It also doesn’t affect my never downloading any of your products at any time in the future.
 Greyed out where? On the window’s interface for each individual user, or in Preferences?  You know, someday all these people will grow up and comprehend that they can believe something that isn’t true. And that makes their opinion a lie.  Opinions can be both lies and truth. What opinions inherently CANNOT BE is “not wrong”.  And the backpedaling begins:  I’m sure that saying this and then posting of a video that explicitly talks about PC viruses means you didn’t say...
 Fact 1: The bug is patched.Fact 2: It is already not a problem, unlike what he claimed.Fact 3: You’re missing something here.  I’m not worried. Virtually the only data “captured” will have been between the discovery of the bug and this morning.
New Posts  All Forums: