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 Oh, sure; I’ve never liked that top bar area myself.
 Still, it has only taken how long after the breakup of Ma Bell to get us back this close...
 I believe you can see ‘recent purchases’, whatever that means. Since an itemized list of your purchases would appear on your bank/credit card’s website, couldn’t you use those as proof of sale for returns?
Oh, yes, that’s it. That’s really impressive, in my mind, particularly for x86. Compare to, well, the low end Celeron chip in the first-gen Apple TV that pulled 100 watts (or was that “idled at 100º”... I’m so worthless...) and the current ARM system in the Apple TV that pulls 6 watts at full draw. Anyway, now that Intel has something with comparable power draw to ARM (or will if they ever get the family out) I think the boys at their lab can breathe a sigh of semi-relief...
 Isn’t Broadwell set to launch with... what, 10w chips? x86 is definitely worse in that department than ARM, but Android is no stranger to THE WORST BATTERY LIFE IMAGINABLE. Remember the first LTE phones? “Phones”, I guess, since they were the precursors to today’s Palm Pilots. Guess we need a new name for those, though. ‘Phablet’ is stupid and autocorrect even refuses to let me keep it typed. 
 The opposite of what the quoted original post says, of course, meaning that the Pope believes in any way that homosexuality is either normal or acceptable. He does not, as your link shows. His stance is the same as Jesus’; that the sin is, of course, to be hated, punished, and remain unaccepted, but that the people guilty of its practice are to be treated as any other person. “Hate the sin, love the sinner,” in short.
Not sure where you get ‘abysmal’. I’ve only ever been wrong about the iPhone.
 Oh, I have. Election Day needs to be a federal holiday, obligatory to all businesses, everywhere, and all non-essential personnel therein. You have no excuse not to take the day, go to your local voting station, and read about every candidate. Their position, their beliefs, their plans, etc. Each presented in an identical way on their own leaflets and posters, with charts created therefrom that simply aggregate that data, not change it in any form, for quick and easy...
 Yes, let’s vote for candidates who don’t even tell you their positions. I guess that’s a better system¡
New Posts  All Forums: