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 Or, no, you could just reply to what is written, not what is not. This is the first time you’ve actually done that, by the way. 
 That’s the definition, kiddo.  Again with the strawmen! Hey, enjoy your utter failure of comprehension. Though really, it’s a failure of reading.
 It’s just as difficult on the modern iMac as on his. What’s your point? The irony HURTS.
 These have to be perfect.Perfect. No BS like with nVidia where the card cuts out early in its life. Nothing. The iDevice lineup has to work.
 Yeah, you’re really endearing yourself to everyone here.
 Yep. Because nations (of none of which I was speaking) can only ever produce one type of power¡ Please stop talking.
 Except this isn’t about me. Take five seconds and absorb context and you’d see that. No, a link to Google is not an argument nor a proof.
 Read my post. Read your post. There’s your proof. This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp. 
Just seems to me that you could show some actual proof to him to tear his argument apart instead of repeating tag lines. You know, since the doctors would be able to show me proof of heart attack, after all.
 Why not reply where it belongs instead? Actually, why not just not make up things that other people didn’t say? Sounds like a better idea.
New Posts  All Forums: