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 Why not? The A8 is going to make the Xbone and PS4 look over their shoulders nervously. They’re pathetic when compared to a PC, but ARM is progressing faster than nVidia and ATI can crank out GPUs.
 Let’s see... you mentioned that a keyboard could never be replaced and then I gave an example of how it has already been replaced. What’d I miss, exactly?
 Really puts into perspective the size of that Android “phone”.
 So you’re illiterate?
There has to be a better way to get revenue than disgusting banner ads OR advertising disguised as content...
 Well, that settles it. This is a terrible idea and Apple should scrap it immediately.
 And a screen will never replace blinkenlights¡ They’ve already replaced keyboards and mice on phones and tablets.
Because you bought it. That’s a separate argument; I’m talking about the UI.
 Because tablets aren’t laptops.  Large (iPad, all sizes) and small (5.5” iPod touch, rest of iDevices) sets of controls for a wise home, too. 
K. Just shut up. If you don’t have an argument, don’t post at all. It makes you look less stupid. Except not once have you ever done so when questioned. How pathetic.
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