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Too soft.
16 and 32. Unless you mean “doesn’t come in 64”, but every iPhone has dropped the top when falling to the middle.
 Since when? Black is better for color reproduction.
“Aw, crap, I ordered one too big.”“I’ll just... take it for my own.”  AT&T/Verizon use the same iPhone now, zero. And I think he could just take ‘em to a Verizon store and they’d swap the activation.
 Yep. “Going live”, particularly in the context of a website, implies that the internal version of the website, updated with new features, is being pushed out to the wider Internet. The new design of Apple’s website went live on the 9th, for example.
 Do you think there’s anyone at Google who has been made clinically depressed by this knowledge?
 Holy crap. Definitely an Apple employee, then.
Nope. I’m saying that despite the seemingly vast number of people whining that the screen was too small, no one seemed to have bought an Android with said screen size.
 Nah. Unless it was Craig. 
Wh… what?! Did he say that specifically? I’m perfectly willing to list the things that prove him wrong, but Tesla’s site does that already. I’ve only seen cursory information about it, but Tesla offers 45 second battery swaps at some of their locations. Now, is this free like the Superchargers are, or is there some other cost involved?
New Posts  All Forums: