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TWO PLAINTIFFS. TWO. FOR A FRIVOLOUS CASE THAT HAS LASTED A DECADE. It’s not even a class action. That’s no class; that’s detention at a non-urban school.
Given that they’ll have control over the hardware of the facility, will they at least build in a projector with the resolution to handle their retina devices 1:1?
 I keep saying, it’s 1 Infinite Loop... They’ll rename the old buildings.
 One’s ownership, the other is subsidized rental. Any content on YouTube is by the authorization of the copyright owner.
 Why are people talking about me behind my... oh, you mean the music thief. Never mind. According to some, everything will be free anyway within a few decades as automation puts everyone out of work and causes global genocide. And they don’t think this is a bad thing. They actively want it to happen. And they have the gall to call me insane. I’m a worthless pile of garbage, yes, but I’m not insane.
 Did they? I mean ever, operationally, not just as a matter of procedure. Why is it that search engines are useless for anything older than a few years? I can’t find any instances of this in help forums (et. al.) from the dawn of the iPod...
OI! KIM JONG UN! Yeah, you, fatty. I propose a trade. You release your current citizens to the South and in exchange we’ll force them to give you all Samsung employees. Trust us; you’ll totally be able to reunite your country with their expertise on your side. They’ll just copy the way the Union won the Civil War.
I can code, I just don’t like it. I much prefer designing UI.
Then maybe he should wine to the NAND manufacturers to hop to it instead. This is like complaining to Apple that the CPUs are too slow or they don’t release new ones “quickly” enough.
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