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 Have you been paying attention? Already proven not to have anything to do with the phone.
 “Get suckers who were paying $30 a month for unlimited data to pay $130 for severely limited data”
Proof? iOS 4 (because it was iPhone OS before that) hadn’t even been shown yet.
Ah, so only for the big spenders, not for everyone.   Great¡
 You hear that, people? Tell your wife to send back the burgundy paint unless the can is in French. The living room redo is going to have to wait.
   That’s an APNG for those of you not on Safari 8. EDIT: Thanks, Huddler. It worked before.
 So nothing but strawmen and zero explanation for how his comment means anything to anyone other than to be trolling. Just to clarify, since we already knew and expected that would happen.
 So, what, there are two faces? And I like the smiley face on the one side. Hey, a Tom Clancy watch. I really like this. It’s equal parts stupid and hideous.
New Posts  All Forums: