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Where’s he wrong?
 So they… decided to purposely lose even more money by not releasing it…  Yeah…
You posted openly on a forum instead of as a PM. So yes.
So his post, which is BLATANT HIT AND RUN TROLLING gets to be left up, but mine, denouncing it in the same way I always have, is deleted? That’s nice. Glad to know where AI stands on common sense and logic.
 Yep, genocide is nothing compared to lies. 
 Maybe, in general, people should just avoid the “I like [noun], but…” phraseology. 
 No, again, I was right and you were wrong. Just say it. Why are you scared?
Do you haven an actual argument or just nonsense?
Yeah, they’re a communist dictatorship operating under a self-contradictory juche system that has systematically oppressed the rights of its citizens and starved them into near extinction because the US tried to… prevent that from happening. Uh huh. I’m sure.
Or you could quit shilling your video.
New Posts  All Forums: