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 I don’t think they’ll be making one until they can, certainly. The first-gen iPad will be both the size and weight maximum for any larger model.
Been waiting for a 13” iPad for seven years.
 The former has no chips and the latter was updated four weeks ago. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS, as I haven’t seem them elsewhere. That’s just great. My old media server iMac, stuck on Lion, while the model immediately after it got Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and now Yosemite. 
 I thought about that, too, but there was no direct reference to that being so.
 Let’s try to run through this scenario. So you have your OS, your real apps, and this malicious app. Now, the malicious app would offer up (we’ll get back to this) an extension, spoofing TouchID. It couldn’t gain any TouchID information, because that never leaves the OS. But I suppose it could take login information if that was provided as a separate option. Now, to the before. Offering up. The keynote didn’t show any instance of a third-party app receiving an extension...
No worries. I’m sure he doesn’t mind, either.
Sarcasm is denoted with a /s tag. And no, they’re not always in the fall. This is a modern occurrence that, frankly, is pretty silly.
 Probably part of one of the workshops.
 Identical, identical, identical, identically rounded, has a Home Button, has a FaceTime camera, has a bezel.
New Posts  All Forums: