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 Yes, but I’m not discussing planck-scale effects. That’s a little over fifteen orders of magnitude smaller than an electron! I’m just saying that smaller a transistor gets, the more likely electrons will jump across it at the same voltage unless you lower the capacitance. What was it… applied voltage > abs(q/(2C)) where q is charge and C is capacitance?  Oh, wait, no, you’re right; not quantum, then. Just… subatomic, I guess. It’s the electromagnetic force, so still one...
Huh; I was just looking up Haswell and Broadwell stuff not five minutes ago and twiddling around looking at the future of their lineup. It’s astounding to me that in just 20 years we will have gone from 180nm down to 5nm. Moore was dead on. Thing is, once we get there, there’s not much elsewhere to go. Eventually transistors get so small that quantum effects take over and electrons jump the gap spontaneously.
Apple already has a myriad communication protocols of their own. What’s their incentive to support this?
 Hi, paid Dropbox shill. Why not provide proof of your claim instead of being a moron? Prove it. Prove it. Prove it.
 256MB RAM vs 512 on the iPhone 4.  And that bothered me RIGHT at the announcement. I knew they’d screw us like that by creating iPhone OS 3.2 specifically for the iPad instead of going to 4. 
 Do what?  “…not have a rebuttal to anything said” comes to mind.
 I jailbroke my iPad to run an N64 emulator (which was handy), and to change ONE number in ONE line of ONE plist that prevented me from outputting the OS systemwide to a screen. Because Apple felt, for some reason, that it couldn’t do it. But it can, gloriously. It’s not jailbroken now, and I don’t imagine I’ll do it again, though I may. It’s not like there’s Whited00r for iPad, after all. 
 It IS the language of business, after all. And it saves India from collapsing into hatreds.
 Any evidence of that? Remember iOS 7 only gave panorama shots to the newest iPhones. I see that iOS 8 is bringing panoramas to the iPad, but you can bet the iPad 2 and 3 won’t get that.
 It’s like I’m really back in 2005… 
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