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 Yeah, I don’t get that. I’d love for avatars to be enabled site-wide. And while they’re at it (because they’d have to take the site down with a “we’ll be back!” page when this happens... for whatever mind-numbingly stupid reason...), they could also let users edit their taglines. Not that I don’t still love cartography, but...
 Because the color changes due to transparency already.
Funny how it’s only ever levied by the anti-Apple people after having been disproven in their claims, huh. Almost makes it seem a completely fabricated belief repeated as fact.  
 No, try again. You can do better.
Why do people still spew this nonsense? Apple has only ever gained marketshare, by the way. Learn what numbers are.
 Take your concern trolling somewhere people are stupid enough to believe it. The person responsible for creating this one needs to be sued for some sort of damages. Damages to both hardware and grammar.
 Your implication that none in favor of global warming are paid and all opposed to it are is utterly ludicrous.
 Wish you could actually edit ALL the metadata there. Wish you could actually edit ANY METADATA AT ALL in iBooks...
 And a 5.5” phone is as blown as you’ll get. Completely and utterly wrong.
And there we go. All questions about a Haswell clock bump are answered. Apple will release this at some point in the fall, probably before September, and ride them through to Broadwell.
New Posts  All Forums: