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 Well, at least it makes sense now.
 Unfortunately, Intel doesn’t really have much in the way of a qbit division yet. I like the indium antimonide stopgap idea, though.
 What contaminants? What military weapons? Good old fashioned dump trucks and steamshovels.
 Really? Because the former can’t even reliably do 720.
 OPEC’s dead, dude. What does your delusion about Apple’s taxes have to do with the stock price?
 I have a System 7.6.1 disc that I’m selling for $4999.99. BOOM, CAPITALISM.
 Or, better idea, keep your ludicrous nonsense to yourself.
Just shut up.
 And I’m sitting here thinking how much of a bastardization I’m making my Mac Pro by buying a GTX 970 for it.
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