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 Any article with a number in the title denoting a list of something is disgusting.
 Isn’t it funny that in the 13 years the iPod has existed we have never, EVER heard about this happening? Isn’t it funny that no other PMP has ever been able to play iTunes music? Isn’t it funny that while iTunes supported PMPs other than the iPod the iPod was NEVER supported by other brands’ software? Isn’t it funny that the entire lawsuit is based on complete lies that can be disproven using any version of iTunes and any CD? Isn’t it funny that NOTHING APPLE HAS DONE IS...
 See, this is why you don’t end an interview with a goodbye french kiss.
They’re probably burnt out from fighting Samsung worldwide and have lost their heart from seeing BLATANT MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE PERPETRATED ON MOST OF THEIR IP CASES. 
 Because it’s the IPHONE and it’s an admirable update. Not because of some FUDmongering BS that it “should have” been release two years ago.
Weird. My laptop got the update an hour ago but it hasn’t shown up on my desktop.   EDIT: And of course they pulled it. Geez.
Mhmm. Something like this was REALLY hidden for a decade. Yep. This wouldn’t have been immediately reported from here to Honduras, no way.   Sarcasm aside, how stupid can people be to claim something like this? It’s not even remotely true. Their entire lawsuit isn’t even remotely true. Never was. How has it existed for a decade? How are they allowed to have it continue? How are the lawyers not disbarred and the plaintiffs imprisoned for criminal stupidity?
 When they decided to license IP instead of stealing it.
 Decent beats subterfuge beats evil.
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