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So the malware in the official Google Play store, that doesn’t meet his requirements, eh?
 But but but but but NO ONE will buy it if you can’t watch your 4K movie on it! Cut to LG releasing a watch with a 4K 1.3” display for that purpose alone.
Why, when 90% of people don’t buy phones that large? Th... uh... I don’t know how to process it when it comes from that side...
 ‘Disabled’ would imply they care at all about the product. They’ll just take regular quad-core processors straight off the line that have three defective cores and drop them in it. Like AMD did with its “tri-core” processors.
7th time’s the charm, as they say.
 Well, loving the money they pay you to say that, at least.
That’ll teach him to ask a question.
 I actually already addressed this. What does it matter that we see his face? China is immune to US lawsuits. There is literally nothing whatsoever that Apple can do about it. That’s nowhere near proof that these are fake.  Given that we saw a Russian fake a few weeks ago that looks identical to this...
He’s disagreeing with you.
New Posts  All Forums: