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 What are you even trying to say?
Okay. Enjoy your delusions. I’ll wait for you to explain what “let me pay for it” could possibly mean other than the music is currently stolen. You won’t reply, but whatever. If you’d taken any time whatsoever to read and comprehend what was written, you wouldn’t have posted such nonsense.
No, not a word of that confirms what you claimed.
 Maybe stop buying them, then.
Sounds like someone needs to go read it again.
 To my memory, that’s Music, Videos, TV Shows, Radio and Settings. Not sure why you’d want to hide those.
 I await the day there are enough choices to warrant organized categories of Channels. Until then, what we have is perfectly fine. I don’t see why people are complaining; just reorder the icons how you want to see them, hide any you don’t use, and that’s that.
 I do find that interesting. The 5+ is way outside the use case of people who want a phone, but it feels markedly better in the hand than anything else in its size category. The thing that mystifies me the most is the apparent number of people who are okay looking stupid carrying Palm Pilot-sized devices around. I mean, back in the day that was the smallest anything could be. They were big and unwieldy and not good for much of anything. Now they’re big and unwieldy and...
No, but enjoy your delusions.
95 ‘regions’ reminds me of the background work I’m doing for Ameriwank, creating alt-regions of the expanded US (midwest, southwest, etc.). But even there I don’t know that there’ll be 95 of them.   Why not “Apple makes iAd available in 70 more countries; total climbs to 95”?   Anyway, I still strongly believe that video iAds could revolutionize channel streaming on the Apple TV. Get the same programming as on an OTA channel, but with intelligent, interactive ads...
New Posts  All Forums: