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 So…  I’m trying to figure out how this doesn’t apply to Tim Cook. You want him to do the opposite of what Steve did? Except he outright stated that the stock can take care of itself. And Apple illustrates why stock isn’t everything. So that’s THEIR problem.
 New product released.It revolutionizes.Short A A P L.
 I’m 96.5℉.
 You’re hearing it wrong.   OW. That HURT. Do more. I’m all ears.
 Shut up and go away. Seek psychiatric help.  Not entirely, no. They’re idiots. Steve did the same thing. They should do their jobs. Apple will keep doing its. Just like Steve Jobs. Yeah: he has learned that is exactly what you SHOULD NOT BE DOING. The perception of idiots, however, doesn’t. Wall Street are those idiots. Rather low than Amazon. So you know this… how, exactly?  He’s not completely wrong. Cook is partially responsible for the stock. In that his direction...
 Cingular became AT&T at the iPhone’s announcement. That deal kept going.
 *KLAXON* *KLAXON* *KLAXON* Wait, hang on, shut it down; false alarm.  Really? iPod? Not iTunes, which shouldn’t really be there in the first place? 
 80% of smartphone users own iPhones. You’re not a user if the device sits in a drawer for its entire lifetime. Get it through your heads; “marketshare” ≠ use share.
 Et tu, Android? Then fall, Google!
 Nope. Wrong. Just like every single other person, apparently.
New Posts  All Forums: