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 Shut up and go away.
Delete Flash from your computer and get ClickToFlash.   Not only will you NOT be served the disgusting YouTube video window, you’ll be given a QuickTime frame.   1. You can preload the ENTIRE file instead of YouTube’s idiotic partial loading. 2. You can download the file with a right-click, since Safari 8 and Yosemite have downloading built right in. 3. NO ADS. AT ALL. NO popups, NO pre-video ads.
 Given that my views are the result of lengthy personal research into the topics in which I hold them, no, I won’t be changing them because someone without the faintest grasp on logic, reasoning, or objective thought says that I’m wrong. I of course can’t speak for the other two; I imagine they’re similar.
 Is that from one of the unreleased builds? I don’t have any updates available on mine. I never thought Microsoft would make me WANT to keep my current Windows 10 icons…
 “Who wants a stylus?!”–Steve Jobs
After testing, having Safari set to “Block” by default when Flash is installed DOES still report to websites that Flash is installed.   I don’t like that (and as such deleted Flash again).   How hard would it have been for Safari 8 to do that? I think that would have been great.
 They don’t make it to my App Store, either. Because they don’t exist. Yes, security updates, but not as often as Adobe requires, which is the point. ‘Course, compared to Microsoft, Adobe looks like a bastion of reliability.
Didn’t they already do that back around 13 or so? Or were they just spoofing the updater?
 Safari blocks the use of Flash when it’s out of date, so perhaps it’s not vulnerable simply because you can’t use it anymore…
New Posts  All Forums: