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 Thing is, does Android even have a one of them? 
 Yep. They wish so too.
 Craig is spectacular. He’ll be CEO next. He brings the fun that Steve had along with his presentation style. Tim is copying Steve more, too, which works to his benefit.
 No. iTunes. Still gonna use the one I’ve been using for years.
That’d be a good trick, redirecting from Huddler software. But alas.     WHAT ON EARTH IS APPLE THINKING?! WHY ARE THEY LETTING PEOPLE SEE THE OS BEFORE IT’S PRESENTED?! WHY ARE THE COMPUTERS ON?!
Apple puts a Ferrari in Moscone West. People assume it’s about CarPlay integration. Tim Cook announces the Apple Jonathan, Apple’s own car, built in conjunction with Tesla. Tires that don’t use air, so they can’t go flat. Electric, of course, but with Apple battery tech so it can go 600 miles on a charge. Recharges to 80% in an hour. Completely integrated with iOS devices. And your house. Introducing the Apple Pippin: modifications to your home to control all...
 That’s disgusting. But there’s a simple solution: turn the box off. No idea why anyone would want it to show up in the first place.
 The only thing that really comes to mind is “You’ll attract more trolls with sarcasm than you will with fact.”
New Posts  All Forums: