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All the more reason to launch a proper replacement to cable and satellite next year, removing the Apple TV from these lists and throwing it up against Comcast, DirectTV, and Dish on the bar graphs.
 Yeah. Maybe Anant likes his iPhone 5C mother in law!
 Given that the RIAA wanted to make ripping a CD illegal, there’s no doubt that someone, somewhere wants to pretend they are. However, there’s no way they could be. I never have checked if my HD DVD/Blu-ray drive is unlocked, but the SuperDrive is; my Irish DVDs are upstairs somewhere, I think.
 Remind me, you’re the fellow in Tokyo, right? There are region-unlocked players, but they’re not prevalent. Apple, when it sold products with disc drives, did not sell them unlocked. You had FIVE region switches before it locked to the last one. And then you’d be stuck.
 I guess that’s why studies show it happening, huh. Mac-based setups always incur lower costs.
Because it puts them out of a job.
 “Something something, more money than sense” – Android users
Gotta agree. Apple’s not responsible for it, though.
How’s about we go crash Amazon’s stock? 
 My mother teaches at a corporation with an Apple TV in every classroom and an iPad given to each teacher. No guidance whatsoever thereon, of course, just given. I happened to rename her iPad and Apple TV so that they’re easier to find on the network for mirroring and AirPlay. Because the list is literally “MCLX3525JDSJ” “MCLX3526JDSJ” “MCLX3527JDSJ” and there’s no excuse for that. It’s easier for her in class now, but she’s assaulted by all the other teachers, whining...
New Posts  All Forums: