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Can we please just cut off the Norks completely? Zero exceptions? Everything blocked.   Force his hand, end the war, and remove Korea as an economic challenge to the US. AND NO US MONEY SENT TO REBUILD THE COUNTRY.   We’re perpetuating crimes against humanity on the order of the Holodomor here. There’s no justification for allowing North Korea to continue to exist.
 The three presets for image upload size are the stupidest thing about Huddler. You can force it to be the right size, though. Upload as normal, get it in your post, and then hit “Source” in the top left. You’ll see:  Change the numbers to the real dimensions of the image and...
 Who applies the value?
“Something something, fuddy-duddy; something something, turning your back on “progress”…” Oh, don’t mind me, just getting ahead of the replies.
Completely and utterly wrong. You cannot agree with the lawsuit. No. No. Your post in two words. Which you are not. Hey, same here. And yet I use all Apple products. FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS.
 If you’re stupid or being paid not to. Other than that…
 Well, if you’d be willing to take five seconds to think about ideas other than the first one that came to your mind, you’d have no reason to edit your post because the sarcasm would fall away.
 But it’s a lottery ticket. A paid chance at winning something of value. You don’t have to win ANYTHING on a lottery ticket, and there are multiple levels of winning. EDIT: Oh, and collectable trading cards. You could get all common cards or a rare one worth thousands. Same price for each pack. Of course this is legal in the US.
 Are you joking or what? I can’t tell. There are people in this world stupid enough to believe these words, but most of us here have enough sense not to.
 That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
New Posts  All Forums: