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 Completely and utterly idiotic.  1. Nothing the EU does is good.2. This is particularly not good. This is disgusting, embarrassing, and pathetic. Yes, actually; that sounds pretty good.  No, but thanks for perpetuating the thought that a person is incapable of having responsibility over his own actions.  FREE could fit. Let’s use FREE.
Why? Insects seem to manage.
 Great argument¡
 It’s the Helvetica Arial argument all over again!
 Who cares? It’s spyware from one of the world’s most evil companies that still runs original WebKit.
 Almost exactly two months. Strange it took so long.
I have an idea: discontinue this, incorporate into iTunes (OS X)/Music (iOS) instead of the nonsense they’re planning.
You don’t.
 Maybe the same people who were dumb enough to bend their iPhones would be happy with a laptop that gives them a little more, hmm... leeway, let’s call it.
Nowhere near ready.
New Posts  All Forums: