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I dunno. It’s pretty thick.
 Because they are. Exploits that aren’t in the wild are meaningless. But you also won’t find anyone who says they shouldn’t be patched.
Oh, I see. I also see no reason to be upset at this kind of lobbying. The government is violating the law. All work done to reverse this and bring the perpetrators to justice is valid.
Thought that was us. Who said Apple was upset at them?
 “You funny man. I kill you last.”
 This used to be common sense for using the Internet. You’d even see others warn newcomers not to use their real names. Thanks, Zuckerberg.
Can’t change the past, but I’m glad Tesla sells its products. I know it’s not on their docket right now, but just imagine if they prepare a skateboard-only option for customers?  You know, you buy the battery and drive train only and then can place on top of it any historic car body that will fit the proportions. We could have electric DeLoreans, electric Roadmasters, and all the muscle car bodies of the ‘60s and ‘70s. If you standardize the mechanics of the vehicle, we...
If God had intended us to carry our wallets in our back pockets, why did he give us natural padding there?!
  Finally a chance to post this. Look how pretty it is, and it’s only a GIF! Wish APNG would get standardized already.
 That’s not in any way the same.  I don’t get your point.
New Posts  All Forums: