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 Electricity and infrastructure sure don’t require money or anything¡
Of course it does.  Then get new glasses. Guess what processors use DDR4 in 2014: None. Now you’re just laughable. What would you have had them use if not the ABSOLUTE NEWEST XEONS AVAILABLE AT THE TIME? Who says the Cinema Display isn’t getting an update? No... Luckily the iMac still uses that design. Unless you’re solely talking about thickness, which is silly.
 I fail to see how “[I wrote the article]” isn’t an admission that he wrote the article.
 As long as this statement means you are confirming that Corrections = Daniel Eran Dilger–meaning it’s no longer an anonymous connection–I’m fine with it.  
This is really really killing me. JUST KEEP THE NAME THE SAME, YOU IDIOTS. YOU KNOW IT WORKS ALREADY.  This is only funny when it is. Read: it’s not.   What possible justification could you have for that?  No, “empathy” has nothing whatsoever to do with this at all. Apple wants you to have your own device. How complicated is that to understand?  50% wrong. 100% wrong.
 “I think we both know I have to copy your phone. You’ll just have to imagine the marketshare!”*Jonathan Ive rides in on a motorcycle that shoots aluminium bullets at Schmidt*“Luckily I’m not as buddhist as you when it comes to violence.” Then again, Robert Downey Jr. and Jeff Bridges as that pairing would work…
 If by ‘best’ you mean ‘pornography and soap opera-level drama’.  Good.
 I don’t know. This seems WAY too ludicrous to ignore. What reason would there be to think anything about the logo unless something was happening to it?  Happened four times.  Really? Obsessing over the most expensive and single most iconic logo ever created in the history of human civilization other than the “heart”? Yeah, I could see that pretty easily.
 I’m adamant in my distaste of the idea that my possessions be outside my local ownership. For that reason, I can’t feel that OS’ based in the cloud will ever gain support among any group. Large businesses won’t do this because they won’t want the third party running the OS stealing their IP. Small businesses won’t do this because they won’t want to have server or connection problems cut them off from their clients’ files. Consumers won’t do this because they will neither...
 No, there is no such thing as “dodgily” following the law. They are paying proper taxes. Stop lying.  Then that’s one vote. Not that big a deal.  lol. Here’s the problem: freedom requires responsibility and we’ve bred a generation or two of people who have been explicitly told by those in charge that they don’t need to have responsibility for their actions.
New Posts  All Forums: