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 We’re talking about modifications to existing content.  The only thing left to do is make a viable alternative to cable/satellite, and I wouldn’t call that just “add some functionality”.
 You’re already overturning it by being in favor of a lawsuit WITH NO PLAINTIFFS.
 THIS IS WHY I AM AGAINST APPLE’S ABILITY TO UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE WITHOUT YOUR INPUT. THIS IS COMPLETE NONSENSE. Hopefully people understand me now that it’s too late.  If they do, my subscription ends. I’m paying them money for a reason.  So you want exactly the same product they already have out now? What’s the point of that? An update is meaningless without the channel deals.
 Works fine. I don’t know about WMVs with it anymore, though.
 I like his argument. We should demand more efficiency from our code. We should back this demand with our money. I figure the gaming industry is headed for another crash like 1983 because they refuse to care about their customers. This could have been stopped if they’d just care about optimizing their code.
 And I didn’t think that a case proceeding when there are no plaintiffs would fly as a legal principle, but I guess logic and reason don’t mean anything to the justice department these days.
 We already know there aren’t. 
 8 million people with iPods also had music they purchased from other sources deleted from their devices because they didn’t put the music on properly? I doubt that, too. There won’t be any punishment for these morons, will there?
 If he can give us the names of, say, three of them, I’ll be okay. They don’t exist, though.
It’s no more accessible and conflicts with the volume buttons.
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