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Except when it becomes the primary market…
 Except you do if you use a Mac with Snow Leopard or later. Windows reportes gibibytes as gigabytes. OS X used to report gibibytes as gigabytes. It doesn’t anymore.  Then don’t say it is. So don’t claim otherwise as you did here:
Then they’re going to lose tens of millions of dollars.
 And yet that was SOP for Windows at the time… 
 Because that’s not how it works. You can’t get chips that aren’t powers of 2.
Does this mean Apple Pay-only pumps? I’m sick of having to wait for gas with half the pumps open because they’re all set to “card only” since people are too stupid to actually pay for their fuel.
 I think in the original threads about this lawsuit we sufficiently covered why women are incapable of remaining alive without a purse on hand. I didn’t say ‘explained’ or ‘proved’, just ‘covered’. 
I downloaded it back when it was first launched, just to grab it because I knew it would be pulled. It’s still on my iPad (iOS 5).   Never used it, though. HandBrake makes VLC redundant.
 Except they can’t store anything on that storage. Not apps or anything the system would use, at least.
 Without a US, there’s no WWI or WWII in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: