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 But we calculated it. It’s not able to do that.
 What panics and disasters? Subtract fiat currency and usury and you’re left with stability.
 The only argument I’ve seen for self-driving cars is that in the event of a GPS failure, the car would lower the speed to zero. All well and good, except the GPS system is strained to the absolute max right now and can’t afford even a single satellite failure. And, you know, if the cars stop themselves and refuse to move, that’s tens of millions of people stranded at home, work, or in between. But I’m sure that ambulance didn’t need to get to the hospital…
 It’s funny, but every single one of your points applies to this. 
 If you’re refuting that, you’ll need some evidence.
If it had actually been plaguing people, we would have heard about it sooner than three years later.
Literally no one cares. Your delusional psychosis that would have companies forcibly appoint people for the sake of a diversity quota is one of the most dangerous things that could happen. I figured you were joking, but now that I know you’re not it’s just depressing and pathetic.
 Sure, but that’s not what he’s saying.
New Posts  All Forums: