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 Bet they’re only available at the Company Store.
 So two products that don’t exist, one of which can’t, aren’t happening. Good to know.
 Maybe he finds the inherent humor of the juxtaposition of the face and comment to be an obvious source of memetic interest. You hear that, ladies? Intelligence from stupidity. Now how many of you want my D?  Still zero. As always.
 Thanks! Article needs to say that... 
 This is the only computer-related use of that I’ve seen.
And you see that where?
Dear European Commission,   fsck you.   Strong letter to follow, Apple
 When OS XI comes out, the iMac design will just slide down in front of us on our desks. The stand will be redesigned to make moving from a vertical to horizontal workspace effortless, but the body is about as good as it will ever be.
 By the time the psychopaths try to take this to court, iOS 8 will be out and they’ll have no case whatsoever. Then again, they invent whatever laws they want to keep companies from being companies, so who knows.
New Posts  All Forums: