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 About the 5.5” specifically, yes.  At showing you how stupid you are for buying a phone too large to be used.
I thought it was once a week until supply caught up with demand.
Hmm. I see that as a benefit. It’s impossible for dust (a hair) to get stuck between the display and glass during a replacement. I thought LCDs were higher than that.
 So… $1.99 to update to H.265 copies of movies, do you bet?
 Who says? It’s Apple, so no. I imagine it’s just cut from the same sheets as the iPhone 6’s new display. Or however that happens.
 Well~… 👉😀👈 Still, valid point. Arn should’ve stayed a surgeon. Then his negligence of his site would’ve been justified.
Yeah, I don’t have a chance on the 20th, do I. Not unless there’s walk-in stock left over at my Verizon store…
 Ah, but the iPhone does 240fps at 720p.
Oh, sure; right. Hey, I just thought of something. In talk of relativistic speeds, time passes more slowly for the mover than the external world as speed approaches c. But when talking of tachyons (theoretical, yes, but), time is said to pass more quickly for the mover than the external world. So regarding the expansion of the void at speeds greater than c, how has time passed, given that there simultaneously is and is not an ‘external world’ (since the Universe is not...
 6S will, then.  Honestly, probably the 7 or 7S before that happens. Apple will wait for 4K TVs to be more widely sold. If they’re not more widely sold (and unless 1080 panels fall off the market entirely, John Q. Moron won’t buy one), they likely won’t bother. Additionally, they’ll wait for more widespread H.265 support in their computers and products and more retina Macs.
New Posts  All Forums: