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Hey, let ‘em. When they collapse under said ruin and fall further right, they’re welcome to join the US. Just about anywhere’s welcome to join, really.
I’m liking this. Particularly completing a bundle for cheaper!  
Power draw of always having a microphone on, processing the distinction between random sound and the phonemes of “Hey, Siri”.
It is when they post that way.
I knew it. I knew that some mental defective would try to pitch small against big again. Apple should sue for both the design and the wallpaper.
“I’m an early adopter, sure, but I’d like it out of the womb first...”
And iTunes is updated correctly?
Since when? iCloud is 30 days.
 NO, THEY DON’T. It is legally impossible to have a reasonable suspicion of EVERY PERSON IN THE COUNTRY.
 Yeesh. I have auto-downloads on and it didn’t auto-download for me.
New Posts  All Forums: