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 To clarify, this would be winter in the Pacific Northwest or Britain, right? Keep your FUD to yourself, though.
 And? Do you often have orgies with your electronic devices?
 That’s both scary and wonderful. If this is the case, the next big thing from Apple will be quantum leaps in battery tech, using some of the new technologies we’re starting to see pop up.
Lightning to Lightning? Then how will that cable connect to any computer?
I’ve already refuted everything you’ve said. You refused to acknowledge said refutations and continued to spew lies. That’s trolling. Not just in my book, but in THE book. Explain why 90% of Android users are too stupid to do what you say is obvious. Why don’t they “do their research” before buying? Why don’t they just buy brand new phones when theirs don’t receive software updates? Again, Android is hopelessly fragmented, both in hardware and software. You have no...
 Yes. You know what we’re discussing here. I’ve already outlined that conditional.
 Learn how to read, please. This is a really pathetic attempt at trolling, you know. Yeah, I’m sure that’s a situation people are happy about¡ Google becoming the new Microsoft; great going¡ If you’re so braindead that you think a keyboard is an app, how braindead must you be to think that we’ll believe you’re NOT trolling? 90% of Android users prove that “a buyer” will not do this. Come off it, boyo. The fact that no one’s buying them, favoring the other models, pretty...
 Yes, you don’t comprehend the discussion. It WON’T work anymore. It WON’T run the newest apps, it WON’T get the newest features it WON’T be able to do the same things that the rest of the ecosystem can do (or, rather, can’t), it WON’T be compatible with your friends’/coworkers’/clients’ devices. That’s great! You have the option to spend $400 to buy a new phone instead of being able to update your software for free. That’s sure to win them some new users!¡  *12 page...
They seem to buy when they can’t steal.
 Never have I seen or used a phone that would require two hands to dial.
New Posts  All Forums: