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 It was funny the first year or so. Eight years later you just look stupid saying this.
Well, it was a tablet too small. The iPad 5 wasn’t a disappointment, at least.
 Exactly. When it’s the first product in a new category, Apple doesn’t care how long it takes in between. The Mac Pro and iMac are examples of why it doesn’t work when you already have a product.
 Ah, that’s a poor comparison. Could be a Korean lady; you know how small they all are.
 Ah, ooh, no. I mean there’d be a TouchID receiver there. You authenticate every single time. It’s not safe otherwise.
Given that you and Jony have the same taste in homes, I bet Apple’s offering will be right up your... well, alley. Literally.
 This is “misguided”? If by ‘misguided’ you mean ‘got lost on the way to a sanitarium for a solid six months of electroshock therapy’, I agree with you. I’d call this video NSFW, but it isn’t. Humanity itself is threatened by the very existence of this video. It’s not safe for sapience. In fact, don’t watch it. Particularly at 3:05.  
TouchID on the watch?
 Of course it does. It’s not going to be released, but of course it exists. Just like the Intel Macs that ran 10.2. An ARM Mac Mini would have the benefit of being able to shave a couple hundred off its price. If Apple can get an ARM Mac Mini to run the most common applications, NO ONE will have an excuse not to buy a Mac. Not the idiots who buy $200 PCs, not the morons who buy $400 PCs; no one.
New Posts  All Forums: