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Hopefully this fixes Safari syncing, since it has been off since 8.0.1 slipped its way onto my laptop. Of course, Notes is still hopelessly broken for whatever nonsensical reason.
 In this regard, they didn’t do anything because they don’t have the power to do anything (enforcement of law is the purview of the executive) and existing laws are already as much as is needed. On the subject of legislative efficiency, the measure of a nation is not the number of laws it adds. I’d suggest, however, this: Bill Content Amendment    All bills submitted to Congress shall pertain to one matter and one matter alone, as outlined in the title of the bill. The...
 At the very least, we should have paid Britain to relinquish their claim on Oregon Country (present-day Columbia) and shot Nicolas Trist for treason, renegotiating Guadeloupe-Hidalgo to take what Congress approved (the present-day border Mexican states).
♩♫ ...just get annexed already... ♩♫
 Sorry, a continuing resolution that applies to the entirety of the budget, not just the Department of Homeland Security, such that the entire budget for next year comes up for debate under the new Congress. With the bipartisan dislike of the current proposal, it seems like this could be likely. I’d actually prefer a Constitutional amendment regarding the budget, but that will require the states or people to pass, as there aren’t enough Congressmen who would grand...
 I’m more curious when disagreement began to equal hate began to equal fear.
“Time didn’t give it to you? Well, Times did. See, that’s plural, so it’s better!”   That’s all I have, folks.
 4870, and of course the 5XXX series is the earliest supported by Windows 8 (and since 10 is literally nothing but 8 with some crap changes made...). I’m getting a GTX 970, so I should be set for the next 5-7 years. As far out as I can plan, this Mac Pro ought to serve my needs until I’m dead. It better; I can’t afford anything newer.  I sure hope that Apple does what I’ve been imagining and offers a bunch of new changes to the Mac Pro line when the second model is...
 They’re both garbage. 10 more than 8. I’m buying a new graphics card because neither supports mine anymore, despite there being absolutely nothing whatsoever preventing such support and absolutely no way of forcing that support. I don’t understand why OS X is seen as the OS that restricts the user from making changes, because Windows fundamentally cannot do things that are literally a .plist away in OS X.
New Posts  All Forums: