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 When they decided to license IP instead of stealing it.
 Decent beats subterfuge beats evil.
I’m certain it would; it’s a decent OS.
 I want to know what’s wrong with a bank failing. Particularly from their own failings and the failings of government policy. It proves the policies are bad; erasing said policies, not magically making up for them, seems like the right thing to do.
 Gibsmedat will explain it.
 Age has nothing to do with this whatsoever. There are 18 year old psychopaths who don’t have a clue what our country even is. There are 80 year olds who have economic ideas that could erase all competition.
 Okay, when did Apple file for it in Australia? A~nd how many times did they use it before that?
LAUSD (pronounced “loused”) is right... 
All the more reason to launch a proper replacement to cable and satellite next year, removing the Apple TV from these lists and throwing it up against Comcast, DirectTV, and Dish on the bar graphs.
 Yeah. Maybe Anant likes his iPhone 5C mother in law!
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