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 Sure thing. Those are all correct statements¡ Apathy is death.  Quoted the ones that were wrong.  And your content quoted… was wrong.
  Any of our Brazilian users want to chime in on where else in the country they can buy Apple products?
 So you’re unfamiliar with the human concept of desire? What does this tell you about Ferrari? 
 YEAH. I’m sure that not complaining about theft of intellectual property will stop the theft of intellectual property¡
 Therefore it’s okay¡ That's so impossibly pathetic.
We do. What, you think you can’t change your IP address?
  A laugh is always the best way to start the day. Rule #4. Ah, irony.  Not for smartphones, they don’t. That sounds like the opposite of what actually happens. The more you pay up front the lower your bill would be. That is, if telecoms actually cared about customers. I’m sure that after six years of saying this it will finally be true once¡
 This is the best possible ending to the argument. I love it. 
 To use a metaphor, existing Apple was the Rocketdyne F-1, NeXT was the Rocketdyne J-2, his executive team was the CM and its RCS engines, and Jobs was the LEM. I’m sorry, but the fact that we haven’t been to the Moon in 42 years really infuriates me.
New Posts  All Forums: